Session 622A-1/2/99

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are here and we see that a new year has began. In the different stage and makers of these elements we must admit different changes of world power and control will begin. The days are many and strong, we have witnessed this in this above. We have mentioned that many will come and enter into this house and many shall return to their place. We have witnessed this, in so doing that a greater margin and Beacon of Light now pulsates with vibrations and energy from this spot. When the service you had begun, you were operating on candlelight, Dome Light
(Sound went off)
It was called C L, Combustible light, or Celestial Light, or Continual Light, or Cranium Light or Central Light or it was called Continual, Celestial, Cranium Light, Combustible to look upon. So this light is now sending out. There are those who will come, extend your hand and support in the message that we have given you. Support and continue to support. Now we say that, in so doing, markets will fly, but then there shall be this wayside approach, that much not predicted will come to pass. Many things are new, many things are grown to be true, but now the operation of this particular village is now underway by us. If we can say this, the entity wanted a train system, eating car, breakfast car, diner car, we can supply this, in particular even to the era of the time, but now we say this, that this whole area will be worked and turned, many, many ways. But there will be dome buildings and pyramid buildings and all high buildings, constructed such a way and make its own pattern to be creative and to perform the essence of our work. We see this New Year has come, many challenges approach us. Colors are (?) now, but in all of this we would suggest an anchoring of purpose and focus on this purpose. There will be many conflicts, in Iraq, we see also earthquakes there. We also see earthquakes in Iran and China and India, Pakistan, earthquakes too in Los Angeles and just north of San Diego. A series of tremors, oceans changes and mountain ridges moving. Now we have to say that the challenge of the day is that of cen, centering and receiving answers that could be of some assistance in your way. We looked at a bride with diamonds outside, white dress bedecked from all around the sides, but in such a thing, in such a way there should be this we call, marriage. When these items are accomplished, one can become two or that which would be new. We also find the many changes that are going on, in prisons and into a whole uprising that the death penalty be stopped in America. It is about time that the death penalty ends. It is barbaric and saves no purpose, one who takes a life, doesn’t benefit by taking another life. Remember those who kill must live with this haunting memory and do penance for the rest of their lives. It is also a signal that the soul who has been killed does not particularly want the one that murdered that person on the other side that fast. It will be dueling Banjos on the other side. What we are saying is the death penalty is a element that we personally do not favor. We also see the work of this World Hunger the entities involved with now, we will personally find it our way to support this, for we definitely believe in this concept. There is no need for any country in this world to go without food. It is simply those who produce abundantly in food, should share the food of abundance with other countries. Hoarding food does not preserve food and in particular it rots and dies and is corrupt, hoarding food in particular, a certain amount for sure, but then there are limits, after that it should be shared. We find that deep seas will change, that oceans will turn colors and that trees for some reason will no longer be green in places, but turn to a shade of blue. Now we have talked to you much about the many different changes, in Poland, Czechoslovakia and in England and Italy, we talked about the changes in England and their royal court, but in reality the Royal Court can never be disbarred, for it allows their connection with the spirit world, therefore in such a way it elevates the country higher than anything else. What we are saying is when the humans are in touch with anything that is ceremonial it becomes immediately magic, of touching to the ethers above. It is like any country that deals with a kingship in this particular way, connects faster to the spiritual side of the etheric level, then through a constitution. Now this might not make sense to you, we’re not downing or disagreeing that a constitution is wrong, we are only speaking about the etheric level of a monarch versus a, a republic. Now you guys develop your way of rule, we of course are governed by the Council on High, which in turn is given direction and leadership and followed by the Empire. The Empire is ruled at this moment by one woman. Now this might sound strange to you all and we’re sorry for those who would think a male should do it. But the males have not succeeded in 400,000 years your time, so a woman is in charge of the Empire. We do receive our orders and guidance from the Council who you have heard and witnessed here, you have never heard of the Empire-tress, the Emptress is her name, and it is called Emp-tress, this is the first time we reveal this Deity. It is a power of a hierarchy-monarch form. So in history 101, welcome to the Emp-tress, the Emp-tress started in the year 5 Billion and a half BC, in such a place the Monarch, last of men of great? (Speech) (Speak).
