Session 115 – 4/30/77 – 5/1/77

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We kind of find you all are traveling from one place to the other. It is quite interesting following you all. These areas have been watched for a while. We find it interesting, and at times a little sanctuary of sanctums. We have been looking over some of these charts and find the days to come quite tedious and strenuous. Lots of changes and lots of activity. We find this country not in a good condition, but it could be worse than what it is. You should have sections in this country under the influence of nature’s pain and catastrophes, if you would call them. For now man’s thoughts seem to now manifest stronger in the natural elements around him, a lot faster than he himself can expect. What you think is what you will create eventually. Our thoughts must be constructive so our future will have a constructive pattern. We ask for your strength and zeal to continue with the work that is set before you. This country run by Carter isn’t doing so good for he’s making so-called mistakes in his decisions with the countries and people abroad. There is too much internal strife and big blackness. Trouble in the bureaucratic way of doing things. Many large companies shall be embezzled of their own money, taking it and utilizing it for their own needs, from the president all the way down to the janitors. We are now asking for your constructive questions.

MY: Question. My question is can you tell me the place where I work, if they’re definitely going to make a move to Connecticut?

Forces: This has been discussed for a long time. It would appear that financially it would not be beneficial. There seems to be a major pointing that way, a major decision to point that way. But it might, in one respect, shortly fall through because of personnel in the quote, “organized positions” having internal conflicts. It might even close the store down completely because of the internal conflicts that will build up from this question. In this case, no matter how you lock at it, it seems to be interesting.

MY: Will I find another job?

Forces: Jobs are tremendous for you, and I would not worry about it. For no sooner will you look, there shall be a job, But remember, this job you have will last you a while.

PR: Blessed Forces, thank you for allowing me to be here once more. Can you tell me what I was I privileged to see tonight in the heavens?

Forces: You were only witnessing a light moving in the sky. If we are to say anything else, we would be committing ourselves to a plan that is in operation at this time.

PR: I understand, Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me about plainsong? Is it… does it have a higher vibration than regular song? Or as high a vibration? With chanting Psalms or whatever?

Forces: Plainsongs?

NN: What’s called plainsong.

Forces: It is a force to sooth the nervous system.

NN: Thank you.

RH: It’s always pictured that the cherubim look like little… little children, little babies…

Forces: Marsh-mellows.

RH: And they’re one of the closest to God, the cherubim. Do they look like little children?

Forces: It is interesting to note that those that are hovering the presence of what you call God seem to be stocky people. It seems that he like the stocky marshmallows. Who is to say what is the right way to look? Being too skinny might be dreadfully wrong.

RH: In the… in the government, a lot of women in the White House have had breasts removed, or breast cancer, could you tell us…

Forces: This is the misapplication of what would be termed motherhood for the country.

RH: So the Higher Forces are showing everybody by doing, because there are so many women?

Forces: There is too much self-determination and self-power representing in the female populace today. The female populace should return to the home and should return back to God-consciousness rather than to enter into the business world, and on the worldly level against man. We do not say that all females should be in the home. We should say the large majority of them should take back the responsibilities they are relinquishing as a woman.

RH: Thank you.

IS: What did these women in the White House or surrounding them… how is that representative of the motherhood aspect?

Forces: The misapplication of their own feminine receptivity for the nation, For every First lady represents the consciousness of the country at that moment, for the feminine aspect.

IS: So it’s them not wanting to take on the role of the female?

Forces: It is the country not wanting. Therefore, manifesting such a condition. There are times when it is necessary to have the said term or certain physical structures have to be channelled and corrected within the soul. Therefore, ‘aspecting’ the breast area. It does not mean a failure of commitment to a spiritual purpose. But, nonetheless, the females in the White Reuse are a different breed altogether.

IS: Are there also a group on a different level, on a different thing, but they are also a group, just as in the old days where the kings and the courthouse and all that, no?

Forces: Strange as it is, everyone who enters receives those forces. We at times reside in what you would call the Blue Room of the White House.

IS: You reside there?

