Session 501 8/15/86

Session 501
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have been here watching you, your movement and progress and are ready for questions.
IS: The angel that I had yesterday, has he gone?
Forces: This particular guardian had to leave for a few hours today but he’ll be back in a few, he had certain elements and needed to take care of it, this particular guardian is back.
IS: Oh that’s when I went down again?
Forces: That is why you had a certain feeling of doubt and fear at times but he’s back.
IS: I don’t understand whats taking (——-) right?
Forces: You’re moving along fine.
IS: I don’t understand what is the thing that’s happening, like its not my will of knowledge, obviously its somewhere but its independent of (—-), I don’t there’s nothing that I other?
IS: What is it?
Forces: What would you like us to say.
IS: I don’t know is it menopause what is it, what is?
Forces: The (——-)its just not to be concerned about.
IS: I got more scared that’ that whole thing was coming back on me sort of (——)?
Forces: No need to be.
IS: You are anxious (IS voiced is stressed)?
Forces: You are anxious you have lots of energy, you’re anxious but its normal.
IS: Is that thing that tick or whatever it is?
Forces: Its a (Normal) (—-).
IS: Normal for what?
Forces: For no good reason he couldn’t tell you.
IS: Can it not be terminated taken away?
Forces: He wouldn’t even talk about it.
IS: And the dream that I had?
Forces: It is just the anticipation of moving things from here to the main house (-) its nothing to be concerned.
IS: I saw strangers—-it is not to deal with you.
IS: I see I don’t want to remember the rest of the things, but I have all kinds of things and (soldiers), the feeling was different, not just mathematics, things were different, it was at the house.
Forces: If you want to talk about the house go ahead.
IS: Like when I woke up I refused to remember the whole dream but I really remembered that much that I was (thinking to go away) and there’s some guy and girl and they were standing sort of left of me, I didn’t know who they were (and I was being held back) Halina (Ninai) was helping me but many people (—-) anything like that but I was at the main house. In another dream before that something was looked I don’t remember.
Forces: The exit of (—) in your life has created a great deal of anxiety, you must get over it. As far as leaving the main house, as far as we can see you’ll not be leaving that way.
IS: As far as I’m concerned I’d rather leave in a casket (its) totally independent of I can’t give it names, I don’t know what it is, but I know what it is what you said about the anxiety that started with (—) of course and all of that, but at this point its so independent of Luke and of my wishes and of my feeling, what I want and what I know is right that, its like two separate things inside of me and one is had the power to push the good one back?
Forces: It does not have the power to push you and keep you in that
IS: It comes on totally independent, unexpected , its like—?
Forces: Its not part of you, its the identifier of (—–0 and he projecting to you while his feelings and psychic wishes. You must dis attach from his flighty projections of his own fears and anxieties that you are picking up on.
IS: Does he know that he is doing it that hes projecting?
Forces: He’ll never understand what hes doing, he is a very (ropo) individual and he has wanting to so called make you aware of his feelings and these are something that a nine year old there basically his.
IS: So I am right its not me its like a totally independent thing of me?
Forces: Then we are just saying that do not identify with him just understand that these are thought forms of anxiety projected by him.
IS: How can I cut him off so it doesn’t touch me?
Forces: Just understand that their not yours and to move on.
IS: So the dream that I had with Luke which I do not remember what was that ?
Forces: His own sinking into his own mire.
IS: So is he feeling all of these things?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Hes feeling it that’s what hes living with right now?
Forces: Yes.
IS: He deserves it I don’t.
Forces: Your only picking up on the psychic level being that you have been working with him. Now we just ask you close the circuitry.
IS: I wish I could, I just—–.
Forces: Just simply put him in that perspective.
IS: Please don’t let that angel work for nothing?
Forces: He was scheduled for the particular angel to leave.
IS: Can you close some of those psychic channels?
Forces: We will take care of it.
IS: I don’t know how to close off.
Forces: You’ll have to learn, you cannot be involved with the psychic world and profess that. You must learn to put these thoughts behind you and not to identify with them. Many a time the entity refused had to say Satan get thee behind me. You do not have to give anything away all you have to do is just be calm we’ll take care of it.
IS: Thank you.
JU: You helped with a pattern I just keep going into I find myself in a role I don’t want to play and doing things I don’t want to be doing and I want to turn that around somehow or other?
Forces: The role your playing you do it constantly( move past and you do it just for security knowing that you’re not growing old. That is the bottom line, its your little game that you play and (————) that you were pretending course your proud that you were pretending that if you can speak on these things when you were young that it proves to you that you are still young.
JU: (——). That whole pattern (—-).
Forces: Through all your toys in the fire.
