Session 144 1/29/78

(Part missed)
Forces: (——) as well as could be-certain areas (——) the answer that the lugs are weakened during these different temperature changes. Question.

IS: What should be done for him?

Forces: It will be taken care of.

Question. IS: Should LK’s ring be recharged?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Should LK’s ring be recharged … the green one?

Forces: (long pause? It has been done.

IS: Thank you. Is it advisable at this time for me to go to New York, or can I wait until next week?

Forces: We would advise to be with what has to be done, and it has to be done, but you will decide.

IS: That night of the storm, there was no war in the Heavens, right? It was just the…

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: There was a war?

Forces: Partially.

IS: Are the people in the New York group, are any of them part of that dream that the entity had?

Forces: Not in context.

IS: Is Inky a black force or a white force dog?

Forces: Usual. It is more to the white forces in one respect.

IS: Is she truly the neighbor’s dog?

Forces: She belongs to a lot of people.

IS: Is there anything for me you can give me that I should be doing?

Forces: Proper baths, proper thoughts in connection with the work to be done and receptive to it.

IS: To connect … Ooh, I see. To connect with outside people for work to be done in the house?

Forces: This could be done.

IS: Is that what you are referring to?

Forces: Partially.

IS: Could you give me the other thin; and what it is … the thing that should be done?

Forces: One step at a time. Then a certain amount of patience in doing it right. Electricity and the plumbing and then the bathrooms in the house. From there, you shall branch out.

IS: Thank you. You mean the electricity as it is now is not sufficient?

Forces: It is being worked on.

IS: Should I have … do I need to bring in other people?

Forces: Not at this time.

IS: Is the plumbing being done as best as …I mean as it should be done?

Forces: Certain minor changes, nothing too serious.

IS: Thank you very much.

JE: Why was there a separation between Israel and Judah?

Forces: One must preserve the spirit and bring it into a stronger manifestation.

IS: Is Judah the preserver?

Forces: Correct.

LK: At the time of the miracle with Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, was there an actual physical manifestation of the Red Sea waters pulling back or…

Forces: Correct.

LK: Beg your pardon?

Forces: Continue.

LK: Or was everybody in the area lifted up into another consciousness where they were able to actually pass through the waters, and then when brought back to their normal state of consciousness…

Forces: Correct.

LK: So, would that be that the Egyptians also being in the area at the time felt that they could pass through and so started, and then they were returned to their normal consciousness as they were right in the middle of it?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Is that the key? So of all the miracles, were actually the people involved or lifted up into a different state of consciousness, and then once returned to their normal state of consciousness, they explain it however way they explain it?

Forces: Question.

IS: But the sea was actually also, the waters were broken…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Right? Because Elijah and all of them did the same thing.

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it takes another, a different consciousness to allow a miracle to happen?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But they do happen on a physical level?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is the 80-gallon heater correct? Enough?

Forces: We would find this near to correct. We would find this adequate. We would just move certain forces around as is necessary.

IS: Should I get a larger one?

Forces: If you would like, 110, 115 could do for

IS: And then, the way we have set up the 15-25, in addition to the 110-115?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

JB: Do you have any guidance for me or my family at this time?

Forces: The family is more stronger when it is united with God. Barriers move forward. And keep thy spirit on the path to God. In doing such, you will find many secret answers.

HI: With the sanding and stripping I am doing on the doors, could you tell me what particularly I am working on within myself?

Forces: Sounds of sounds of deepest caverns in the midst of all that travels, You shall see the sound move Bowing out No one to hear but the trees around. Question.

JU: What would be the reason for the governments to be hiding what’s happening in Northern Canada”

Forces: The government is hiding in every state.

JU: Is it something we should know about?

Forces: Rather look within your own personal life to the typical governments that you have set up that must be corrected.

JU: Thank you.

JE: The gray heaters in the guest room and the master bedroom … why don’t they heat up?

Forces: Simply remove the nozzle, and you shall have the heat and a wet curtain.

JE: Would that lower the pressure on that?

Forces: It would lower the pressure. Seemingly, there is what would be considered, a strange way in which the, the mechanism of the pipes seem to have to be pulled through the pressure when started and recapped until it is needed the next time it gets slow, but also, the way in which the radiator is fixed. Also, a new cabinet itself is needed in which to be replaced to allow steam at a fairly equal level to be removed. There are many other little factors involved. This should take care of itself for the moment.

JE: Change the valves?

Forces: On that particular radiator.

JE: Is the line too high the way I raised it up?

Forces: It could be lowered a little bit. Question.

JE: So, on the plumbing the way it is in the downstairs bathroom where it connects right now…

Forces: You have connections everywhere.

