Session 125 – 7/24/77

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have enjoyed this day and weekend nicely. It was a very spirited moment and uplifting. There are many things that must be done. This is the spiritual week of the White Brotherhood. There shall be many so-called trivial obstacles to prevent your movement forward on a physical level. Be not discouraged, but keep moving. Obstacles in mind, in thought, and in body. As today the obstacle of your suit-coats we wanted everyone to be in the spiritual blue. As for the remnants and color of the energy that this month of August will represent. It was a strange item. That is that if the chain of blue was not accomplished, then our power or force-field could not materialize properly. The negative forces adequately approached the mind of certain individuals and tried to prevent the magic circle from being completed. Unfortunately, the negative side of life did not win, all to the glory of what is to come. Yes, blue is the force-field that must be accented as you move through meetings and groups during this time. White is to be accented during certain other tines. But blue is to be accented now. The next color shall be given to you when that happens. But remember, all colors are for a purpose. And it was wise of (DN) to tune into this, for if he hadn’t and had taken the brown, so-called maroon, suit, it would have ship-wrecked or marooned him. We also would stress the factor of coming together in harmony and group adventures. During this Wednesday is a spiritual, high day. It represents the decision for humanity to approach the spirit. If it would be possible to energize the field of spirit in an expression, then it would be good, wise, or beneficial. The form of ballet energy would be at a great moment, for the spiritual energies would be flying high and the expression of the story of spirit through the body would be pronounced. We would also say that as we move along in time, there shall be many spiritual blessings abundantly. Do not allow the logical mind to stop the manifestation of spirit. Be ever pliable and ever moving under all circumstances. Do not analyze it or use thy logical mind as Sarah and as Martha did. But remember the spirit must be in you and must put forth the faith and the step of confidence into all circumstances. Yes, we are with you during this high peak, but keep your motivations and your strength strong. The fruits would be good… [The phone rings] We shall take a break and wait.
DD: Hello… He can’t come to the phone right now. This is (DD)… we’re in the middle of something right now. Can he call you back? Yes. Yeah, give me your phone number… Okay… Okay. He has to call YYY, I mean YYY-YYYY.

Forces: It would be interesting…

DD: Okay, we’ll see you then.

Forces: She would like to be here, but she is having a good time where she is at.

DD: Yeah.

Forces: Nonetheless…

DD: Can’t do it now.

Forces: Be patient. Wait for us. We will get back to you. If you, (IS), would like to talk to her a few moments, we’ll wait… [(IS) goes to the phone]… Wonderful woman. Ever busy. We must stress the fruits and vegetables. Preferably what would be strong would be melons, grapes, and peaches. Keeping the color spectrums in harmony and the work together in strength. There should be a great deal of creativity and harmony and intuition coming in this week. Be ever attuned to new adventures and inventions. That might be a saving goal. The tent should be an interesting undertaking with streamers of gold, blue, and white. This would be the elemental fields that would surround you and help for us as markers of your whereabouts, even though we do not need streamers to mark this group out. We are trying to plan certain spectacular “whoopdi-dah”. [laughter] I didn’t think you would appreciate that! Spectacular performance of certain fire-rays in the skies caused by comets and stars and rocks and meteors and pebbles and grasshoppers. But if this does not come off, we can always have an eruption here and there or sink a ship for you. Don’t worry, it will not be the ship you’re on. Always lifeboats, you know. As the strength of it all, be strong. Do not falter. Preferably on a Sunday from the point from three to six in the evening, as you prepare for in Virginia, your brown-type robe would be appropriate for the males and a light blue-white robe for the females in your hour of prayer and consultation. For this is the perfect hour in the afternoon for your solace and repetition of prayer and communion with the higher self on a physical conscious level. Preferably walking back and forth would energize and build up the electrical field. The Hari Krishna movement, you will find it strong and a lot of interesting factors to be understood and maybe applied to many aspects of living. But remember, it is the only group that we can sanction. As far as the ins and outs, they do have their faults and flaws, but we are trying to work with them in an indirect way. So compassion is needed for these individuals, for they do have our sanction in an indirect way. Remember, as we move on in time, the spiritual light and beacon will grow stronger and stronger. Do not hinder it or let it be impaired in any way. Also in this month or this week was the destruction of Atlantis many thousands of years ago. It was the completion of it. So in an indirect it is a spiritual high to a direct way of a spiritual low. So keep it in mind what the week represents. For it will be a strong omen and interesting factors to come to light. Questions.

IS: If Atlantis fell down at this moment in time, another time, it seemed as it was… as if though it was a defeat of the White Forces. But actually, if Atlantis would have stayed on, then it would have been a defeat of the White Forces. Would it have not been?

Forces: Indirectly and directly correctly. For the twenty-ninth would be the completion, but the twenty-seventh of July would be the beginning. That is why the twenty-seventh of this July is a very spiritual high day. In the spiritual heavens, there is a lot going on, on that day. There should be a manifestation of that power in the earth in some way.

IS: Oh, you mean to say an earthquake somewhere?

Forces: There should be a manifestation of beauty, of rejoicing as it is being done in the heavens.

IS: Now, you said blue-white for the women. It’s… Is it blue-white like parts of the dress… of that robe white and parts of the…

Forces: You would find it basically white with blue trim.

IS: Thank you. Also, Joash…

Forces: Or the bottom blue and the top white, with the bottom of the trim being white and the top being of blue.

IS: Thank you. The… King Joash — I think that’s the right name — it says he was a very good king and he walked in the ways of God and everything. And he listened to the priest, I think Jehoiada, or something like that… and… So actually I have two questions.

Forces: Oh, I would say you would have more than just two.

IS: Yeah. Well, number one: Was Jehoiada just a priest? Was he as…

Forces: Correct and incorrect.

IS: Was he a prophet?

