Session 500 8/6/86

SESSION 500 8/6/86
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are now in the area and we are watching the different progress and movement as far as the world situation. We see the different depressions of thoughts (that mainly deal with America?) and a great deal of up set ment with Reagan situation in (—-). We see the drought causing tremendous problems in the South and West. Repercussions are felt (———-?) There will be a (signature) religious following as (faculty?) but in the (—–) that will once again appear in the country the rejuvenating of Spiritual, metaphysical and occult knowledge abounding tremendously in all fields of endeavors what would be on a top line and a top of social status. You will have every (—-) in the country reading (—) scrips involved, astral projection. All sorts of psychic endeavors, but it will be complete the evolution of the end of days. We see different forms of entertainment and color communication along the evolution of the different force fields understanding and communications will begin from our side. Of course the country of the United States will go through some political conflicts within there own systems and the interaction of the arts, the music, science and through that should begin as has been planned with the Soviet Union in so doing the endeavor to communicate and develop should be achieved. We do believe that the Soviet Union and the United States should work together and in harmony, in developing a society that would be much better than both.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: When it is the resurgence of the sixties or some?
Forces: It has its ground work happening as we (——-).
IS: When will it manifest?
Forces: Three to five years.
IS: Thank you.
IS: In the Bible when you tell Moses you are going to turn Pharaohs heart into a stony heart 6:32
IS: Were you just predicting or were you actually doing something in order to—?
Forces: We were doing something.
IS: Oh.
IS: But you didn’t put in a stony heart?
Forces: No, no, no, no, no.
Forces: We just used him in his own weaknesses.
IS: So you could also use it the opposite?
Forces: Oh yes. Good and Bad.
IS: When do you use it the opposite.
Forces: When we would like to, we want to.
IS: What kind of circumstances?
Forces: When it benefits us. (7:30)
IS: Thank you.
IS: What I am saying is on an initiate?
Forces: You cannot make a Ford into a Pontiac nor can you make a Chrysler into an Oldsmobile, we like Saab the best though.
IS: Would you do it for an initiate?
Forces: (——).
IS: The strength has to come from within the person?
Forces: Yes.
IS: But you help?
Forces: Yes I help all the time we also we have (—-) help, we also you have to (——-) yes.
IS: Thank you.
NN: Did I go to Hell after that lifetime in Atlantis that you told me about?
Forces: No.
NN: Did I—–?
Forces: We have a special ticket if you would like to go there.
NN: No I don’t want to.
NN: Did I repent before the end of that lifetime?
Forces: You had your turn yes.
NN: Thank you.
DD: Could I have some help with the dream I had this morning about the T1 and T2 in some kind of a book?
Forces: More like systems of building bridges.
DD: Thank you.
BH: Could you tell me what Matthew Chapter 4 represents?
Forces: (———–) of future development of the spirit.
BH: Thank you very much.
LK: Could I get a Bible passage for me (—–).?
Forces: You could read the chapter of Ezekiel third chapter.
LK: Thank you.
(—): Could I have some guidance for this time?
Forces: In what respect.
(—): ——.
Forces: In what respect.
(—): Getting out of the closed in feeling.
Forces: Do you feel far away.
(—) No. Then what particular (—) do you want.
Forces: More for you to be close to God (—) for anyone to be close to God that wants regulations and laws is to give. By the act of giving do we become recipients to the receiver which is the Greater One Blessed be He for it is a(—–) given to us that we must give in order that we also receive we have to give. By giving we receive from the Great One blessed be he, in so doing we encourage our own admiration and encourage not only that but the light to come down into the earth.
(—): Thank you.
(?): Could you give me a Bible passage at this time?
Forces: We would also look into the chapter of Matthew 7th chapter.
(?): Thank you.
JR: In the Monastery you were telling us about last night, who was Tom?
Forces: He inspired the people (——–).
JR: Was I there then too?
Forces: Sure.
JR: Have I lived more than 2 lifetimes in Ireland that one and this one?
Forces: Yes.
JR: How many more four.
JR: So I’ve lived most of my lifetimes since I was in Hell in Ireland?
Forces: In where.
JR: Since the time I was in Hell in Ireland.
Forces: Who put you there.