JE: Are they correct? Will they work out that way?

Forces: It will work out. Question.

JE: The tribes the way I have them with Phillip, the Apostle, with the tribe Dan. Is that correct?

Forces: This would be near.

JE: Can you tell us what would be with the tribe Judah?

Forces: It is rather not what tribes one comes from. There are many tribes correct. Question.

JE: Thank you.

MK: What was the law that was revealed to the Apostles at the Transfiguration?

Forces: The law of moving into the fourth dimension. Question.

MK: Thank you.

NN: Is there anything that could be given to the entity Daniel? Anything about the music that should be given for him?

Forces: Taking on responsibilities, moving forward, and to keep on moving forward.

NN: Thank you.

BR: The last session that we had before … we had asked about if Tom’s other lifetime, you said you were going on a mission. Could we know what that mission is now?

Forces: It is not done yet. Question.

BH: Singing the rosary … does it bring forth a stronger force?

Forces: Correct.

BH: Thank you.

RU: I understand it was given in a session that the entity Tom was the entity Laban. Why was Jacob given Leah first?

Forces: To discipline his desires and his imagination.

RU: So it was like a form of he wasn’t ready for Rachel? Forces: He wasn’t disciplined.

RU:Is there another incarnation of the entity Leah that could be given?

Forces: It could, but it would mean pull out information for progress. Question.

GL:David in the Bible and Jesus … whenever I think of the two, I think that they’re the same soul, could you explain?

Forces: They both had come from the same root source.

GL: Would that be like a twin soul?

Forces: It is the same Force Field generating around them. One for one time, the other for the other.

GL: So would David be considered a lifetime of Jesus?

Forces: No. Question.

Gabriel: My right knee … is there anything I could do to help that?

Forces: By walking with your mind aware to where you’re going, that of taking stupendous strides forward. Feet pressure and lots of working and moving around. Question.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Could you tell us some more about the entity Job and what are the dates of transference because it seems that those friends are speaking…

Forces. Joe Pinto? Continue.

IS: The things that the friends are speaking do not seem wrong. They just seem on a different level, but they do not go against the laws of God. I don’t understand. I don’t think so. What was wrong?

Forces: There are many people who come and tell you all the rights and the things that are wrong in the world and may sound accurate, but their motivation is on a selfish level, therefore making what they consider truth, an untruth.

IS: Could we know a little more about Job?

Forces: Job represents the fight within man to stay on the path to God, without getting deviated, deviating to many other factors, excuses, and diversions. Question.

IS: From those three friends, the first one represents the physical, purity, and that’s part of the fight of Job. Would the second one represent the mental, then?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: And the third one?

Forces: This is knowing the law, the spiritual laws.

IS; But yet only the fourth one represents spirit^

Forces: The fourth one is the manifestation of

IS: I see. So the third one wasn’t bad either.

Forces: The third one knew it, but did not abide in it in his life.

IS: Now, personally, for me …I don’t know if you told me, but I didn’t understand everything. Am I doing something wrong?

Forces: Not that we know of.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there anything for the entity Tom that could be given to help out?

Forces: Just the awareness. Many devils around. Question.

IS: Is there anything I can tell MK and DD?

Forces: Just be patient and work with them, instruct them.

IS: Thank you very much. Should I actually go down?

Forces: No. Question.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us about the law of movement in the fourth dimension?

Forces: Repeat.

JE: Could you tell us about the law of movement in the fourth dimension?

Forces: Sounds like you’re saying love movement. Law. The law of movement in the fourth, dimension dictates everything moves backwards and then forwards. Question.

IS: Backwards and then forward?

Forces: In an anti-matter projectile.

JE: Could you explain that?

Forces: It would take time, but entering into the fourth dimension moves every cell within your body to the opposite side. Males, females. Females, neuter. Black, white. White, black. Green, red. Yellow, purple. High, low. Once changed over, then entered into a forward movement of the strongest reflection. Question.

IS: Does that mean … two questions … does it mean that when your ships cross from the fourth dimension to the third dimension, you too change?

Forces: Yeah, that too. Mm m. Yah. Yah.

IS: Yes?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is that why the appearance is … all the appearances that I’ve seen seem shorter and shorter?

Forces: Yes, they are. Yes, it is. Yes.

IS: Does it also happen in a session? Forces: Yes, sometimes.

IS: Does it also happen with entities born into a flesh body?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Could that be one of the reasons for the switchover, the sex switchover?

Forces: Sometimes Yes.

IS: Those are entities that specifically came from a fourth dimension existence into this earth as children?

Forces: Correct. Yes. Correct.

IS: And in that case, is it right for these entities to make a sex change?

