Session 502 – 9/30/86

Session 502 9-30-86

Forces: Open up our hearts and our minds that we might perceive what you would have us know. Amen.
Forces: Tom breathing in and out heavily.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and there are dreadful, dreadful things here we need to do. But we are (—) of an interesting development as far as world conditions and internal movement of spiritual advancement.
Forces: This of course is turning of the spiritual road and the advancement in such great power, but many great things will come from it.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in is there a reason why you for so long you didn’t?
Forces: Working with the aspect of the Soviet Union and hampering and stopping them at different plans that they have.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is there any reason why I have so many of the headaches constantly in the eyes?
Forces: Different change and seasons and different forces of hay fever aspects.
IS: I’ve never had that before right?
Forces: Alot of things people don’t have, as time goes on they start changing.
IS: Is it like (—–) the hay fever?
Forces: That is a part of it too yes.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything for the group that can be given as we’re entering on the–.
Forces: House of Forces of the Spirit coming down, and lots of development to be had.
IS: Thank you very much.
NN: What does the valley of the Gardenia represent?
Forces: More of a emotional feeling of, of Love but more of a self giving of Love.
NN: So its sort of a negative quality?
Forces: Its not self Love but the self giving of Love.
NN: Thank you.
JE: The Mountain where Moses led his flock up there (——-) before he actually went to see the Burning Bush, what was the (——–) connected to that mountain at the time what was really going on there, why was that mountain chosen, was everybody aware of what was going on there?
Forces: More or less of the force of the energy coming down and the power of the same, the people were aware of it yes.
JE: The ships (——) physically, they could see them on the mountain?
Forces: Some did yes.
IS: The physical information in the Bible Classes is it correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And the actual physical story?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
JE: Thank you.
DD: On the cube I’m studying now am I putting it in the right way?
Forces: It is an answering into the new path and it will take time but you’re advancing.
DD: So I put it the way you said to me (Green)
Forces: At the beginning yes.
DD: and the book Psychocraft I was looking for it can you help me?
Forces: In time.
DD: Thank you.
DN: Is there something I can do when I’m playing the Unity after a certain length of time my arm jammed up (—-).
Forces: Playing in one particular key and straitening out the back on the floor helps out.
DN: Thank you very much.
BH: Is this last chart right for the tribes and the countries Bass4 would D4 be correct 13.20?
Forces: Your triangle is to be a burning, working yes.
BH: Thank you very much.
JU: For the period we’re entering into now with the High Holidays any guidance?
Forces: Just form into the Spiritual Path as you have to do.
JU: Thank you.
MIM: Are there any other things that I should be doing or not doing?
Forces: Doing what you are doing is a full time job.
MIM: Thank you.
IS: What is happening now the two groups the La Guardia group?
Forces: There reorganizing and revamping and splitting up the energy field.
IS: It will work?
Forces: Yes.
IS: In the bad or good?
Forces: For good.
IS: That, that they have not yet called back or—?
Forces: They should.
IS: And the other group is the Ringrose and Beaura and all of those people what kind of sense are they making out of all of this?
Forces: Seeing what they had never saw before.
IS: I was correct though that, that, last Saturday before they left is when they something for real dawned on them about the entity?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And have they transmitted it?
Forces: (——-) working through yes.
Forces: I don’t believe that they’re aware of the Spirit of God in the earth until its almost to late.
IS: I hope some people are, right now whats going on the (—–) of people and everything from service to God, is that about the lowest point the earth has ever reached as far as servants of God, the amount of Servants of God, or the quality?
Forces: We could say yes to that.
Forces: As it is that’s the beginning of turning back to God in Service and the Meditation of that Force to God and this will have tremendous power over (—–).
Forces: At this time we will be leaving but will speak to you again this week.
IS: One?
Forces: Yes
IS: Is there anything for BN?
Forces: One day at a time.
Forces: We all must remember that plans and efforts are working to accomplish the things that need to be done.
Forces: We will speak to you again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.