Session 120 – 6/25/77

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are attentive to the surrounding moments and find them productive. Guide and watch thy selves as days move on that with each passing moment you will strengthen your strongholds of convictions and make them work for you. We have these thoughts to share in which those aspects of conviction must be developed through personal creativity and work. Otherwise, it falters and is taken away. Strengths and changes to come will be many as the days go on in this country. There shall be again many changes, but stronger still a higher change shall come. We here would explain that the moments of thought are precious, and to make sure that the thoughts are explained in such a way that they are creative. As far as your house is concerned in Virginia, we would say not to worry upon it or be concerned, it would be taken care of by us, through us, for us. We here now will answer your questions.

IS: There’s a prophecy in the Bible about the… King David’s line that it shall be forever. Now, if I understand it correctly that means that somewhere, even today, there is some sort of king or somebody in position of authority that is a direct line from King David, that means from Jesus. Is there such a thing or did the line stop with Jesus and no more on a physical level continued?

Forces: Such a level continued with the king Haile Selassie, Ethiopia, strange as it might seem, then it shall generate through a particular deity in Israel that also has the spark within him.

IS: That deity in Israel is it already there?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That definitely means that — or does it — that it, the line went on from Jesus, or is the line that you’re talking about continued from King David only branched away through Solomon?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Both?

Forces: Both did happen.

IS: Hmm. Thank you. Will they come into — that deity in Israel wills it…

Forces: Israel shall prosper and grow with a lot of strength. After the great battle, which would involve the world, then Israel shall be a diamond and the social or society or consciousness shall be such a level that it would be refined through every aspect, to raise such a beautiful experience and such a wonderful relationship to life.

IS: Then maybe we should invest in Israel, property or something?

Forces: There is no property that one can invest in, for as time goes on it will change. The property value is not to be seeked, more so the soul value at this moment.

IS: I do not mean the property value per value, what I mean is maybe if we get a piece now, we shall have a spot in it later, but you’re telling me yes, or only on a spiritual level.

Forces: There is no such person who would obtain a parcel of land now to obtain a property of it in the future.

IS: I see. Will we live through that holocaust, or will it be in our time?

Forces: All those who are concentrated on Christ and the spirit of forgiveness and love shall exist through it. Those who are not our ambassadors will be eaten up through the turmoil.

IS: The Jesus freaks have a very interesting thing about, that all the Christ lovers shall be snatched up into heaven, and there is something to that effect that could be interpreted that way in the Bible

Forces: This would be for some: taken away. But in reality only some shall be taken, others must remain continuing.

IS: Those that are taken away, will they be taken away into spaceships?

Forces: This is a very likely conclusion.

IS: And those are the good souls?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And they shall be returned into the earth after the holocaust?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But it’s probably not our fortune. Thank you very much. Thank you.

GL: The two names that you gave us in the last session, you know, the ones hovering above, are these names of the two centers that hover above the body?

Forces: Let us say those are the centers within the body and above it. They represent the spiritual powers of the galaxies, for remember every planet is a reflection of the thoughts of the people. And remember the thought forms that you all have now, at one point in your existence you thought for material body, and a sensual type pulsation body, and that which you can feel, taste, and touch. This finally happened, the overdose of these thought forms creating this planet, on which, with each planet, there is a hierarchy or a controller for each section, which stimulates and sends out a force of spiritual construction and guidance. It might seem that we are all here to be disciplined in such a prison, but in respect it is to be disciplined under the conditions of love, that this planet in the future will return to a star like quality of a diamond, that would shine brighter at the moment than any other in the galaxies or systems like it.

GL: Thank you.

RH: Joshua delivered the Israelites from the men of Jericho. There were seven main tribes of these, which were the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. Could this symbolically mean that Joshua kicked out the black force that blocked each of the seven spiritual centers, so that the Israelites could enter and eventually spiritualize these centers?

Forces: This stands to reason. You forgot one — the termites.

RH: When I become in the far, far, far future completely spiritualized…

Forces: Very far. We are just helping you out. Remember, to become spiritual, it happens at the moment. Do not pass it off at a very far, far, far future; grasp at it now. The thoughts of saying it cannot be done is the prison saying you do not want it to be done.

RH: Thank you.

Forces: Continue question.

RH: When I become a spiritualized entity, will I always exist as a female or will I become one with my male half too?

Forces: We can work something out with you.

RH: Thank you.

