Session 161-5/20/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have come to be here around the area, that needs to be developed. As the internal structure must be watched, so is there a internal feeling of strength. This internal structure will follow nonetheless, as with each passing moment we must perceive all of those things that we already know, in order to make use of and become more as what will be done in days to come. We are now ready for your questions.

DD: The tar that IS got today, will that be sufficient for the roof?

FORCES: That should do it quite nicely. Questions.

DD: About the Thought Form” books people used to learn, is that possible to do it now?

FORCES:Everything is possible.

DD: If you put a regular book on there, wouldn’t it attract the thought form book? Like every book has a thought form book when it was written? Could that be done that way?

FORCES:If a certain amount of sacrifice, then there should be that what would be considered passion to return to New York. Question.

BR: Can anything be given on what’s happening in the Middle East?

FORCES: Generally, a changing of power structure. Questions.

NN: In Psalm 34 it says “Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord”. Who is saying that?

FORCES: We only suggest that it was somebody higher to dictate to the young man.

NN: Is it you that is saying that, the, the Forces?

FORCES: We do have our hands in a lot of pots. Question.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Is Tom all right?

FORCES: It is a total advancing forward, just not that much at the first moment. Question.

IS: But is he okay?

FORCES: Yes. Question.

IS: HA’s sickness…what is it? What can be given for it?

FORCES: It is as a general condition to deal with her nerves and to also the amount of work there is ahead for her.

IS: And is it purification before something else begins?

FORCES: It is there to take. Question.

IS: Can anything on a physical level be given, like a herb or something, to help her?

FORCES: Question.

IS: My dream with the many visitors into this house seeking Tom and then also the scene with HP and RU… could I get an interpretation for that?

FORCES: Strange inward search that these items must go through is more like an identity of self.

IS: Then that dream is not a prophetic dream for the future, but rather something within myself? Is that correct?

FORCES: We would say correct.

IS: Did John the Baptist make it? Did he make it 100% or
whatever? Did he make it? Is there something we can do
to make…

FORCES: Just generally, the moving from day to day. Question.

IS: The steam pipe that we intend to put up, where would be the best location, for that room on the third floor? Where would be the best location for the pipe to come through?

MK: Can you give us the name of a dentist in the area?

GROUP: (Chanting) “Forces on high strong as the wind, stand before us”

FORCES: With this we just

FORCES: Question.

Is-Is everything ok?

Forces-It is moving according to this plan.

Is-Can I ask again about the pipes?

Mk-A dentist in the area that we could use?

Forces-You will find these so called near or too (two) areas of expression of feet and filaments. All things must change.


Is-Is the question about a dentist an answer?

Forces-This would forcibly be manifest as time goes on.

Is-Would the one in Lovingston be alright?

Forces-It would be alright.

Isis-Thank you.

Mk-Thank you.

MK: About the Theosophists and C. W. Leadbeater in particular, was he…what was his mission, and was he receiving from you, and is all that he has written accurate?

FORCES: Near to partially sane as far as his inner cities are concerned.

MK: And the group of Theosophists that surrounded him, were they all initiated on another level, or was that…

FORCES: (Carefully?) It would seem so. Question.

MK: Thank you.

RU: Is there a psalm or a prayer that would form like a protection in some way against the constant profanity that always goes on at my job?

FORCES: More or less to work with it and development that they might understand that use of this is only making you more unhappy so. It would be interesting if they ever learn this.

RU: If they ever what?

FORCES: This encounter of what would be considered
major property. Question.

RU: I don’t understand what major property.

FORCES: The use and personal advantages of what has been placed before you.

RU: Is there something that would ward off the constant vibration of profanity?

FORCES: This must be done through you to them by showing and proving to them that…

RU: Could you explain the feelings that I get whenever I work on Tom’s robe?

FORCES: This is the picking up of impulses on an astral level, breaking apart, and changing thoughts within. Also the allowing the spirit to enter.

RU: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell us about the sulphur we were talking about the other day?

FORCES: This is a strong working force moving certain things out of its way; it comes from the heart of the earth and the very (soul?) constant (mineral?) of…

DD: How did the alchemists use it?

FORCES: That of movement and life itself.

DD: What part of the body would be represented by Malkuth?

FORCES:This would be the strength of the seal for truth. Question.

BR: How many dimensions are there?

Forces: More than what we can tell you.

NN: Would any psalm that has 22 verses have something to do with helping the mental mind or helping in terms of ordering the mind with concentration?


NN: Does Chronicles in the Bible, like reading some of Chronicles, does that help in ordering, straightening cut the mind, or…

FORCES: Some (Psalm?) can help the new and the old.

NN: The new and the old? I don’t understand.

FORCES: In time each tree will bear what it has to.

NN: Thank you.

IS: What prayer could be given to us when we get ourselves in this situation where we can’t even sit still in meditation without falling asleep, so we can’t even listen. That’s the reason why we can’t even hear you coming through correctly. What prayer can be given? Something that we could recite or something that we could sing?

FORCES: Strength comes from the inner bark in which all things are outward expressions. Question.

IS: Then there is no prayer that could be given?

FORCES: I don’t think that could be answered. Question.

IS: The steam pipe ——-?

FORCES: Question.

