Session 499 8/5/86

SESSION 499 8/5/86

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we have been watching different elements (—) and of course in America. We see changes (but quiet different changes) (—-). We’re coming to hear your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in is there anything in 6 months time that is going to be taking place that we should be prepared for?
Forces: No.
IS: What is it with opening up the cards?
Forces: The cards are not always accurate you know.
IS: Yes.
IS: Or I didn’t read them right.
Forces: Whatever.
IS: Nothing?
Forces: No. We need to talk to you about, no.
IS: (————–)?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Will all of the (————-)?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
NN: Mathew the third chapter the whole chapter.
NN: Thank you.
DD: Tom told me how to do the Pyramid Levels 220 and as I understand the 5 Books of Moses and Revelation has 209 Chapters and I was thinking they went along with the Great Pyramid would that be correct?
Forces: They do correlate yes.
DD: Why would there be 11 missing though.
Forces: It represents the 11 tribes, two of them are faithful the others are not.
DD: Thank you.
NN: Chapter 30 of Proverbs was Agur ben Jakeh was that the Agur aspect of Solomon who wrote it or a different entity?
Forces: We say the involvement was (—) there.
NN: That aspect had to manifest before the next chapter could be the energy blend well (——)?
Forces: Could be interpreted as that yes.
NN: Thank you very much.
JE: What name will the next Pope have?
Forces: More so of a Brother or Leadership and of the (and of the great?).
JE: What country will he come from?
JE: What country will he be from?
Forces: Lets just say that two countries together France and Italy.
JE: Two countries together could you explain that?
Forces: It will be explained in time.
JE: Thank you.
ES: Could you tell me the difference between souls coming in that seem to be more day time people or night time people in reference to the way the Sun compresses the aura, what is the difference in their auras?
Forces: One is the make up of the soul itself.
ES: And what is the difference between those two souls?
Forces: Ones more active in one element and the others more active in the other element.
ES: (and) In the beginning?
Forces: Both are receiving with a different pattern.
ES: Thank you.
JE: Could you explain how all of us came together to be in this group from previous lifetimes?
Forces: (—) We ask that question also. Many lifetimes going far back when you decide that this is what you needed to do you all made that agreement in the Temple (—-).
IS: (————)? Solomon?
Forces: Further back than that.
IS: The Temple Beautiful in Egypt and Sacrifice? (—–).
Forces: Those Temples yes.
IS: Did we do it before now?
Forces: Yes. On the (—–) across the coast of Ireland. (6:53)
ISS: And did we stay there?
Forces: Yes.
IS: All?
Forces: (—-).
IS: In those days there wasn’t that much of a choice right?
Forces: Yes no choice.
IS: Was there any other place that we stayed together?
Forces: Different places but that’s the most important.
IS: The one in Ireland?
IS: In that one is all the ones that we’ve already today also started?
Forces: No they were not there.
DN: Could you tell us what (——————)and what the main purpose of the town in Ireland was?
Forces: Repeat.
JE: If we were there at that town in Ireland what was achieved?
Forces: Civilization was established 800 years ago.
JE: Thank you very much.
BN: Was the Ireland mission successful?
Forces: Yes.
BN: When you say Civilization was established are you talking about the Renaissance?
Forces: You could interpret it as such but, civilization in itself.
IS: There were people before the renaissance itself.
BN: Was that what brought people out of the dark ages.
Forces: Forcing them in to new evolution, yes.
BN: Was it done by example without direct connection?
Forces: Constant Example.
BN: Thank you very much.
JU: I think in another Session you gave that we were together as far back as Atlantis?
Forces: Yes.
JU: Could you give me some guidance as far as my meditation and affirmation or something that I can?
Forces: The affirmation still is (—-) what we have given.
JU: Thank you very much.
IS: Is the Bible passage that you could give me(———)?
Forces: The chapter of John.
IS: Which chapter?
Forces: The third chapter of John.
IS: The whole chapter?
Forces: Yes.
IS: One of the things in the Crystal Prophecies talks about the turtle in 14 days from the year of the turtle. Is it the turtle or is what that is just symbolic?
Forces: Lets wait and see.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Was that the first one that did good was the chapel 800 years ago?
Forces: (—-) were (—-) all through the (life).
IS: It was the first time but it is coming in such a difficult age meaning difficult—?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Because its not an acceptable?
Forces: Yes.
IS: But it will become becoming now more?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
NN: Can you tell me what my original (—-) was in the last (—–)?
Forces: Fire walker in India, we’re only kidding lets say you were settling in America in the attack of the Indians.
NN: What was the worst that I did in terms of what I did in terms of (——-)people?
Forces: Ah that goes all the way back to Atlantis.
NN: Could I know about that?
Forces: Just alot of (need, needs) to control at that time
NN: Misuse of controlling people?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Yes.
NN: Thank you.
DD: Could you give me a Bible passage?
Forces: Chapter of Luke, 4th Chapter.
HI: Would it be alright for me to put the Apostles on the list of tribes when I see them?
Forces: Yes.
HI: Would they correspond over with the countries, parts of the body?
Forces: Country.
HI: Thank you very much
JR: Is that Monastery off the coast of Kerry?
Skellig Michael is an archaeological site and monastic settlement located on a twin pinnacle crag, off the coast of County Kerry in Ireland. )
Forces: Yes.
JR: Skellig?
Forces: Would be interpreted.
JR: Could I have a Bible passage please?
Forces: 4th Chapter of Genesis.
JR: Thank you.
ES:: Where did the memory of the Gregorian Chants come from?
Forces: From Ireland.
ES: From that Monastery?
Forces: Different ones.
ES: Thank you.
JE: Can you tell us how many times we have been together as a group?
Forces: More than six.
JE: Can you give us the one before this one?
Forces: Certain people have been involved with the Revolution of America.
JE: Thank you.
BN: The soul that manifested as Jesus did he do that specific job that he did as Jesus Christ in other planets?
Forces: Yes.
BN: How many other planets?
Forces: Alot.
BN: Is that like how many other galaxies?
Forces: Well alot.
JU: Of the Kabbalist I’ve been reading about like Isaac Ben Luria and Simeon ben Yohai, did they have Sessions did they communicate with you in that way?
Forces: Not such.
JU: Are any of them alive today or they manifest in the earth today?
Forces: They do use the astral form alot.
JU: Thank you.
IS: Is there any thing that can be given to us as a group to help us at this moment with feelings of (——–)?
Forces: Allow the spirit to guide you joining a group co-operation of working things together.
Forces: At this point we will have to leave this is short but we are busy in other avenues tonight. We will speak to you again soon.
Group: Our Father.