Forces: He had a school that was in back of him from Mount Carmel to the tip of the Jordan.

IS: Whew! Was he one of the sons of the prophets?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The sons of the prophets, were they actually a school of initiation?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The Elijah set up?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Uh…

Forces: It was not Elijah who set it up.

IS Right, it was you.

Forces: It was Melchizedek.

IS: You mean to say it was longer than four hundred years?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh. Now… I don’t know where to jump first.

Forces: We would say Elijah.

IS: To Elijah.

Forces: Elijah, this entity that we are speaking through was not Elias.

IS: Ah-ha.

Forces: He was a scribe for the king, but was also in the Sons of Light.

IS: You mean to say he was Obadiah?

Forces: Correct. Which Obadiah was a very close friend to Elijah.

IS: Right. And he also was actually, on the level of today he would be…

Forces: He was the one that was a scribe. He was also the one that ruled the empire. It was the king that kept doing all the mistakes.

IS: Ahab.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was he… was Ahab so bad because he was weak, or was he…

Forces: He was not bad, but self-centered.

IS: And…

Forces: He loved to suck his thumb.

IS: Jezebel just helped him out in sucking his thumb, then?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And yet he was considered the worst king that ever lived.

Forces: Because of his own self-centeredness.

IS: Now, so… okay now, is Ahab today here on this earth? And was Jezebel also Salome?

Forces: Let us not answer this. For if Salome…

IS: Right.

Forces: Let us now jump to Melchizedek.

IS: Okay.

Forces: Melehizedek was the Higher Forces, as you call them. His name was Melchizedek.

IS: Melchizedek… [Pronounces in Hebrew]

Forces: Melichia… or Melicai-chedek. It is like ordering a pizza with wine. Put your two fingers together and say, “Melihyia-chedek!” In which produced electrical thunderbolts, by saying the name in a certain form and pattern that Melchizedek, as you call him, had the energy of doing.

IS: Am I saying the name correct or not?

Forces: It doesn’t harm a hair at this point. Melihaya-chedek was Melchizedek. But he was not only a king, of the righteous ones, not only was he the beginning creator of the schools of initiations to draw people out of the monstrous bodies, but he also was the spiritual channel of bringing spiritual spirits into the earth directly. In which when he was completed, he left the same way as he cane.

IS: Was Elijah ever born?

Forces: Elijah was the same way. He came down and he came up.

IS: How about Moses?

Forces: Moses came down and Moses went up also.

IS: So he wasn’t really born?

Forces: He was.

IS: Oh. So now you didn’t really answer about Elijah.

Forces: Elijah? Elijah came down.

IS: As a baby or…

Forces: Elijah came down.

IS: Another question.

Forces: Okay.

IS: The guy that we met as Noah…

Forces: The red-haired guy Noah that stinketh a little bit?

IS: Was it the entity actually that used to be Noah?

Forces: Interesting point. Let us give you a lesson or two. Noah can exist three places at the same time. Just as Elijah, just as Jesus, just as John, just as anyone. So therefore, it we say that Noah existed at such and such a time, and other information says he existed such and such a time, it is possible. Just as we have many different personalities, so also you have bodies in the earth at different times. One after the other or at the same time in different places.

IS: Anybody can have that?

Forces: There you have it. Short and square.

IS: But why would people come down in trios?

Forces: That is because of the environment and the condition and the time and the atmospheric condition in the stars and the moon, comets, planets, satellites, interchangeable galactical “homogiggy”, quasars, oasis, water, stones, metal, fire, air, electrons, protons, neutrons, dirt, seaweed, stone, water… everything can only happen once. For In that once the spirit has to learn. No?

DN: Yes,

Forces: Correct. Therefore, the spirit subdivides and subdivides. So then it becomes like a puppet. Just as the hand has five fingers, but has only one palm… the palm being what? That’s right! The soul! So also is it with the physical body. It’s not so difficult now. Is it? Correct!

IS: Thank you. So actually that’s the reason why there is maybe the same amount of souls on earth, but more people than it used to be?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But now… so that entity that used to be Noah, one, with all of them put together, is now, can be now walking around one, two, or three at the same time?

Forces: Very good.

IS: Now, that particular entity that you’ve told through Edgar Cayce, is he still alive?

Forces: Anything can happen. He might be dead, but his spirit might be still.

IS: Is he still on the earth?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Now, if a soul splits up in three and a soul that used to be… that reached the point of some great evolution as obviously Elisha has, if he comes down in three, does each one of them receive a portion of Elisha’s spirit? Does each one of then receive the whole? Or does just one of them receive and the other two are actually…

Forces: When they are divided into three, each one receives part of the whole, being less of the whole.

IS: So actually, in that case, that soul that is split up in that way, and the power is split up, that means that that soul is mostly coning to pay back, not to really…

Forces: Correct. Um-hum. Um-hum. Very good. Um-hum. Or learn.

IS: Learn.

Forces: Very good.

IS: Is my… Am I understanding correct about that… when again, an entity reaches a certain evolution, and it develops a person, a personality that becomes so strong that that by itself becomes a way and standing as a person for itself? And I don’t mean the split-up of three. Or maybe that belongs with that then?

Forces: Everything has a purpose. Correct.

IS: So when Jesus stood with Moses and Elijah…

Forces: Very good.

IS: And Thomas was… and as an apostle at that time, there were, there might have still been one more elsewhere.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was there? Is there another two parts of this entity here in this earth today?

Forces: No.

IS: Thank you. So, getting back to Joash, why was he killed, then? Is it because he gave away all the gold? I mean he gave away all the… the holy things of the temple?

Forces: No more spirit. It was self-destruction.

IS: He… but that what it symbolizes, giving away the things.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Rather than follow…

Forces: Utilizing them, working with them.

IS: Well, he gave them away because he was threatened.

Forces: No spirit.