Forces: We have a special corner that we go to to influence the Presidents.

IS: And is this in any way connected with the whole plot with Nixon, then, that took place in the Blue Room with John Dean? That the whole thing was blown up to bits?

Forces: Nice how we worked it, hum?

IS: Yeah. So that means… so that means when John… if John Dean would have never entered the Blue Room, he would have never revealed anything? Or something else would have happened?

Forces: Interesting, hmm?

IS: And is it true that Nixon went a little crazy mentally towards the end?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is Nixon going to come back in any way shape or form to power?

Forces: Not if we can help it.

IS: What is his interest with the Chinese and what is the Chinese interest with him?

Forces: He is interested in the Chinese for his name. To be famous. The Chinese are interested in him for his blood.

IS: For his blood?

Forces: To utilize him as a vehicle.

IS: To bring discord back to this country.

Forces: The Chinese at this point in time cannot be trusted. They can be a vicious lot.

IS: So my dream, was it about Chinese or Japanese?

Forces: Chinese.

IS: And did they invent that bug? Or weapon? Or…

Forces: Let us say yes to that question, but not to the manifestation of it yet.

IS: And how it was… how it will be discovered?


IS: And Nixon somehow has as a play in it?

Forces: Indirectly.

IS: And then the other prophecy also about John Wayne is correct, then?

Forces: Let us say you will see those like unto that.

IS: Oh, I see. Thank you.

BR: With the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, why are they coming together and (——) to form (—-)?

Forces: Let us say financially.

BR: Thank you.

DN: Can you tell me why… could you tell me why my throat, what’s going on? Why… the pain and everything and how it was relieved?

Forces: The throat was there because of the will. Rebellion at forces within.

DN: Is it correct that I’ve just temporarily removed…

Forces: Let us say it is removed… by the forces within this entity. Remember everything can come back with the split of a second if you relinquish the spirit.

AM: Will the Flushing group… the La Guardia group go to Virginia? And how soon?

Forces: It can go to Virginia as soon as they want.

IS: The suggestion that I had about, at one point, maybe even taking these houses and just transporting them to the land in Virginia…

Forces: We always said that you were an interesting architect, builder, and creator of master plans.

IS: Thank you,

Forces: It is interesting, but remember, destinies have their way of working.

BH: Is there anything that could be given for me for faith or any other guidance at this time?

Forces: Faith is a quality that you must develop through hard work. It is a quality of belief in the material. Faith is something that cannot be found in a book to achieve. It must come through your daily living of your pains and suffering and wanting to move on.

BH: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell me what Levi means, the tribe Levi?

Forces: It represents the visections of the eyes and the balancing forces of the laws,

DD: Where is it… is it located in the jaws and ears?

Forces: Let us say it is located through the system of liquids flowing throughout the body.

DD: All the liquid?

Forces: Let us leave it like that.

DD: Thank you. Also, is there… the man who wrote the book Love, George MacDonald, and other books… he wrote, it seems like in some of them, that he wrote about the ships. Describing the seventh dimension.

Forces: He should have done a better job in describing it.

DD: Was he close to the Forces?

Forces: He is close to the description of them.

IS: So it’s a whole crown of a different color?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: And he got rid of all the negative?

Forces: Correct.

DD: In the element magnesium it says that there are four hundred and thirty-two atoms in it. Does that represent anything to do with the speed of light?

Forces: It represents the joining of humanities.

DD: What? The number four hundred and thirty-two does?

Forces: Yes.

DD: So that’s… and it was said once that the ships were made out of pure magnesium.

Forces: That is the point to be interestingly explained. Correct.

DD: So that’s the pure joining of humanity through the ships.

Forces: Correct.

DD: Why do they coat the ships with silicon?

Forces: It is a substance to make the ships travel many times the speed of light.

DD: What does it… what quality does silicon represent?

Forces: That is a powder form, almost.

DD: What virtue? Does it represent a certain virtue?

Forces: It would represent wisdom and construction.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: E, is there any reason why he cries, it seems, a lot?

