Session 121 – 7/4/77

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Watching and witnessing many forms of thoughts surrounding, your development seems to be in the filtering state. It is strange to see, but there must be a focal point of achievement in every individual’s lives. They are achieving their spiritual purpose. As we can see, this purpose must be reminded of to those involved. There have been many changes. Lest we forget, positive changes in the income of your own personal strength. As we evaluate and see where you are wasting time and money, replace that individual with another form of space… space, time, money, and perfection. In short, all those who strive for perfection must seek constantly the spiritual fiber, and they control the bridge again. We are not going to speak at length about this item. But just to remind that it would be good for a personal evaluation. Question.

DN: Is the entity in any discomfort because of the Session?

Forces: There is not a problem. The condition and the environmental status dictates a short moment of meeting this course of certain signs and, of course, pulling of certain forces. No problem at all.

Forces: Question.

DN: Can you tell us how to extract the Melissa oil from the plant to make the oil for our foreheads?

Forces: This is strange process. There is the drying of the Melissa plant. The leaves must be dried in that of a container or a surface of salt. In which, when dry, the leaves are extracted and then it is proceeded with half an ounce of oil to be simmered under very low flame. If you have the proper instruments, the moisture from this cooking of the oil travels through a tube and finally in a funnel-shaped bottle. There the oil should follow itself and store itself in its proper condition. Question.

NN: Are there fifteen steps for each center?

Forces: There are many steps for each center. Fifteen, a very interesting number, but it is not the exact end and beginning of a product. Question.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Do the fifteen Psalms that are marked the Psalms of Degrees… do they correspond to the degrees that the men were given and the fifteen steps of the Temple?

Forces: In short, yes.

BH: Do they go consecutively? One-twenty would be number one? And One-Thirty-four would: be fifteen?

Forces: Let us safely say, for this moment, yes.

BH: Would the number of the degree be correctly interpreted in numerology the way Isis does?

Forces: This is a stronger attempt of pinning down the strength in numbers.

BH: Thank you.

MK: Would it be good to make hosts for the service upstairs? And what would be a correct recipe?

Forces: It would be all right. For this, flour and water. Nothing more.

MK: Thank you. What is spoken of in the first chapter of Genesis in the particular quote, “Let the waters be stamped,” is this in the physical sense the fluid in the body surrounding the nervous system?

Forces: This represents the spiritual waters of life from which all existence of life have entered from or entered…

MK: Ended?

Forces: Entered into. This is a expression of the waters of life that from a individual he must turn his true self to the waters. The strength of this aspect is that the Higher Forces have found there is always a place in which the waters are mentioned and do not recede. At the time of Noah there was at his command tremendous amount of streams. No sooner did he take these commands, that he what was strength, or, in short, expected of him. Question.

MK: Thank you.

RU: What happened during the illness that I just went through?

Forces: This is a, as always, a burning of some of the arrogant cells of doing it your way. These cells had to be moved from your sphere of influence where you continue to have a cropping desire to possess. It’s instinctive within you. It is like taking a cup of coffee without knowing any longer. But once you have conquered those desires, then you will be able to move on and free others of the same symptom. Question.

RU: Thank you, When Ezra re-built the Temple, how much of it did he re-build?

Forces: You would say there is only a partial point of re-building. That of the gate called the Gate of Prayer.

RU: Thank you. The exterior court that was called the… The Place of the Gentiles, was that re-built ever?

Forces: There were many attempts to re-build something similar, but not to its true state.

RU: Thank you.

JB: Can anything be given to help me in this understanding of the present circumstances between my wife?

Forces: This is a ever-growing experience and development for you. The more that you give and allow to express freely, the more your development of purposeness becomes involved and instilled and impressed upon you own particular consciousness. It is an indirect way of movement.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Could you give me more on what is my focal point? And what will help me in moving more specifically towards it?

Forces: You should strive to concentrate on the numeretic and cloth value of designs, also on a strengthening of perceptive characters, in which, as time moves on, it is more of a collaboration from us through you through that entity named Isis. In which, instead of having a direct one okay, you, for sure, have at least three okayed for a particular item. Question.

HI: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell us what trees we should plan on planting in the Virginia house and where?