IS: He should have stood up. Yet it happened toward the end of his days. You mean to say if stayed on any longer, since he was a good king, or as good as a king at that point in time could be, he would have destroyed some of the good things that he’s done?

Forces: It’s a question that cannot be answered properly. But if he would have stayed on, it would have destroyed some of the good items that was accomplished.

IS: Uh-hum. Just like with that other king that received another fifteen years and…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is there anything else that… about Melchizedek that…

Forces: Meichizedek was a very busy person. He also changed stones and metals into a finer quality. He was the one that took gold and made it purified. He was the one that took a coal and made it into a diamond.

IS: By thought patterns?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Thank you very much.

RH: With the house that’s in Virginia, the land that’s in the front of the house that includes the circular driveway, is it correct to level the sloping area and to add additional steps, probably six, to the front entrance?

Forces: We have no objections to this. Preferably we like walking up steps.

RH: Thank you. The musical rattle that immortal (IS) holds in her hand called the sistrum, which drives away evil from people by the continual sound and agitation coming from it, to shake up and arouse people to keep them from becoming drowsy and ceasing their motion which would allow corruption to enter, is this the very quality our (IS) has? And does this mean that the physical instrument, the sistrum, has become incorporated into a physical person?

Forces: Hold on a minute, please. We need Professor Yechdo. As far as our limited minds are concerned, and in all due respect to your honorable question, we find it at this time quite positive and quite correct, if those short syllable words would do justice and honor to your question, then we humbly apply them, Correct. Watch your language!

RH: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell me if the Levites were the original ones that built the… were in charge of building the ships like in Atlantis and…

Forces: The Levites was in charge of the electrical magnetic field of the sun, the moon. The moon was what? The moon was what? The moon was what? Anyone know what the noon was?

DD: No.

Forces: The moon was what? The moon was what? Does anyone know what the moon was?

DN: A portion of the earth broken off.

Forces: The moon was a portion of the earth broken off. Correct. In the great explosion in which darkness fell upon the earth, and tilted the earth axis to outer shape and form, in which as you know, as we know, as we all know, the earth is not straight up and down. It is what? Tilted, of course. The reason why it was tilted is because the abominations that was in Atlantis had to be eradicated from the earth and uprooted and transmuted and transformed and transcend the hell out of the earth! Excuse the language. But, in short, the earth erupted like a pimple, exploding the pus into the atmosphere. And it conglomerated into the moon. That’s why it has so many pus-pockets. Acne.

DD: So the Levites were in charge of keeping the earth in balance after that?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Uh…

Forces: But the moon is very powerful, nonetheless. It is a strong instrument when it’s full, and a very powerful instrument when it’s new.

DD: Can you tell me who was… or what tribe represented the building of the ships?

Forces: It sounds like the same question: Levi.

DD: Thank you very much.

Forces: No problem.

JE: Can you tell us more about the people of Atlantis? A physical description? Like occupations? Like what they did?

Forces: Sounds like a census going on. Atlantis… I know you will not give up. You will keep pounding at that until you find every information that we have on it. The people were, what would be called, olive green or yellow gold or they had no complexions. They were like chameleons. They turned according to the climate and conditions in which they traveled. They were very tall people now, (JE), in which the eyes were bigger than normal, in which you would find that the “Bigfoot”, as today would be called, was a prodigy of these people that came from the other galaxy as they call it. Now, in short, these people turned colors. The ears were a little bit stronger. And, of course, now (JE), if you would dig properly in Antarctica, you would find a whole lot of these people captured in the ice, now (JE). So if you’re really strong enough, which I doubt, and willing to go into the Antarctica, which I doubt, and start digging fifteen degrees latitude, three degrees longitude, give or take a latitude or longitude, dig a hole and there you will find approximately fifteen thousand people buried side by side in a mass grave. Don’t tell anybody because the leprechauns don’t like that to be disturbed because the walrus that are down there di-da-di-dl-di-di, they like to eat, you know.

IS: They are eating these things?

Forces: We didn’t say that.

IS: How tall were those people in Atlantis?

Forces: Seven foot six inches to eight feet. Some were even fifteen feet, mind you. Those living up in the North Pole. Now, if you wanted to go up to the North Pole you would still find then living.

IS: Those are the…

Forces: In the earth, of course. I have a smart group here. That is the light that comes from the earth that you see as, what you would call, the aurora borealis. Yes, that light is their inner light that gives them sun. So accordingly, if you see a Bigfoot running around, remember, that is then inside the earth that, you know, how it is.

IS: Are they going to catch him?

Forces: All this information! Be careful! Don’t misuse it! But, who would believe you anyhow?

IS: Is anybody going to catch one of those people?

Forces: Remember, man is still an animal. These entities or people up in the north called Bigfoot read the minds of man, smell the minds of man. They can smell a man out fifteen hours before a man ever comes a hundred miles to them. They can hear the thoughts of man forty-five miles away. They can put man asleep by a certain sound to their brain. So you tell me, if they catch a Bigfoot, he either will have to be snoring or going to the bathroom. And they do stinketh!

IS: But they are men. Are they not? Those…

Forces: Let us say, they are big.

IS: Do they have a language to each other that…

Forces: Mental telepathy. And high squeaking voices which says that words of languages.

IS: But are they considered human beings?

Forces: We are considered not human beings. You are considered human beings. They are considered superhuman.

IS: Why do they come on top of the earth then?

Forces: Because they would like to have a vacation. They come on top of the earth to gather certain stones, certain electrical impulses, and certain vibrations to bring back down into the inner earth. Also they are trying to tame man by taking females and propagating them, getting them ready to take on normal physical forms to enter the earth again.

IS: So Bigfoot can enter the earth again?

Forces: In a normal size.

IS: And yet with all those extra super-duper powers?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are there already… no there’re not.

Forces: We cannot answer.

