Session 112 – 4/4/77

[No tape for this session. Following from (BH)’s shorthand notes.]
Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been at a distance from this particular group but not too far away. There have been many changes as you are aware of them happening around you. This particular change comes from man’s inner fight manifesting outwardly. This particular weather has been caused by the tremendous fear and desires and battling this quality. If the souls around continue battling with their demands, it will be extremely hot beyond 105 degrees. If this continues, it will devastate plants and animals. If only man could discipline himself before the weather does it for him. As far as the national scene, it doesn’t interest us. France, Israel, and Egypt connected to themselves directly and indirectly. Watch for us to bring certain spirit in the area. Changes in China that should shock entire world. Great earthquakes in the Philippines, Taiwan, South America. Southern Hemisphere eclipse of the stars. This should amplify a stronger force in Southern Hemisphere or South America. Many changes taking place as far as planets are concerned. Different sections will be discovered, and new information given to mankind. It is interesting to note there is a consciousness of tulips lately representation of flower force to keep energy attractive. Year of Michael; flower of tulips. Need and consciousness of keeping spirit alive entering critical stage. Individual depressions not wise. Selfish motivations. No reason for depression. Spirit of group must be maintained and upheld. Road ahead filled with responsibilities and disciplines we must meet. We are ready at this moment.

IS: What is the significance of our van being what it is and us getting it the way we got it, and what can we do now about it?

Forces: Consciousness of moving forward and also manifestation of vehicle in the earth. Do not relax in commitments, but become stronger in commitments. Minor and major adjustments to maintain flow. Individual discretion to decide in what manner you would take. Our amount of commitment that manifested van. Distraction from commitment. Physical things involved with the physical.

IS: Thank you. The book about astrology and the planets moving. Is it correct?

Forces: This pushes astrological signs ahead.

IS: So I’m not a Pisces … I’m Aquarius.

Forces: We would say that.

IS: When did this begin…

Forces: It was a gradual change. 1892 section, 1950.

IS: Thank you. The entity Tom’s feet and ankles. Is what my mother suggested any good?

Forces: Adequate.

IS: Anything else?

Forces: This problem represents the tremendous amount on spiritual level responsibilities of carrying invisible load. If there is action on a material level, there must be action on a spiritual level. Tremendous strain in this particular area for manifestation of positive forces for this particular group. As these things manifest, this will subside. Each individual must take upon his own responsibility to develop and move his life. Each one responsible for his life and must develop and concentrate for that.

IS: So this is a storage place for principles that have to come into the group?

Forces: More so, energy that has to be expressed.

IS: Energy of principles…

Forces: In order for it to come in, you have to be ready for it.

IS: What can we do…

Forces: Get ready for it.

IS: The thing I explained to (RU) the other day about the spirit and what Jesus meant about the stones turning them into people…

Forces: Within all stones is the elements for the creation of man from a pebble to the biggest boulder.

IS: Parents lay down to express and turn into mold.

Forces: True. Wind and dust.

IS: All the same spirit within man. Thank you. Now, about Elijah…

Forces: It is a soul that will be worked with that has to be developed. Soul needs music around it. Soul we will take care of and work with personally. The first three [3] months the children should not be involved with this particular soul so that it can develop and work with the force field around it.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything for me at this time?

Forces: Strive to keep on the path and keep your head up as we move on.

IS: Thank you. Should I go on a diet now?

Forces: At your own discretion.

IS: I guess what I mean is will it do any good.

Forces: Yes and no. Planetarial pulls and liquid in higher sphere affected your development. Cannot alter these planets or the effect upon. Swelling of the cells for the spiritual energy. Waiting force soon to come. Gradually be worked with.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything for the entity Tom? Should be stay on the same diet?

Forces: There should be a continuation of the same diet. Occasionally a lighter force of meat once a month or every three [3] weeks.

IS: Thank you.

LK: The lawyer contacted in Texas. Is he suitable to do the job?

Forces: We would say you have a greater lawyer. By your own actions and commitments it will be worked out. Will be worked out according to plan.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Do we understand how to deal with the issue of the children?

Forces: Correct.

RU: In the movie Jesus of Nazareth was Zera an actual person? The one in the temple?

Forces: Could be taken as an actual person. This producer received many psychic information from Arthur Ford, Edgar Cayce, occasionally other notable psychics in the Northwest.

IS: Does he believe in reincarnation?

Forces: Into this for awhile.

IS: He is a little shy on the woman part.

Forces: More than a little. Correct.

IS: So Mary Magdalene, she is not the way he depicted her. She was younger and prettier, right?

Forces: Correct. She was about 23.

IS: She was rich on her own, right?

Forces: She was a cloth maker and also received lots of material from Alexandria.

IS: That was the richest place at that time. So she was not just a prostitute.

Forces: A tailor.

IS: Was she the Mary the sister of Martha?

Forces: No.

