Session 159 – 5/15/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been in the area for awhile and need to do what we need to do that under certain times and places, there shall be many more movements forward, the strength and curiosity of people in the area will begin to come forward with a curiosity more of sincerely introducing and finding themselves more with you it seems to be a period of introduction. We seem to find the area quite interesting and move on to newer plans and endeavors to undertake. We would suggest that movement be strengthened in many areas. It would seem that the work in the house is going along all right. Moving a little faster in areas of building could be done if the approach was from six in the morning starting it out and continuing it until the 12 o’clock mark. We are interested to see that the areas around and things to be done will still encompass a future in development, but all will go according to what has to be done. Questions.

RU: With the entities MAR and HOP., the thing that IS perceived that happened with the clown makeup, is that accurate and can something else further be given about it? On a spiritual level did she actually affect him?

FORCES: We would say it was accurate as far as the description, but you would also say that IS has helped in the development in a positive approach.

RU: Has her depletion of his spiritual energies been put in check by Tom and IS intervening?

FORCES: It seems like the unity and the union of both couples were depleting their energies in their both fields. One, one way, and one the other way. Neither one is responsible for the depletion of the other one’s energy, but it was more or less the depletion of self wills that has allowed that to happen. We would say a checking or a balance system is and does happen when the entity IS and Tom (this that we speak through) approach or receive in the areas that they visit.

RU: Thank you.

MK: The wire that runs through the hallway downstairs that we’re working on now, is that the telephone wire?

FORCES: Well, if you can catch the wire, tell her phone and it will say it was something similar to the telephone and what would be considered a intercom network system throughout the house. When Roger Jovel Jolly was in his (—-) years, he had a snicky wicky in which he carried this marvelous plan throughout the house. It’s more or less like a viewing system.

MK: So we can disconnect it?

FORCES: Or use it in a different way.

MK: Where does it come up to? Does it come up to this floor?

FORCES: If you follow it, you might find it interesting.

MK: Okay. And building wood frames close to the pipes in that hallway, is that a fire hazard in any way, or if the wood would touch the pipe?

FORCES: What particular pipe is it?

MK: The return pipes in…

FORCES: You would find that there needs to be a space around the pipe. It would not be the best in interest to put a wood frame adjacent to the pipe.

MK: Thank you.

IS: Then should we put insulation around the pipe and then put the frame?

FORCES: This would be the best.

IS: Which design should we adopt for the rest of the remaining of that particular hallway between the two arches? The bird or the cup or something else?

FORCES: You would find the bird description more adequate.

IS: Thank you. Then the rest of the thing with the mirrors on the side, is that correct then? Should we leave space for that or no need? It could come also from the ceiling, too?

FORCES: Either way, it would be all right, but we would suggest that before you close the pipes up that carry condensation of any kind, it would be your while to wrap them in some protection of normal covering of pipes with water carrying, so it would not drip upon your ceilings and woodwork.

IS: That’s beside insulation?

FORCES: Insulation, as far as pipes are concerned, is the insulation.

IS: Does it mean we put the insulation and then we put some sort of rubber-type thing, or is there…

FORCES: Insulation, not normally the insulation that you put in the walls, insulation of a circular nature around the pipe.

IS: Oh, I see. Special insulation for these pipes, is it something that Tom’s father once showed us?

FORCES: If you could find it to be this, that would be good.

IS: Or anything else?

MK: Like the insulation that was in the boiler room?

FORCES: Something more, what would be considered
advanced than that.

IS: Thank you. Then, the Ten Commandments and the ship above, is that correct?

FORCES: This should be a great knockout.

IS: Thank you for it. Now with the electricity, have we done what we were supposed to do there?

FORCES: It is beginning to shape up.

IS: Are there any other fire hazards?

FORCES: Fire hazards is normal, even if the wires were in good condition all out the house. The misuse of energy and overloading sockets is the biggest hazard one can encounter, other than neglect and haphazardness. We would say that it is not going to alleviate the wire system, it still needs to be worked out. We would find the third floor in a total disrepair and badly needing a whole, entire wire system done on it. We would suggest also that the checking of systems after they are done just to reaffirm in the mind the adequacy and the putting up of, what would be considered, stress and strains of time to see the withstanding points and their own physical weaknesses of the system. Other than that, we would say you are moving along all right. We would check the oven and make sure those wires are properly done, for that is your next area to be corrected. We would also suggest that a closer look at the what would be called the sewer scraper in the kitchen to reaffirm the connection to be right and perfect in a most clean and orderly manner.

