Session 638-1/1/02

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have found this New Year to be in and the experiences of the same to be challenging and also fulfilling. We find that there are many countries trying to establish and put into a strength of a union. This we have seen it in Europe. We find the same concepts spreading throughout South America trying to formulize a greater union there. There is the implication of the unions in the Far East along with Africa taking itself, too. There is this striving to accomplish that in which the United States has accomplished in the hundreds of years of its creation. We also find a change in the electrical fields and also atmosphere and we find that such changes in the atmosphere will be sequenced to a spiritual change in the vibrations of the areas. We will now go into the structuring and re-structuring of different nations-be it Russia, China, or Africa. Each of these qualities or characters are very strong in the changing of their own particular structure in this year to come. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in. It couldn’t be a more perfect thing; this has been the most perfect New Year’s I have experienced. Thank you so much. Including cold and everything. And, I would like to know for this new year, for the group, are their any predictions, what are the things that need to be done, what are the things that we have to accomplish or anything that you would like us to know as the group?

Forces: Again, the individuals in the group must have their own personal spiritual development and that is something that they have to do. It is not something that is going to be structured, but something that each and everyone will have to accomplish and put into application their own spiritual practice. We find that this New Year will be that of accomplishing a lot of the dreams that was out there to be accomplished. So these qualities of the coming year will be faced and received. Along will individuals in the community that are now searching, not for religious, but spiritual application. And this is what this particular group is manifested-the spiritual application of the Christ.

IS: Thank you so much. And now, for myself, is there any prediction for this coming year that you could give me? Any things that I need to work on? That would include anything spiritual, anything other than spiritual that… clients, work, what… anything?

Forces: Again, your development with your clients will continue throughout the New Year. But also this same development is an application of your applying the spiritual tenets and insights of your clients, face to face. It is interesting that when we grow up to see or perceive that which is the avenues for the clients to speak to us, they too go through a spiritual shiftment, plateau and application in so doing.

IS: I have always, with my clients, sooner or later I come around, whether it’s in anecdotes, whether it’s right out, but I always bring in, I make them to meditate, I bring in the Bible, I show them the Bible through their eyes, isn’t that what I do?

Forces: This is a good thing to do. It opens up their own channels and receptives and being receptive is very important in any road to healing.

IS: Um, will the new contacts that I have made, will they continue?

Forces: Yes, they will.

IS: And, just a silly question did PK receive my letter?

Forces: Yes, she has.

IS: Why has she not…

Forces: With all the busy-ness of everything, she just left it on a place.

IS: And, will she?

Forces: This is neither here nor there, but it looks like she wants to and will, but it’s just one of those many things she left undone.

IS: What must I work on this coming year?

Forces: Working with your clients and developing those skills to be receptive. And also, developing the skills to be receptive to the things that need to be worked and created around you. Not only representing of other clients, but also caring for your own.

IS: Other clients or my own?

Forces: Caring for them on your own.

IS: Excuse me, I didn’t quite understand.

Forces: The proper development and care.

IS: Of myself.

Forces: Of yourself and your clients.

IS: If AC goes to the test on, in February, will she get it?

Forces: There’s an inner calling and strength for her to accomplish it, but it’s also the nerve-racking waiting that can make anyone be nervous. But, she needs to put her own nervousness out so she can acquire and achieve the score that’s high to her average.

IS: So, no matter when she’s going to do it, she still needs to accomplish those things and that’s when things happen?

Forces: When she puts her nervousness beyond herself and acceptance to what and where she is there will be a greater power then, for her to accomplish.

IS: Um, thank you so much.

ES: Should I change the Psalms that I read in the morning, that I switch back and forth month to month?

Forces: The Psalms are good that you are reading, you could add a couple, which is 33 and 40 and 44.

ES: Thank you very much and thank you for helping A and EW.

Forces: Yes, it is a great relieve to see some progress being made there.

Q: Thank you.

JA: Thank you. I have about a million questions…

Forces: Let us just say, before we continue, that the entity we just spoke to, you need to take on more responsibilities in the house as far as taking those things on that have slacked through your fingers during the given day. All that in which you accomplish is good, but the application of those other areas of things through neglect and not wanting to do, needs to be put back on the shelf again. No, we’re not asking you to take over the whole house and put it into order, but we are only asking that you rekindle the flame again to the things, little things, that can be accomplished that you let die out.

