Session 640-2/18/02

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in this particular area and find that upheavals all through this country and world. Yes, we notice the different strategies of taking over the control factors of your society. We see the limitations of freedoms that are beginning to be taken away from the individual gradually and willingly. This in itself is quite alarming. There is no difference from that of the area of the Napoleonic and Germanic areas of taking control of the population and resources. We are quite alarmed in this factor that now it has visited your country. It has always been in other countries and of course your country has had these aspects during the world war. But never so vastly implemented, so quickly. Hopefully, the people who have common knowledge and wisdom wrapped in their fingers can direct the plight of this nation. We understand that war dictates a certain amount of restriction and concern but never has war been able to wipe out these freedoms as fast as it is being erased from the table of your society. We find the concern of Enron, your company, being crashing and burning but also within this company you have a tremendous amount of decadence and display in Dallas itself, in Texas where this company had its part and parcel of a tremendous amount of flaunting of materials and building of homes for presidents and vice presidents and treasurers and CEO’s and all sorts of nonsense. It was in the millions that have been lied to, to the billions wasted. But also, be it as you would know it, that the billions and trillions that have been lost, supposedly, has been filtered and siphoned to run and shore up Wall Street. It was a ploy, well orchestrated by the world order, by the Bush Empire-forgive us for we know what we do-but unfortunately this agenda has been well planned. Orchestrating that too of Argentina. So therefore, the money that has so called been lost has been siphoned to balance out the market. What we are saying, that the market would not crash or burn or cinder, this was the saving grace, this was the pressure valve that they supposedly used to make it to appear that a company has faltered under and millions and trillions of investments and retirements and funds was simply to be siphoned into wall street completely to protect it. We also see a large percentage of investments going to Mars as far as orchestrating civilization patterns and bubble forms as implemented in England and Arizona to continue the life force and protected atmosphere on Mars. Along with millions and billions of dollars of equipment and material supplies being flown there every three months. Now, if this is not enough to make you sick, we also see that the armed forces are being utilized without them knowing it for this own deed of anthrax and also ‘Visalia’ and also bola virus or Ebola virus and also the underground mechanisms of the fighting, the extraterrestrials and aliens out of control in Australia northern parts, the wastelands of Indonesia, and that of Spain, Portugal, that of Argentina, Iraq, Argentina, Iran, and that of Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan. So all in all it makes for tremendous good bedfellows and interesting turn of events as we go through time and space. All in all, things don’t look too bright or bleak, they do on the chair the cherry-picker seek and pluck that which is fruits for own selfish conceits. We will also speak about your Indians for the entity’s mission and main dream is to unify the tribes of the Sioux. You had witnessed during the Olympics the, the unification of coming together of the tribes found in Utah. So, you will find the Sioux coming to be strong once more also. We do find that there is a tremendous amount of work ahead not only to mention that which is of the west coast but that which is of your coast as well. We have also noted the thirty some odd years in which you have all persevered. But we would also reassure that the commitment must be continued that there are those around who have, what would be considered, watched and seen the growth of this progress. And it is for their own advancement that they follow suit within themselves. There will be many, many individuals coming in at least 7 to 10 mile radius’ of living here to do the work of the Forces and the Sessions incorporated. Many will start coming and will support and start lending a hand in developing and preserving our words and deeds. This then will become a very powerful ten-mile radius. Now we will focus on the individual questions of the night.

IS: Thank you for coming in. The first question I have is, is there anything that can be given to T to help him with his breathing, with the Asthma?

Forces: We will work with him on that and improve it. Question.

IS: Which should be the next project for K? I have many projects. [Inaudible]

Forces: that might not be a feasible point, but it is something he could look at down the road to do. But we would focus on your particular closet and your workspace for the wind factor and chill factor and bug factor and get that project underway.

IS: Is there anyway that you help out and find where all that wind is coming from? Where is the problem?

Forces: Unbeknownst to it all the wind factor is between the sills of the window and the lining of the wood and the window frame which has an open space for the wind to come in.

IS: So, is it a good idea to make the window that was here in the bathroom, to move it back front there?