IS: Would you tell us about the different Mary’s? It’s so confusing.

Forces: There were a lot.

IS: Was Mary Magdalene in the same family?

Forces: She was a relative or a close ally.

IS: But not from the beginning. Did she live with Mary the mother?

Forces: After December.

IS: After the crucifixion. Does anybody have the Mary’s right so we could read up on it?

Forces: This would be difficult. Mary Magdalene, Martha, Mary the mother, Miriam the sister … lot of Mary’s.

IS: Would it help us to know how each came about?

Forces: How on a physical level … no. For the spiritual message … yes.

IS: Thank you. Now the three [3] wise men. They came and went back to their calculations or just went…

Forces: Initiation from the temples that they received information from prophets. All calculations were projected from the beginning of time. Mummy recorded when tomb desecrated and when Mummy unwrapped.

IS: So all free will isn’t that much.

Forces: Correct.

IS: At another time or whatever, would you give us the story of Jesus on all these different details?

Forces: As far as his particular life, it was a normal particular existence … occasionally visiting and talking to the merchants, worker in wood and loved to make chests of drawers and rocking chairs and benches and tables and worked and experimented with many types of magical different boxes … almost on alignment with (JU).

IS: Close to the way (JU) works with it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was he ever married?

Forces: Interesting topic and discussion. Given you before. Marriage unusual relationship. At that time one could be married without legal paperwork.

IS: Married to Mary Magdalene?

Forces: Never said Mary Magdalene nor are we to reveal it.

IS: From time to time will you give us more stories of that? We all want to know.

Forces: Definitely.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Can anything be given on what’s happening the certain days I get a very bad headache. It lasts about a day. It seems to be really a strong headache and sick feeling all over and usually when I pray, it goes away.

Forces: This particular headache is caused by your own battle within and your own desires to do other things. Praying and commitment to your God raises this force of energy and puts it in alignment. There is no need for headaches.

JU: Should I be applying?

Forces: Advise ice packs at night to help base of your brain and base of skull that can be before you go to bed. Not more than five [5] minutes at a time.

JU: Should 1 be applying for different job postings?

Forces: You can have any particular job that you desire if you do the particular job.

BH: In the dream I had where Tom said at the end everything is open to you, did he mean anything specific or…

Forces: Your particular future is already planned out for you, remember. As has been given. When you do not understand something the entity says to you, do not become prune faced, and allow the laxative to work.

BH: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me more about the tribes?

Forces: Tribes? There’s a whole bunch in Africa.

DD: Is Naphtali correct where I have it?

Forces: Liquid and flow of Leiden center.

DD: Where would Levy go then?

Forces: Bring Levy upstairs to the fifth center.

DD: What about Simeon?

Forces: Leave him alone.

DD: Is everything else correct?

Forces: All need working on. Chart is all right.

DD: Does it need changing?

Forces: Very good.

DD: Can you give me a clue to what part is not right?

Forces: Harmonize with the color factor and musical notes. Correct. Not complete.

NN: Why is Wednesday a high day?

Forces: Elements are at its peak.

NN: Thank you. Why does it say before the Lord’s Prayer “…we are bold to say…”

Forces: This represents the healing energy if we say it right.

MK: What chemical could be extracted from soapstone and would it be of any value?

Forces: Wish.

Group: [Laughing]

Forces: By wishful thinking. Ground mixed with sand. Sandstone in that of mortar. Eternal life. It will become stone. Elements within soapstone can be ground in the form of powder or liquid. It prevents aging.

MK: Like the powder that we ground from the stone?

Forces: Correct.

MK: Thank you.

GL: What kind of music would be best for E to be listening to?

Forces: Beethoven’s Sonata, or better still, some funeral march, but nonetheless, we would surround him with music of harps and music of lyres.

GL: Can you tell us about the pictures above the couch … what the mathematical equivalent of them would be?

Forces: 45, 18, and 27.

GL: It does form an equation then. What does it mean?

Forces: Speed of objects moving from one dimension to the other.

GL: Thank you.

DN: Is the confusion going on at my office my fault or my not standing up?

Forces: Let us say they are meeting themselves and need guidance before it is too late.

DN: Should I be using a gentler method?

Forces: If you make it easy, they will tell you what they want to hear.

DN: Could you tell us anything about the entity Jody?

Forces: Good old Jody. Interesting servant of the light. She should watch certain sweets, have regular checkups, vein disorder, slight heart palpitation or heart murmur.

DN: Anything else?

Forces: Cute eyes.

DN: Should we ask her and her husband to visit?

Forces: In time.

IS: Is she aware of the music?

Forces: She is aware of many things … to be pointed out to her.

IS: Is she absent…minded then?

Forces: No. We would advise her to stick to an area in line, not to become too forceful with her own personal desires and ideas.

IS: How are Helena and Simon doing?

Forces: Helena is moving slowly but steadily. Simon will follow.

IS: And Joshua?