Forces: Incorrect. Tampering around with the centers always cause more damage on the other side.

IS: Does it mean that those entities that came in got switched over and then have to go back out? When they go back out, the switch is corrected, and something else takes over?
Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, how is this earth, the people … how is it split up? A certain feeling that it’s split up in all kinds of sections of people coming from this star system, people coming from the third dimension, fourth dimension…

Forces: Such a mess.

IS: Is that correct?

Forces: Yeah, right.

IS: So, all these individual, what we call types of people, are actually simply different systems?

Forces: Correct. Mm m-h m m. Everything is here.

IS: Do they also show in the different types of the physical body?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So, actually, people from wherever I am would always come in with that type of a body and…

Forces: Correct.

IS: You said that the entity Tom came from the Pleiades?

Forces: From the constellation of Pleiades. Also from Not Morang.

GL: Not Morgan?

Forces: Not Morang.

RU: Is there a specific star in those constellations^

Forces: Moving forward in space, energy, substance, just moving. Question.

IS: Also, again, from the fourth dimension, when you come through, is it like sort of a tunnel, and you are sort of passing through? Do you also go to other dimensions, more than the third dimension?

Forces: Could possibly be. IS: So this is sort of just like a…
IS: Thank you very much. Forces: Question.

LK: What is it like in the fourth dimension?

Forces: Not like this place. Question.

LK: Well, what is it like?

Forces: The opposite of everything you see here. It is like “Alice in Wonderland”.

LK: When Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice in Wonderland”, was a veil lifted from his eyes to see into the fourth dimension?

Forces: He forced it to be lifted.

LK: Through drugs?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Then the only other way to do that without you just sort of zapping somebody would be through meditation?

Forces: Correct. And dreams. Proper recording of your dreams can move you forward in the dream sessions. Question.

LK: In meditation in which somebody was projected or however it would be into the fourth dimension, what would they experience in the third dimension while that’s happening?

Forces: It is an experience that cannot be related to a third dimensional experience. Question.

LK: What I mean is at the end of their meditation when they came back, would they be consciously aware of going … of where they had been?

Forces: They would know that they were moving upward. Question.

MK: Is there any new development with the job situation?

Forces: Remember, the job is a reflection within self. A job will manifest when self has produced a certain amount of wanting one. Question.

MK: Thank you.

HI: The entrance to middle earth that is here, is it a dimensional door, or is it actually a physical place here?

Forces: More like a vibrational place of sound and sight.

HI: Does the place exist already, or does it still have to be opened up?

Forces: It exists.

HI: Thank you.

DD: On the planet, which is opposite earth, does that mean everyone that is on the earth exists there?

Forces: It is a counterpart that exists there.

DD: Does everything exist there that’s on this earth oppositely?

Forces: Correct.

DD: So that means there’s a group there like us, and they’re doing exactly everything opposite?

Forces: In an indirect, opposite manner, not for the black forces, as you might think, but as far as on a physical level of building into the earth. Question.

DD: So that would mean that other group over there is us, too?

Forces: In an indirect manner. Question.

DD: Thank you.

IS: It doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It could also mean just as the laws there are different, too.

Forces: You are building on top of the earth. They are bolding inside theirs. Question.

IS: Are you responsible for them, too?

Forces: We are responsible for as much as we can be. Question.

IS: Thank you.

MK: Color, is that also reversed?

Forces: Reverse color, there is no color. Color is only imagination. Question.

MK: There is no color? Where is there no color?

Forces: Shocking. Color? Where is there color? Question.

MK: Thank you. Is this true also of sound?

Forces: Sound is the reverse of not having any noise. The more sound, the closer you are to no noise. Question.

MK: Thank you.

NN: Does that mean that sounds that aren’t in harmony aren’t really a sound?

Forces: Sounds that are in harmony are closer to no sounds. Question.

NN: When I was painting on a particular decoupage I was working on last weekend, I felt like I was meeting head on exactly what was in those pictures, like I was meeting it more directly. Was that correct? In my thoughts’?

Forces: You were meeting it more in the expression of the wood. Question. Correct.

NN:Thank you.

Forces: Question.

IS: With Chris and Kenneth how come they have not contacted?

Forces: It is a movement forward that the particular house here … it is rather a going through certain stages. It is necessary for this purpose to move forward. Question.

GL: Could anything more be given about that young boy that was here today, Kenneth?

Forces: The boy is progressant to a spiritual frontier of psychic awareness that would be developed in many avenues in the future. We shall depart at this moment and shall return later on this week. Watching and guiding you. Minding of the law of treating others as you would have others treat you. Do that which you would have someone do to you. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…