Forces: It could be done.

IS: Would that be the better thing — smaller window there?

Forces: It would be the better thing.

IS: Thank you. And as far as the downstairs the staircase to be into the downstairs and make it into an exercise room?

Forces: It too can be done. But also think about an indoor sauna in which a wooden box can be entered into.

IS: So, we were going to put a sauna there, and then I was thinking maybe not to put the sauna, but you say with the sauna there?

Forces: It could be an exercise in one part and the sauna can be in another part.

IS: Is it important to have done a, excuse me for saying, a toilet, and a shower.

Forces: There is facilities for that to happen there if need be.

IS: So a sauna is a better thing?

Forces: It could be a possibility; it’s not an urgent one to be. But an individual, not one of three to six people but one of an individual one.

IS: Right, a small one.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Ok, but exercise, walking?

Forces: The exercise treadmill is very good.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything… I mean, the thirty years that we’ve been together, well two things. One about the guy that’s coming on Wednesday, Dr. Greer, is there anything that we need to say or know?

Forces: Basically, just give pointers of what we have talked about up to now and also the thinking and thought of extraterrestrials all being benign when in reality we have mentioned and said that all are not benign. Five percent are not benign.

IS: Five percent or five races?

Forces: Five races or five percent of the races.

IS: Are there all together 42, that’s what you said, correct?

Forces: We have a total of 42 races numbered, 5 percent of them are of what we have said. Total of 49 races together.

IS: So there are two somehow that you don’t know, 42 and 5 that’s 47, your saying 49, so…

Forces: There are two races that are subservient or superior of the subservient or overshadow of them all.

IS: And are they from which planet?

Forces: Basically from the 7th dimensions, not on any of your planets that you know of.

IS: 7th dimension?

Forces: There are 7 dimensions in total. You occupy the 3rd and 4th dimension.

IS: Is the 7th dimension physical?

Forces: No, it is not physical at all.

IS: So are these beings occupying bodies of earthlings?

Forces: No, not at all. But they exist as two races. Superior over all, in a dome shape.

IS: In a dome shape?

Forces: ‘Dona’ shape.

IS: What is Dona?

Forces: ‘Dona’.

IS: ‘Dona’?

Forces: ‘Dona’ shape is the name of the race.

IS: Oh, and the other races the other 47?

Forces: They all exist in the other 5 dimensions.

IS: Which of them are physical, how many of them are physical?

Forces: We would say a majority of them except for three of those.

IS: And five that are mean to us, how many of them are physical?

Forces: All.

IS: It doesn’t speak well of us, does it.

Forces: Well, it is also that they come in and out of the 5th and the 4th, more so, dimension to the 3rd.

IS: So, 5th dimension has still physicality to it?

Forces: Yes, but not of the 4th or the 3rd. For the 4th, and the 3rd goes into the 4th, the 4th then elevates to the 5th.

IS: And the 4th is not quite physical right, it’s astral?

Forces: 4th is, etheric, astral, and physical.

IS: Which part of the fourth is physical? That we would recognize?

Forces: As far as percentage?

IS: No, as far as appearance or as far as manifestation?

Forces: A lot.

IS: Well, because I know…

Forces: In a dream level that you go to is the fourth dimension that you enter.

IS: I see, so oh, so it’s still considered physical, the dream state in that case?

Forces: Yeah, we would say so, but of a different nature physical.

IS: Right, and the fifth one is?

Forces: It’s radiating back and forth, the 3rd and the 4th always radiates back and forth.

IS: And the fifth one?

Forces: The fifth one is of a different nature and vibrational scale.

IS: And also physical?

Forces: It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, but it radiates to the 4th.

IS: And when it radiates to the 4th, the manifestation of that would be a dream level or…

Forces: Through a dream or impression or sensation or impulse level.

IS: That’s incredible. When I see, or what I think I feel people from the other side, number one is that correct?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Ok, thank you for helping me with that, and number two, is that, which dimension am I touching, the 4th?