ES: Thank you.

JA: Thank you. Tom has had such a wonderful year with his awards and stuff, how best can I help him to maintain this level this year?

Forces: The award is not the end-all-be-all, it’s just an award nominating for the title in which is given to him by a fellow person. What we’re trying to say is, just continue to do what you normally do, there’s no cartwheels or summersaults that need to be performed. Nothing extra, extra-ordinary that hasn’t already been accomplished and done in the past — just the continuation of the steady moving forward. No great feats need to be done in the advancements. We kind of understand the spirit of the question, which is a good question, how do we top this? [Laughter] But, it’s not the topping of it or moving the goal post further out, but it is being perceptive to challenging others to look at their particular regions and fields and accomplish that. One of the most interesting and dynamical qualities that can be introduced is other region representatives being invited or requested to join in with other region chapters, other region workshops. Meaning, visits from other regions representatives to other region workshops. This could be a tremendous goal setting of opening the eyes of not only visitations and taking o… what would be called ownership in, responsibility of learning what other regions are doing, but also gleaming the areas to bring back a communication bond from these regions that the region rep. as you would say has visited. What we say then, is the development of the outreach program that the entity is working on with the insight of advancing these components, making them still alive, even if it’s one particular facility or another. The second thing or item is the archives of different conventions, making them stand up as the entity has suggested, which we find to be a good suggestion, to pictorial each conference that has ever happened in a frame. And the third item is the expanding of seeing and taking part of regional workshops in other sectors. This I think, for you question, the strive of bring prayer or spirit into the board meeting has already taken root. And also the pride of each one helping the other, instead of slicing each one to pieces, it is now the spirit of the board to help one another in there development has taken root. So the entity has changed the component of the members of the board from being very aggressive in the beginning when he first started there, to being very spirit bound and supportive and encouraging growth for one another. This is a very positive, very positive experience that the entity has incorporated in his very dealings with the board on a daily level. So, in turn, this question I think we’ve answered for the moment, always reviewing that each sector or each time it could be tuned or tweaked even better. Understanding the importance of your skills that you have been blessed with, he also has tweaked and incorporated a fineness in your skills and in so doing of working around the mulberry bush.

JA: And just one question for me. I miss you so often, so many times I’m in tears, can you hand me a Psalm or give me something that I can just help to bring you closer to me?

Forces: Well we have never really left.

JA: I know that.