Forces: He is a light to a lot of people. We create them nice, don’t we?

IS: A question the females in the house … we’ve been wondering how could Helena bring forth…

Forces: Anything is possible when the Higher Forces take over.

IS: Could the Higher Forces take over with (RU)?

Forces: If she allows it to. She has fixed ideas of what things should be versus what is.

IS: For that time Helena relinquished her personal will?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that was the high blood pressure?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What about the lost one?

Forces: This relinquishing came over more of a fainting point.

IS: But it would have to be during the nine [9] months.

Forces: This came over loss of consciousness a few moments.

IS: This would happen when nobody would know it?

NN: Was one specific time when she passed out after a blood test?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that was how she was able to relinquish her will and with (RU) it wasn’t possible?

Forces: This can be possible.

IS: And with (RH) it was the opposite … she became negative and the other thing came in?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Now, the people that have been coming over like (BH)’s parents. How should we deal with them?

Forces: It would be advisable to have them over for dinner one more time. Remember, they are having problems with themselves, and they need help. Must teach them how to think.

IS: Bert has such fixed ideas.

Forces: Tremendous attachment and guilt complex with his mother.

IS: Like when he eats he feels guilty that he enjoys it.

Forces: There is work that needs to be done.

IS: The music, “Sing Praise”, is that correct?

Forces: It is good.

IS: And with Mrs. Toronto and Dolph and Debbie … what is happening there? My visiting and talking with them is it a door opening up for them?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What is happening with the Sperry’s?

Forces: They are moving steadily.

IS: Out of the house?

Forces: Gradually.

IS: How about Jacob’s trailer? They are getting a first…hand meeting with all the people there. That was arranged by you, too?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So the people won’t feel threatened?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What do rabbits represent?

Forces: Multitude of spirit, to be receptive to spirit.

DD: What does pink represent?

Forces: Pink represents divine love.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: I started asking once before about how reincarnation works. I started asking on Howard Hughes or seemingly more interesting people. It seems to me like this one person born rich means he has been poor in another lifetime so he’s rich now, but it doesn’t work like this. If in a past lifetime he did something very wrong… Don’t understand certain things. Justice comes in there. Could you explain the different lifetimes, what they did, how they came…

Forces: Each lifetime one particular point is stressed. If they fail, it is up to them to work with that all their lives until they succeed to work it out.

IS: How about Jackie Kennedy? In all her next lives will she be a first lady until she works it out?

Forces: Possible.

IS: A poor person will be poor over and over until he works it out?

Forces: Who has more joy? Poor man’s joy versus a rich man’s agony.

IS: The world doesn’t see it that way?

Forces: Only glimmers of the truth.

IS: So it’s actually a punishment?

Forces: True or not true.

IS: How about Howard Hughes? Who was he in another lifetime to reach this point to be Howard Hughes?

Forces: That is a deep question. Possibility good for him to come in.

IS: In good circumstances?

Forces: [No answer]

IS: Will he come in again in the same country?

Forces: Yes.

IS: As a rich man?

Forces: No.

IS: As a poor man?

Forces: No.

IS: As a business man?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Will he be a person that can eat as much as he wants?

Forces: No.

IS: Because of health problems?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So he will have money but because of health problems will not be able to eat what he wants?

Forces: Something on that line.

LK: Can you tell us who the person was that played Jesus and was able to be a channel for you in the Jesus of Nazareth movie?

Forces: This entity channeled the force because he had witnessed the master’s speech, and it had imprinted in him a very strong reaction.

LK: Was he somebody in the crowd?

Forces: Yes.

LK: So anybody who was there at that time has that potential?

Forces: Yes.

LK: What did playing Jesus do for his spiritual progression?

Forces: To test a point.

LK: Is that something he is going through now?

Forces: Correct.

LK: How is he doing with it?

Forces: Needs working and lots of attention.

IS: What would be the right thing for him to manifest on a worldly level?

Forces: Retreat for a period of time and return doing other spiritual roles and not look for greed.

IS: How about Zefferelli … Who was he in that lifetime?

Forces: He was more what would be a zealot.

IS: So that’s why he has that feeling not to defile Jesus. How does he feel toward Jesus?

Forces: Very strongly.

IS: Was he healed by Jesus?

Forces: Correct.

IS: He wasn’t Barabbas, was he?

Forces: No.

IS: He wouldn’t follow?

Forces: Yes and no. From a distance. We will have two [2] more questions.

IS: How come you were away for so long?

Forces: So other progress could be made through development through trial and error, and when we are back, guidance given.

IS: How are we progressing with the parents?

Forces: Work ahead but nonetheless this responsibility. All these parents are being worked with so that they might relinquish their bond.

IS: But it’s a two…way bond.

Forces: Correct. We are finished for the moment, but will be back again soon, before the weekend is out. Be creative. Read the Bible. We leave in peace.

Group: Our Father who art in the heavens…