Forces: This is a combination of desires, physical functions, and general aptitude of interest in other things not at this point. The other things to come will change certain perspectives within him.

IS: Is there anything we should be doing?

Forces: Just what is being done for the moment.

IS: And the way RU should take on something?

Forces: Straight lines and straight actions.

IS: Thank you, Was the… the house that was constructed that I’m going to send to Simon and Helena is that correct? Is that the house?

Forces: This seems to be near a point of correction.

IS: What is the correct… could you give me the point that should be corrected?

Forces: The areas of the road should be joined together with the house and certain aspects taken away from the yard.

IS: Yard, yard is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So every… all this is talking about the outside ground?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the house that was… that was drawn up?

Forces: There should be personal disciplines everyday.

IS: What is happening at this point with Helena and that can be given? If it can be given? Shall I go to the next question?

Forces: Repeat the first one.

IS: Is there anything that could be given for Helena at this point?

Forces: We would only advise her of her complete backward movements.

IS: Thank you. For the entity Tom, and legs, physical or otherwise, is there anything that could be given?

Forces: It has been said already. It’s the way for this entity.

IS: The Sperry’s, should we expect any difficulties there or…

Forces: There should be no major difficulties there.

IS: Are they planning on leaving? Or are they…

Forces: They are solidly thinking on it.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: The three Psalms that I read everyday, could you tell me what type of effect they have? Or why they were given for me to read?

Forces: They should have an effect on certain aspects.

JU: Thank you.

NN: The healing service, or what they call the healing service that they have at Saint Thomas’s on Tuesday, would you tell me what do they invoke there? Is it a positive thing? Or do they like, any…

[There is a long pause interspersed with snoring]

Forces: This you would find around the force of energy flowing inside you in the language of science.

IS: Is there something being done to the entity Tom or to his body? At this moment?

Forces: Rejuvenating and making it ready for other forces to be ready to come in.

IS: And when this happens we should just go into…

Forces: A healing force for yourselves.

IS: That’s meditation.

Forces: Question.

IS: With the trailer, everything is okay now with HI and JB?

Forces: We shall produce many little miracles around that particular trailer.

IS: Like the fruits of the earth?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And by building the other four rooms, should it be two rooms on top of two rooms? Or should it be four rooms later on that main floor? Or should it be four rooms all across to ten feet to the end of the yard?

Forces: It should be four rooms: two on down and one and two on top.

IS: Two on top and two on top?

Forces: Two on the bottom and two on the top.

IS: I see, I see. Thank you very much. Why is my stomach growling so much?

Forces: It is what would be called the lion of the kelp.

IS: Is it something that I’m doing or is it something that is being done?

Forces: It is something that is being done.

IS: Thank you. I have so many important questions.

Forces: Then why aren’t you asking them?

IS: Yeah and then when it comes I don’t think I’ll ever forget them and than I can’t. It’s like all of a sudden everything’s just wiped?

Forces: Than unwipe it. There shall be many changes, but remember, a student must be on the path himself or else he would get involved in things that is of the earth. You will all not stay on the earth for long. Develop and prosper yourself now, while you can. For when you do go to the other side, the spiritual world is only the reflection of what you have prepared for it now.

IS: I… I feel like there are certain things that I have spoken to the entity Tom about that I sort of feel getting too involved in the every… in those little… in those… I feel…

Forces: This is accurate to extents to being near to close. Do not forget the spiritual evolution that you’ve come in for. Do get caught up on a worldly plain of what would be termed “motherhood”.

IS: That’s the thing that I feel that is such a… that I don’t… I feel we’re getting caught up in it and I feel myself… what can I do? It’s like…

Forces: This must be disciplines and returning back to a schedule of research and enlightenment.

IS: Now, is that for me personally?

Forces: It is for the group.

IS: And what can I do personally?

Forces: This also would be for you, too.

IS: How to get away from that which is I feel it

Forces: It is not the point of getting away from that. It is a point of transcending it and working into it and developing from it.