JR: Myself—-.
Forces: Well you moved around.
JR: What lessons should I have learned from living in Ireland this lifetime?
Forces: Service.
JR: Thank you.
IS: Is that one of the only countries left that still has that concept?
Forces: Yeah.
IS: Self sacrifice?
Forces: Yeah. (Poland has the concept to).
IS: It means service.
IS: Poland is another one?
Forces: Yes.
JE: Could you give us the very first time we were brought together as a group and for what purpose and —
Forces: The very first time WE were brought together as a group.
JE: The individuals here?
Forces: Oh the very first time you were brought together.
Forces: You were brought together in the pre-dawn time before the 144,000 souls entered into the earth.
JE: And for what purpose?
NN: We know it wasn’t easy to take the apples off the trees. 13.42
DN: In a quote Emily Brighton said the concept about music that ——?
Forces: Where is this found.
DN: In (———–) book called memory of white news, its a thing about music that only a certain amount of music can really be written down and performed from that and then higher—————————?
Forces: Yes, Yes, go ahead with it, and (—–) the rest has to be played instantaneously and constantly changing is that correct?
Forces: Yes. Yes we’re listening
DN: So when something is repeatedly performed or something that IS wrote the Return it really never can be performed the same way every time right?
Forces: The Return could be performed but like all great Masterpieces they do change and alter, you have set down a note you should discipline yourself to learn the notes so that you can play it perfectly the same way as it was performed but as time goes on different things are added and taken away and we understand what you are (trying and stop that ————————-, but generally we’ll have to give you the coin yes.
Thank you.
Forces: Um-huh.
BN: As an example to explain how things work, just before you came here you were doing things could you give us the most recent thing that you could tell us, I don’t want to change anything or break any rules but the most recent thing you were doing that you could tell some specifics and how long down the line they have their affect?
Forces: We do not understand we have not the (V——T) idea of what you are asking, what we would do before we came here was cleaning out the cesspool. (—) as you can see the accumulation of Dung Hakums everywhere.
BN: Where was that?
Forces: Every where we go.
BN: Thank you.
Forces: Um-huh.
Forces: In reference to your question before a give me a token Bible passage. We know how meaningful they are and sometimes they kinda frightened us to realize how frightened you are in these Bible passages all the time, I mean, its not that we don’t like the Bible passages, don’t get us wrong. There must be more questions here than us giving out Bible passages. In fact what you could do is have Bible passages and hand them out before a Session. We want to just try say that giving out Bible passages feels like we are in kindergarten, I feel like I am in the Nimrods, places of the Nova calls.
IS: Who are the Nimrods?
Forces: The nimrods of the earliest of the of the No-codes are those creatures who really don’t have anything to think about, not up here we’re not talking about here, because there is nothing up here to talk about. But their thinking capacity as far as from here down and basically from the lower part down even further. What we’re trying to say in short is formalize your questions to be daring you know like what color underwear do you wear (—————), who is the last one we had intercourse with (——-) but you got to raise your limits you know like what do you like to drink. Did we pay our mortgage. And there’s a prevalence to where we come from.
Forces: Now in reference to your last question what we had done before we came here and is it pertinent and can we release that information to you. The answer to that is no, and with that you would like to know that.
Forces: With that you have more respect for us now.
Forces: And you thank us very much.
Forces: All kidding aside we are very, very, busy and that’s enough.
BN: So there’s nothing even way, way, back———–?
Forces: We can bargain with you yes. If you give us 5 Dollars of your money, we can tell you things way, way back in short we can take you back to the time of the ARK. When it was being built and we gave the measurements to the Israelis of course they never got it right. So now the thing kept blowing up on them all the time. We’ve lost more (—–) of light that way. In fact it got to a point that nobody wanted to touch the damn thing. Well you can’t blame them so they stuck these poles and poked at it , banged it up a little bit, chipped one little bit of the precious gold that we asked to put on it, that we asked, that we asked to put the gold on it not for our sakes of course right, just so that these people would realize that there was something different in front of them, of course everyone wants to take a piece of the gold home so they could wear it in the ears, noses and all. So they put these long poles and made ringlets around so they carried the Ark that way because they were losing too many people. We knew you would get the point, this is how this came about. But what happened was as they walked across water it would have an electrical charge so you lose 6 more people of course the poles got longer and longer.