IS: Can…

Forces: Who would believe you if we did?

IS: Is this part of the thousand years of peace?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So actually humanity here as a whole really failed?

Forces: It is not successful by a long shot.

IS: Yeah.

Forces: It can be.

IS: Yet at that time, you… you said there were what they are today called the Bigfoot, they then, too were fifteen feet tall and also they had a big difference to the others that were eight or seven foot tall.

Forces: Correct.

IS: So were they also super… were they always then a race to itself?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh.

Forces: They came from another force field left behind by the Higher Forces to say.

IS: Guardians.

Forces: Al right-y.

IS: So when they come up on the earth, they just come up for their duty… duty.

Forces: That they can do downstairs.

IS: Really? What did I say?

Forces: Also they are in touch with the Forces when they are up.

IS: You mean down they’re not in touch?

Forces: Not as receptive.

IS: I thought you had some bases down in the middle of the earth, too.

Forces: Venezuela, Brazil, Egypt, Jerusalem, Liberia, South Africa, Iceland, Canada, Newfoundland.

IS: You mean to say… not just bases on top… I mean doorways… its the sane thing, you mean? Then how come Bigfoot cannot contact you, so to speak, on their own home-ground?

Forces: Let us say that… we can’t tell you!

IS: Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Forces: No sweat… [Language of the Galaxies]… “Statinai Eegentau”, as they say, “Incandus”. Who knows? In the reality of life, there is a perplexed… perplexed mystery of the secrets that lie beneath the earth. These creatures are limited when they are underneath the earth. They cannot see too good under the earth. Because they see not with the eyes, but with sound. And the sound bounces off the walls, so they bump into things. That’s why they cannot see it. They have to come out of the earth in which they can see by the sound that’s enabling them to see man forty-five, thirty-five, twenty-five miles away. Because they see differently. That answers (JE)’s questions about Atlantis. He is the one who keeps probing about it. And we have to keep answering it. As far as the status of their population, we would say a city of Yaten… Yachen… Yiagdoin, or Yogata, or, or what would be known as Ortee or Ach or Yiagdeena or Zeeniach… we hope you get that, (JE)… Zee… Zeena or Zahna-Kidda or Yiagda-Yiagda or YiakaOokee-Yiaqua-Yiaka-Yiaka-Yiaka-Ookee.Serious. These are or were major cities throughout the… of the country of Atlantis.

IS: Atlantis.

Forces: Atlantis. In one of the cities, Seenta-Yakta… You have that, (JE)? SeentaYaka. Remember, each city represents an energy vibration force field in the earth. SeentaYaka. Now you say that.

IS: Seenda…

Forces: No. Seenta-Yaka. Your turn. Say the city so I can tell you what It’s all about.

BR: Go ahead, (JE).

JE: Seenta-Yaka.

Forces: Excuse me. Seenta-Yaka.

IS: Seenta-Yaka.

Forces: Nice. This represented a population of what would be known as forty-five million, dominated by solar energy inclusive to electrical energy from the planet of Jupiter. Remember the rays of the energy comes to the earth, but also the rays of the energy goes to Jupiter and transforms of different light-waves cones back to the earth which, if the scientist today can utilize not only the suns rays, but the energy coming off from Jupiter, they will be able to transmute solar energy into heating in the wintertime and Jupiter cooling in the summertime. Spellbound, hum? Questions, anybody? We are being nice to you tonight. You are getting so much information, nobody will believe you! So we do not care.

IS: What kind of foods did they have there?

Forces: Food?

IS: If they had blue sky…

Forces: Food? Food! They ate like pigs! The food was the ethers. That from the ethers they could think the food and there it was. Today food becomes a little bit more solid. You have to wait months. You put a seed, and your watermelon comes up. But that takes time, no?

IS: Yes.

Forces: But the miracle of that food if you had a time lapse, a time machine, and in the period of three weeks moved it in the period of three seconds, what’s the difference?

None. Correct? Correct?

GROUP: Correct.

Forces: There you have it. It is just slowed down a little bit. Aren’t we smart?

IS: What are… what are… what were their occupations?

Forces: Occupations? They refined light, the wind, music, buildings, domes, highways, transportation. They brought the spirit of spirits into the earth. Cultivations, clothes of spiritual essence. You would see, what would be called, the material that you had, on today, the sari, as they call it. If done and spun nicely in silk, that would be the closest material by the silk-worn to what the Atlanteans did. And now a worm does it. And man can’t even come to the quality of what the worm does. Correct?

THE GROUP: Correct.

IS: You mean to say this is part of the de-evolution that a worm can do something man cannot do?

Forces: Correct. Beautiful, is it not? A person would give his eyeteeth to listen to this and to understand it takes much more. That is why we cannot tell too much about Atlantis, to you because we do not want you to feel sad, or heart-broken, disillusioned human beings. We want you to have an ego. We want you to believe how great you are. We want you to be happy. Hard work is the only thing that will break the chain. The harder you work, the higher you go. And work is the doorway to the past. They know that. So the door shuts and they won’t open it because you’re not working.

IS: How did they… did they have any form of exchange between one and another? As money or something else?

Forces: There were four kings… five, to be exact. Each had his own providence. Each had his own empire. In each providence was a barter system of gems. One was rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. Each was a different consciousness Each one was a different light. There are places in the world that emeralds are buttons! Diamonds… but that was the barter system.

IS: Did they have them in like round little balls?

Forces: They were not the same as they are today. They were spirit. They were fire. They were light. You could not hold them in your hand. They floated. And now the energy that floated is trapped in the stone. Until they come again and release them. And then they will float again. Understand?

IS: I think so. But, if they… do you mean actually that those stones had other power than just their own value?

Forces: They were spirits of healing, of light, of elements, of the true spirit. Don’t you see? Excuse me.

IS: So actually the barter system was really not any kind of a barter system?