Forces: These are various in nature, style, and expression. Weeping willow on the bottom parts would be nice. We would also suggest at certain points, of elm trees in order to solidify the dirt would be nice. An also there is a deep dark purple flower that would be interesting along with the strength of its own essence for the many years that it has been brought to perfection.

JU: Thank you. Is the location now we are… where there is the beginning of a grove of fruit trees, should we develop that as a grove to plant… for the planting of those trees? Or seek another site?

Forces: That would be beneficial.

JU: Thank you.

BR: The two men that were here this weekend, they spoke of the Pope being held and shots of cancer given and then another pope or another person taking his place. Is this true or what they spoke about?

Forces: Truth is a funny word. It night be true for this moment, but for tomorrow it will not be true. Truth is never a strange and direct thing to uncover (and) those who protest that it is not true, from the very fact of protesting makes it true. Truth is the one who do not… does not defend or protect or insist those to listen and believe. But truth is the purpose and the principles of simply living the truth daily. Regardless of what other beliefs, the truth in itself has been implied fully in you. And what is to be believed? Yes, it is a consciousness that is growing that they represent. But remember, we also utilize them in an indirect way such as ours.

BR: Thank you.

RH: Are the children well enough to start school tomorrow from their physical sickness?

Forces: We would suggest a delay in (–) until certain vital signs have been shown.

RU: Does that mean until the temperature reaches normal? Vital signs?

Forces: Remember, the temperature has reached normal. It is the reflection of the parents. They must strive to be productive and positive in their own lives. There have been times when fever has been received by the child because of the tremendous neurotic vibrations of the mother. It is a essential the mother keeps in harmony with her environment as time moves on and not to escape from this personal harmony. Question.

RH: The element of vinegar… I had a thought that… that… that because vinegar is such a healing element and that that it heals and it’s such a, and, that did that… did that become like that after the Christ took it on the cross? Did it change properties since or was it like that before?

Forces: The properties of its healing nature is because of man’s knowledge that it demands its healing nature. Knowledge is again a funny item. The same factor of knowledge becomes the stinging factor. Question.

RH: Thank you.

DD: You said before that a calculator using (three-six-nine) the size of a pea… does that mean that they had strings — a string of beads and that they calculated on beads?

Forces: It is simple to calculate mathematical formulas on beads. For the beads are the direct, as you would understand it, system in which some of the Forces use. In short, we use the string beads to calculate time, space, and ethers and the existence of weight faster than on a mental level. There is that time in which the beads themselves moved by the sheer questions.

DD: How were these beads constructed?

Forces: Metallic in substance, as you might know.

DD: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell us when the entity Tom is having… is giving you the blessings and symbolically he like… when the priests give the blessings, why do they always raise their right hand?

Forces: It is through the right hand that the energy field leaves. The left hand would be a receptive energy of energy and it would not be passed forward. The right hand is the giver of the energy accumulated. Question.

JE: Can you tell us what is happening with my brother and should we ask him to come up to New York?

Forces: He is going through a cycle of identification. If he would come up, he would have tremendous struggles with his personality. But it would be a great revelation, for many aspects within him needs to be worked out. There is no problem. I have no consideration of sleeping in the same room. For in short, he wants to come up. Just give him a room as long as he doesn’t snore.

JE: Thank you.

GL: What is the other spirit that hyssop awakens in man?

Forces: It is the spirit of eternal sleep that was his from the beginning of time.

GL: What does this sleep represent?

Forces: It is of the dimension — what would be known as the covering of man.

LK: With the entity Jody, is there any purpose at all in her coming out here? Or should I just drop that aspect all together?

Forces: It would be a nice firebomb. For her, it would be a purpose.

LK: But it seems like every time that she’s invited, something comes up. Is that… should I try to invite her again, or… or just let something else work it out?

Forces: Let something else work it out.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything that this group at this time can do, should do that will alleviate this condition that is been happening lately? Whether it’s because of conditions outside that that’s the way it’s happening, it’s a situation, an extra-special situation that makes it difficult for you to… to be able to come forth full force? Or whatever. But is there something that this group should do? Can you give us something on a regular basis? Something that we can do or on any basis?