Forces: We’ll go on now to your next question.
Forces: We’ll go on now to your next question.
BN: So they never did build it to the right proportions?
Forces: They built it and they built to the proportions its just that we had to extend the proportions to meet up with the responsibilities of their negligence.
BN: What was the character of their negligence?
Forces: Anything you could think of.
BN: In their personal lives?
Forces: Yeah we’re not talking personal but everything in a relative respect that they had alot going against them, I mean after all they were Israelis. They never listened to God let alone let alone to us.
BN: So how would they have handled things.
Forces: How should they have handled things, the Ark?
Forces: They handled us for many years, we had no choice, we had to follow where they went. The idea of staying 40 years in the desert did not turn us on, but they liked it we didn’t. We had to wait for them, they did not have to wait for us.
IS: It wasn’t the 40 years in the desert because you had to wait for them but for the next generation?
Forces: Sure I mean once they made their errors of course they were useless to us, no offense, in order for the information to get across on the brightest level possible they had at least to do something right, they refused so we had to wait for the next generation to come about.
IS: Who else is in that situation now here?
Forces: Well those who have left the group of course they made a commitment with US and then turn their backs on us so now we had to wait.
IS: For their next generation?
Forces: Or their evolution and we are not waiting for their children, we are waiting for their full concepts.
IS: So really they have it has to be those people those souls?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Oh my God.
Forces: Lets not get weighed down by these trivials lets move on.
BN: Thank you very much.
(–): Is there anything specific that you can give us the group here in giving and harmony and peace?
Forces: Just remember to do of service and to bring the group always together as a unity truth the best form which will benefit everyone in (—-).
(–): Thank you.
Forces: And also remember you travel as an army and you must take orders or be shot.
JU: We have this Session as number 500 is that correct?
Forces: How do you number your Sessions is others how we come in is ours.
JU: Could you give me help with this?
Forces: Alright you want to talk about it we’ll talk about it.
JU: Either being cheated or not included those types of things. When I look at them one way they seem very childish and I look at them another way they seem important.
Forces: Just remember Lucifer felt the same way.
IS: What is the thing in me that is the worst thing right now that is preventing me from being healed?
Forces: We do not understand, by being healed, you are healed.
IS: We’ll physically I, I don’t know then, I am healed.
IS: I am healed?
Forces: You’ll find out someday.
IS: I feel like I am constantly blockading myself probably with things but I keep feeling that here I go and I become a little bit more lighthearted and then it descends on me again and I don’t —?
Forces: What descends on you again.
IS: I guess fear.
Forces: There is no reason for that to happen.
IS: Is there any specific—–?
Forces: You are taught that fear is not of God.
IS: Maybe my fear of my own shortcomings.
Forces: Fear of this (Is just) is not of God.
IS: So is that’s what’s in my, now you said I am healed am I physically what is the ———?
Forces: You just keep moving on now and not get lost back of looking back.
IS: But my physical things that I’m still–?
Forces: You must move on, your physical thing will move on with you.
IS: Thank you.
IS: So it is fear—?
Forces: Fear not of God.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is the Vision of that I picked up from that Monastery in Ireland is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So I lived there as a monk or someplace else?
Forces: No there.
IS: Thank you.
(NN:) Is my father from the Tribe of Judah?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Thank you.
Forces: We will be leaving at this moment but we will speak to you as a group that the joys and the unity that you need to express and shared cooperation with one another and that you need to move on in this cooperation and be strong in it in so doing much can be had. Do not become insecure or seek the security from others.
Forces: You must stand in your own light and be strong in that. There are those everyone who isn’t secure but if you are secure within yourself and have that love inside people will see it, if you come in with insecurity people will have nothing to do. Because when you were insecure it is only the reflection of all the insecurity around you. So Therefore hope not in insecurity, yes you want to have security but security comes from you believing in the spirit and in your God only then can you have the security, by having that the world will follow you. (If you do not have that the world will have no (part in it) without security if you move tap into it, fed it, walk it and people will see.
Forces: Greeting to all here present now.
Group: Our Father–.