Forces: Yes, we would say such. There are times when, well we will just leave it at the 4th at the moment, more to be discussed on that.

IS: You said at one point that we can go backwards and forwards in time, does that mean that I can go back to a lifetime I did not live or can I only go back into a lifetime that I already had? Meaning, that I lived at some point let’s say in Atlantis, so I can go back now to Atlantis?

Forces: What you are speaking about are the cords of connection or what you call the spider cords of awareness, or what would be considered the ‘serpenteanian’ consciousness. Any consciousness or any experience of life that you’ve had in other lifetimes is always is always ‘revets’ by the serpenteanian consciousness or spider like or spiral like web filter ‘fiberent’, ‘fibergean’ aspect of dome, ‘Dona’, or what would be considered contact points, simply said. Contact points, which are a conglomeration of ‘spider knots’, which is the exact words that the galaxy uses to distinguish the raising of consciousness from one era to the next.

IS: And can I go back, and let’s say and change things?

Forces: There is a certain amount of altercations in the spider knot or the ‘spider net’ or the ‘spidernet’. That can be applied, but in revocable amount of substance because it has its essence already listed upon the web of the ‘akisic’ web history sight that altercations of such confrontations of altering is barely minimum in its effect. It’s applying of itself into its very existence is a consciousness of society that needs to change as they move through time and space. Rather than to change that which has been in the past in the ‘spiderknots’ experience. To change the past is to change the present. Therefore, to change the very being of the now is to change your past.

IS: Oh, I see what you are saying. If we, by our thoughts and deeds, somehow change the manifestation of today into tomorrow, then we would have actually touched upon different fibers, those fibers, those webs and triggered something else there that was available in the very past.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Oh, can you then also, thank you, can you tell then also go to a life that I have not lived, in the past, can I do that?

Forces: Visiting on the sequence faults of the lineage or the lines around the ‘spiderknot’ can be done. But only visiting and witnessing other viewers of these lines pass knot.

IS: So that means if somebody writes a book and if this book historically took place, I mean when they write it they basically are visiting without changing.

Forces: Yes.

IS: The book that I started, that was about me wasn’t it?

Forces: It was about your experience in that ‘spider knot’ experience.

IS: So I lived in the present? I was Ieata?

Forces: You experienced that entity at that time yes.

IS: The second thing, for thirty years the group…

Forces: Second thing! For us it sounds like the forty-eighth thing. [laughter]

IS: These are questions that I’ve had for a long time.

Forces: We understand.

IS: Thank you. Does, number 1, what percentage of our mission up to now have we done, and I don’t mean…

Forces: Your mission has been at least seventy-six percent accomplished; now begins the true mission.

IS: Wow, 76% we did accomplish even though we had all these mishaps… were these mishaps…

Forces: Withstanding the mishaps is part of the mission too. Jesus being hoisted on the cross would be considered at that time a mishap. You wouldn’t expect the Apostles at that time to think this was the reigning king of kings hanging on the cross. A mishap is only that perceived at the moment to be uncomfortable only to be proven to have some recourse in the scheme or the plan of things.

IS: Will we as a group be remembered, or the people… I mean will we, there are some missions that have been born priorly to be accomplished in the background, there are some missions that have been born to be more famous, which one are we?

Forces: Have you changed anything lately? Have you contributed to anything lately? Have you dared to stir out of your pattern and give of yourself? Every single time you extend a helping hand or let that of faith direct you, you will be remembered.

IS: Thank you, and the group as a whole?

Forces: It’s like a donut; of course it has a hole. [laughter]

IS: I mean, will we become like Biblical?

Forces: Well, let us say that they will try to understand how you guys survived thirty years. Little do they know it’s through our pushing and prodding and shoving…

IS: Yes.

Forces: That you’ve kept the course on the thirty years. So then they have to ask, what’s leading this group. They know it’s not the one named J.