JU: Thank you.
Forces: You might be a young man going through menapause.
JU: Thank you.
DN: With the ——?
Forces: Your driving me crazy of course.
DN: With the translation of music it converts easily into musical notes but without time or meter or ah how can we (—-) that or is that could be from inspiration, how does that operate?
Forces: Play your notes and as you play them the sound, the spheres will guide you.
DN: Will the opening of the new soapstone factory regenerate this area again in Schuyler what are the negative aspects of that like when things become very commercial many things get implemented factors that get out of control, what would be the negative aspects ( Q:Forces: Alot more garbage to pick up on the way (—-).
DN: Thank you.
BN: Trying to arrange the names in a star, I’m trying to do it by numbers, can you give me some sort of guidance for a concept to organize those in the proper pattern?
Forces: As you put them in the first as they had been given through the Session starts through the top part of the circle and completes to the end.
BN: Does that go around in a counter clockwise fashion or goes downward or —?
Forces: Goes in a clockwise fashion.
Thank you.
BN: Is it spiraling inward?
Forces: Yes.
JE: James and David are going to come in should we lock the door or is it alright.
Forces: If they come in we’ll work with them.
JE: Could you tell us why did (—–) that killed 100,000 Romans(—————-) and then turned around and (——-)
Forces: It revealed to him the angelic force over the city on a physical level and He also promised him a life of success in battles.
JE: They gave him a vision?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: Yes. (The story is told that while Pope Leo was talking to Attila, a vision of St. Peter holding a drawn sword appeared over his head). He was also promised victory in battles.
JE: And on the other hand Attila who was murdered by (——–)?
Forces: Many years later.
BH: Thank you very much for (——-) Could you tell me what country the tribe of Dan represents?
Forces: We have a certain aspect of Gad some believe it as Germany and some believe that certain parts of Europe.
ES: It was mentioned in the last Session I believe that Jesus went to other planets and performed (a ritual) did he take the same souls with him at each time or were there 12 souls with each planet that were evolved to the point (——)?
Forces: Technically they all followed. It doesn’t end here.
ES: So they all went with him together from planet to planet to do the same thing for each planet?
Forces: More or less.
IS: Does this include the entity Thomas?
Forces: Yes.
ES: Was planet earth the last planet that, that happened?
Forces: No it’s still going on.
ES: Were any of them simultaneously going on like (—-)?
Forces: Well one thing at a time they did.
ES: Thank you very much.
NN: Thank you for the (——).
NN: In the Psalms where it speaks about the firmament of his (—-) does that refer to a dimension or a consciousness?
Forces: Its the energy flow for movement.
NN: Thank you.
TV: Could you give me some guidance to (—) of my job and allow my Higher to lead me more towards where I need to go?
Forces: By reading your books that you were instructed to read you will be using your mind much better and just know that you need to discipline your mind to use its thoughts, positive and of the heart center more (–).
TV: Thank you.
IS: With the quarry opening now the way its going to open. Is it going to be successful?
Forces: We will see to it that will focus that energy into it.
IS: Thank you for the ring is this ring a specific function?
Forces: It represents as he takes out the stone the Blessed Mothers protection over the feminine force of the house.
IS: Is there anything any kind of songs I can hang with it there put on me that it would be helpful for me at this moment?
Forces: The sapphire is this type of stone.
IS: Is that correct or is it my imagination at the time that I feel Mary coming to visit me?
Forces: It is correct.
IS: And some of the other kinds of unlawful with your patient is that corrected?
Forces: Repeat.
IS: The other kinds of visitations that weren’t from the good side that I saw.
Forces: Yes you need not to be so receptive to (—).
IS: What is it that makes me receptive to those (—-)?
Forces: You just need to push them away to command them to leave.
IS: Why is it that at one time even as we speak I remember I know I’ve used in the Name of God I have these spells, some of these other tidbits and now I have none where at one time what was really important where I have put priorities much more accurate, I mean there’s not any more priorities in my head as far as choosing priorities but what I could just say whats more important and it stayed put, what is it is it menopause partially or I don’t know, what is it that?
Forces: Different cycles have had to change of seasons, we would not be concerned (—) the biggest transition and change with the entity (—–) has you affected but you know that we can just put that ——–.
IS: Why is it, I was born to be in it not ( ). Its like a ——?
Forces: (—-) or not (—).
IS: Right now you are here and I feel much better and then maybe for the rest of the night I feel good and I’m afraid to go to sleep and I wake up in the morning and I don’t know what (—-) (—)?
IS: Its like I can’t get a handle on it I can’t push it.
Forces: You must stop saying you can’t get a handle on it, this is totally not true.