LK: Several nights ago we had a short discussion on Solomon and how he could have fallen if he had so much wisdom. Why couldn’t the wisdom prevent him from making that fall? Could you explain that situation?

Forces: Wisdom can only be used in applying to the laws of God. When you are applying to self, then you are free to make your decision, without the reflections of the laws of God into the earth.

IS: But then if he had that kind of wisdom, which he had on every level, how come he didn’t understand not to use it for self?

Forces: It is amazing, is it not?

IS: Yes, if he was the wisest man on earth.

Forces: He used it for all, but when it came to himself, he was like the rest.

IS: Does it really mean that his wisdom, the true wisdom, was only when you spoke through him or when you did things through him?

Forces: In short, yes.

LK: In the book Ecclesiastes it sounds as if at the end of his life Solomon is making confessions and giving advice, and there are parts of it where it sounds like he understood where he fell. Is that true?

Forces: Correct. You asked that question before, no?

LK: Gee, I don’t know.

Forces: I’ve heard it before.

IS: Yeah, we discussed it.

LK: Okay, thank you.

Forces: You’re welcome.

DD: Can you tell me what the planet Vulcan is ?

Forces: Let us say it is the planet of quick intellect and reasoning and logical thought and less emotional flare-ups.

DD: Is it like an anti-matter planet?

Forces: Let us say it reflects the opposite thoughts of those in the matter of degree, or those in the third dimension.

DD: Is it like the planet across from the other side of the sun from the earth?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Why do the alchemists call it their planet?

Forces: Because it is from this planet the elemental of fire comes through creation. For remember, in the earth you have the element of fire that is constantly moving. It is in your body, the heat of life, the breath of life. When the body is vacant of this, it is termed to be of dead matter. This is the spirit that gives it heat and light; the living spirit is the flame of God. The flame of God is the name of God. The name of God is the representation of this burning light, the all-creating power that heals or destroys the body. It can either create harmony or disease. It can also generate tremendous amount of heat to destroy or create a planet. It is from such that all prophecies endeavor to store and walk upon. The elemental creatures of the salamander walks through all the elements of the earth, visiting and knowing man’s mind. It is termed to be, but yet he understands what is to happen. Such is the fire element of creation. Such is the fire element within man. He must know, create and construct his future.

DD: So did… is this the sun behind the sun, what you talked about

Forces: It is the sun behind all suns.

DD: The fire… the planet itself, is it talked about in the Kabbalah?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Was it… what is it called in the Bible.

Forces: It is called: “the secret place”.

DD: “The secret place of the most high”?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What is the magnesia of the alchemists.

Forces: It is an item that is of a diamond or more like a silver mixture that is highly liquid, soluble and movable in shape, form and density. It is also an item of congeniance of bringing elements of liquid and solid together, forming a third state.

DD: Thank you. What is the… [(IS) signaled to go on to next person].

JU: What is… the part… the thing that is Jerusalem physically and in other ways today, was that… did that exist in Atlantis, that spot?

Forces: Let us say Atlantis is a different bird all together.

JU: Can you tell us… tell us what is the origin of the symbols of the twelve tribes, you know the ones that we know as their symbols, are they accurate?

Forces: Let us say, the symbols of the twelve tribes represent the twelve lights in the heavens.

JU: But why would… why would a tribe like Zebulon be represented by a ship with sails and… how did that originate?

Forces: What would you want it to be represented by — a goat with horns?

JU: No.

Forces: It represents the characters of the souls in a symbolic form. That is how they become its origin, symbolic rather than on a material.

JU: And the division of the tribes in the Zohar between the left and the right is that the same way they were divided on the onyx stones on the high priest’s breastplate?

Forces: Correct.

JU: And can you tell us what were the tribes of the left?

Forces: These are the passive reactions, or more to take it, the negative aspects.

JU: The negative meaning receptive or also…

Forces: It is the representation of not that of creative, but that of the pitfalls that must be alluded from. It is in man’s consciousness that he be reminded of these pitfalls.

JU: Thank you.

NN: Do I understand correctly that when the gonads energy is applied correctly, or any time it’s used spiritually, unselfishly, that it creates new cells in the heart center?

Forces: Correct.

NN: So then there’s two kinds of heart attacks, somebody like Caruso who died onstage singing his heart out would be different from somebody who misapplied the gonads energy and completely fed their blob, even though the medical profession doesn’t see it that way…

Forces: There was a straining aspect within that person.

NN: Of Caruso?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you. And just one more thing, today about burning Michael, the thing that you told (IS), and she couldn’t remember, could you please explain that?