MK: Garbage disposal.

IS: How would I check on the electricity check by check? Are you referring by any chance to what we call junction boxes? Are those weak spots…are those the weak spots?

FORCES: There is not a per se weak spots, weak spots, but the general system of the old being replaced by the new.

IS: Should we look into another electrician?

FORCES: We will give a certain point in time, but it would not be a bad idea to allow certain fields of electrician or electrical work to be opened.

IS: Then will you give us the name of an electrician and the time when we should get?

FORCES: We will be happy to.

IS: When the time is right?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: How are JB and HI doing?

The Channellors: They are going through their developments.

IS: Thank you. Why didn’t Mike, the electrician from Schuyler, come?

FORCES: We would find other circumstances had happened.

IS: But they wouldn’t…he could have let us know or anything like that?

FORCES: Normally people in Schuyler do not know what it means to let other people know. They are very busy in their work and in generally it is taken that if they are not there now, they’ll be there later on.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything on that specific diet that I’m now on?

FORCES: We would suggest not that many eggs, and we also would suggest a roving-type meal for your own balance: fruit in the morning and then the one meal in the afternoon would be adequate.

IS: Okay. Nothing at night, no fruit or…

FORCES: Lettuce or cottage cheese or pineapple would be all right.

IS: Thank you. The amount of houses that are for sale in this area at this particular moment in time, does it have…what does that mean? Why is it happening?

FORCES: They want to move into other areas. Company store wants to sell what they have; other people want to go to a closer area, what would be more convenient; general complications for some people; many miscellaneous reasons of selling. When Spring comes, it usually is the time when they all start wanting to sell their house.

IS: I see. So, it’s a regular phenomenon of every year?

FORCES: Normally. It’s what you would call the American kicker-booker.

IS: It doesn’t have anything to do with us?

FORCES: Sometimes you would wonder.

IS: Any of the reasons that I thought?

FORCES: It has nothing to do with you directly. It is more of a indirect response of the old saying, “When things look good, then they all jump on the bandwagon”.

IS: Thank you. The secret room…I had a dream about it, and…

FORCES: It is more or less like what would be called awakening your mind to more of the area space. Also, reminding you that the movement on or forward, not necessarily that the entities would go through these periods or cycles, but more of a strengthening of the harmony between both entities and the people in the area of movement from that lower sections into higher areas of expression.

IS: But yet there is that physical secret room?

FORCES: This has happened.

IS: Can anything be given about the function or.

FORCES: Storage and miscellaneous items, especially for those who the FBI the Federal Internal Revenue system is after.
IS: So its not to be turned into room space?

Forces: It wouldn’t, could beturned into room space but more it would be idealistic for insulation space.

IS: Oh, thank you.

BR: With C & R Grocery Store was the fire set, or did it happen accidentally?

FORCES: We would say it was set to go off. Accidentally, we would say it was a combination of neglect and factors unknown.

BR: Did someone else come and set the fire?

FORCES: We would not say someone else had came, had come to set the fire.

BR: Thank you.
NN: Why did I have to make the trip Sunday to the thirteenth floor of 666?

FORCES: In order to move out of the city of New York.

NN: I had to do that to move out of the city?

Forces: Ending a process.

NN: And why with that particular lawyer on another level was there something there too?
Forces: Terminating the relationship and ending the black force rule.

NN: In myself?

FORCES: In other consciousnesses of self and things around.

NN: Thank you. Also, if we form attachments…does forming attachments really mean that it’s attachments to our own self-image or to the way we want to impress people? Do we become attached to places or people…

FORCES: This would be so.

NN: Thank you.

DD: The den pipe in the front of the house, what we call the front of the house now outside of the house, is it clogged up?

FORCES: We would say it is bigger than the one in the back of the house. We would say also that it needs not that it is clogged up, but needs what would be considered the extra push to move on up. It’s usually or normally the wind factor and also time and the element of moving and cleaning certain items surrounding the pipe.

DD: Should it be cleaned from the laboratory?

FORCES: It could be done.

DD: Would that the bathroom that smells and the new one without the seat? Is that why it smells in there? Because of the vent pipe?

FORCES: This could be done.

DD: So, do I have to take the potty off and reseal it in that room, or can it just be done from the vent pipe?

