Session 143 version1?? – 1/22/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been moving throughout this area and find ourselves. We have strived to establish some form of force in which we could communicate with certain individuals. It is meeting up with a variety of successful patterns. We here have found more creative and industrial forces will soon be entering in harmonious aspects. Questions for the evening. In short, there are many, many ways of preparation, not only on a physical level. Question.

BR: What is happening with HT? He’s been misbehaving.

FORCES: It is a form of misplaced energy. The energy must be guided and positively construction and application of new ideas for his wandering mind. When this is not available, then a retrogression of biting and scratching appears. Question.

(missing questions recheck)

BH: Thank you.

GL: The apostle Philip, who was he during the time of Moses if he was alive?

FORCES: Do not find this particular entity on the earth at that time. Question.

BH: Psalm 122 that the entity has been reading lately, does it also have to do with the aspect of faith?

FORCES: It opens up the centers for the sacrifice in prayers and adoration. This prayer, repeating of, prepares the centers to align evenly within the body. It is the force and power of prayer. Question.

BH: Thank you.

IS: The discussions that the entity Tom and me had, were they constructive?

FORCES: We find that there are a lot of discussions that are had. To be specific, if it deals with the individual’s expression of development forward, it would be considered constructive in partial and impartial aspects, but as far as building, it would be considered. As far as construction for future plans and development, it would be considered such. As far as plans near and around this temple, it would be considered.

IS: The discussions that we had yesterday, I guess, about the … what I have expressed…

FORCES: Let us say it was necessary to a point.

IS: How do I know when that point arrives?

FORCES: This has to be an inner searching force. There will be a guidance and a guideline as you have followed up to now.

IS: Thank you. Any particular reason why my feet swell up every so often?

FORCES: This is an accumulation and also a lack of circulation within the body. It is also an expression of the lack of proper circulation in the feet area, the movement of too much movement of the feet muscles, accumulation of too much chemicals of salt, and in general, it is only the reaction of a foot that is on its feet or working a period of time. Raising the feet up will alleviate the swelling. Also, cracking down on salt would eliminate such. Spices of certain kinds would also eliminate the reaction.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Is my understanding somewhat correct about the entrance to the middle earth where it might be near?

FORCES: You have an understanding of it.

HI: The dream that I had many months ago about that spot that the people from middle earth they manifested to me. Is that possible? Could it possibly happen?

FORCES: Correct.

Hope Island: Thank you.

DD: What are the Cherubim? What are they? What do they do?

FORCES: It is an energy field of momentum. Question.

DD: Aren’t they one of the highest hierarchies next to God?

FORCES: Correct. Question.

DD: The ways of the Cross, the Stations of the Cross, what do they represent?

FORCES: These represent the qualities, as spoken before, of the developments within the person and the centers also within.

DD: Thank you.

MK: Can you tell us about the Buddha and has he left the earth? Was that his last lifetime here?

FORCES: Buddha is fat. Leaving the earth … There is always Buddha in the earth.

MK: Thank you.

IS: Do you mean to say Buddha was not that developed?

FORCES: Correct. Buddha was developed … physically, spiritually, and mentally. It was a channel of force. Question.

MK: Do we know him as someone from the Bible possibly?

FORCES: You would know him, but in different aspects of knowing. Question.

BR: The woman that called Tom on the phone, could we know more about that? What’s happening there with her or…

FORCES: It is just an interesting, perceptive woman who has the intuition and given insight on things. Question.

BR: Thank you.

BH: In Samuel it says in the part where David sees Bath-Sheba in the bathtub, it says that then she came and she came into his house to him because she was forgiven for her uncleanness. I’m wondering what they mean by that?

FORCES: There is also a period in a woman’s life where she is not acceptably clean. This also points in reference to her relationship with God that still needs the straightening power. Question.

GL: Are there any other names in the Bible that we would know that were lifetimes of Philip?

FORCES: We would have him repeated several times. You would find him as the entity Jonathan. Question.

IS: Jonathan the friend of David?

FORCES: Correct.

GL: Which quality would that be representing of developing?

FORCES: You would express it as the fiery tongue or the spirit of the Ghost. Question.

GL: He represented that each lifetime? Is this what would be the development of that in the earth throughout mankind?

FORCES: Throughout his own personal development he would represent that aspect. Question.

GL: Thank you.

IS: With my back and Dr. Carl , was it an accident that was approved by you in reality?

FORCES: It was an accident that was recorded that had to manifest as an accident, but was a weak spot in the area that was, what would be considered, fruitful of manifestation. It was not acceptable or condoned by us.

IS: Then, could you give me a doctor maybe somewhere in here that could correct it?