Forces: You burned his foot.

NN: I know.

Forces: It represents the delicate balance between consciousness and being unaware of the satanic force around us. How easy it is for us to blemish that which is within us, by being forgetful.

NN: Thank you.

BA: About what the entity Tom told us about praising God leading to fear of God which leads to love of God… is there a special prayer you could give us for praising God?

Forces: We have given many in the past. If we give more then it would be just rhetoric. The less you have the more you will have.

BA: Thank you. In the last session you mentioned us drinking prune juice. How much prune juice should we be drinking?

Forces: An ounce, half an ounce, a spoonful.

BA: Thank you.

Forces: Eyedropper.

NN: Does that affect the upper centers?

Forces: It affects the lower centers.

NN: You said in the last session about understanding in the upper parts.

Forces: You would understand the upper parts when you find out what’s going on in the lower parts.

RU: In the last session when you referred to the Nympht and the Nachzeth that was about GL question, could that have anything to do with the angels in the room also?

Forces: Let us say it has an element of hovering over the female aspect of leadership.

RU: Thank you. So it’s not directly connected with these two angels or is it with the Shekinah angel?

Forces: It is under direct connection between these two angels, and that of the third point.

RU: St. Francis?

IS: The third point meaning the angel upstairs in the meditation room?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Also when the word saints are used in the Old Testament, what does that really mean?

Forces: It represents the consciousness of a God familiarity of existence versus completion of mission.

RU: There was no organized thing that recognized someone as being a saint, is it by legend that when they referred to all the saints.

Forces: I have never seen anyone recognize a saint in my life. In my existence I have never seen a saint being recognized for being a saint until someone either has killed him or he just drops dead.

RU: Thank you.

MK: On that planet Vulcan is its influence to increase on the earth or… ?

Forces: Increase, diminish Zebaoth.

MK: Is this… is its influence going to bring in Armageddon?

Forces: If you want it to.

IS: Actually you answered by the word Zebaoth, the armies.

Forces: Correct.

MK: And the sessions that Jesus gave, if they… were they recorded, what happened to them?

IS: The whole New Testament.

Forces: Yes. Question.

JE: Can you tell us who was Salome and why did she become so famous?

Forces: Because she was between two pieces of bread. [Laughter] We like that up here. She became famous because of her rebellion against God, and the tremendous price that she will have to pay for it.

IS: Is she on the earth today, or was she?

Forces: We have a lot of Salami heads on earth.

ISIS Could you give us a lifetime that we would recognize of her, and a…

Forces: We have found her in the life of Mrs. Kennedy Onassis.

IS: Now that’s Jacqueline?

Forces: Jacqueline.

IS: So she’s still up to her old tricks.

Forces: She hasn’t changed a bit.

IS: Is John the Baptist on earth by any chance.

Forces: We cannot comment on that. You know there are so many John the Baptists walking around, in fact we just bumped into one recently. He said, did you not know I was John the Baptist? And I said to him, excuse me. [Laughter] He baptized my vehicle.

IS: Somebody like… somebody like Salome, all the way, those thousands of years, has she yet been paying for all the things that she’s done or just accumulating more and more?

Forces: Hum, hmm, hmm. When the time comes for payment I would not want to be around to pick up the pieces when someone, as the songs continues, “breaks her heart”. Hmm, hmm, hmm. It is right; it is fruitful enough for the payment.

IS: So it will happen this lifetime, beginning.

Forces: It has begun.

IS: Oh. She wants somebody that doesn’t want her.

Forces: She doesn’t want her.

IS: You said she doesn’t want her?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Is that the daughter?

Forces: There are many strange relationships going on with this individual.

IS: Are we understanding it correctly?

Forces: I doubt it.

IS: Well, thank you.

BR: That smell that’s going throughout the city, where is that coming from, and what causes it, it’s awful.

Forces: It is coming from many diversified areas combining the process of stink. You would find it coming from, what would be called the chemical company of CN, what would be called, I don’t know. You would also find it coming from the newly industrialized areas of a motor and the mixture of the gases escaping through the fumes of the factory. Find it in the little room underneath the L, you will find it, strange enough, near the two smoke stacks in Calvary cemetery.

BR: Thank you.

DN: Can you tell us more about the entity Moses than is generally known and, it seems like from what I’ve read that he was like, as beloved of God as Jesus. It’s an amazing thing; anything that Moses wanted was his for the asking. Could you tell us more about him?