Forces-And now we will switch to the Council, to give you the history. (Tom breathing in and out heavily)
Council- In such that we are here to give you credit’s for, of that we call, the Mistress One, the Empress of us all. Now tell you this, She’s mean as the, but then she knows us all. The time she took, the place of stead, it was a ramshackle, but then before a stead did take, it found it built in years before. Now this we know that 8 billion is much for you to see, for your lifetime of seventy so is more than you can be. But we do say that this our way that one billion is now, that one billion is equal to a year and half of yours. Now we don’t see the difference now but our growth is but slow. We do not hate, nor talk adverse, for this does take your years. If you would see adversity in words and anger too, then you will know to stop its roots before it uproots you. And now we talk on more of this in which the Empire few. For great in Oh-rions belt we are and now you know us too. In many years of countless kings, they ransacked much ado. The trade and sent and wares they went that never was or does can do. But with their power diminished now the Empire of the Reptilian Star did cause much havoc too. But then the Empt-tess came about to lead it from destruction too. And now she fortifies the land and peace does reign anew. The presence of this Perfect De-i-ty is known through your gods too. And the Jew does call her name E-lo-him ado. Now in this god is made the strength of which this Empire too. And barely, barely heard a voice, but we know what to do. And now we told our records true of many pla-nets too. That some can be in one sole (soul) place, but then there can be two. In this we speak of (de-version) of the planets of the two. And now we’re done in recording this one and hope you’ve enjoyed it too.
(Council Toms breathes in and out strongly)
Forces-We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you so much for coming in. Is there something that can be given for the group as a group for the New Year and maybe a projection of the 5 years if possible and what can we see this group?
Forces-How many questions do you want.
Forces-There will be a lot of incoming souls needing assistance and comfort, they’ll be resources coming for to acquiesce a position of response-ful delegation of such powers. And there will be interaction between certain elements to enkindle the light that this particular group has started. In which those around this house as predicted, will show and teach different centers of homes, how to have a meditation room and how to serve in meditation. All this will continue and start out growing in such outcrops that homes after home will be (—-) up with these instructions to.
IS-Thank you. Is there a personal message for the New Year for me?
Forces-There will be writings and also scribings and also many opportunities to be in that of creative talents and instructing the same. We find the structure to be more and more of that of growing in its own strength of understanding. There will be (—–) revelation and receiving guidelines in such revelation of doing and creating on a spiritual focus in much that would be a desperate year of such a focus of spiritual (–) in which all will clamor to any source of any place that has any source of spiritual essence. Spirituality will become a commodity, a high commodity, and those who have installed it for the last 30 to 20 years will be the highest commodity.
IS-Thank you.
JE- Job therapy is that a right decision to go with that.
Forces-Well we could say that we don’t normally do drugs, but if you feel you have to do this even though a sort of application and salt baths and also other teas and juices and also a electric current that is a charge to go through you can straighten this problem out. But that would take much time and tediousness and if we know how you are, with being tedious, not so good, so we can’t say we have a problem with you taking this drug and we will keep it as such, but to do the tedious, we know you do not have that time so, let us say tentatively it is ok at the moment, but there will and should be changes down the road on it.
JE-Is there any serious side effects on it or detrimental that can’t be corrected?
Forces-Numbness of speech and a slight tingling in the nose, other than that, could be completely stupid in your approach of thinking, but what we’re trying to say is, we don’t see it.
JE-Thank you.
BAR- I was wondering…?
Forces-What particular drug you wanted. (Laughter)
BAR-No I don’t do drugs either. I was wondering what further steps I needed to take in my development.
Forces-We would say that you need to center yourself in a meditation, even if it’s for 5 minutes a day, but a meditation of color, that you surround your whole body in a blue and purple light, this well help your voice to become stronger.
BAR-Thank you.
BAR-Is there something I could do to help the four of us in New York in our journey?
Forces-We would put a bottle of whiskey at the door, of your meetings take one slug each, close the door, and just like that reading, take another slug and fall on the floor, and take another slug, your guaranteed to have no more problems. But in all thought we find that coming together is a beginning of focus and this is what is necessary, the coming together to pray and meditate, even if it’s short, but we would say this is important to your development.
BAR-Thank you.
LS-Could you give me some advice in my relationship with my mother?
Forces-Well there is something that darts through our mind, but of course we dare not say it, but in all jest we’d be careful, (Cause) sometimes if we would say something like that, chances are you might do it. We would say simply love her, change the tables, she becomes the martyr, you become a martyr.
LS-Thank you.
JU-Is there guidance that you can give me for the coming year?
