Session 114 – 4/18/77

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been sensing – watching – the conditions and circumstance in which we find ourselves. Will this force removed it is that we should become aware of not misuse them for our own. Question. There is a force here tonight… [Inaudible]. For such strength and connection of faith and with the faith will now be available. Not only does the places of [Inaudible], but even the [Inaudible]. There is a correction and change that is in that area, there is a new place. It is through a discipline we are working with… [Inaudible]. If such we challenge this corruption we ask a consciousness and correction of the body so that which is to come shall not be a call with. This by force is to be unlocked by all. Question.

IS: Am I understanding correct that by our own force you couldn’t come in, the Forces couldn’t come in or couldn’t stay; they could come in by they couldn’t stay. And that what we had today was a sort of meditation before you came in and that built up a certain force so that you were able to come in?

Forces: This is very strong and right.

IS: Then what must we now do more because…

Forces: As long as you perceive the battle of white verses grey or green you shall proceed and receive the gifts. Such is the cloth that shall be used…

IS: What cloth?

Forces: The cloth in which your body as kept. In which this energy field is used.

IS: Are you talking on a cloth for the entity or a cloth for us.

Forces: A cloth for the entity and you. Question.

IS: What kind of cloth should it be?

Forces: Question.

IS: You mean we should wear different cloth when we come to the session?

Forces: Yeah, there is just a consciousness and desire that has been done by each Session. There is of course a different vibration for him for her. Question.

IS: Do you mean like the cloth that was made for the girls, those dresses?

Forces: That is nice. Question.

IS: Then is that the cloth we should wear?

Forces: Similar to it in time.

IS: And for the entity another robe should be made?

Forces: This would be the well of doing of blue and green and white.

IS: I see and for the men, what should they wear?

Forces: Small cloth of white each.

IS: Are you referring to the Talis?

Forces: This is necessary for their protection and their development.

IS: So is it a Talis when they come to the Session: a Talis with the hole in the middle for the head? Is that something like that, or no hole, just the Talis over them? Is it at all time to be worn?

Forces: With the Heart and the woman, correct.

IS: Is it like the Jewish (C-C-yot?)?

Forces: In the line or lineage or thoughts of that.

IS: Will we receive more information or…

Forces: There shall be more information as time goes on.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Is there certain colors for faith? Is there certain colors…

Forces: For faith, the color of green-white.

RH: Could you tell us more on what [Inaudible] means and what…

Forces: This is a plant that has a special quality of bringing forth peace and harmony. [Inaudible] For such is the light will change instantly. Question.

JU: Can you give me some guidance on how to see that the pattern and the things that (IS) had in her dream can manifest that way and change that force?

Forces: It is changes only with attitude and actions, first thing.

JU: Anything that you might give me that I might be doing now?

Forces: The rosary for thee is powerful if you would utilize its insight often.

JU: Thank you.

RU: Did I understand the application of the compresses that was given in the Session last night?

Forces: Partially. Correct.

RU: Other than a damp cloth on the areas mentioned, what would be like the accurate way?

Forces: Correct in time. Also, the objects that will be in it.

RU: Could you give me an explanation of the dream that I had this afternoon?

Forces: Such is the power of change and exchange this. Is the power of constant movement. This is the life, the hour that has been placed in the room where the entity lives.

RU: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us if in 1982 when the planets line up, is that when there will be an earthquake in California?

Forces: In such power in such areas done this is not. Question.

BH: Could you tell us who the sister of Thomas the Apostle was – his twin sister?

Forces: It is not to find his life there, it is important to find his life here, do not write it.

IS: About the earthquake, when the stars get aligned?

Forces: Um-hum.

IS: Is that the year, is that correct what (BH) asked? Or it means that it is not necessary to happen?

Forces: Question.

BH: Could you help me to understand the dream that I had a couple of nights ago and to be able to apply it?

Forces: This is the moment for material cloth. It is also the moment for the flower to manifest the earth. In such a way the cloth and material that is used and designed the factor of spiritual life that emanates from the Karbong must be in fact, the cave that can be well guarded where the son of man is, he cast away darkness and bringeth on light. Question. We are now heading into an age of doubts and fears. This here hospital can bring into a consciousness all it meets the spirit of light and peace. We are headed into a period of turmoil that this here house and consciousness can bring into this breath of spring and fresh air and life eternal. It is up to thee and your jobs to continue with responsibilities for that we are taking on. And that we meet them a 100 percent. There are many souls that are now outside who fight personally with the will of God. This has to be done. There is no way to stop that aspect. We can stop it by our actions and reactions to certain conditions around us. We must be tall and ready to take on responsibilities of being less of our personal freedom and more of our spiritual revelation. Question.

IS: That is the meaning of all the dreams that we all had – one way or the other to our own personal selves – same thing.