Forces: He liked the color purple, he liked to eat figs, he loved rice, he was impatient, some people called him fiery, restless, irritable, anxious, obnoxious, slow, stupid, cunning, clever, happy — all the words you could think of. He was known for his restlessness in discovering and bringing. Seems like the spirit of God hovers over restlessness, more so than with rest.

DN: Thank you.

Forces: He had factions in his group – secrets – some to destroy. He had to be careful, he could not reveal, could not work too hard, he could not trust too many. Only a few.

DN: Could I ask how many could he trust?

Forces: Twelve, the most. Out of that, three for sure.

DN: And the three would be, Joshua is one?

Forces: That you would find to be one.

DN: And Caleb?

Forces: That you would find to be half.

DN: But it wouldn’t include Aaron or Miriam?

Forces: That would you find not. You would find Judith, and you would find Elakahn.

IS: How about any one of his wives?

Forces: We will not mention that now. One was well.

DD: Could he trust Bezalel?

DN: Thank you.

IS: And which one was the better wife? The black one or Zipporah?

Forces: Zipporah was not a good wife.

IS: Isn’t that strange that black would represent something more negative and yet here it represents something positive.

Forces: Interesting.

IS: Yeah. The dream I had this morning with all the black people in prison or something to that effect, what’s happening?

Forces: It represents the beginning of the black people putting themselves in their own prisons, their own social prisons.

IS: Oh, so it’s something for America… for the world, for outside of myself?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the other night I also again had some dreams which, again were very bare, I just woke up, I didn’t even want to remember.

Forces: It also represents all that which is coming into the house we should not fail to give out from the house.

IS: That’s the other dreams?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the music I heard the other night, was it really something I heard or was it you or…

Forces: It was what you heard.

IS: There was nobody singing it, right? It was…

Forces: Correct. It was being pumped in by stereo on XKY as they say.


Forces: Make up a number; put it on the end, you’ve got yourself a radio program.

IS: Can I turn it off… on anytime I want to?

Forces: Be receptive and it can continue.

IS: That’s another question, with the music, what can I do, I feel that sometimes I can get the music, more music and stuff, but it just doesn’t seem… I feel like I’m a little tied up, you know, because it’s not just dependent… What can be done to help out the situation with those that are the ones to write or whatever? How do we do that? What can I do to help it out?

Forces: Strive to keep it on and keep on the spirit, better yet to have a small area set aside and work through it together.

IS: That’s Dan and me?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The thing that we discussed today, Tom and me, about the statues… the statues… statues and the working on them, is that correct?

Forces: It can be done.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Nothing.

IS: Nothing? I think he asked once will he continue working further at TWA, much longer?

Forces: It will slowly have its form.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: Could you explain what Psalm 29 means?

Forces: Psalm 29 reads to that of the individual to discipline and to guide him on the spiritual path of a particular element within his discipline, that of faith and that of patience.

GL: The voice of the Lord that David speaks of, is that a ship that he heard or…

Forces: This is the still small voice within you.

GL: Thank you. Could you give us more of the colors of the months, which colors would correspond for which month?

Forces: It can be done. Blue and orange, yellow and green, red, violet, it is there. You have a very strong color for June, it would be called pink, or what would be known as hot red, and continue from there, it will follow the spectrum colors.

GL: Thank you.

RH: What is the overall message of Psalm 127, it seems to talk of many different things, about building a house for the Lord, then it says it’s vain to build it, and it talks about giving his beloved sleep, and the last part of the psalm talks how children are the heritage of the Lord. What was the intended meaning of this psalm pattern?

Forces: Represents reincarnation.

IS: So the sleep factor is death.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Thank you.

LK: The letter that I sent to the lawyer, will that in any way help to… help the situation that occurred with the first letter that I sent, with the problem that that caused?

Forces: Let us say we will strive for the best.

LK: Thank you.

DD: Did… did Tom like have twelve lives that existed after he died… he talked about it before with Isis, where after you’d have a life it reaches a certain point, it exists on forever. it goes on independent of you. Did he have like twelve of them, and do each one of those twelve; do they operate through, let’s say, one of us?

Forces: Let us say this is a great possibility.

DD: So it means one of those lives could be for one… would stick with one individual and

Forces: Correct.

DD: and another one would stick with another individual, like Paracelsus was one…

Forces: Correct, correct. [Said at same time as David is saying, “Paracelsus was one”.] Correct, correct. Hmm hmm, right.

DD: Who would be with Isis? Would it be like Moses or… ?