Forces-Hang it up, with faith of course. Remember that all you need is faith, we have taken care of everything, don’t panic, let someone else panic, keep cool and use arid.
JU-Thank you, the crystal reading what did that refer too?
Forces-You, are we done yet.
JU-The book…
Forces-Yes we do respect your questions, go for it.
JU-The book and the items referred to in the crystal reading of yesterday. Could you give me some guidance on what that referred to?
Forces-Well as you had said, the evening of yesterday, there are many errors already in the book, but still look at the book, where you will spot more, but it will be printed, but it will be hoped to changing it, as it should of many years ago, once this change is put into place you’ll find it much better.
JU-So just proceed with it as it is?
Forces-We’ll yes, and then the point of change will come up.
JU-Thank you very much.
DD- On the Caucasian thing that I found, it talks about the gods in the mountains projected Ra-Ta into Egypt and crystallized the thought for this whole cycle. Could you explain who these gods were and what mountain their base was on and how they were organized?
Forces: You already know the question is the three mountains, one being Ararat and mount (Vulpa). But remember one thing this was not the mountains they were at, these mountains were form bases of an original mountain that was on top of them.
DD- One gigantic mountain? (Ref. Persian name was Alaporz which was changed to Elbrus of the western Caucasus(see the Book with fourteen Seals it’s called Hara the One Mountain)
Forces: Yes.
IS- Was it in Turkey?
Forces: Part of Turkey, but it extended into the other areas.
DD- What was their teachings there?
Forces: It was a teaching of Spirit and of Faith, but basically of the ancestral history that we had given you a part of tonight.
DD- There is another question I have about the amino acids and the Hebrew Letters. I haven’t been able to line them up, I did what you said, tried to do what you said, not that I understand but could you give me any letters to go with any of the amino acids that I could start (or) any other hints?
Forces: Gimel is the first letter, from there, Nun, from there (Seth) from there Aleph, from there (Le Hi) of a different form not to eat.
DD- So these go along with the Alanine on down the line like that?
Forces: Yes.
DD-Thank you very much.
ES-Thank you can you help me understand the dreams I’ve had about the children that are being tortured and the people I’m in front of, that I’m feeding to them?
Forces-No we don’t know anything about that and why should we help you anyhow, we don’t want to.
ES-Is there a way that I can help them?
Forces-Uhmm, persevering, what we are saying, in all jest you are fighting for the extraterrestrial alien, mixed children, human forms that you visit on the other side.
ES-Who is it that I’m speaking to that is against them so strongly?
Forces-The Mothers of the earth.
ES-Who are abusing them and destroying them?
Forces-The mothers are the mothers of these mixed alien children and they really simply think their ugly and don’t want them to live. They survive and live off the mother’s love, when the child is psychically senses that they are not loved they die.
ES-What is it that I should do?
Forces-Well you are teaching the mothers simply to love their own children, as you do on the earth, uh huh. Isn’t this a hoot?
ES-Thank you very much.
Forces-Remember people it is not what is confronting you, that’s the problem, look deeper to the problem, like we would say this um we have a gentleman with these skin problems, the drug could help yes of course, but remember meditation helps also, it will calm the lymphatic system down, in your particular case the lymphatic system is too excited and too active creating the cells to multiply faster than normal. It is the lymphatic system that is calmed down with the red light; we call this the red light district. (Laughter) By doing this you will calm the cell multiplications down tremendously by 6 counts.
NN-Could you tell me what the truth is about soy products, is it really beneficial or does it depend on the individual situation?
Forces-Soy products are not the greatest things for you.
NN-No matter what the situation?
Forces-Well we won’t go that far, there are times that you could have a good time with it.
NN-There not really all what it’s cracked up to be?
Forces-No there not like wheat. (Laughter).
NN-Thank you.
JW-Is there a stone that I could hold in my hand that would help me to focus…?
Forces-There is a stone it, that would be good for you, that would help you, bring it down, a very simple stone, and it’s a four sided crystal or agate stone, or the blue agate stone will do.
JW-Thank you. And the design I have for the chalice is that correct?
Forces-We find this to be true.
JW-Thank you.
Forces-Remember (Tape stops)
Forces-…these lines, it would be more quality as time goes on.
IS-So I should increase that that’s what you’re saying?
Forces-Well we are not asking that or saying that, were just are saying that the passage, it will get better.
Forces-They shall increase double-ly.