IS: Well, I’ll be very honest. Shall I say what… what I mean?

Forces: It is up to you.

IS: Well, I feel that I can’t move very fast without… without what I feel is an awful lot of extra weight.

Forces: This is true. But you must develop the point of teaching others to take less weight as possible.

IS: I feel I go under because everything seems so absolutely completely necessary and for me…

Forces: This is not true.

IS: No, it’s not.

Forces: There is not too much that is really necessary. It is that they all seem to get caught up into what their logical mind tells them they need. The spiritual things are necessary to take. But it seems like those are the things that are left behind.

IS: Oh, yeah. It’s like there’s room for every pots and pan and there’s never room for the… I don’t know… for the incense burner or things like that. How do I move… move that thing around? It’s like I feel I’ve been caught in something and I just want to…

Forces: Well, it would be moved by us.

IS: And then I feel like I’m very selfish and then I feel like maybe I’m lazy and then…

Forces: There is no selfishness into the parable in which Jesus then spoke of to take little of your own personal wealth and get out and move and prepare yourself. Too many are getting caught up in the worldly security of things and taking everything and the kitchen sink along. They have no trust in the spirit, and demand on the logical and physical level of things.

IS: Then all these things really should… it’s really a total waste, holds up everything.

Forces: Your main interest should once again be the spirit and not in physical enjoyment.

IS: The feeling I have is we go… I don’t know… sleep on a floor, eat one piece of bread, and that’s it. And not to have to carry all that, you know, and move so slow.

Forces: This has to be learned. It is something that must be learned,

IS: Thank you very much. That was really my main… my main thing.

Forces: It is also our main thing. For when we move from one point in the universe to the other, all we take with us is a life-supporting jacket. The other elements are not necessary, for we learn from the spirit of things.

IS: And then the same thing for us, our life support jacket.

Forces: That, if taken wisely, can be done sufficiently.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Can you tell me what the dream I had the last night I dreamt about Tom resurrecting Isis and he was going to be was walking down the road with him and he was going to be shot?

Forces: This represents a aspect of raising Isis into her true form and it also represents your image of Tom, that is, on a worldly level what you think he is, it shall be taken away and the true form of the spiritual image shall be revealed to you.

DD: And him resurrected?

Forces: Him resurrected into you.

IS: Is it anywhere near what I have experienced and I think I spoke about to Jesse?

Forces: The days to come will dictate movement and hard work. They do not dictate comfortability and laziness and sitting around. There shall be no room for mother hens. There shall be no room for relaxing bachelors. There shall be no room for sky-chiefs. We must have the cooperation and strength of work. This country was founded on the American principle of hard work. And this country shall only survive under the same principles. You are different from the world. You are pioneers. You shall never be anything else. Trying to clammer for high fashion things is not what America was made for. It was made to be the backbone of strength and the worker, and not a soft puppy, relaxed country of social images. America should get back to its original plans that it has consecrated from the beginning. Those who had came over on the ships had the idea of sticking to it till they dropped. And they learned on a spiritual level. We must get back to the original pattern of hard work and disciplines for the spiritual soul, or else this country will be wiped away from the face of the earth. And that of China will take over, for they, too, now are taking up hard work. Any country that takes up hard work shall last and exist. Any country that takes up comfortability shall die in itself.

IS: With that seventeen-year-old kid that at Tom’s work, Rosemary talked about, should anything be done through us for him?

Forces: Remember, it is their work. It is not their right to throw their own disciplines to some other person. It is something they have created in their family-style of living. Therefore, it must be met in self or in same, or else, they will never learn what has to be done.

IS: Will, at one point, the entity Tom and, I guess, we who are involved, work with runaway kids or youngsters or some teenagers? This is going back to a dream I had about…

Forces: This is possible.

IS: In Virginia.

Forces: It is possible.

IS: But it is not one of the plans?

Forces: It is very much one of the foundational plans.