Forces: This is the sum total of the nucleus.

IS: And so doubts and fears also come in with our relation to whatever we see of God and that is our test also.

Forces: This is the truth. A manifestation of thoughts seen. Work with during the day and months this child takes on that responsibility for the children of who are the era of… Question. We ask that each and every one of you become aware of the tremendous responsibilities that you have set out in your service and in others for representation of the spirit of God in the earth. You are in responsive reaction to the sanctity and harmony of most of the existence of those around. It is up to you to bring into manifestation of spirit and light so that the spirit of God might manifest easier. There is this point in time where God’s words are not listened to and misforgotten music. Such is almost the case with this group. The spiritual light that it has established long ago has been slowly dwindling. It is up to you to rekindle this light so that you will find the peace and happiness of the spiritual services that is offered to you. As far as the consciousness of the group, it is moving slowly. But there shall be a joyous consciousness. You are not of this world and do not belong to it. Seek not after it. Seek only after the spiritual path, it has been destined for you since the beginning of time. Question.

IS: So that is the actual thing of what once we were able to establish with a moment we gave it or sort of became comfortable and now not unless again that, ‘not my will but thy will’, comes into full focus and full manifestation within us can we again have anything.

Forces: Yes and no. You must remember that you have already set up a pattern or force field before the three-year period in which it will be a continuation of these patterns. But this at this moment is a continuation of the next three-year pattern in which greatly and tremendous foundational things must be accomplished. You have a tremendous amount of power and responsibility into this world. Your responsibility is to bring joy and laughter, harmony, peace and understanding and rejoicing to the earth. It is a spiritual power but you must tint those things that are cold and bring the spirit of light into a metallic substance. It is that divine heritage to lose not our existence, it is also the forces of the higher has placed this particular group into the earth to continue to manifest the spiritual joys and happiness of this house represents.

IS: So it is another stage in our evolution.

Forces: It is destined.

Q: Would you explain what the hieroglyphics are written?

Forces: Those are words since the beginning of time joining mankind to a harmony and unity of one. Question.

Q: Does it have to do with the principalities, the language of the Principalities?

Forces: It is the language of the spirit that took form in words and strokes. Question.

Q: In the last session, you spoke about saying the Lords prayer and it said correctly it has healing, what do you mean by correctly?

Forces: Slowly, in it’s placement and love within and the light-joy without.

Q: Does it also mean thinking of it going through the centers?

Forces: Question is correct. Question.

IS: The entity (Bovar?), what will happen with this soul now?

Forces: It will go into a period of sleep in which it will wake up and then be put on a trial.

IS: A trial?

Forces: For its own salvation.

IS: Oh, he himself feels very guilty?

Forces: Correct. Therefore the child is inevitable for him misbehaving.

IS: But he was a very evolved soul.

Forces: Correct. It would have been better for him to have met and stayed to correct and meet with this situation rather then to escape.

IS: Did he willingly escape?

Forces: Partially. He was met with a force that was in competition with his position.

IS: And what he should have done was call on the name of God at that point.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And his own pride?

Forces: Fear.

IS: Fear. Doubt.

Forces: We are to extend, we will return in 5 minutes.

[5 minute break]

