Session 160-5/15/78

Forces- Greetings to all here present now. It is with a firm awareness that we are watching a progress that have been made and find the movement slightly interesting. We are watching around the world, of course we have witnessed to the dilemma in Italy and the problems of internal conflict. This is a character that is happening between the truth and the lie in which they live and it must be balanced out. We also perceive in the situations in Africa should be tense and should stand to be the next 10 years of probing and work and internal conflicts of all sorts. We are also facing a new discovery of knowledge and opinion to come to mankind’s ears and knowledge of his mind. In the next 3 years societies will receive information that should advance their knowing power of certain situations to come of past civilizations and their ability and structure of living. We would also find this new information coming from South America, India and from the coastal countries surrounding that of China and where would be the forest of Russia. We are also aware of the movement in and around this particular area and only notice that there is a lot more work to be done. We are also making preparations for certain involvements to this work.

Forces-We are ready for your questions.

DD-Should the skylight be re-tarred?

Forces-It would not hurt to do a re-tarring on the outside surface when weather permits.

DD-It was given before that the house was like the Tree of Life, which of the 3 floors is which Pillar?

Forces-Each floor would represent a certain aspect the Tree of Life coming in from the East, which would be Wisdom and Knowledge, Truth.

DD-Does each floor represent a different Pillar?

Forces-It would be could be simulated to that.

DD-Would the ground floor be Severity?

Forces-And the top floor Mercy?

Forces-This could be.

DD-And the Middle would be combining the two?

Forces-Applying it.

DD-Is that the correct way it is?

Forces-It is a way it should be.

DD-The Meditation room what path would that be?

Forces-You would find this to be the Spirit of Christ.

DD-On the Tree what Path?

Forces-It would be known as the Father Path.

DD- Straight up and down the middle?

Forces-It would be known as the Father Path.

DD-Thank you very much.

BR-Can anything be given to me for guidance (——–?)

Forces-We would apply that in your subtleness of doing things, in short it is not the problem of doing things wrong it is to be receptive in how to do things different instead of the so called close mindedness of doing it your way in areas, be receptive to new ways of expressing new understandings in your way of learning.

NN-Could you give me a rosary intercession that would be good at this time or should I use the same one you gave me a few months ago?

Forces-Would it be good in my personal rosaries to use the same intercession for grace and Gods laws that you gave me a few months ago or would there be another one that I should use at this time?

Forces-To have the reception of loving and to give love.

NN-Thank you.

Forces-Before we leave you the entity who just spoke thanking us for positions rendered would not hurt.

NN-Thank you I’m sorry thank you very much.


IS-Is there any guidance for her in her new position.

Forces-As long as she is conscientious and productive things should go fairly decent.

NN-Could you help me———-like I feel like I don’t move fast enough. What law is it—– to move quickly and accurately?

Forces-The law of faith and concentration, fast enough will be as would say it will grow on you. Momentum only grows through patience and time.

NN- Thank you, thank you very much again.

IS-Could I get a prayer for myself?

Forces-Father thy Spirit stands before you ready to do your will.


Forces-Before Him.

IS-Thank you.

IS-The fireplace the way we want to build it is that correct?

Forces-You will find roads and avenues of building it right.

IS-Will Simon be helping?

Forces-He would be the instrument of doing it.

IS-Thank you.

IS-Is it a mark of his own development?

Forces-It will be.

IS-With the electrical things that JB bought did he buy the right things and will it take care of the different problems that we encountered?

Forces-It would serve its purpose.

IS-Thank you. Thank you for the design of the kitchen also.

Forces-It has been given through hard work of being receptive to it.

MK-Is there any guidance for me right now?

Forces-We would apply what was said to the other entity BR before could relatively be applied to you.

MK-Thank you very much. And the column that were working on downstairs now is there a way to anchor that to the floor?

Forces-You will find various ways of doing it which is fairly simple. Anchoring it to the floor is and can be done in an indirect way breaking the area around the cement pouring the cement and putting the beam into it would be a way, you would find different ways of bolting wood panel of metal to the floor and having it cupped into it then puttying or cementing or plastering the cup around the beam. You would have many different ways of wood molding or beams bolted into the cement floor making a brace clear across the whole entire length.