FORCES: First, do it from the vent pipe, and then we’ll wait and see.

DD: How about the one next to it where I saw water around? Can that be resealed, taken up and resealed?

FORCES: This should be checked and resealed properly or stronger.

DD: So I take it up again and put extra seal on it?

FORCES: If this would be well. We would suggest to see if it leaks in the next three to four days.

DD: If it doesn’t, then it’s all right?

FORCES: Then you would move on to waiting another two days, and if not, then it will be all right, but if it does show signs, checking the underneath that it did not become loose in any way, shape, or form.

DD: And then tighten the bolts?

FORCES: Not too much, but enough.

DD: Also, the drain pipe in the sewing room, what can I do with that? Where it goes into the floor, should that be changed to a bigger pipe?

FORCES: This could be changed.

DD: And that would eliminate the problem of backing up?

FORCES: Maybe just simply clearing it out.

DD: Oh, yeah, I thought about that. It got clogged up then. So if I run the snake through there that would eliminate it.

FORCES: It would not eliminate it, but it would make it run easier.

DD: So we should get a bigger pipe, anyway though?

FORCES: This could be done.

DD: Thank you.

IS: But it’s not really necessary?

FORCES: Not at this moment. After the cleaning of the area, then finding or searching how it is operated, then after that it would be necessary.

IS: Three-inch?

FORCES: Normal extra size from what it is.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell me more about…you once told me about Vulcan being Tzabaoth, being the armies? Can you say any more about Tzabaoth?

FORCES: The information deals with movement and time and space, with that movement in time and space. Question.

DD: Thank you.

RU: The torrential rains that happened on Saturday here in this area, did a change happen when they finally let up? Did something happen here?

FORCES: Moving and testing. It is more of a mysterious rain that came.

RU: Thank you. Did Tom hold that back on Friday when we went to Lovingston?

FORCES: That is part of the reason why some of it came down as much as it did because the allotted amount that was supposed to come down on Friday evening was held for Saturday.

RU: Thank you. Is there anything that can be given for guidance for me at this moment?

FORCES: Just a consciousness of the presence of you in what would be called trying to help and serve others.

RU: Thank you. Is there anything for the group in Flushing?

FORCES: Generally, movement forward would be done.

RU: Thank you.

MK: Would James and John, the Apostles be represented by Leo and Virgo?


MK: And Mars and Venus?


MK: Thank you.

IS: Now, Jesus says that when the resurrection comes, when he’s discussing the resurrection with the Sadducees, he says that the resurrection…whoever enters into the resurrection, into the stage of resurrection, will never die. The way I understood it, it means once you resurrected, you cannot die anymore. Now, is that correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Then at the time of Jesus, when Jesus actually resurrected people and then at the time when Jesus resurrected Himself and others have been resurrected at the same moment of His resurrection…

FORCES: Incorrect. Jesus raised Himself, while the others were raised by Him.

IS: Correct, yeah, that’s what I mean. Then are they still alive?

FORCES: They are, but not under the same contract.

IS:So, they’re not in flesh bodies, is that it?

FORCES: They are in flesh bodies, but they do not have the gift of raising themselves first.

IS: Well, does it mean there are 2,000 year old people walking around on this earth right now?

FORCES: No. If Jesus resurrected Lazarus, doesn’t make Lazarus not taste death, but Jesus raised Himself therefore he does not have to taste death anymore.

IS: So when Jesus is speaking in the parable where they are asking him about the woman that had seven husbands. The he says those that will be resurrected will never die again. You mean to say only those that resurrect themselves?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: In that case the resurrection that Jesus is speaking about is the self-resurrection?

FORCES: Self-disciplines and self-resurrection.

IS: Then what is happening to those other people that were resurrected by Jesus?

FORCES: They lived their normal life.

IS: (——)?

FORCES: They lived a normal life until they do terminate.

IS: Were there people resurrected that were completely dead and buried and forgotten, not like Lazarus but regularly? Were there people that were resurrected without Jesus touching them, just by that moment of time? Were there those kind of resurrections?

FORCES: No, other people had to be there to do it.

IS: I see. Thank you very much

FORCES: We would suggest that the entity that we speak from abstain from food to Friday evening for the purpose and advancement of new Forces to come in. We’ll guide the group and hope that you will all be perceptive and aware of the new things that are to come and to keep the general welfare and movement flowing. We will speak to you again in the mid of the week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…