Forces: We have an interesting message for all those who would listen. In every evolution and progress in man’s development in the earth, man always had to meet with the ultimate sacrifice. On the spiritual level, man is demanded to give up certain physical and desirable things in order for the spiritual law to manifest in front of him. With every evolution to mankind, he had to sacrifice and give up personal freedoms, desires and wants. Where you find a group with more personal freedom and desire there will you find anarchy and destruction. Where you find a group with personal freedoms and desires in discipline and in giving up, in humility, there you will find God. The more the individual proclaims righteousness and the more the individual proclaims justice with his own tone, the more you will find Satan. The more you will find an individual proclaiming discipline, sacrifice, humility and patience, long-suffering, there you will find Christ. You will never have the two together. Personal justice and demands can never be in the presence of Christ. There you will find only Satan, for Satan from the beginning of time had his own personal justice and his own damnation and his own fight with the higher forces. It was he who brought this trial to mankind and it is now mankind who must, through his discipline, through his sacrifice, through giving up of physical and mental and desirable things in order to obtain a spiritual harmony and not have thoughts. You must somewhere in your life, through faith, give up what you want in order to take on a spiritual evolution. The pioneers moving to the west had to give up their comfortability in the West, in the North, in the South, in the East and in the West. But as they moved to the West, they found that not only did they have to give up their comfortability in the East, but they had to continue to give up more and more until they finally left their homestead after establishing their land they still had to sacrifice and give up. It looked like a project of forever giving up parts of their own personal wants and desires. Even to the point of death – for in such souls it enabled their character to become strong. Rather for the soul to become strong, there must be sacrifice. When a soul in one particular lifetime has sacrificed, their soul has advanced tremendously. For a soul has given up personal desires and wants, even to the point of giving up their own children. This is a greater sacrifice. What reward would you have to claim hold of your children, to have them identify with your presence or to give them up entirely to god. As you research through the Bible, it is saturated with the highest sacrifice a woman can offer to God; and that is offering her child in the presence of the Temple to God the Father. This is a pleasing sacrifice to God and is the highest in which a women soul can offer back to God that God has seen fit to make her capable of giving a child into the earth. It is only right at that point that the child should be given back to God with sincere humility and sacrifice. The child is not the mother’s, the child is God’s. But this crime and the punishment and the disease of this existence of consciousness and that of Satan is that the child becomes the mother’s and not God’s. This has been the cry since the beginning of time, this has been the footage in which Satan enters into the women, that the women becomes possessive of the child and saturates the child with its own desires and with its own insecurities and its own wants through the child to recognize her as a mother of its existence. Rather to have God as its center consciousness, the mother has placed herself as the child’s center consciousness. This to the soul of the mother is the greatest crime and will only promise the next lifetime the mother shall never conceive a child for 200,000 years. This is the punishment of such an outlandish and painful crime against the creator. But as all things must be manifested, so does the creator have mercy on the mother and after the time has elapsed, the mother once again is tested. But remember, to answer the test in the call right, the women must sacrifice and give the child to God under faith rather than make demands to God of what it wants its child to become. So, there you shall find that mankind will always have before it, from it’s darkness of the hour to the light of the day, the continuation of giving up and sacrifice. It is only giving up do you receive. It is only relinquishing your claim to life do you gain an internal life. This is the mystery of existence. This is the mystery of eternal sacrifice of life; that everything in life gives of itself to its new born so that it in itself can been reborn in that which it gives up. Anyone who claims or clings to its own existence, to its only partiality of identity, to its own rights, have not learned the process of growth, nor will ever learn the process of true living, for it has clinged on to it’s rights and will die by it’s rights. This is a tremendous example of those persons or souls flocking down to the south in order for they to have physical comfortability eternal life. These souls where made to glorify God. But, in reality they have turned on to themselves and have glorified their own personal physical body. Such fear, such anxiety, such wanting for physical comfortability have only offered them a dead existence in which all those who are involved can only feel stifled and no longer part with God’s plan. Casting them off into an existence of blackness. But look onto those societies where sacrifice and discipline is needed. The societies where cooperation is demanded. Such societies will only protect that of mankind’s evolution. So shall it be in this particular group, that we demand sacrifice and that we demand that you remove from your background that lineage of your own personal freedom, your own personal wants and desires and offer it up into the flame of sacrifice that for the sake of the consciousness of this group you might move now forward into your new evolution. Yes, we have given you a consciousness of a beautiful home. But this is not the end product nor shall it be the beginning of a new product. But it is a consciousness and an evolution of moving on and building to a product that already is. Do not become stagnated. You see a marble castle, how it falls apart. It is beautiful on the outside, but its spiritual ideals no longer live without become a decayed castle. But leave your castle alive with hard work and sacrifice and joyous living in God’s commandments. In so doing, you shall find yourself in harmony and no longer wanting to sleep away the hours in a state, but wanting to live the hours in life. Those who sleep, sleep it away because in their hearts they have not fulfilled their commitment to sacrifice. Therefore, retreating from what they fear the most. Retreating into a world that only will bring them back again into commitment. Do it right this time, and you shall advance tremendously. For remember, this is the hour, this is the moment that the whole universe has been waiting for. Do not fail yourself on such an important part and theme of new man of that of kind existence or in that evolution of mankind’s manifestation of the spirit in the earth. You have an important role, do not cast it aside and join the thousands of mundane worlds. But let your role radiate out and give a meaning to those who are seeking in the darkness. Let your light be shine those in darkness and set it upon the mantle that all might see it. Question.

IS: The thing that my mother told today on the phone. Is that a thing of discipline of is that a thing of vanity?

Forces: In what respect did she mention the vanity?

IS: Well, I don’t know if it is vanity or if it is a discipline. About, having to put on certain things on the body.

Forces: This could be considered a very deep thought. A mixture of vanity and a mixture of discipline.

IS: Then, would it be beneficial to do so or…

Forces: We would say this.

IS: For the two names that were mentioned?

Forces: For, discipline’s sake only.

IS: Thank you. Now, about Tom, the entity’s Tom’s earthly father, has he changed any, is that only another angle?

Forces: Let us say he is striving and in his striving, even though he appears that he is being stubborn, he will find himself in a position and believing.

IS: So, a change has occurred?

Forces: Will occur and has occurred.

IS: And the mother?

Forces: A slow progression towards God, for relinquishing up her spiritual motherhood in what she considers to be motherhood.