Forces: They were the movement and flow of spirit.

IS: And yet the things that they have accomplished like transportation, buildings…

Forces: They have magic today, even though they are in stone, they still enlighten the soul-essence in every one. They sparkle the truth. And there a little inside that stone and they say, ‘I am still.’ They are a genie.

IS: Do these stones or any other stones have a consciousness?

Forces: Walk with me and we will show you Atlantis as it used to be. Sit back and rest… [End of Side A]… And close your eyes and do not open them, no matter what happens. And listen to the story that used to be Atlantis. Atlantis, Atlantis the once and great land of spirit. For the sun was always high and the stars, they touched the sky. In Atlantis the people flew by. And they slept in the twilight of the sky. Their dreams were not only of the earth, but it took them far beyond to the hot-points of the sky. Atlantis, Atlantis. Why, my poor gem, you were radiant and full of life? And now you are but a gem. The stores were shaped of golden lights that vibrated and pulsated into the night. And the ships of speed and light streaked by on their path and sight. And they traveled around the globe and into the earth. And they traveled far into space. And at the same time they were a divine race. Atlantis, Atlantis, where have you gone? The glories of your day have passed and are gone. The waters were spirits of blue and green, yellow and gold. And to touch the water was not the same as today, for they were waters of veiled silk and cotton that slipped through your spiritual fingers. As you move your hand through the air, so was the silk waters of Atlantis. And the music that raised from their edifice pierced the dome of creation. And gave glory to God. For everything revolved around circles of light, of peace and harmony, of beauty and contentment. But in the strength of their civilization, there came a king from the north that wanted damnation. He conjured and forced the people of spirit into a material substance of fiber, into a grabbingness of material thoughts, and pulled down the crescendo of spirit. And all that was spirit they wanted to define. For at that point, there was no boundaries. Nothing had no side. But he, the king of the north, wanted shape and form and size. And he worked hard at controlling the boundaries and set side against side. Until, as time progressed, and thousands of years evolved, he still lived. And the paved streets of fire gold and the emeralds of the lights turned dark and gray and black. And then the great spark, and man became solid. And a war of eruption began. And the fight of the lighter forces against the heavier forces began. And tried to tear apart what was materializing. But it was too late. It was done. And then the eruption of this solid mass became so strong that the fineness of Atlantis could not hold the boundaries that were being set and the eruption began. And the great mammoth animals and the ugly forms that took on became worse and worse, and communications fell down, and things deteriorated, and then the end of the eruption. And the great migrations of spirits of light into the many distant parts of the non-cultivating lands. And then man had to start from a new consciousness again to work hard and build himself up out of the trap he was in. Atlantis, Atlantis, where have you gone? Your light was radiant, greater… That was part of the story of Atlantis. Here ends that chapter. So you ask for Atlantis and you get all this information. But remember when you ask for Atlantis your heart should. be in pain, for you ask for your past the way it was, the way it should. be. Work hard and manifest the spirit of light around you, and beauty in art, and beauty of music. And then you shall bring back Atlantis with joy, and your body shall be transported back into its true substance. Refine yourself and be refined just as Atlantis was. Question.

IS: Who was that king?

Forces: We cannot give his name at the moment. We do not want to give the name. To give the name would evoke Satan.

IS: It is not Satan? It is just one of his disciples?

Forces: Let us go on with other questions.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: Can you tell us anything about how the energy from Jupiter could be attracted? Could be harnessed?

Forces: It can be harnessed or honor or harnessed with certain filters directed on the planet for ten years and at the end of the tenth year then the energy of cooling would come in. But man doesn’t have time. Man is too busy. Man doesn’t have time for the many miracles around him.

JU: What would the filters be made of?

IS: Will we as a group be able to bring forth that which is needed to utilize the solar heat the way it should be?

Forces: Question.

IS: We should not repeat this one? Just continue?

Forces: The energy would have to take… will take many years to be refined, to be developed, to be worked. Man has gotten lost into his own mental logic, his own dissecting of what he thinks is the right. Yes, he will take solar energy. But he will not make it what it is or should be for another fifty to sixty years. Yes, he is a child, and the solar energy is new to him, he thinks. It is as old as the earth. Do this. And have it strong. Question.

JU: As the brain is the focus of the minds of all the cells in your body, is it that different parts of the body contribute to the subconscious part of the brain and. the conscious part? Or does each cell…

Forces: In every cell of your body is the whole structure of you. It contains the brain to the foot. If you take a cell, you would be able to make the same structure as you.

IS: So clone… cloning is not really that far-fetched an idea?

Forces: It is correct.

IS: Is that White Forces?

Forces: It is the same force that made monsters in Atlantis.

JU: Is what I understand of the reading from Hope Island, is that correct?

Forces: It is correct.

JU: Thank you very much.

NN: So with the forces of the anti-Christ that are coming up now would be like the same that destroyed in Atlantis? The exact same?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Would it be all right to ask, with the hands… what’s… what you do? Is that like certain things with the energy when…

Forces: The hands just represent the energy from that is being utilized in the room. They just bring it into a manifestation so you can see it. The mouth and the word, and the tongue, and the voice emanate the energy and it plays into the atmosphere. All we do is show you what is being done.

NN: Thank you. Also did the entity Jesus write Psalm Fifty?

Forces: Correct. Next.

BR: In Genesis in Chapter One, it says, “And God created great whales and every living creatures that moveth which the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind.” Is there anything special about whales and why they were… why were whales specifically said?

Forces: They came into being when the sons of darkness came and drew the line into materiality. And their own words they inflated. As long as the whale is on the earth, so is mans ego and mind.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Jonah’s ego swallowed him up.

Forces: Correct.