IS: If I think about it I don’t even know why I’m worried about it.
IS: You ask what you want, there’s nothing, it absolutely doesn’t make any sense Its like I feel there is a Virus or something going on, total independent. Thank you as far as we shouldn’t get involved in opening up things and stuff like that right?
Forces: No there is no need at this moment.
IS: Thank you very much.
JU: The actual act of shape changing for someone who is able to do it what actually happens or what centers does it come from?
Forces: The Solar Plexus.
JU: Is it like a form of creation from the solar plexus?
Forces: Yes.
DN: For the entity David
DD: At one time did the pyramids of pharaoh had caused the prophecies that were written the walls from 1958 to the present seems to be erased. Are there structures that exist and are they out now that he could study to help him rewrite or recreate those prophecies?
Forces: It was erased because it was up to man to decide how to do it.
DN: Does that mean that there were several options or it never should be written down.
Forces: Should not be written down and the options are the freewill aspect.
GL: The entity Tom was reading one of Cayce’s books and one of the things was to meditate together at one point within a day, should another time also be taken (——–)
Forces: This would all be up to you AUM, when it becomes necessary and profitable in that aspect we’ll let you know, preferably at 11 or 12,11 upon retiring or going to retire.
GL: Thank you.
DN: There were forms that Pope John played (———–) by who beautiful reform started like black force was using him?
Forces: Yes.
DN: And he did realize before he died that,
Forces: Yes that he had the music.
JR: The present Pope is trying to go back to that—?
Forces: Slowly but trying to establish some of it.
JR: The previous Pope to this Pope was he actually killed?
Forces: Yes.
JR: Was it?
Forces: More or less.
JR: Murdered by a bunch of cardinals?
Forces: Yes.
JR: For what particular reason?
Forces: Disenchant.
JR: Thank you.
BN: The entity that was Karl Marx it was suggested that he had participated consciously with the dark forces. Can it be given how he fit if Hitler is the anti-Christ and any other previously lifetimes of his?
Forces: There was a point there that Hitler would be able to merge with Karl Marx’s theories, but then it got caught with Marx’s mediful attitude and the two separated.
BN: Was like a ah Hitler that was a defeat then so the black forces could because if he hadn’t merged with Karl Marx’s ideas he would have been even more powerful so that’s correct?
Forces: The revolution would still have happened there.
BN: Thank you.
JE: About Leo and Attila the Hun could you give us other people down through history from the Bible they were?
Forces: Repeat your question.
JE: When they came together out of Rome it seemed like it was a point where the church would exist or be busted apart from them (four, war.) It seemed like it was a very important point in the spiritual evolution. Can you tell us who were these two people in history?
Forces: It could be them but at a distance.
ES: In Russia when they start their (—–) the people. Is there going to be a person to lead the way for them for the (—–) people.
Forces: Repeat.
ES: What would be the sign that Russia had gotten to pull it together? To start their spiritual Revolution?
Forces: Internal conflict within the Ukraine and Baltic and very high desire for allegedly to visit the Soviet Union.
ES: Would there be like a (—–) there that would start to be very active being that political? That we would not be reading about as that happens?
Forces: You might see it happen in the evangelistic fields.
ES: Thank you.
NN: Did Jeremiah have a group pretty much like this one?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Were alot of the same people that are here now also with that group?
Forces: It could happen yes.
NN: Thank you.
TV: Could you give me a past lifetime where I was involved with the entity and other people in the group here?
Forces: Let us say that you were involved with time in which the Master walked the earth. Directly involved with him but the things (have a)——.
TV: Thank you.
IS: So any thing for the entity Tom?
Forces: Just one day at a time.
IS: This group of Jeremiah the only one we know about is Quaro is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Jeremiah had Sessions right?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And how many people were in that group?
Forces: 10 to 9.
IS: Did they live together?
Forces: Yes.
IS: They did.
IS: Were they all males?
Forces: No females and males.
IS: There were females there?
Forces: Yes.
IS: How many years did that group go on?
Forces: 60.
IS: 60 years?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Could you tell us a little bit more about that group?
Forces: They had a common eating room, a common prayer room and a common entertainment room (——-) and wine, maybe not drinking but they used it for other (——). They (————-).
IS: What became of were they all celibates?
Forces: Yes.
IS: I think it said about Jeremiah being I don’t know some of them (—————-) married and stuff like that?
Forces: At a certain point you had some that joined together for spiritual reasons.
IS: So that group was a success?
Forces: More or less yes just in this particular group.
IS: 16 is (——).
Forces: (————–).
Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll talk to you again soon.
Forces: greetings to all here present.
Group: Our Father.