FORCES: We could mention a few. The doctors in this particular area are relatively few and inexperienced. In fact, the best one that could be found for your experiencing nature would be under the name of Dr. Hagen or Dr … You would find a Lipshine or Lipshintz in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, or better still, you would find in the Fredericksburg area a particular doctor that would be beneficial to the area would be a doctor manifesting there.

IS: The doctor in Fredericksburg, do you have the name? Do we have the name?

FORCES: We are searching for the correct name. More sounds to be Harrington or Dr. Hagelton or near to Higgins. Nonetheless, the back would be healed by us in a period of time considering all the centers to be closed or all the centers to be in alignment for the force of energy. This takes a considerable amount of doing and time preparation. Question.

IS: You mean to say that if that thing wouldn’t have been opened up or whatever, you couldn’t have worked on the things you wanted to work on with me?

FORCES: It is similar to that condition.

IS: Is that … because you can correct it, and for all these years you didn’t…

FORCES: It is an experiencing expression. It is being corrected over the years. Through all these years, it is being put into a proper way of the best correction.

IS: So I don’t have to go to any doctor? You will take care of it?

FORCES: It could be taken care of by a doctor in the world. It could be taken care of by elements in the earth. Also, it is being taken care of at the overall element. Question.

IS: You mean centers are being put in alignment or something?

FORCES: Correct. Put into a proper energy flow that would be in alignment to certain stars. Question.

HI: The experience I had in meditation this morning … It was as if I was in a ship and moving through the waters. Was that really happening?

FORCES: This was a direct pattern and strength within the body that was meeting certain aspects of light centers. Correct.

IS: What are the experiences that Johnny went through here, and what has been implanted…

FORCES: It is an implantation of certain seeds and re-awakening of certain sections of commitment. Question.

IS: And Jacob?

FORCES: A re-evaluation of certain possibilities and also an awkwardness of foundation of reconfirming the strength within. Question.

DD: Who was Ezekiel? Was he an apostle later on, too?

FORCES: Ezekiel could be considered near to an apostle. Question.

DD: Was he one of the twelve?

FORCES: We would say yes of a distant sort. Question.

MK: Was he one of the evangelists?

FORCES: All right. We would say yes to that. Question.

IS: Was he a family relation to one of the apostles?

FORCES: Correct. Question.

IS: The father of the two sons?

FORCES: We would find this information tantalizing.

IS: Tantalizing?

FORCES: Remember, to reveal certain lives of the past of certain individuals would mean a construction of something on the physical level. There are times when certain lives cannot be said directly yes or no, but indirectly said maybe.

DD: The dream I had a long time ago of a spaceship flying around my feet, and I saw this man far off and as he came closer, it was myself. Does that mean another lifetime?

FORCES: Let us say it is an encounter. Question.

DD: Why was it revealed that way?

FORCES: It was the only way we remember it. Question.

MK: The dream I had awhile back of Jesus appearing to a man in a cell, a prison, and I think the man was like a monk or something. Can you tell me about that?

FORCES: It represents the quality within you limitations of the spiritual urges of moving out. Question.

BH: Would it be correct that Jesus before He came as the Christ was incarnated every seven lifetimes?

FORCES: It would be incorrect. Question.

BH: Every seven generations?

FORCES: It could be possible. Question.

BH: Thank you.

GL: The palpitations that I’ve felt in my heart … is there something wrong with my heart?

FORCES: We could arrange it. Question.

BH: Who is Cretan Dittany?

FORCES: A musical lover. Question.

BH: A musical lover? Thank you.

IS: The Flushing group in Flushing, are they all right? Are they moving with what has to be?

FORCES: There is a progression and movement forward. There is that energy field that is necessary for movement. It would be in alignment to have periodical visits and weekends here and movement of a week there, bringing the energy flow in direct harmony with the major frontal progress down in here. Question.

IS: The moving down to New York, who is the one… who are the … who and which ones to go from the group here?

FORCES: Moving down to New York?

IS: You said …I don’t know, maybe I didn’t understand, that periodically somebody from here going down? You don’t mean Tom or me?

FORCES: This is all that we speak on. Question.

GL: Is there something that could be given to help me with my faith?

FORCES: Yes, more faith. A mustard seed would be good. Also, preparation and preparedness in faith.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Which one of my lifetimes have I developed … have I worked with architectural things?

FORCES: With the temple of Israel in King Solomon’s time.

IS: What was I then … what did I do for the temple?

FORCES: Preparation what would be considered for the inner sanctuary. Question.

IS: Was I a man?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Was I an old man from the time of David or…

FORCES: Let us say spirit of the masculine force. Question.

IS: Did I live at the time of David, too?