IS: Tom, correct. Those people that left, and I understand now something so much better, because of something that happened here, and the person didn’t leave but I saw all of a sudden, I could comprehend something totally that, and I think I understand now why each and every person really had to leave because it was like, they were so into themselves, and we say these things, selfish and into themselves, but there isn’t quite an understanding of what that really stands for and how destructive it could be to the mission or to the house. And it’s almost, I understood all of a sudden, it’s like, it had to be, those things had to be cut away in order not to destroy the whole or the core or whatever it is. You know what I am talking about correct?

Forces: Well, what you are talking about is what we would consider the line of awareness. As long as your line of awareness to the core and center is strong, then you will stay to the branch of the tree. But the line of awareness, once it deviates from the core can no longer stand. What we are saying is as long as your core or the line of awareness to us is first and foremost, then you are strong. Deviate from us and we will deviate from you. So, the line of the core is equal to the strength of the sun. And there are those who are not this group that their line of their core is anchored to us and therefore they too then becomes part of this group.

IS: And I finally saw, as sad as it is, agonizing as it was, for me to watch each person disengage and leave and we talk about purpose, we talk about the Higher Forces, we talk about all of that but truly to understand when the personal thing becomes more important to the people really, really, then the sum total of the Higher Forces, the Highest, what I call the House, when I say the House, and I finally realize, I saw that when a personal thing, when a person can say, ‘I deserve this better’ or ‘I need this’ or as a personal thing. And I’m not saying we’re not allowed for personal, I’m just saying there comes like a split second that I wish I had the words to, because these are words that have been used, but I understood finally and I saw clearly how absolutely impossible it is for these people to continue staying because they really, really see a physical, material thing, truly more important that the totality.

Forces: Well, what we are trying to say, is those then will be coming around the mountain that will show greater, greater contribution and faith even though they have not been in the garden manning the trees. And then this therefore, would be the parable that Jesus spoke: That the one who manned to the beginning of the dawn to the end of the hour receives a penny, but the one who comes at the fifth hour, because of their commitment and zeal, receives also the penny. What is also Jesus’ speaking about is that the zeal and the commitment and the strength and the belief of the ones who come the sixth hour outshines the ones that have endured the whole day. To endure doesn’t make you great; to endure thirty years doesn’t make you a Saint. It is the commitment of the faith and the trust and the zeal and the belief and the application that makes you part of us. And there are those who will come that will make some of you not look so good. So why don’t you shore up your act now before someone comes to make you look not so good.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: The question that we’re saying is the justice trip. We’ve been here since the beginning of the dawn. It’s not fair; things have never changed in human consciousness. The element of fairness has taken the society of the mortal beings down into the pits of hell.

IS: Truly the greatest gift that anyone of us can have is that after thirty year we have faith and we retain faith.

Forces: Well, we also say this is very true that you have allowed yourself to be ever present before us. It is not the ark that makes the ark great-for your meditation room to be great. Your greatest hour is when we speak to you directly. That is your greatest moment of the then your meditations to be great in itself. This too then is your true meditation of the burning bush.

IS: Thank you for being with us all these years.

Forces: You’ve been. Next question.

IS: Does…

Forces: Excuse us. We’ll move on.

IS: All of the people… oh, we need to move on. All right.

JE: Is there any new cure for psoriasis out there that would probably work for me, or an old cure or whatever, just something that would work? Usually it goes and comes and I just sort of ignore it, but it happens to be back this time.

Forces: The body is weak in certain chemicals, certain elements: Calcium, Chromium, Silver-nite, Iron, Magnesium, batteries of a bracelet type to be worn on the left foot and the right arm should be worn to alter this electrical field of weakness. Salt baths of the Dead Sea nature will also activate the burning, glowing sensation of the etheric and auric fields of the electrical vibration weakened. Clay packs also applied at the new moon would also be a elevation of the battery of the body. We would also see that the elements of alcohol plays a negative role in the psoriasis. Unfortunately, it badly warps and distorts the electronic vibration of the etheric level of the body. We would also suggest vinegar, of bathing in a dabbing of vinegar, apple cider, to the different parts. There is also, what would be considered, a gold enhancer. But we would suggest following some or all of these components will alleviate the psoriasis in kind. One other aspect is the resentment needs to be buried with the clay. So therefore, just as David had to eat of the clay so also we would suggest bury the resentment so the psoriasis will abate. It’s very simple, it’s very elementary, as Watson would say, follow these suggestions and we would say, this would be abated.