Forces: As long as they follow in one mind and accord praying, meditate in the strength and harmony together; as long as they keep productive and creative… but also, all this is good, but if there is not a channel of flowing, of giving then it is useless. You must create in the group the channel and outlet, the steam valve, an escape hatch in which the energy or the gifts that are accumulated would be at least one per cent to be given out. In short, give one per cent of a total sum to set aside for the general item of giving. Then you would fulfill this demand. It is what would be called a spiritual demand that all groups, nations, and persons that are developing on this road must do in order to become receptive and develop for the days to come further.

IS: Did they say one per cent?

LK: Yeah.

IS: Should we set up a fund money-wise? And where should it go?

Forces: This should be set up as an account in which expenses can be drawn upon without questions, without answers to questions that should go any particular moment for spirit or endeavor or experience or situation at the time.

IS: The entity Tom will know what to do with it or where…

Forces: It would be us who would be directing and guiding it.

IS: Is one per cent enough?

Forces: One per cent to three per cent. No more. No less.

IS: Thank you very much. Now, with the entities that we went to see today, Zipporah and Moshe, why was I so upset? Why… is there any purpose in me even going there or…

Forces: You might have a purpose in trying to bring back a discipline and spiritual respect (and) on a physical level, if nothing else, an understanding of discipline and organization.

IS: Then I should continue going there?

Forces: With reservations that you do not become affected by the conditions.

IS: What can I do that I’m not doing that I should be doing now personally?

Forces: We would advise you to be more creative not only with your mind, but also with your hands. That is in conditions revolving around cloth, around silk, satins, but most of all the receptive parts within you to receive on a psychic level the message of new productions and new ideas for producing. The musical aspect should not be stopped, but should be practiced and developed. For this is an important key to reception of psychic materials.

IS: But I don’t feel that I want to stop. I feel I’m being stopped.

Forces: This is partially true. But then, again, there is those forces that strive to stop any manifestation of the truth or of beauty.

IS: By stopping playing stops the receiving of the music? Correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: For the entity Tom is there something that we as a group should be doing? Or something that the entity… we should know about? Or could know about?

Forces: There is a personal development for more artistic expression on the psychic level through the expression of the paints, which should be coming or arriving soon. There is a certain amount of becoming numb to certain psychic qualities because of the response of becoming more involved in a worldly logic. Simply strive to keep your mind in a clear position and receptive state in order to receive. But to receive on a psychic level, you must have those around the individual who is ready to be receptive and ready to act out the part. To be receptive takes energy and takes a certain amount of strength and perseverance and a certain amount of total recall. And to manifest it in the earth takes a certain amount of balance and timing. This is only half the work. But as time goes on, as we receive from the spiritual world what they would have us to do and follow it through without counteracting it with the logical mind, we would be zooming ahead. Question.

IS: And that’s where we come in?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The part that has to activate, to act out?

Forces: Correct.

IS: With RH mother is there any change? Is there any understanding that is entering into her?

Forces: There is a change. But you mustn’t expect for her to change. What we are saying is to treat her nonchalant, unimportant, casual. Do not strive to impress upon her or her to accept, but that if she is to, she does. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t. But in just doing that, just allowing her to go through her own emotional and physical trips, she will be able to eradicate from herself the grossness and the items not needed. Simply just letting her talk is all she needs. Unfortunately, very few people listen to her, for she has nothing to talk to. So when she starts to talk and all the things that she wants to get rid of she starts expressing as the greatest thing in her life. But only in reality, she wants to get rid of them. But be the catalyst to let her talk her mouth off. By doing this you are indirectly helping her to get rid of the things that are not necessary within her.

IS: Is it with everybody that way?

Forces: This is a classic example. True. The truth lies within all individuals. If you allow the soul to talk, through its own talking it will reveal what it does not like and does not want and does want to correct or develop into. So therefore, all you have to do is let them simply talk. By letting them talk there is no opposition. Do not stand and be an opposing force to them where their own minds and heads and own little battles are being confronted. You might think in the past that they are against you. You might think that they do not like you. But the truth of the matter is they do not like themselves. So the battle appears against you. But in reality the battle is against themselves. So simply be a listener and listen. Occasionally throw in certain guidelines. But let them be the important one. Raise (Rise?) up their own pride within themselves. And when it is high enough, they can chop their own heads off, but in chopping their heads off, they chop the ego and by doing that they replace it with a spiritual awareness that has always been within them. You are giving them the chance to bring out their spiritual awareness. By letting them talk, in talking they have found their answer.