FORCES: Let us say yes. Question.

IS: What can we do to help Jacob and Johnny separately, together…

FORCES: This is in the force of time. Much what would be considered helpful expression would come from the feminine aspect of their lives. This would give them the encouragement and force to move forward. Question.

HI: Do I understand it correctly that certain individuals who pass on, like someone who has taken drugs or even someone who committed suicide, that they go to the middle earth?

FORCES: Let us say to a place like that. Question.

HI: Thank you.

DD: Is there something that can be given for me at this time?

FORCES: We would advise everyone to stay in harmony with the natural surrounding in the relationship that is to come. It would be a very expressive moment to keep up the with awareness that the Forces are here and are constructively sending forward the beams and energies to move in the right patterns. We surround and guide what we have to.

DD: I had a dream awhile ago about seeing like a ship. It was like an amoeba with a man sitting in. And then I saw a man from the revolutionary time, and I thought it was-first I thought it was…I think Madison or somebody, and in the dream I thought that it was Tom. It was James Madison or James Monroe or something like that. And in the dream something else was said. Was that. ..what was that about?

FORCES: It is an interesting … interesting feature. Question.

IS: In the story of the head that talked, the man who was a king, and when he died they beheaded him, and for twenty years they said the head continued talking, speaking. Is there such a thing possible that the force could come through…

FORCES: It has happened many times. Question.

IS: Could… I mean would you be the ones or would it have to be a lower force or a higher force?

FORCES: It is a force of a higher nature.

IS: Because then the body is actually even maybe purer than if the person was there. Is that it?

FORCES: Directly, yes.

IS: How come the Kohanim are not supposed to touch dead bodies?

FORCES: Because of certain purificational forces that had been met inside them.

IS: You mean to say they are not good enough for the body, or is it a physical thing?

FORCES: All those who are into the sacred rights of the priesthood are much more open to the psychic world senses. To touch a physically dead body would take awhile to remove the shock from certain systems unless properly prepared. It is interesting to note that these spiritual priests, if followed correctly, are of a higher sort of energy that are beaming into a different wave center that is very much on open grounds open wire. Question.

IS: Could you give me personal … personal advice?

FORCES: In reference.

IS: To myself, to the things that I’ve been going through lately or…

FORCES: We would only suggest for you that a certain amount of revelation and enlightenment for your own understanding. That when these moments of flashes come, to draw closer to the reality of the spirit world and it surrounding you and trying to help you as much as possible, for remember, there are many fields of expression, not just the physical expression. W e are surrounded by a spiritual expression even at this very moment. Draw upon that and it will supply you. This is all that is needed.

IS: Those things that happened, they are not something that is part of my development, is it?

FORCES: It is not.

IS: Is it another force?

FORCES: It is a force of energy that is being felt near you. You are an instrument that feels tremendous energy factors that happen in the earth.

IS: Now with you speaking through the head or whatever, could you tell us, is it something that is that story is correct, then? Is it a real story?

FORCES: It is many times happening.

IS: Did it happen in our generation?

FORCES: Could happen at any moment.

IS: Is it possible that that’s what happened to that man that jumped off, and that’s why they wouldn’t get rid of the body?

FORCES: This is possible. Isis: Thank you.

DS: Sometimes I feel like I’m blocked up with things, and I wonder if there ever will be a point where it goes on through the barrier. You know, there’s some point that you come up to that there’s always that barrier in front of you. Can you explain that? I mean, you want to go on through that and when you get on the other side, you know it’ll be in a way easier and that you can almost do it, but you don’t do it. Could you help m e with that?

FORCES: The blocking is a considerate force that needs to be worked with.

DD: Could you help me work with it?

FORCES: More forceful expressions of the spirit, also of reading, and expressions in the work around you could unlock these centers. Question.

BH: Who is the Chief Musician that David wrote the psalms to?

FORCES: It could be a woman. Could be the music of the spheres coming down to him. Question.

BH: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell us about music: what moves the music all around the ship? Could you go into that in more detail?

FORCES: From arising the centers within, simple. Question.

DD: How is that?

FORCES: Sound waves. Question.

BR: Was Benjamin around during the time of Jesus?

FORCES: Correct. Question.

BR: Was he an apostle?

FORCES: Near to same. Question.

IS: How many of the sons of Jacob made it?

FORCES: This is a growing concern for us. It represents the nations of the world. It will take time for that to express and manifest into its fruitful place.

IS: Wouldn’t it be just three, the same as with Jesus?

FORCES: It would be an interesting discussion on that, as three would have made it at that time.

IS: Is Joseph included in the three or not?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Included?

FORCES: Joseph is included above the three.