MK-The whole length not just the column there but..?

Forces-Creating a underneath pattern for the cabinet that could be made.

MK-That whole area there is weak. Thank you very much.

RU-What is the significance of this new onslaught of rain that is covering the area?

Forces-This here goes along with the fasting the entity is going through, it is a critical moment for many areas in the eastern coast it is more like the thought forms of negativity and the washing away of such forms of pollution that have been tremendously poured into the atmosphere.

RU-Thank you very much.

DD-Was King Saul later Paul in that lifetime?

Forces-Many people would find the similarity quite convincing.

DD-Was he the same person?

Forces-Sometimes we believe it would be.

DD-It can’t be given?

DD-What was the name of the planet (asteroid belt) that blew up when there was a separation of sexes?

Forces-We do not know we do not give names to things the way earth people do, you would call it Platonium.


DD-Would it be good to grow mushrooms?

Forces-There are many things in the house that needs to be done, growing mushrooms can only be done after things have been accomplished, (we) do not want to grow mushrooms its not the right time for mushrooms.

DD-Someday in the future.

Forces-Yes someday in the future.

DD-In the Book of the Concealed are they talking about a ship and mechanisms in it?

Forces-It could be that way.

DD-Could you tell more about Zebaoth? Last Session had a feeling you couldn’t say too much.

Forces-Maybe that same feeling is prevalent now.

DD-Thank you.

NN-How do you get innocence?

Forces-When you desire things.

NN-You get innocence by desiring things.

Forces-Innocence comes from not having the senses desiring God is the only way one can receive the innocence of God.

NN-Not having any vanity?

Forces-By being generally receptive to all things for Gods purposes regardless of what it appears on a physical level.

NN-Thank you.

IS-Is there anything that can be given for the entities hair?

Forces-We would suggest after the fast if he is worried about his hair potatoe peels of course. There’s other remedies for hair but I do not think he is worried about hair.

IS-The incident that happened with HI and her parents, that was the way it had to be.

Forces-It is a way that it has to be.

IS-Then was the purpose understood was it achieved?

Forces-Purposes are multi achievement will be slow.

IS-Will understanding come?


IS-Last nights session are we still under the same conditions.

Forces-If you act a certain way you would be.

IS-So it has to do with the people in this room?

Forces-If you act a certain way you will be.

IS-The two pictures that the entity drew it came to my mind that one of them was a controller and one of them was a speaker is that correct?

Forces-This would be correct.

IS-It seemed the controller had a mouth the speaker did not have one.

Could you give us a little bit more about them?

Forces-One is a set Design of watching and movements the other one is a set design of receiving and just being that of movement and plans to be.

IS-So the Speaker is just not just is receiving of movements?

Forces-In the Air throughout the galaxies.

IS-So he’s not on your ships?

Forces- Every ship has one of each.

IS-Is he the one that keeps contact then?


IS-Between the ships?


IS-Between the Galaxies?


IS-On this earth would we know these beings by other names?

Forces-Yes and no.

IS-They wouldn’t be considered angels right?

Forces-Indirectly. We would say yes.


Forces-We would not say Archangels.

IS-The designs that are being created on the ground floor what period what time?

Forces-No time you would say the middle century you would also say 18 to 1700’s. You would say in certain Rustic periods.

IS-Yet it looks so outer space.

Forces-It is more of the mysterious order that was during this period secret.

IS-Thank you very much.

Forces-Which trace back to the Atlantis period.

IS-Is any part is anything resembling anything of the interior of a ship?

Forces-All the parts would be later on described to you.

IS-Thank you.

MK-The screaming in my sleep and moaning that whole thing why does that happen to me?

Forces-These qualities of fighting within yourself are the qualities of getting rid of removing those negative impulses. Becoming secure within yourself and your new strong identity of doing and believing the independence of doing in the construction of personality that in the past frightful of doing things now the ability to do them.

MK-Thank you.

RU-During the Pentecost when the tongues of fire came down were the 120 people that were in that room were they able to see the fire of each other person or did each person perceive only his own enlightenment?

Forces-They were able to see.

RU-Each others?


RU-And the different languages. Is that the same as automatic writing the way that happened, is it the person who hears who understands it in his own language.