Forces: This question is um… revealing.

DD: Could you… you can’t say it? Did Tom… Tom…

Forces: I’m not finished yet.

DD: Oh, sorry.

Forces: You would find the expression of this individual, who told the Egyptians out-and-out blank of their own desecrations to their God, and of course, they took her and stoned her, but nonetheless she kept speaking the truth. Question.

DD: What does that mean… that this is a life of Isis at the time… ?

Forces: It is not only at that time, but progresses towards even the time when the persecutions, the early Jews against the beliefs that Jesus was the Messiah, how she had to stand and defend their beliefs.

DD: So what are you saying?

IS: Do you mean in another lifetime other than the one while Jesus was on the earth?

Forces: While he was on the earth.

IS: So that was still when he was… before he reached the age of thirty?

Forces: And after.

IS: Was I not then an old lady already?

Forces: Could have been.

IS: And I got stoned?

Forces: This was another existence. Question.

RU: But in another session it was given she was there at the stoning of Steven.

Forces: Correct.

RU: In that lifetime.

Forces: Yes.

JU: You once… once when Tom was lying down you said… you said something to me about six months and then moving on. Could you tell me what that meant?

Forces: Yes. Six months, move on.

JU: Are there any specifics of what that involves?

Forces: It is involving already. Question.

JU: In the Book of Precious Stones the list they have for Benjamin and Issachar, their stones, are those correct?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Thank you.

NN: What was Psalm 25 written for in King David’s time, what was it originally…

Forces: It was to help the cleaning woman. Believe it or not. It was to help the female aspect, not only in that regard, the loneliness of the hour, striving to bring God into a feeling of oneness.

NN: Thank you.

RU: In the Old Testament found one mention of the name Michael. Was no one named that in that time or is it just not common or does that person… ?

Forces: It’s been known to be named. It is common.

BA: About our trip to Wyoming, is there anywhere special…

Forces: About your trip to Wyoming – hump! Is it special? Yes.

BA: Is there anywhere special you’d like us to go?

Forces: We wouldn’t mind if you went [pause]… to a small place in Newfoundland.

BA: Newfoundland?

Forces: Newfoundland. In which you will have to take a boat and travel to a small island and stay there, and absorb the atmosphere of the people, and the talks.

JU: Could you give us the name of the island?

Forces: Doesn’t matter.

IS: That’s for our vacation?

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: Instead of Wyoming?

Forces: Doesn’t matter. Wyoming is a nice place to visit. [pause] A weekend would be nice.

IS: Oh

Forces: In Newfoundland.

IS: Oh. Thank you.

MK: In an earlier unrecorded session there was given a tarot card, the first of a new tarot. How might that be represented as far as color and spacing?

Forces: Spacing a half an inch to an inch, three-quarters of an inch; purple, red and orange.

MK: Thank you.

JE: When Solomon finished his temple, and the first service he had in it dedicated to God, and he said that the fire came down and consumed the offerings and filled the holy temple. Could you explain exactly what happened?

Forces: There was a bonfire and it burned up the items upon the temple. It was like a magnifying glass, coming down through the sun’s rays and enlight, igniting the offering. There was a filter light into the ceiling of the temple, in which, when the offering was placed upon the temple… altar… the light was uncovered therefore exposing the energy, therefore expounding upon and burning up the offering.

[The doorbell rings]

IS: Should we open the door now?

Forces: No problem. We prepared for it.

IS: Question. You say there was a little live magnifying glass, etc., etc., but yet there is mentioned in the Bible a fire that came with no trick magnifying glass, etc. etc…

Forces: This magnifying glass is not what I speak on. It is only something I can discuss with you in order that you might understand what I’m talking on. In reality, it was just an open hole in the roof.

IS: Right. Because Elijah had no roof whatsoever…

Forces: Correct.

IS: So how did that happen?

Forces: By the power of the ethers.

IS: Then you did it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And so, in the temple in Jerusalem…

Forces: Correct.

IS: And so it can still be done…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Will it be done?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Should we make preparations for it in our temple?

Forces: See what happens.

IS: But that raises another question. If another temple should now be erected, will there be again the animal sacrifice?

Forces: There should not be.

IS: So that whole thing and the laws that pertain to it are really over with?

Forces: Should be.

IS: Should be, but not necessary?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are to leave. We have a great deal of information to be had. Remember, again, that to strive together in this harmony and working in peace, most of all in working and discipline your own personal lives. By doing such you will be in harmony.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…