Session 113 – 4/7/77

Forces: Greetings to all present now. We have seen and have been to all. During these times, it is well that the spirit and harmony be met that work together. Without the work, the energy will be useless. We ask during these precious times, internal feelings and attitude must slip away in order for the higher to manifest. We only ask to say to those in the cafeteria on the fourth… excuse me. That it is time for bright and strong, beautiful things to manifest in the earth. We can only once at hand, state that which is positive and [inaudible]. So with each turn, it will bring you closer and closer to the purpose. Keep thy disciplines high, watch the book that you are undertaking and try to develop a personal relationship with your God. We are now ready for your questions.

DN: Tom spoke today about … it was time for the Higher Forces to make themselves shown …Â can you give us any indication how that might be or when it might be?

Forces: Question.

DN: When we were speaking to Tom today, he indicated that it was time that the Higher Forces would be showing themselves, can you give us any indication on how that might be and when?

Forces: To areas in rural neighborhoods, raw, rural, raw neighborhoods and for areas of high altitude. This can be done very well with windows and treated glass.

DN: Ah, could you help me better understand the part about the windows and the treated glass?

Forces: This is done for the healing of the physical body. To treat the glass it has simply to be placed in salt solution; salt being ninety-four [94] percent verses the water substance.

DN: And how would this be used to heal the body?

Forces: It is the emanation of the light coming from it that communicates to the body.

DN: Would that be as in sunlight?

Forces: Might be.

DN: Is this concerning the feet of the entity Tom?

IS: Can we ask more questions?

Forces: Yes.

IS: The information that you’re giving us about the light and the healing … through the glass … how is that connected with your appearance on the earth? Or is it not?

Forces: There is complete different root that must be done. And in some area it will take it’s change.

IS: Oh, are you saying the appearance is already taking place in different forms; and it will take even more different forms? And the glass somehow… Is it that if we treat that glass, we will be able to see through the glass … is that it?

Forces: Question.

IS: Am I seeing something with the play of the colored glass, of the stained glass, with the light on the foot … am I actually seeing there something? And is it in anyway connected to what you’ve been talking about the healing?

Forces: Question.

IS: I can’t get an answer to the last one? Should we continue asking questions?

Forces: Until we tell you the time.

IS: Then is my last question, is that, am I understanding anything there or am I seeing anything or…

[No Answer]

IS: About the initiation that the man, the degrees of initiation that the man received in the meditation in the service the other night is there anything; any information that could be given about it to understand what those degrees mean … a little bitty?

[Long Pause, End of Side A]

Forces: The Forces have shown, to wait and to see. Our return in time. Stronger than all of the other elements; question.

LK: The salt solution, ninety-four [94] percent, does that mean a saline solution as we call like a normal saline solution or a 94 percent…

Forces: This is correct.

LK: Would there be any particular kinds of diseases or ailments that this particular glass would be used to heal?

Forces: There is hiccups, there is a nervous disorder, there are more of us… [Inaudible]. Question.

LK: In the previous Session, it was given that the entity Jody has a vein problem. Would that be anything in the line of varicose veins or something that would affect the entire body?

Forces: It could and would attract by this position affecting the upper and lower parts of the body.

LK: So it isn’t like varicose veins or Phlebitis?

Forces: There is a deeper level than the surface.

LK: Thanks very much.

IS: The little boy that H talks about all the time, could you tell us who it is?

Forces: That is his friend. It is a common belief that children do not lose their guides for listening inward and relate. It takes a certain point of time for the vibration is quite low. Question.

IS: Can it not remain high for someone?

Forces: After a point of disinterest, or that of separation it finally becomes low.

RU: Is the yellow in the eyes of E still at the level of all right?

Forces: There is a point in which it could be brought low, absorbtion through the skin could be made good. Water compresses around the head and ankles and feet, not too much.

RU: Thank you. Why are my feet still swollen, still swelling?

Forces: This is the proper channel in which the absorbed liquids which are extra would remain until brought down.

RU: Thank you. Could you explain the bleep sound the tape made when (IS) turned it off a few minutes ago?

Forces: Lack of oxygen. Question.

RU: Lack of oxygen in the room?

Forces: The air and the movement of it. Question.

RU: Thank you.

LK: On the glass again, how long should the piece of glass be soaked in the solution?

[Long Pause]

IS: Should we be asking questions?

Forces: Questions.

NN: Could you tell us about the hieroglyphs that were in the paper today? Was that the language of the principalities as the entity JU said?

[End of Session]