Forces: We have to be very strong in this statement, just as though you have not; this is for the whole member of this, what we call group here. Even though you might not hear our voice directly audibly, you do hear our voice quietly. Not the one voice that will tell you but is the quiet voice that informs you. It is not the not hearing of our voice — but it’s not ‘not doing’ of what you hear. It is not the ‘not feeling’ our presence, but it is not the seeking of the presence of the throne of God. One has such feelings, which is admirable and to be commended. But the soul is also needing food and it is also a entity within the body. You feed the mind with Psalms and words and talk and dialogue, which is appropriate and right. And debate and discussion, which is right. But it’s not sealed until the spirit touch’s it. It’s not put into place until the spirit takes hold of it. You feed the body, abundantly, for we take care of this. It is also the temple. But all manner of foods that has been given to this household is not sanctified until it is blessed over, or until the spirit is hovering on and through it. Same way with the soul. You must make yourself present for that moment of words and audible song and chanting, but also when the service is done that you have, it doesn’t matter if you have just one service. What we are striving to say, is that you could have many micro and mini services throughout the day. And our challenge to you is in order for you to stop the pain and the hurt of us not being present; why not you open the door so we can come in and be present. We are not far away; we are always there amidst all of you. It is just that you are too busy with your own thoughts and your own feelings and judgments that you seldom realize that we are tapping you on the shoulder asking you to let us in. No wonder why the heart hurts, because the door is not open. So, we are not using this for particular you who asked the question, this is applied to all-a general application, a balm upon the wound. The words that I would say is: Lord, when my door seems to be locked with information, wisdom to be applied in my life, let me conveniently leave my door open so that it will accessible for you to walk through. We have to understand that when you ask a question of prayer, prayer can be given. He am I, is it said, Lord, show me the way. Here is my candle, light it. Here are my hands, keep my minds away from me not using them. How many times we have our hands ready for work and for application and our minds tell us we don’t have the time or the energy nor the desire. We do that because the body doesn’t want to be bothered. We’ve got to put our foot down, don’t hurt your foot, but you’ve got to put your foot down and stop lying to yourselves to make yourself right. You don’t need us to tell you what is right. You don’t need us to really give you the information that you already know. How many times you go through the day knowing that the little voice tells you what you have to do, if you do it, you feel better. You can’t tell other people what to do, the only thing you can do is do it yourselves. When you start doing it yourselves, you’re going to feel better about yourselves. How many times you procrastinate, maybe this is a new year. We hate resolutions, especially on New Year’s Day — their kind of ‘bah-humbug’. Make resolutions everyday, not just one day a year. How trite. You make a resolution of the things you need to accomplish. Don’t look for your friends to give you support, their not going to be there. Don’t look for your neighbors to assist you, assist yourselves. Don’t say, ‘look at all the things I have don’t, now why don’t you do one-tenth of what I do.’ Self-glory is no glory at all. Just continue to do what you do. Don’t mull over the things you’ve done-looking and measuring what others have done. That’s part of the devils work. Always measuring what other people have accomplished. And then you say, well I’ve done all this, and no one has shared or done their share. That’s sabotage within itself. First of all, sabotage for self, meaning you cannot do anything from that point on. To justify, I don’t need to do it. And the second thing, it sabotages your neighbor; cause it kind of like throws a rock at them. Don’t throw rocks, it’s not necessary; we can throw rocks, we have boulders up here. If anyone wants to through rocks, why don’t you let us do it, we can take pot shots really nicely. [Laughter] Our aim is better than the laser that the government has. Even if you want the pavement to stand up and trip someone. You know, unfortunately, that’s to wake the individual up. The entity can only do so much. And then there are us who does the things that have to be done. The entity has said many times, I dare not ask the forces to do anything, because when they get involved, I shake. [Laughter] And he’s right. We really don’t have mercy on your physical body because that will be changed. We don’t have mercy on your mental mind, because that’s garbage. But what we do have mercy on is your soul and that’s without question because that’s eternal. We rather screw up your body and screw up your mind in order to save your soul. Cause your body will fall and your mind will become numb, but your soul is what we’re interested in, that you preserve. So, even though it is a simple question, it does demand a very simple answer. Even though it is long than usual, stop sabotaging yourselves, stop judging one another, start doing your own homework. Use micro and mini-meditations. Set up your own course of salvation. Do your own services on your own. Just because you have a service at five and haven’t missed it since the beginning of Moses, doesn’t make you the kingdom of God. This is only a plaque to your neighbor saying, ‘see my score.’ But have you ever taking your plaque and given it to us, so we can tally it and make the score right. How many times have you really meditated? How many times have you really opened your heart to God? How many times have you allowed us to get through? Presenting your physical body there and shaking and rumbling and ding-donging and bowing and strengthening and straightening out and scratching… that doesn’t make the contact. It’s a good start for those who are invalids, but it doesn’t make a contact. Contact is when the heart is involved and an outward disciple of your judgments and your dark side. Well, we can go on with this forever, it is the only thing we can say is when you do and apply an application and do it, then you have changed a certain segment of your existence, your life. It’s not the one sitting next to you that will stop the food going into your mouth, you have to stop it. You have to take that hand and put it and tie it around your waste. It’s not the one’s that is the fault that put things into your mind; you have to stop it and send it out of your mind. We can’t tell you how many times a person goes to hell and they say, ‘it’s a problem of my mother and father.’ ‘I was born into this, it’s my genes.’ ‘Aunt Sarah made me do it.’ ‘Uncle Bill abused me.’ ‘Mary Hatter fell on her head. And I ran to catch her and died.’ How many times in hell we have heard the soul say that it was someone else that put them there. Even to the point: the devil made him do it. You know, the devil roars and rocks when he hears, ‘the devil made me do it.’ No, you did it. No one made you do it. You wanted to do it. You did it because you wanted to do it. Why did you want to do it? Because you’re feeling sorry for yourselves. Why are you feeling sorry for yourselves? Because no one can feel sorry for you. You have to do it. If you don’t feel sorry for yourselves, who will feel sorry for you? Someone has to do it. And when you don’t feel sorry for yourselves, then it leaves a vacuum and you feel it. Have you felt sorry for yourselves today? [Laughter] No? There must have been at least one thought of feeling sorry for yourselves today on something. No one likes a vacuum; no one likes not feeling sorry for themselves. My, you deserve a break today, why don’t you go to McDonalds. Here is what we are saying: when you want to lick your wounds, when you want to take a rest, [phone starts to ring] when you feel tired and exhausted, when things are not the way you think they should be, you know what, keep moving, keep going through it, because in so doing, you will find the true nature of who you are. [Message machine picks up] We’ll be quiet for a moment, while we hear this melodic tone. Forces on high, galaxy of A —n, galaxy of Orion, did we answer it? [Laughter] Now, that question was answered.