Forces-Shes more monetarily struck and being watched by her whoever and also that she is despondent in herself and really doesn’t want any help at the moment.
Forces-Yes. Depressed.
Forces-When a person is depressed they usually don’t want help, they want to be depressed. Have you ever seen a depression, have you ever seen the lord of depression?
IS-I hope not.
Forces-Well there is a king of depression, has a right to be depressed, he was voted to be depressed, he lives in depression, he’s always depressed about how things are done, he’s depressed about how the rules done, but he’ll sit there and be depressed, because that’s his right as king of depression.
IS-…increase private clients…?
IS-…lines…very difficult…?
Forces-Increase you can but were not focused on that at the moment that will find its own level.
Forces-There will be a lot and (——) there is a lot of those who call upon you. But also the direction of that night for those who come in and being directed here to set and to guide that in which they have been the direction that they need to go.
IS-The group…?
Forces-There’s many opportunities that you can apply in this group, there’s abundance of opportunities here.
IS-I don’t seem…?
Forces-Eventually you’ll see (them).
Forces-Eventually you’ll see it.
IS-Thank you. My health…?
IS-Anything for L. F.?
Forces-We also have to say that from the information we have heard today, that he’s finally understand what it is to give service. It is a big movement for him to explain, that he never really understood what it is to serve, until he saw the party that is a good move in his part to understand what it truly is to serve. In so gaining this knowledge he grows in receiving it.
IS-Will he ever go into public office again?
Forces-Very, very strongly yes.
IS-Will he now be open to your guidance?
Forces-Hopefully so or else he fall on his face again, not to mean in a derogative manner, what we’re trying to say and might not say it correctly, is to get spiritual information and to apply it takes a strength a faith and endurance, not everything that you receive you understand, but if you apply it in faith and belief, then it becomes into fruition. Yes if he hears the words we say then as far as failure or having complete block of power and energy, this then would not be disappointing.
Forces-By receiving the information, then it will not block the power.
IS-…his first step…?
Forces-Well let us try to say just by, to find peace and the inner meditation and that quite fortitude inside, once that is accomplished all the others can be done.
IS-EC is she going to be governor?
Forces-We would hope, she would not approach that way, for the seat is not made for her.
IS-Thank you. I still don’t…I’m working…?
Forces-Are we back to this question, ahhhh, we, as we say, you will see it down the line. We cannot answer your judgments or opinions, we will not be controlled in such of you saying what you would like to hear, we have given you an answer, you have that ability, you have that strength and those will come to you for help and you are still needed.
IS-Thank you.
JE-You were talking about the red light, red spotlights like we use outside or is there a special kind of light?
Forces-There is a ultra red light we speak of, it’s not red light in color, but it’s more like a red blue in color.
JE-Can I go back to the Titanic question I had last time?
Forces-We kinda do good at repeat questions. (Laughter)
JE-Who was this guy Sullivan and why was he there?
Forces-For some in this audience are laughing inside thinking we would be caught, in falling for the fact that he is really a she.
JE-So why was she there? (Laughter)
Forces-Well let us say that he was with she.
JE-Why were they there? (Laughter)
Forces-Because they were married, but they didn’t tell anyone, because Mister Sullivan who you were, had Misses Sullivan, but the other Sullivan wasn’t married to Mister Sullivan, but was there as a lover. Does that make sense?
JE-Why did they pick that boat to go to America on, if that was where they were going?
Forces-Yes, you can all join in. (Laughter)
JE-If the Titanic was an experiment, did they know and intentionally get on there for some reason?
JE-For what purpose?
Forces-Well you wouldn’t believe me if I answered this, but then again I’ve answered other things that were stranger. But they were heading into a time continuum they were trying to go, the whole boat into a time zone, which was not an ice berg they hit, but they approached the time barrier too fast and in, in the wrong way.
Forces-Does that make sense.
JE-The Sullivan people did they know this experiment was going on?
Forces-Yes, yes.
JE-How did they know?
Forces-Because they were directing of it.
JE-They were responsible for it, they set it up or what?
JE-In conjunction with who?
Forces-With Germany.
JE-Two people?
JE-A bunch of people?
JE-And how was Sullivan connected with these people?
IS-Who was Mrs. Sullivan? You said that person was in the group.
Forces-Yes, feels like people’s court. (Laughter)
IS-Who was Mrs. Sullivan?