IS: So it’s three besides Joseph?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Could you tell us the names of them?

FORCES: Judah, Laban.

IS: Who? Laban?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Laban wasn’t a son.

FORCES: Laban was the one who had what would be considered a clean heart. He was the pure aspects that each one strives for.

IS: He was the father-in-law of Jacob, right?

FORCES: Nonetheless, the brother of Rebekah. This is the clean spirit that would fulfill and succeed the making. Also, it represents part of the entity’s name. But now, you have Dan and you have the two sons of Joseph, making what?

IS: So it’s Joseph, Judah, is one, Laban is two, and the two sons of Joseph is three, and Dan.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I see. What nation would Laban represent?

FORCES: The psychic nation.

IS: So actually, what he did to Jacob he had to do … the fourteen years and all that?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: So, actually, he was working with those things we’ve been talking about: fears and all that?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Even though Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and he did reach another consciousness, nevertheless he was at the same consciousness as his forefathers?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: So, in reality, from the time of Abraham to the time of Jacob … or I mean Joseph, there was only one that made it through?

FORCES: Yes and no, more so Yes.

IS: I mean as the carrier of the inheritance.

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Was Jacob John, the apostle?

FORCES: We find no.

DD: Was John in the Old Testament?

FORCES: It is given to you. Question.

DD: It was given before?

FORCES: It has been said and given many times.

Forces-We here find this to be interesting, but now must be about a certain mission to be done. Struggle the best way of awareness, and aware the awareness to become well known. Move on forward as much as you can, and do what is necessary. Move on with spirit. We shall return back in the mid of the week. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens, hallowed be Thy name…

Greetings to all here present now. We find it interesting that you are sitting here back for more. What can we say for a persistent lot. We have said as much as we could possibly say in all details and circumstances involved. Question.

ISIS: Were our deductions about who Laban is this lifetime correct?

THE CHANNELLORS: The entity Laban. We find the name Laban in his particular lifetime very much in influence with the situation around.

ISIS: Was Laban Merlin?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find it of the same pattern. Question.

ISIS: Why is it … If you say … Sometimes you answer immediately yes, no, and other times you don’t. What is the difference?

THE CHANNELLORS: The difference is the question.

ISIS: You mean certain questions are not to be answered?

THE CHANNELLORS: What particular question do you want answered?

ISIS: A lot of questions, but in this particular case, was the entity Tom Laban?

THE CHANNELLORS: You should have asked it in that respect. We find your deductions and your assumptions and your questions correct. Question.

ISIS: So actually that force of Laban … Who was he at the time of Jesus then? I mean, we know it was Thomas, but yet only three made it, and Thomas was one of those three. At the time of Jacob it seems as if though four made it including Laban.

THE CHANNELLORS: Laban was not incorporated into the three (3). It was above the three (3).

ISIS: And at the time of Jesus?

THE CHANNELLORS: You need an extra help and push wherever you can get it.

DAVID: Who was there another one besides Thomas, John, and Philip who made it?

THE CHANNELLORS: That should be it for the moment. Question.

ISIS: Who was he?

THE CHANNELLORS: Who was what?

ISIS: The fourth. The one that was above the three. The one that represented the same thing as Laban represented at the time of Jacob. Who was the magician?

THE CHANNELLORS: Joseph Aramathea.

ISIS: But yet Joseph Aramathea was not Laban?


ISIS: So actually Merlin, Laban, it’s really one force…


ISIS: that has nothing to do with the evolution of the entity?

THE CHANNELLORS: One force tapping into that channel. Once tapped into, goes through a progression and centers. Laban was associated in Merlin.

ISIS: But yet not necessarily the entity that manifested as Merlin would be the same?

THE CHANNELLORS: Merlin was Laban.

ISIS: And Joseph Aramathea, who was he at the time of Laban?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say the twin aspect of Thomas.

ISIS: The twin aspect. The brother of Laban?

THE CHANNELLORS: The aspect of the soul.

ISIS: Oh. Thank you.

GABRIEL: Is Thomas the soul… or what we know as Thomas… Does that come from a twin star system projecting into the earth?

THE CHANNELLORS: I knew I shouldn’t have come back so fast.

GABRIEL: Is that why Thomas is a twin?

THE CHANNELLORS: Correct. Question.

GABRIEL: Thank you.

ISIS: What planet is that?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find the planet to be in alignment with Mercury and the planet of Jupiter. Question.

GABRIEL: Which star system that … as we know it… is that related to?

THE CHANNELLORS: You will find it in the system of Pleiades. Question.

GABRIEL: Does that mean that Thomas was, let’s say the…

THE CHANNELLORS: We are interrupting something here. We must leave. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…