JA: Yes, thank you.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: The stem cell research, the process with all that’s going on… [Phone rings again] is at least some of that okay, or is all of it?

Forces: Let this phone be answered, this one will not give up.

[Someone goes to answer the phone]

Forces: Pick up the receiver.

[Someone answers the phone]

Forces: We do hope Bocce’s is doing well.

D: It was Chris; he wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year.

Forces: Let’s move on. Question.

NN: I was wondering about stem cell research and what part of that is okay or is the part where people’s own cells are taken, is that alright, or…

Forces: Well, it’s been done for many years; they’re just beginning to tell you. Whether it’s right or wrong, there is a lot worse that is going on. We won’t make a judgment right now, but we can talk about it later on. There’s a lot more going on. We won’t say it’s right or wrong, but it can be abused and misused. This is what one has to be careful of. You can imagine all the prisoners who are about to be executed, why not take their stem cells? Babies who are aborted, why not take their stem cells? Make monsters all over the place, you know, people who have lots of money can live forever. Don’t you think it’s not going on? So, what we’re trying to say is, eternal live and abuse of the system and this system could get carried around to a filing system of hundreds of thousands of individuals who are no longer useful to the order.

NN: So a lot of it is messing with things that they shouldn’t be messing with?

Forces: Well it is not that, it is that they already messed with it, as they say, it is the motivation that becomes bound with it.

NN: Thank you.

IS: If I hear the question correctly and I’m not sure I did, but is that not a repeat of what ended up to be the things in Atlantis, they had the bodies but not the soul?

Forces: Well, let us say, this is correct.

IS: Because they can do as much as they want to continue live as they understand it, but God has the last word because it’s the soul that’s in God’s Hands, not their hands.

Forces: Again, the test of Atlantis always seems to reappear itself again and again. When people reach so much power, it’s that same old test all over again. Do we make the right decision? Do we walk the right walk?

IS: So a lot of these people with extended lives or whatever, still no longer have a soul?

Forces: Again, do we make the right decision?

NN: What about though like when it’s used say, for healing cancer or something or is that too…

Forces: Again, it has been done already; it’s just the motivation of where it takes it. We are not making a judgment on it, we’re just concerned about the motivation and what it raps itself around.

NN: Thank you.

J: There have been numerous occasions where you get a fleeting thought or an understanding of something or perhaps receiving something and then it seems like something I want to remember and hold onto, um, and then it goes. And some of those are very hard to recall. Is there a way to retain that or should I always just try and write things down, is there someway to retrieve those thoughts or those things that come in and seem to disappear right away?

Forces: If you find something coming in that’s very big, very important write it down. Stick it on the wall, get lipstick. Write it on your mirror, you look at it more often then normal. [Laugher]

J: Thank you.

Forces: Lipstick works well, write it fast, people walk into your office and they see all this in your glass pane window, tell them not to mind, don’t look at that man behind the curtain. For once you write it down, you can take time to rewrite it. Or are we having the early habits of Alzheimer’s setting in? If it’s an important feeling, give us an example of the feeling, tell us what has happened to you that has been a striking experience of earth shattering information giving revelation, that you forget.