Forces-We will answer, that person is still in this group here now.
IS-There was a group of people, scientists in conjunction with German forces, German politics, German scientists that got on the Titanic as part of an experiment to try and move this whole boat through a time zone, but things went wrong.
Forces-It is why the boat was built, because the speed in which the boat had to move and the size had to be the exact size to break the barrier.
IS-So they felt if they can make this boat this kind of speed, it was built for this purpose?
IS-Was it German money or German science or…?
Forces-Well it was a conglomeration of German, Australian, Austrian, English and American and Brazilian and also ahhhh Spanish money.
IS-How many people were on the boat that were part of this scientific group?
Forces-All those present in first class.
IS-And they were so sure they were going to break through that’s why they didn’t have enough boats.
Forces-And remember some of them were just contributors and not directly involved, but contributors to the idea.
IS-As contributors were they aware that that was the moment that this experiment was going to take place.
Forces-Yes or no, but yes or no, yes.
IS-They knew that on their voyage it was going to happen?
Forces-Yes, no, they knew yes, when they didn’t know.
JE-If it worked where was it going?
Forces-To Mars or they also had the concept to go ahead in time to the year 2002.
JE-Why 2002?
Forces-Cause that’s where that door opened too.
IS-Did it happen to some of them?
IS-Some of them will reappear in 2002.
Forces-Right, at the date and time of the exact sink-age.
JE-In the same place?
JU-How did they know 2002, how did they get that knowledge?
Forces-The linage of the line and the length of line of the latitude and longitude of the solar energy coming from the earth plus the strength of the vortex of that area, dictates when it falls back down into the earth in 2002.
IS-How many of these people, are they conscious between the interim of time…?
Forces-What you are asking, how many made the transition.
IS-Have they dropped their physical bodies and moved on astrally into that other time…?
Forces-42 have done that.
IS-Will they reappear with actual physical bodies in 2002?
Forces-The remaining of them will do that.
IS-But the 42 won’t.
IS-Where are they in the interim?
Forces-Just waiting.
IS-In limbo?
IS-Are they aware?
Forces-Yes, they’re still dancing on the floor.
IS-So as far as their limbo is they are still on the Titanic.
IS-And is that another way of being ghosts?
Forces-Yes, but not.
IS-Because they will reappear.
Forces-Yes and drown again.
IS-They will reappear at 2002 and drown.
Forces-Nobody will know they’re there.
Nina-Can we change this?
Forces-Yeah, have someone be there.
JE-I’m sitting here so what happened to the soul?
Forces-Let us say your transition came into this group.
JE-From there to here?
JE-Nothing in between?
Forces- No.
IS-You mean he didn’t have any other lifetimes between?
Forces-From that point to this point, no didn’t have time, could have been a monkey on a string but they don’t last that long. It doesn’t happen that way. Is this completely confusing to you all.
JE-So where were the Sullivan’s from, I’m interested.
Forces-Oh you’re interested now, we’ll let us say Ireland.
JE-But to get involved in this fantastic experiment, they had to be just not people from Ireland, they had to be doing something.
Forces-Research in Germany.
Forces-We will move on now, we had enough of the Titanic.
JE-Thank you very much.
BAR-I wonder if there is any guidance I can be given to take care of my allergies to animals?
Forces-Lots of onions.
BAR-Raw, cooked.
Forces-Ahhh raw if you could take it, the more you eat the less you have, allergies that is. Onions have a perfect diuretic, what you call energy isotope that neutralizes that particular ah, ah, atom that creates your body to react.
BAR-Should I eat them with other food or by themselves.
Forces-(—-) give yourself a break.
BAR-And everybody else thank you.
Q-Could you tell me whether BAR and I should postpone our leaving to Monday instead of tomorrow because of the weather
Forces-Well you’ll find that out tomorrow. You could postpone it but there will be a chance that you might stay.
Forces-At this moment we will give you a special blessing, for we had heard that this was your anniversary.
Forces-May the High Order of the Council Bless you and give you health, in their Order.
BAR-Thank you.
Alica-Theres a lot of things I can direct my energies into this next semester, school work, social thinks like a sorority, I could start going into the Sessions or stuff that’s going on here (——). What do you think would be best for me to direct my energies on?
Forces-You really want us to answer that.
Forces-Well, cause us were prejudice, anything that you do focus on will be creative. Sorority as you call it, were not really too keen on that.
AC-So I shouldn’t join a sorority?