BR: In Genesis it says after every creation, it says, “God saw that it was good,” except for the second day it says, “And the… AND God said let there be ‘firmament’ in the midst of the waters and let the… let them divide the waters from the waters. And God made the ‘firmament’ and divided the waters which were under the ‘firmament’ from the waters which were above the ‘firmament’. And it was so and God called the ‘firmament’… ”

Forces: Firmament!

BR: Okay. Heaven…

Forces: Not ‘firmament’!

IS: Thank you.

BR: Thank you. “And the evening and the morning were the second day.” But he didn’t say, “God saw it was good,” How come?

Forces: That is forming the line, my dear, in the firmament. Like cement.

BR: So… that should… that shouldn’t have been?

Forces: We give you to do things. If you do them, good. If you do not do them cement. Question.

BH: There are two Enoch’s mentioned in Genesis about seven generations apart. And each one had a son, One was named Methuselah and the first one’s name was very close to that, Methuselah. And each Methuselah or Methuselah had a Lamech. I’m wondering what the connection is between them?

Forces: A cycle that is being repeated. You are seeing the evolution of the spirit coning into the earth as the same. Question.

IS: And one was from the line of Cain and one was from the line of Seth. Was it not?

Forces: One was from the line of which was darkness and one was from the line which is of light. Both had the same to follow pattern. Question.

RU: In the explanation regarding the three separate bodies in the earth at the sane time, is that the sane thing as twin souls that we were talking about yesterday? Or is it a different thing altogether?

Forces: Repeat.

RU: When… earlier in the Session when you were speaking about a soul having three bodies possibly in the earth at the sane time, at the same moment just because of… there was a certain configuration that the soul needed to experience in that moment, is that the sane thing as a soul sending in… having a twin soul in the earth at the same time?

Forces: This twin soul is completely different. The twin soul represents the male female aspect. While the three souls at the same time could be three males or three females.

RU: So when a twin soul is in the earth at the sane time of… they are usually one is male and one is female?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is my… was my understanding correct?

Forces: Correct. Very good, very good.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Another question from an earlier Session about two years ago, it was given that the group should only eat Oscar Meyer frankfurters. Is that still in effect?

Forces: Oscar Meyer, Oscar Meyer. Ask Meyer! That is what would be called a “Ninai joke”. You can have Oscar Meyer. But it is better to have Hebrew National.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: Oscar Meyer for that point in time would help. But remember, they themselves can fall down. And it is beginning. The only one at this point in time, at this moment would be

Hebrew National.

IS: You mean officially switching now? Oh, boy!

RU: Should… should we enroll the children for the last three weeks of camp? It was spoken about and left undecided.

Forces: That is your affair when you enroll them, roll them, send them down the mountain.

RU: On Wednesday when it was given that it was a very spiritually high day, is there a particular service or something that should be taken on in our morning meditation…

Forces: Stay awake!

RU: Just one more question.

Forces: Of course.

RU: The five kings with the different provinces, it was given that the… they each had a separate exchange: rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires. What is the fifth stone?

Forces: You cannot find that stone today.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: The closest you can come to would be the aquamarine stone. From it came the light and the fire of the water.

RU: Thank you very much.

MK: Did the apostles or those around Jesus also exist… like when we were talking about three souls? Or were they one soul or…

Forces: They happened. They were there. They happened.

MK: Are there any examples? Like were any of them also… were there two… two of then any apostles that were one soul? Or three of them that were one?

Forces: All the apostles were separate and different.

IS: Moses and Thomas.

Forces: Not at the same time, my dear.

DD: The apostles. All the apostles were not the same.

IS: Oh, oh. Right. No. Right.

MK: Thank you.

Forces: Wise. Next question.

LK: In the area of Machu Picchu and in other areas of South America where there’s remains that suggested that the civilizations were started by like people from outer space or other planets, was that started… started by y’all?

Forces: [Indicate affirmative.]

LK: Okay. I… I read a book not too long ago that said something about a race from a planet called “Alterians”, Is this… is anything in that book true? Because according the way it sounded that the Alterians were like a dark force because they came in where they weren’t supposed to after the first force came in?

IS: Half and half?

Forces: [Indicate affirmative.]

IS: So I was correct?

Forces: [Indicate affirmative.]

LK: Also, is it possible to… is it… is there anyway to make like a machine or something that could be called a machine that can transmit matter back into the past or into the future?

Forces: Yes. You’ll find that machine in the Bermuda Triangle. You want to go on a trip?

LK: And did it one time exist above land? And now is below the ocean?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Was it created in the future or in the past?

Forces: It was created in the beginning and the end.

LK: So it was…

Forces: The Bermuda Triangle simply represents the vibration of the ray from the machine that is buried right underneath the ocean. And [whistles]… it comes up! So anyone who passes the wave of that vibration that moves with the currents, you see?

IS: Oh.

Forces: Gets caught into the vibration… [whistles] Tricky.

LK: What happens with the problem that if somebody from now went into the past and did something different… what happens?

Forces: It has already been done. They went into the past and it is now the future.

LK: So that the here and now no change, no great change?

Forces: It’s already been done.

DD: It’s already been done.

IS: Question. Does future, as we call it, or past, as we call it, are these something to our understanding as dimensions that actually simultaneously exist constantly, always?

Forces: Let us say correct on that one.

IS: So the beginning of time always exists, and the end of time?

Forces: Very good.

IS: So actually what we have to do is just tune in?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Either… actually either way. And it’s a circle.

Forces: Correct. That is what is called nirvana.

IS: Nirvana?

Forces: Christ-consciousness. Peace. Question.

LK: In the book that I did read it said that Erich Von Daniken and another person both took a time machine that was in South America back twenty-three thousand years ago and met up with this civilization and then came back and are trying to reveal a little at a time in his books what they found out without coming right out and saying it. Is that true?

Forces: Let us say it is possible.

LK: Is he being used by you?

Forces: We’re too busy.

LK: Is he being used by a dark force?