IS: Okay. What happened with those Jesus freaks and the sickness that they picked up in Tahiti and then dropping off those children in the hospitals?

FORCES: There’s more planned by us in certain ways to awaken the spirit.

IS: Is it to awaken the spirit in those people, the Jesus freaks?

FORCES: To awaken the spirit in many avenues. Question.

IS: Can a thing like this cause persecutions against a religious people?

FORCES: Persecution comes regardless.

IS: The situation with Carter and his vengeance on Israel, could you explain anything about that?

FORCES: This is more of a scourge within avenues, but as far as the new way of expressing the government, it was felt in a positive manner. Question.

IS: So, there was nothing wrong with what Carter did?

FORCES: We find only the expression that still need to be refined and subject to restraint. Question.

IS: Thank you. Wisdom… is wisdom an entity?

FORCES: It is more of a well being. It is more of a condition.

IS: Is it also a force…

FORCES: You will find it as what would be considered a force.

IS: Like a singular intelligence, is that it?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Tell RU in the great strength of working the children that the inner structures are very seldom touched. Question.

RU: The inner structures of the children?

FORCES: Question.

RU: Is that an answer to my feeling that no radical changes can come about except through the spirit?

FORCES: Correct. Question.

RU: Are they able to make some kind of commitment in whatever level…?

FORCES: It could be. Question.

DD: Could it be answered about Saul and Paul? Were they the same person?

FORCES: No. Question.

NN: The words, “And His mercy endureth forever”, could you tell me what that’s a code for?

FORCES: This is an expression of faith and truth and what would be considered creativity.

NN: Thank you. So when one says the words or when it says in the psalms “Praise the Lord, for He is good, for his mercy endureth forever”, what does that raise up?

FORCES: What would be considered the factors of faith.

NN: Thank you. Also, the Kol-nidre, especially that melody, that song, those measures, what does it conjure up, to hum that?

FORCES: This is a combination of the centers and the windpipe of bringing both forces from one of the levels and other levels of expression, brings up the strength and summons the sound.

IS: That means also the angels belonging to those sounds?

FORCES: Correct.

NN: And so, is it protection?

FORCES: Correct.

NN: Also, one time I asked about Psalm 44 and it was given about it being energy in the eyes, and I asked if that helped in meditation, and I believe you said it did. So, does that help some from the thing…help me to stay awake in meditation – that problem – Psalm 44?

FORCES: This would have some helping factor.

NN: Thank you.

DD: I thought the thing with how they received the learning and telling me about the books and everything… If you were to put letters on a plate like the (22 stones?), and if you laid it under, if you slept under it or whatever. Would that have any effect on it?

FORCES: There would be a sizable effect but nothing on a conscious level to be remembered, unless remembrance is needed.

DD: How would it be remembered on the conscious level?

FORCES: A feeling within the speaker’s throat. Question.

DD: How…when does…the speaker’s throat? Does it mean that whenever you do that there’s a certain entity that teaches you on another level? The speaker?

FORCES: This can be possible. Question.

IS: The Kaballah is that I don’t know if I understood it correctly… but did you say that it was a good thing or a bad thing?

FORCES: In what respect?

IS: As a spiritual helper or…

FORCES: It is an excellent observation of the tracks.

IS: So it is a good force?

FORCES: An expression that we would not want to touch. It is a strong force of electricity.

IS: That you would not want to touch?

FORCES: An expression that of the power it would hold if done right.

IS: Is that a good thing?

FORCES: The force is always used good. It can be used not so good, but it is taken care of if that comes up.

IS: Then you are speaking of the Kabalah as the whole entire thing, as magic.

FORCES: Correct.

Forces- We at this point would suggest certain items: knowing your difficulties in the living room with the steam pipe, we find this very frustrating for you, but the only way to handle the situation is two ways: one, construct a box, as you have in mind, to go from point A to point B that would curve at a certain point and curve on up away from your major beam and moving through. That is one aspect. Another aspect is moving the steam pipe and connecting it in a different area altogether. That would be another aspect.

DD: Would that be in the dining room through the cabinets?

FORCES: This could be done, or the aspect of moving the steam in the different area in the room, or the aspect of waiting until a certain revelation is shown in a certain way to do it. Remember, steam can travel in many ways and distances is not all that difficulty difficult to span.

DD: Can we bring it to the other side of the house, though?

FORCES: Not the other side, but in an indirect way the other side.

DD: Clear across the floor?

IS: Do you mean having the steam pipe on the other end of the

FORCES: This could be done.

IS: And since at this point we’re not working on that stuff, and something else might happen where the end of the room is. The end of the room might be in another place where it is now. Is that what you mean by revelation?

FORCES:We’ll wait and see. As these few days pass by and what you come up with. Then you will check back with us, and we will tell you the story.

IS: Then, that drawing that I made of, I don’t know, maybe dormers or something in that section of that room in the back of the house would that be considered, something to be considered?

FORCES: It could be. At this point, we would also suggest a major terminal in the future where you as a person can reach every room in the house with the speaking unit, keeping in touch with this unit, and having, if you want certain musical spheres, notes, expressions going throughout the house; also, getting in touch with people in the house without running up and down throughout the house and in the yard. At this point, we have to leave, but we will be back in the week to come.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the heaven…