Forces-Oh huh, huh, huh. (Laughter)
AC-Should I go through rush?
Forces-Huh, huh, huh (Laughter) that’s totally up to you. Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh…
IS-May I ask for AC something?
IS-What profession would she be best at?
Forces-Whatever she wants to do.
IS-Lawyer, Doctor…?
Forces-Indian Chief… (Laughter) she could ah be a world banker, commerce. She could do financing; she could do biological engineering with the back of her hand.
AC-For my Mother at the last Session, you said you would give her some financial advice, could you give that to her now or guidance.
Forces-Take it slow, don’t be afraid, one day at a time and we don’t do money. (Laughter)
AC-Is the 2000 computer problem going to cause mayhem?
Forces-You know we think this is the biggest (? prank). Now everyone’s writing books and getting everyone excited about the end of the world at 2000, you know what I think it’s going to happen, do you know why because everyone says it’s going to happen and then when it happens it’s not going to happen the way they think it’s going to happen, therefore it’s going to happen because everybody wants it to happen, so who am I to say it’s not going to happen. (Laughter) doesn’t make sense.
IS-But you can put your finger on the computer and one thing or another…
Forces-It won’t happen because were too busy, we can’t afford it not to happen, but it can happen if you want it to happen, we’ll make that happen (—) there’s so much going on I don’t have time for this..(Laughter)
IS-The worries about the bombs going off…
Forces-Yeah put the AKU2 into it too, no we can’t tell you if it’s going to happen because we don’t see it happening, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, but if you get more books written about it and of course we won’t have anything to do with it, but it sells and gets money so someone’s getting rich off of this. So therefore why not write books about the AKU2, so of course it’s going to happen, because everyone wants it to happen, so how do we have any control over something that’s already happened, you know what I’m trying to say.
Forces-Yes we do just go mumbling on, on and on and on to grandmother’s house (—–) horse knows the way to follow the sleigh… So of course, of course, you want to know if it’s going to happen, well, don’t, no, no, no, if it does happen, it wasn’t our fault. (Laughter)
AC-Thank you.
JU-In the last session when you gave me a list of vitamins and minerals, you mentioned B7 but I can’t find B7, what was that refereeing to?
Forces-B7 is composite, you will find it in ash, you will also find it in iron ash. Now if you can’t find it, well come back to us and we’ll tell you how it is.
JU-A number of times in dreams and watching one of the Star Wars movies, dreams of being in a like a space fleet or dreams of invading something and dreams of coming to a, or a fleet that comes into a galaxy or something or something of that nature. Could you tell me what that is about, why I react in such a way?
Forces-Well let us say that in short you are active with certain fleets that we control on an astral level.
JU-Can you tell me in what way?
Forces-Well we call you the leather warmer.
JU-What did I do?
Forces-Warmed the leather, it is the directional find of the ship, do you understand what we said.
Forces-Ahhhh the chip (not ship) is the fore of directional find for the ship, it runs the ship and directs the ship to where you point the chip, so you sit in or you sit in a leather chair that directs the chip. Now if you’re totally confused the ship has call it a lava chair that you know as leather chair but is covered with the skin of a hide, but not of an animal of your earth, to directly conduct electricity so the chip doesn’t get (?) with your perspiration. In this way you direct but it is only on ah, it is only directed on an astral level, therefore were using you for our chip. Now does that make sense?
JU-A little bit.
Forces-I’m sure it gave you happiness. (Laughter)
JU-Thank you.
DD-Could you tell me what the Wall Room is you talked about in another Session, the aliens are using.
Forces-The Wall room is a room of planning and also of reconnaissance, it happens above this house and above the area in which the entrance starts for the vortex to open.
DD-What does that have to do with the ah, you said the letters, the aliens wanted me to, the only perfect form of letters were found in the wall room.
Forces-They represent the co-ordinates of entrance and dates of entrance.
DD-Is it possible to program a computer…
DD- by lines, points, and planes?
Forces-Question on the phone.
ES-Lori wanted you to call her, shes returning your call, I asked her 2 or 3 times if she had a question for the Session, she said no, no, no she faxed me, she faxed me. I said ok thank you.
Forces-You did your deed.
Forces-She had her opportunity and she could have done it, (never the less) she needs to be careful of her electricity in her body. There is a short in one of her vertebrae.
Forces-Greeting to all here present now.
Group-Our Father…