Forces: No.

IS: So it’s like that things he’s saying are not impossibilities, they’re just not things that he did.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And because nobody would believe him either way, or he thinks maybe they would more believe him… it’s his own frustrations…

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: Could you tell us about Sperry’s, how they’re progressing, or how are they moving out, or…

Forces: It is being taken care of. They are moving.

IS: Will they get out on time?

Forces: Let us not worry about that. We will work with it.

IS: That guy Ray…

Forces: Yes.

IS: I think he believes that because the angels were taken out…

Forces: Correct.

IS: He lost the store. Now he… probably is correct.

Forces: Correct.

IS: How can we help him?

Forces: It is not in your doing to help that.

IS: So actually we gave him another year of grace.

Forces: Correct. Question.

DN: After the balm leaves are dried, what is the process for distillation and what liquid should be used to distill the fragrant oils?

Forces: You could use alcohol or vinegar, white. Or you could use distilled water. Or you can use lemon juice that’s been heated for a period of time. Or you can use the oil of olive, and that, too, must be heated for a time over it. Question.

DN: Which would be the best? Or is it different substances bring about different results?

Forces: You must try them all.

DN: Also when you told us earlier about everything that we are exists in every cell that we are, does that mean then, that the spirit resides in what… what would… what our scientists CALL the DNA molecule?

Forces: Let us say it reside everywhere,

DN: What is it that resides in the DNA molecule?

Forces: The spirit resides in the DNA molecule.

DN: Thank you.

IS: The complete universe without the blessing of God.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

DN: What is meant that this week is the White Brotherhood week?

Forces: You’ll find out. It means that you should try to be on the best to do that which is good. Try to propagate that which is of the spiritual light and think of the highest ideas that can manifest in the earth. Question.

IS: When the Bible is opened the way we open it, is it you? Is it another kind of force?

Forces: Let us say it is another type of force.

IS: A law?

Forces: A law. Question.

IS: You can’t explain about that?

Forces: It is a law. It is a law, an energy law. Question.

DD: What can I do, lets say with… Tom blessed each of us, he gave… he gave me to work with geometry and things like this, which defines boundaries and things like that.

Forces: It defines not boundaries, but energy flows.

DD: So is that…

Forces: The Brooklyn Bridge is an exact example of describing the energy flow of holding up a bridge.

DD: Without matter…

Forces: A lot of people lost their minds in the Brooklyn Bridge because it is so strong. The Brooklyn Bridge is a fight against the dark forces. It is a magical, geometrical symbol in shape and energy force field that surpasses the Verrazano Bridge and comes nowhere near the George Washington. Question.

DD: So it’s okay? It doesn’t… when you speak of defining boundaries…

Forces: You have to define the energy flow within the circle. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

RU: In the beginning earlier part of the Session when you were speaking about the Big-feet taking females trying to propagate the race, making it more normal, isn’t that similar to what happened in the Greek mythology the Forces…

Forces: Correct.

RU: … mixing with humanity? Then why do they want to do it again?

Forces: My dear, because the evolution must continue. And if they failed once, they will try to be successful the second time.

RU: So in Greek mythology…

Forces: If you fall asleep in the meditation room, does that mean you stop meditating? Or going up there?

RU: No.

Forces: Isn’t there a hope within you that there be one day you will be conscious through the whole element?

RU: Yes.

Forces: Of course. So is it throughout our own evolution. Past mistakes does not put into the future the same mistakes. They can be corrected. There is a possibility of the same mistake being made, but with discipline, and correction, and foresight one can stay away from such dangers.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Is Bigfoot, what we call Bigfoot the gods of Olympus?

Forces: No. Question.

IS: Are there any other civilizations like Bigfoot anywhere else on this earth or in the atmosphere or…

Forces: You would find certain civilizations in New Zealand that were considered to be tribes that have certain psychic abilities.

IS: Are they also from another civilization…

Forces: You would find it also in New Zealand and Australia, the animal creatures that have been preserved from that point in time, we cannot explain, but of Lemur.

DD: The Aborigines?

Forces: Question.

IS: Thank you.

BR: The animals on Noah’s boats, were they just the animals that Adam had named in the garden? Or were they other animals, too, on the boat?

Forces: They were the animals Noah named in the garden.

BR: So would that mean that the… that maybe there was not really animals, but just all those seeds that… because those animals within Adam…

Forces: A consciousness of a lot. Not only the animals, not only the seeds, not only the vibration within man, everything.

BR: Thank you.

IS: There’s… there’s so many psychics in the newspaper, constantly come out and everywhere we turn…

Forces: Everyone is a psychic.

IS: Yeah, well, assuming some of the information those people that work with the police and cetera… oh, which reminds me… about that guy, are they going to catch them? Catch him, the Son of Sam?

Forces: He is being silent at the moment, but he is planning. He is being silent. He is upset, concerned, disillusioned, afraid, but… Question.

IS: Could you tell us who he is?

Forces: It can be done, but the law of God must manifest.

IS: Then how do these people that work with the police, the psychics…

Forces: They pay for that.

IS: Oh, you mean to say that is against God’s law?

Forces: Not only is it against the law of God, but you waste so much energy and pounding and wrecking your mind to pick up where this person is at to be punished. It Is in God’s hands. If God wanted a person to be found psychically, he would have sent a message by telephone.

IS: By telephone?

Forces: You know God does not use the telephone.

IS: Right.

Forces: He uses the spirit.

IS: Right.

Forces: He can use the telephone if he wants to.

IS: But in that case, if God would use… uses the spirit sending a message, it would be by a prophet, psychic, or whatever. Would it not?

Forces: Would it not? Would God be busy just trying to find a murder?

IS: No.

Forces: Aren’t we all murderers?

IS: Yes.