J: I don’t think I’ve had anything that profound, but sometimes I get an understanding of something that’s going on or an idea for a session question I want to ask in a session that opens up a whole bunch of things and then sometimes I get to write it down, but when I don’t, it’s gone. Something happened the other night that I thought I would certainly remember, and now I don’t know what it is, um, and I would ask in a session. So I’ll just have to write it down, thank you. Um, the hot and cold thing that I’m going through where I’m either freezing or burning up is there something I can do to do something about that; fix my thermostat or something?

Forces: We’re still working on your first question. When you get a thought to ask a question and you forget the question that provoked the thought, what you need to do is if a thought has happened to give you information about something that gives you information, you got to ask yourself the question, why did you forget it? Why did you have the thought at all? Why do you exist? What’s the purpose of you? It is a very theological research of why did God create you? And we know he didn’t create you to get coffee beans to be grounded and stuck in the refrigerator or on the shelves so you would be having a good coffee. We know he didn’t create you to make choices on what clothes you wear. And we know he didn’t create you to be always right. But he created you for a purpose. So if you have these informations or shock waves of revelation, you’ve got to try to teach yourself to remember. Because we have a feeling these shockwaves are not just happening by accident, they’re happening to help you, to assist you on this road of life. So when you have a revelation, get your red lipstick out. What is your next question?

J: The hot and cold thing…

Forces: Oh, yeah, your thermostat, yeah. This could be a Thyroid center being activated up and down. The only thing we could say on this is if you center yourself and focus yourself this would be put into focus. A lot of times drinking water with lemon helps and strangely enough having salad with onions will change that system and regulate it for you.

J: Thank you very much. One more question on the Psalms, I do four Psalms everyday because it came out of the services that we were having, are those the best ones to do everyday or is there maybe different ones we should select? Are their different ones I should select?

Forces: No. The ones you have been given is the best for the moment.

J: Thank you very much.

Forces: Unless otherwise asked or unless otherwise given like we might say to you do Psalm 59, 72, and a 114 with that of the component of 90 and 91 and 92. So therefore, instead of doing all the Psalms you’re doing half of them.

D: The heart thing, can that be taken out? Or is it just a matter of not meditating enough?

Forces: It is good that you have micro meditations to help the heart center and all centers of the body.


Forces: …is more than enough than nothing at all. So think on those things.

D: Also, the Weavers Beam, is that the beam of the Noah’s Ark, is that the Ogham?

Forces: Yes.

D: In Vedic mathematics, that’s the same as in the book of numbers?

Forces: Yes.

[Blank spot in tape]

Forces: Water is a factor of the spirit world. Darkness cannot stand the spirit of water being blessed. So therefore, it is a factor of growth.

D: Any other guidance for me for the New Year?

Forces: Well, we would say that the perception of different simple math and the easy understanding of the sacred cup will be given to you.

D: Thank you very much.

JES: The 9-11 attacks, what is the real story? Who new about it, how did it happen, how did they get away with it?

Forces: September 11 attack was something that was given as a warning constantly. The entity has many times spoken of these attacks upon the lower part of Manhattan. He, over the years, spoke about this being an attack on Manhattan. This rippled throughout. The twin towers was a obstacle of destruction when the first destruction happened along with other micro or mini-encounters with these buildings. The government realized that these planes where in the air but it was from the highest order of the government echelon that allowed these planes to continue to fly. They could have been shot down in a moments notice. But the highest order of your government has allowed them to stay in stead and the speed they were going. There are weapons that could have annihilated these planes immediately but in course, in time due, this information will come out that the government at the highest order allowed it to continue. We give you the highest order as the security; it is called the security committee, overseen by the president. Anything major that will happen, this is the committee, with the president, that has the vote to decide what to do. So, in all reality, the attacks on these buildings, part of that security committee, and also by the world order of the agenda to accomplish, to get those conditions in the world moving closer and closer to the agenda that they need to accomplish.

IS: Which is what?