IS: Was Miriam, the sister of Moses, an initiate into the temples as…

Forces: Let us say yes to that,

IS: And is Ieata a true person? Or was a true person?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: We would suggest also in your diet to add the almond. And consume that large jar. No more than three a day should be sufficient to itself.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is it true, the idea I had once that the ship and the ark and the Torah within in the ark like, were like identical in one way? And the Vesica it’s called the vessel of the fish…

Forces: Every force of ship has the ark within concealed.

DD: And as it travels through the universe, like, it creates like a music and light?

Forces: Correct,

DD: So that where the ship goes, where before it was void, where the ship goes, there’s life?

Forces: And strength and beauty.

DD: How does that relate… does it relate to the music of the spheres?

Forces: It whirls through the music of the spheres in a pattern of sounds.

DD: Do all the planets create the music of the spheres?

Forces: The planets are part of the elements of the musical notes.

DD: What is it in the ark they had the rod, the staff, what… what was that used for in the ship? What does it represent?

Forces: It represents the energy force field coming down into the earth.

DD: Is it like the axle of the ship?

Forces: It is more like tendrils… tendrils of strength revolving around the center point of pivot.

DD: Is there a crystal… is there a crystal on the ship?

Forces: It is lodged within.

DD: And that is the gyro?

Forces: It is a point of brain mechanism of direction.

DD: And you also… you said once you sat around, like in the ship there was a table and the hundred and forty-four thousand, is that represented in man by like the twenty-four nerves?

Forces: Doors.

DD: Twenty-four laws?

Forces: Twenty-four doors or gateways.

DD: How does it relate? That each gateway has six aspects?

Forces: It represents as you would call it the ying and the yang. The positive and the negative. The vibration of foods taken in and foods repelled or extended outward.

DD: That’s twelve taken in and twelve out?

Forces: Every day we take in twelve, and we give out twelve. There are those whose ying is different from their yang, In short, too many souls are taking in too much new and getting strength upon strength and not giving out, therefore, producing a smothering effect. As the energy comes in, it must be given out.

DD: So it’s like twenty-four hours in a day?

Forces: Twenty-four hours a day. Twenty-four weeks.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Is that the reason why some people have energy all the time?

Forces: The energy’s also could be too much yang. We feel here that we are discussing in Chinese the structure of the universe. Too much energy is just as harmful as not enough. There should be in the middle path of balance and harmony and contentment and peace that we all strive for in our daily living. The meditations bring us to that equalizing point in our bodies. And every time we meditate we are again starting from the centerline and moving forward on that until we again deviate from it.

DD: Is it like it talks about in the Kabbalah as one thin line with thirteen?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thirteen portions… parts of the beard?

Forces: Let us leave it at the word correct.

NN: With King Saul, was that considered like a regular suicide when he fell on his sword?

Forces: Let us say, “chicken”.

NN: Did he go to Saturn?

Forces: We have no concern where he went.

NN: Thank you. Also, does plainsong generally bring as much harmony to the cells of the body as other, like varied melodies would?

Forces: That is nice.

IS: When you refer to a person that you have no concern with them, what does it really mean for that person?

Forces: It means he is on his own personal evolution.

IS: And then the law takes over rather than…

Forces: Correct.

IS: But somebody like (Bovar?), he’s still in your interest?

Forces: Let us say, no comment.

IS: Judas?

Forces: He is in our interest.

IS: Could Judas, if he turned at that moment the right way; he could have made it very big, couldn’t he?

Forces: Correct. We are now finished for this evening. But remember, the strength of any country depends upon its faith in its God. When that falters and falls away, there is no longer a country. Let us remember that faith must be strengthened through our religious practice and when that falls away there is no life. Let us not relinquish our personal freedoms or that of our spiritual beliefs regardless of the price. Do not get caught up on the worldly material things for then the spiritual things will have no room. Spirit first, the worldly things come second. If the worldly things come first, and make ye concerned, then ye shall have no life in enjoying the worldly things. Let us re-evaluate and re-confirm our own personal commitment to God. And let us not take granted our life, for that can be taken away in one moment. For a whole destiny can be changed in a second. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…