Forces- Similar.

RU-Thank you.

DD-The dream I had of putting the plate of copper or bronze across two pieces of soapstone and if you place a book on that its used to receive learning?

Forces-In a indirect way placing a book of thought forms.

DD-How could that be used today?

Forces-It is not developed to be used today.
(tape ends)
(Tape begins with the following):

FORCES: …students which would normally take two and a half years in your schools would take four days to learn.

DD: The technique of the thought form?

FORCES: And the technique of learning.

IS: You mean just receiving information and retaining it.

FORCES: And using it.

IS: Somebody who has what is called a photographic memory, does he have something that has been developed through part of that technique.

FORCES: It is much more than just that.

IS: Could you explain that?

FORCES: It is the ability to learn a lot of systems, the ins and outs, the ability to break down systems, to create new systems, and the ability to learn it in three days.

IS: What about people who have a photographic memory?

FORCES: They just have a remembrance of things put in front of them like a being-type thought of learning.

IS: Is that through good karma that they have that?

FORCES: Straining or strenuous thoughts of obtaining knowledge.

IS: From other lives or this life?

FORCES: Other lives and this life.

IS: Thank you.

DD: If something was engraved on that plate that we received, some kind of symbol or something? Could that be done that way?

FORCES: It could be.

DD:Thank you. Also in the book of “The Concealed”, and they’re talking about the crystal. Is the crystal what the gyro is?

FORCES: Indirectly. The child helps keep balance of a moving object going “x’ amount of times the speed of light.

DD:Is it through the crystal that those in the ship contact whatever the higher…contact the Ancient One?

FORCES: It could be.

DD: They’re continually aware of God manifesting through the crystal, everything that they should do?

FORCES: It could be.

DD-Can you go anymore into that?

Forces-Not at this moment.

DD:Thank you very much.

NN:In the Bible when the Queen of Sheba comes to see Solomon, and it says she finds everything was exceeding everything she’d ever heard about, and then it says “there was no more spirit in her”. What does it mean “there was no more spirit in her”?

FORCES: It means the receptive part has been closed.

NN: Thank you.

IS: When the apostles received the power of healing and the exorcising of devils and things like that, through the ages, what happens to those apostles with those powers? Do they have to regain them all over again through something like it’s in a bank, but they cannot get it until a certain moment, or is it something else?

FORCES: This could be true, the first part.

IS: Thank you. Now, downstairs the way I saw the rest of the arches from the music room and then into the hallway and then the door from the hallway into the den, is that correct?

FORCES: This would be so.

IS: Thank you. Why…I get very upset reading the New Testament, having to read it all across over again with the four. Why do I get so upset?

FORCES: Because of a lot of incoherent items that are not readily available or done yet.

IS: My lack of understanding?

FORCES: It is the inability of seeing it before your eyes, rather than in your mind.

IS: How will I understand? I don’t understand.

FORCES: The inability doesn’t come from your understanding, from others.

IS: Thank you. So I’m angry at what happened and why and that it’s still happening? Something like that?


MK: Aside from Judas, did any of the apostles completely fall away from their development in later lives?

FORCES: Not too many.

MK: There were some, though?

FORCES: A few.

MK: Which ones?

FORCES: This has no fruits. Apostles not of the twelve, but of the 144.

MK: Thank you.

RU:Is there a particular amount of time that IS should continue on that special diet?

FORCES: To the end of the week.

RU: Thank you. Is there any further guidance in that area for her particular things that she might need to take into her body.

FORCES: Fish at certain times would be good.

RU: Do those things make up for the additional taxing that comes from the use of her psychic energy that’s gone all the time? Or is there something else that would help that?

FORCES: Repeat the question.

RU:Are there any substances or things that she could take to help with the use of the psychic energy that’s going all the time?

FORCES: Fish should be an adequate item. Also, we would say liver, onions, garlic, peppers, bananas, peaches, pears, grapefruits.

RU:Thank you very much.

DD: What path would it be we’re working on going through the hallway downstairs where we put the arch.

FORCES: Zebaoth.

FORCES: Now that we have finished here, we shall return to you again. Be strong and move straight. Be receptive and apply-able to what you need to do.

Forces- Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in heaven…