JE: Thank you very much.

D: The, uh… I have some more questions about the formation. Do I have it right here, the text is the point, I mean the plane, and the numbers is the point and the communication the line?

Forces: You are off by two degrees.

D: Which one, the text and communication?

Forces: You will find it in the southern part of the second degree.

D: So point would be communication and line would be number?

Forces: We see this to be true.

D: The second question is: the cup you gave me in the last session, there’s a diagram I found in the book, “The Vortex”?

Forces: We see this as such.

D: Another question is, you said simple math, would that be the Vedic math or the projective or both?

Forces: It can be both.

D: One more question, about the precepts, do they go along with ‘phosphenes’ like in the order that they are from 1 to 14?

Forces: It hovers over 7.

D: Numbers of the what?

Forces: It hovers over 7.

D: What about the other seven?

Forces: That is under the 7.

D: So it is the 14, one’s over and one’s under?

Forces: That we see it as such.

D: Thank you very much.

J: Shortly after 9/11 in downtown Charlottesville in the whole area there was something that was either a sonic boom or an earthquake or something else, can you tell us what that actually was?

Forces: There is no earthquake. It was our ship centering over the area, materializing and manifestation in the third dimension.

J: Thank you because everyone was coming up with different explanations. Did Dick Cheney’s absence from the public view for such a long period of time…

Forces: …when you are involved with reptilian nature too.

J: Thank you.

Forces: Who is Bush in (—-) with?

IS: The reptilians.

Forces: Who are represent in what?

IS: In the New World Order.

Forces: There you go.

J: Trent Lott is one also, as well?

Forces: Trent Lott.

J: Thank you. The problem with my legs and my knees in my meditation in the morning, is there anything I can do for that?

Forces: We would suggest a Ace Bandage around the whole body. [Laughter] Especially the mouth.

J: Thank you.

Forces: We would suggest JE to laugh a little bit on that one. [Laughter] Sometimes, a little humor goes a long way, like a rubber band. But lace it up, brother, lace it up.

N: A few years ago you warned us about frozen peas and I was wondering if there’s still a problem with that and if there are any other frozen foods or vegetables that we need to be careful about using.

Forces: We’ll leave it just at that.

N: So we just leave it that way?

Forces: It’s not the frozen peas that are the, or is the problem it is the chemical additive and the nitrogen affect on that particular vegetable that creates an alter genetic pattern that turns the pea into poison to the immune system or better yet the lymphatic system.

N: Thank you.

E: Thank you very much for helping me with my back, once again.

IS: Seems like everyone wants to help her.

E: And getting a space with Paul Olko.

IS: Is he the best person to help with the back?

Forces: Yes, he will do well.

E: Is it a disc our is it just a muscle?

Forces: Inflammation of the cartilage. Castor oil packs, as much as you don’t like them.

E: What’s not to like?

Forces: What was that? What?

E: What’s not to like? [Laughter]

IS: So it’s not a deteriorated disc?

Forces: Inflammation of the cartilages of that lower area.

E: Thank you very much. Is this the first time, then, in the White House that they’ve achieved the goal, they’ve actually filled top spaces with Reptilians?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Oh my God…

E: The dream I had where I tore the arm off of the sheriff and saw the Reptilian skin, meaning that the government was Reptilian, is there a way we can…

IS: Or is there also a sheriff around here, or sheriffs?

Forces: Well, what is reflecting is the law itself is being applied to a Reptilian nature. It’s not an easy picture we speak about, nor are we so open and vain or candid, but it is too far gone as far as this particular administration we would call it.

E: That’s why things are going to be so out in the open?