Forces: Again, the manifestation of world dominance. Again, the manifestation of taking control over all countries and making them one single country under one authority. So, it’s kind of bigger than all of us, as they would say, but not really. It’s when the individuals let’s say in your own country stand up and question the authority of who has the right to put these rules and regulations in order. It is like who has that authority of the Supreme Court who gave that ultimate authority to them. If you really look at it, the Supreme Court was never meant to have so much authority. And it’s been decreed to them there are regulations in the constitution that will dissolve the supreme court and all it’s supreme court members or judges if they have proven themselves disloyal to that which is right, and have been tainted by judgments and prejudices and manipulating the law. That particular judicial body has the right to be dissolved. When Americans realize to declare upon that regulation to dissolve the Supreme Court null and void and allow it’s own judges to be released off the chairs, then maybe this country will get back on track. But we say this very strongly tonight, that the Supreme Court is run by the world order and that the world order is in control of the court. And unfortunately it is this Supreme Court that needs to be disbanded so this country can get back on track. No six, five, or four individuals have the right to have so much power. Even though they come to this court for the ultimate answer, how do you go to the ultimate answer when it’s corrupt? It is like going to the master of the tower that is already sold to corruption. Something to think about, something to play around with. Whether the 9-11 was in control or not control, the information has been given to you. What do you do with it? Well, this is something one needs to look at.

IS: So, what was Bush’s reason, and the world order or whoever, not to stop those planes in mid-air?

Forces: To, what we would be called, incorporate the plan into action that has been planned for many, many years. And also to use it as a excuse for military action and for civil control and for concentration camps activity and for oil control in Afghanistan and for controlling the Middle East, on and on and on and on.

IS: So, they knew the destination of the planes?

Forces: Yes, they did. But, this is not facts we’re giving you that hasn’t been noted already. This is confirmation of the facts that we give you. We’re not really pleased, sometimes, with our role trying to tell you all what’s to go and what’s to come, but we are to say to you, do your homework. Be responsible for your own selves. Do your micro and mini-services. Assist one another. When you let the flame go down, then of course, you can’t see the light. So, again, with this type of session, it is one chatting by the fire, you know, sometimes it’s good to have a chat on the fireside, or the farside or whatever side. But it’s good for all of you to take on your own responsibilities.

JES: And anthrax, what was the purpose of that?

Forces: Anthrax was instituted by the Army instillations.

IS: Our Army?

Forces: The anthrax that you have will be brought to original, started from the Army labs. The government created it. Because dissention, fear, disillusionment, chaos, control, all sorts of things. But the bottom line, it’s anthrax made by the government.

IS: And the people that receive those letters, was it arbitrarily or was it specifically for some?

Forces: There’s a purpose for those individuals getting them. But again, it’s part of the undercover of the undercover of the order to cause this ‘cohusion’, collusion, delusion, allusion.

JES: The Bin Laden fellow, is he just a scapegoat or did he really have something to do with it?

Forces: Well, again, as the entity had said, he does have kidney cancer and his kidneys are barely surviving. He is on a small, miniature dialysis machine and he is barely alive. Yeah, he’s a scapegoat, but no he’s not. He was on the dark side, used by the world order, heightened ego, and visions of grandeur as they can use these people. He bit the bullet. He bit the hook. He took the string. He chomped it down. It’s amazing what a little frailed egomaniac can do, how they’re set up. Yet, he’s one sick individual.

JES: Any past lives from that fellow?

Forces: I would not waste my moments with that, given him our precious time. We’ll give you several past lives, we won’t give him any. [Laughter]

JES: I’ll take one!

Forces: You were a pope Constantine. What we would say, you were the thirteenth pope of Rome.

JES: What did he do?

Forces: Read up on him.

JES: Thirteenth?

Forces: Thirteenth.

JES: Thank you, I guess.

IS: Thank you. Are the tapes in good shape? What AC has done, is that as best as can be done and are those tapes okay or are some of them deteriorated?

Forces: Nothing lasts forever. But they’re in the shape they have to be in.

IS: Um, can any thing be saved? I mean, I’m trying my darnedest, I’m trying my best in trying to bring the force to do that, and I don’t know, I guess I don’t know how successful that is.

Forces: Well, there could be a process of retaping them on a tape. To upgrade them on a new tape. There’s a process of digitalizing them into a CD, there’s a process of putting them on laser disc. All these processes are out there.

J: What would be most durable out of those choices?

Forces: Apply the words that we say, listen to them, and put them into manifestation.

IS: Thank you. Is that correct, from Psalm 119 the letter ‘nun’ and the letter ‘samech’ which spell ‘nes’, miracle, actually give the instructions of being in that space in that place to be ready for a miracle?

Forces: Exactly. At this point we will leave. Greetings to all hear present.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…