IS: The dreams that so many different people had about Joe passing over, is that something that is true, something…

Forces: It is true.

IS: Shortly?

Forces: There’s a manifestation of time short.

IS: And now when this happens, will Rose, will the other people around understand what happened, what was the cause. It’s not that I want them to feel guilty but on the other hand, yes I want them to feel guilty, to be ashamed because they could’ve prevented it for future knowledge.

Forces: This will have to be. Many people do not see directly to the truth, they are too busy covering it up.

IS: Will they see it?

Forces: They will feel it.

IS: But they will not admit it?

Forces: In time they will see it.

IS: Now, the initiations that the man had in the Upper Room, the degrees that were given out, could their be something given more to understand the degrees that they had been through or no need for this moment?

Forces: The degrees represents the soul’s learning of different centers within the body. They do not represent an evolution of higher or lower, but only represent an opening center within each particular center.

IS: Oh, I see. So it’s only a thing of saying, ‘right now you are on red, right now you are on green’ etc.

Forces: That too. But there is much more than this.

IS: And the females in the group?

Forces: The females are only the reflection of pure spirit when they give up in sacrifice. The initiation is there’s when they personally make sacrifices. Remember, from the beginning of time a woman was asked to sacrifice, to give up. When she does do so, she becomes a spiritual initiate and receives what is hers from the beginning of time.

IS: Thank you. When you spoke of the motherhood aspect, what is then the highest sacrifice for a woman that does not have children?

Forces: That is that she can give up her personal life to create harmony and peace and that of personal joy to all she meets.

IS: But I wouldn’t come under that category.

Forces: We would say nothing at this time under that.

IS: What I mean is personally I don’t give joy and happiness to whoever I meet. I mean that kind of thing.

Forces: That is for us to know and for you to find out what we know.

IS: Than what is the highest sacrifice for me, personally? Or the highest sacrifice at this moment?

Forces: We would say you are striving and making it accomplished. That of living and guiding a group of souls with consciousness of God the Father, with that of Love as another aspect.

IS: Thank you.

Q: You spoke yesterday about a book that is being undertaken. What did you mean by that? Which book, and of many meanings of what kind of book?

Forces: Let us say there is a book being recorded at this time.

IS: Gus and Margaret. Have they changed, are they changing?

Forces: They are changing, but slowly. It is a classic example of personal will verses God asking them to sacrifice. They have many, many years to go before they finally slip into the groove of sacrifice; and many, many years of hardships. If you only knew sacrifice, the Lord said, then you shall know true peace. Drink up what is yours in respect and in contribution for the group then you shall truly be part and sum of God.

IS: Because when a person sacrifices, there is nobody that can take anything away from him.

Forces: He receives the eternal gift.

IS: The thing about Jesus, he had to be crucified. And, I don’t know how it would have happened if Judas wouldn’t have done what he done. But, Jesus had to crucify himself or else something of this earth would have still had a hold on him. So he had to do it at the highest moment for him so nothing of this earth can have power over him.

Forces: That is the same as a [Inaudible].

IS: Does it mean that each person of this earth has to reach the moment where he will willingly give up his life…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, those people, I know I asked about them before, but those people that gave up their live like say they jumped into a fire to take out the Torah, all these kind of things, they jumped, they went into the fire because they wouldn’t give up their religion or whatever, are these people truly giving up their life for God?

Forces: To that point consciousness they have succeeded.

IS: So it doesn’t really matter what religion, where, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Forces: Exactly.

IS: But yet, they have reached that point, but yet they are not Jesus.

Forces: They have shown qualities of Christ.

IS: Will these people come back into the earth?

Forces: They will come back, but in a very blessed state.

IS: It’s a blessed state spiritually.

Forces: Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

IS: So, how does it go along that Satan has charge over all the earthly things, but it means that he’s the one that can, let’s say Satan, will give to someone for a couple years riches or what-have-you, will give him an ulcer with it, but he’ll give them some of those riches and fame, etc., these things. And yet, also the Higher Forces, the white forces will also give that to a soul that has achieved a certain point of evolution. Which one is which?

Forces: The one that exists the longest. The one that is eternal. The one that goes on to the soul’s record and manifests on it positively.

IS: But when they come into the earth, the one that will not loose his riches – is that it? Like if Jackie Onassis, she had riches all over the place, and yet she, as far as I understand, well it is, she did loose everything, really, she keeps looking for more. Now that was from Satan.

Forces: Correct.

IS: But yes somebody else’s riches that will last…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now so that is correct, Howard Hughes…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did Howard Hughes even believe in God?

Forces: He did. At this point we will exit. Keeping in mind your spiritual responsibilities and the objective of your spiritual evolution. You will become happy when you find this out.

[Recording Ends Abruptly]