Forces: Well it’s out in the open now, it’s just that the common person, you, the average man, as we say, Joe-Blow in the street or John Doe, Citizen Kane. What are we saying to you all? What are we saying? That everyone is torch lighting and this very night and it’s the individual soul, the common man that will stand out and say No, No, No. It happened during Hitler’s time, Mussolini’s time, Napoleon’s time, it happened. The common always has to stand up. And as weak the voice but as true the heart it is the strongest thing heard-No.

E: Are the Aborigines the ones that are, because of the dream state…

Forces: They are the true magicians of that area. They are the magic people. They will change along with American Indians, along, would you believe it, would you believe it not, we find the greatest love-the Eskimo, the American Indian, the Black Man, the Jewish person, the Aborigine, the Gypsy and the homosexual.

E: Thank you very much.

IS: Does Susan finally understand?

Forces: Until the next emotional event doesn’t light it’s course and takes the moon-beans and puts it in the net and fly’s, yes, she does, yes, of course.

IS: She didn’t understand why it cost her?

Forces: Yes. But remember she is ever looking for the spirit and the resonance of the spirit of God, which goes to her benefit. We are almost ready to leave. Every single time we come to this point we always have more questions. So, we’ll start from this side. [Laughter]

JE: We were watching the Titanic movie again last night. Where were those people in the time travel, where were they trying to come from and go to? What was the reason?

Forces: Remember, again, we speak about this openly. The Titanic was an experiment for time travel from the planet earth to mars.

IS: Oh my God…

Forces: Now remember, Mars was surrounded by water millions of years ago, just like the earth. Now it’s dry more or less, there is an ice polar cap and there is ice on mars and there is water-if it’s ice it’s water. But there is water underneath the level of Mars terrain. Therefore, the ship had cracked by the very nature of the impact on the surface of mars. So in it’s time travel, it succeeded in moving from this earth to Mars. But the plan was not only to move from this planet to Mars on the 3rd dimensional/4th dimensional level, but to move back to the earth. But it could not move back after it cracked and when it moved back itself it was catapulted in a V-shape. Therefore, when it came back into the 3rd dimension it was assaulted with the iceberg, which was not an iceberg per say, but the cracking of the crystal of the time travel. The passengers on the ship saw an iceberg. What they really saw was the crystal formation of the time essence that they fractured or hit.

JE: How many of those people knew that’s what was going to happen when they went?

Forces: Let us say this, how many people realized that they going to work at the World Trade Center, on 9/11, were going to be fractured in the same time essence experiment. Never has this been said to you all before. The twin towers was also an experiment on physical time travel of a plane moving through a concrete object. What was the aspect was that the plane was to go through it without destroying, as an experiment, the time-travel of the building. But of course, it got locked within it’s own force field and the experiment did not succeed. Therefore it became a terrorist attack. Now, how many years will this come about to realize that those who were in the building were involved with a time travel essence? Those who came down from the stairways, those who came out of the building, all of them will tell you time stopped for them.

JE: Have they ever succeeded in doing that?

Forces: They’re coming close. But the answer to that question: no.

IS: Were the Afghanistan’s at all involved, or the terrorist at all involved, or were they used also.

Forces: Again, this is being used for the oil, for the energy, for the land, for the area, for weakening of the Arabs and their cause, getting a foothold in that area and to use extraterrestrial equipment and material, planes and 3rd dimensional/4th dimensional armament. So, the experiment at the World Trade Center is being used now in Afghanistan as it was used in Iraq. So, not to complicate too many things tonight, for we know you all want to go to sleep, but things are not the way they appear. We are sorry.

JE: What would have happened if the plane had gone through?

Forces: Then nobody, no one, would have known it.

JE: Well, would they have seen the plane come around and then it would have just vanished or not at all?

Forces: It would be an illusion. They would have succeeded. If a tree falls in a forest do you hear it? If an accident is diverted, do you notice it? If a ripple on a water does not move, is it seen? All these things is part of the ever-evasive illusion of time. That those powers that be are trying to conquer. Let us put it this way. For those who hear this tape, they might not understand it. It might be hard for them to listen to or even comprehend it. But they comprehend one thing, if the one thing is true, then the rest we say about this is true. Since 9/11, your time as you know it has changed. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…