Forces: In our own right God will not point out just for the heck that of which is a murderer. It is our own sense that he exists, our own thoughts that he manifests. Question.

IS: Well, it brings up a whole lot of a thing, then. When is it right to… I… I… I don’t under… I don’t under… so all these psychics actually… I donut know how to ask the question… maybe its a bad question… but all these psychics that are supposedly helping police, working with… I don’t know… ten thousand things… newspapers, all of them are actually going against the laws of God?

Forces: They are doing it for their own fame, or else they would not be doing that.

IS: But yet… no, I guess not. Edgar Cayce never did anything in that.

Forces: I doubt if he ever did do a thing like that.

IS: So actually the oil adventure was any… was the only thing that was… Now what would happen to all these psychics now?

Forces: They are of Baali.

IS: Oh. Oh. So actually those are the old enchanters and witches and.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Oh, goodness. So actually God doesn’t really work through psychics. He only works through prophets.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And a prophet will not be involved with these petty things.

Forces: Correct. Beautiful, is it not?

IS: Yeah.

Forces: You have the key and the answer at your fingertips. We do not call upon White Bucket.

IS: Well, in that case, somebody like that guy that wrote the book, THE WORLD?




DN: Hal Lindsey?

IS: Hal Lindsey, then he has a certain right to come and say to those people, “Give up these things that you do, for it’s not of God that you do them.”

Forces: Directly, yes.

IS: But yet, would he know a difference between a prophet and a psychic?

Forces: I don’t think so.

IS: I see. So he’s sort of just one way…

Forces: He is caught on the wire.

IS: Are there any things that I do that are very bad? Are… in, in that order?

Forces: I do not understand.

IS: Well, like sitting in the car when… when other cars move away and or being moved away…

Forces: You are being guided by the Higher Forces. Question.

IS: Thank you.

RU: The difference between what (IS) is talking about and those psychics is that… that’s like a gift, like a defined thing that they have…

Forces: When a psychic uses his ability for fame or fortune, he is no longer termed a prophetess or a prophet, but a psychic.

NN: So they could all be like minor prophets or something if they didn’t misuse it?

Forces: Correct.

JU: What aspect or a quality of the Levite tribe made it so that they became the priests as opposed to the other… another tribe?

Forces: Because of their brain cells.

IS: Because they had the… the ability of unity in them. So eventually, if unity stays, it shall overcome all the bad things that human beings have. Like Levi had all the bad things, the justice, the vengeance, all these things.

Forces: Correct.

JE: The Bermuda Triangle… it acts as a time machine. Was it originally intended to be that? And why was it buried there? And why was it activated? Well I mean why was it left still activated when it was buried?

Forces: We didn’t have time to utilize or turn it down because of the eruptions. It was used in the temple, not as a time machine, but as a transformer from one dimension to another in which the spirit could have traveled from one galaxy to another. It was simply an airport of travel.

IS: So that book is more accurate… right?

Forces: Correct. Question.

GL: Could you describe the religious ceremonies that took place in Atlantis?

Forces: Everything was a religious ceremony in Atlantis. That question you will hold for the next time. It will take time to try to explain to you as the sun comes up and goes down, the religious services took place. From the adoration of the solar orb to the setting vibration’s speed of light. Everything was in a service. Question.

IS: What could possibly that king have given these souls to reduce them to… for them to…

Forces: It was not what he had given them. He had oppressed them.

IS: Why did they allow themselves to be oppressed?

Forces: Because they thought what he was doing would make what they have already better.

IS: Is something on our day today would be something like Carter giving in a supposedly very positive way…

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything for (HA) and (SN)?

Forces: We will just have to wait. And in time… Remember they have decided long ago to be their own separate entities and expression of what they want. We cannot stop that.

IS: Why did they come to Virginia, though?

Forces: It is not his idea to come. It was (HA)’s idea for a warmer climate.

IS: And that’s about it.

Forces: About It.

IS: And how is (HI) and (JB)?

Forces: Developing nicely. Moving stronger.

IS: And the things with their planes and things, everything will work out?

Forces: It will work to the benefit of it all.

IS: Now we’re going to be going to (RH)’s mother’s for a barbeque It seems she’s going to have there the whole entire… or whoever she can conjure up of her group there. Is there anything that we should know? That we should do?

Forces: Just be there with a heart that is kind and sincere. But not with the heart to inform them. Just to listen and be listeners, but sincerely listen. Not to prove to them, but just to listen and explain only what they need to be helped with.

IS: Is anything going work out for (RH)’s mother with that plan of that group?

Forces: If she is strong enough it will manifest.

IS: Thank you.

RU: When you said that the moon came off from the earth during the destruction of Atlantis, does that mean that Atlantis was without a moon and the earth was existing without any satellites…

Forces: Correct.

RU: … or was there one that it reflected?

Forces: Remember, God created the lights, the lesser light to rule the day, and the greater light to rule the night.

IS: Opposite.

Forces: The lesser light to rule the day and the greater light to rule the night. And then it manifested as the greater lighter to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. In short, during the day the light was of a different nature. And during the night, there was no night. Then through their actions they became the light of the day stronger and the light of the night weaker, because of their consciousness. The moon was created at that time because of the decadence. Remember, as God was creating in Genesis, thousands upon thousands of years was passing by.

IS: It also says that God has created the heavens and the earth. Now if that was the defining of the lines, which is not really a good thing, does it really mean that as black forces were defining, trying to give a heavier substance to things, God has made a stoppage point of how far they can go with that?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that’s… that is then the force field.

Forces: Correct. We here have been with you. And we have given you much. This Session would only exemplify the specialty of this week. Prepare the wisdom and knowledge and harmony and peace. Work hard. Discipline and guide yourselves and be ever so close to God that as you move in time, he will move closer to you. Move not away from God, but move closer to God. We here will speak to you again soon. He strong and be on your defenses that you will be strong. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…