IS: But can anybody do that? I mean, how come to certain people it appears more so that they are… that resistance, rewards others less or none?

Forces: There is no resistance to the truth. What appears to be more resistance than another person, the other person who has not that much resistance has already mastered within themselves their own truth, or striving to receive the truth. From the ones you have the more resistance to, just simply let them talk. And in talking they will release what they’re fighting.

IS: But how come that I am… for instance, with me, I just appear and they… it’s like a snakeheads come out? I don’t even have to do nothing.

Forces: You are, what would be called, a item that draws pus from the inner to the outer surface. It has been in you since the beginning of time to take away the in harmonies within man. It is a gift, not a curse. Use it wisely and do not feel that is to be abused or that it is abusing you.

IS: The thoughts of fear that I had about an entity and then the thoughts about that particular fear kind of thing in general in a spiritual group… could you help me with that?

Forces: In what respect?

IS: The thing that we were speaking of last night of the fears that normal people may not get them, not until they touch upon a certain spiritual aspect within themselves and everything jumps?

Forces: The fear is a test and in the test comes the answer. The answer is to cling strong upon the word of God. The fear is the trust in God, and in trusting you are being tested and your faith is being made strong. And when the hour is over then you have gained another quality within your personal development of that which is necessary.

IS: What makes that hour a long hour or a short hour?

Forces: By the concentration upon the vision and (the?) strength of your God.

IS: For instance, if I’m afraid of elevator-riding…

Forces: Then you must meet it…

IS: And.

Forces: … until finally you have conquered it.

IS: With prayer and faith in God.

Forces: Correct.

IS: But I think that faith in God, it’s a wrong thing because we… we look at that faith as if though, “I have faith in God that that elevator will not smash down.

Forces: This is not the proper…

IS: But that’s not the proper.

Forces: You have simply faith in God. Chances are the elevator is doomed to fall down and smash your head. But the question lies, even though you know that, you still trust in God, knowing that he is your protector in life and in death.

IS: So it’s really not a question of overcoming fears, but it’s a question of coming into something else altogether?

Forces: Of attunement.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Question.

DN: Is it correct that for you to give a complete physical reading for someone and for us to make accessible to people the healing techniques of the house, that they have to truly want it?

Forces: This is the first stage. This is the first partial. This is the truth.

DN: Thank you. Is there a kind of plant or herb or something that can be grown that would repel insects of just mosquitoes… or ticks, or vegetable-destroying mosquitoes… insects?

Forces: There is a thing that one can do to avoid mosquitoes, first apple cider vinegar, of course, drinking that into the blood. Second, to rub your skin with what would be called garlic oil. And third place over your skin a mudpack. This for sure will catch the mosquito’s wings in which they will be trapped and lodged within the mud. In so doing your have succeeded in catching the damned mosquito. Otherwise the mosquito is only attracted to the individual if and when the individual is too comfortable, too relaxed, or too spiced up with the niceties of the earth. It is a sign that if you do not move the mosquitoes will get you.

IS: How about cockroaches?

Forces: Cockroaches is a social problem. They do not stay where they belong or they do not belong where they stay. They remind me of the wandering Jew. He is the oldest person in the earth and he has outlived all the rest. But his domain is nowhere. The cockroach in itself is an animal that is friendly, friendly enough that is has no squeamish where is should go or stay. But in reality cockroaches is a social affect of crowding. When there is too many people living in a city the manifestation of these little “critters” is what happens. It is not that it is wrong or good, it is simply the manifestation of these force of insects that come to their own development in time. In fact, they belong here. We don’t.

DN: In the Bible…

Forces: Yes, we understand.

IS: Which one?

Forces: It is a striving effect in which man must come to his own awareness. As he sees the symbolic states of consciousness he turns aside from that of the wrongdoing and the grossness of life into the higher self within him. It is a darkness that takes over him and is frightening. But in that darkness cones the light in which will lead him to the strength within to do that which is good.

DN: Thank you.

NN: When it was spoken of that Mary was taken into the Temple and was begun with prayer and fasting, was it certain routine prayers or certain ritual prayers?

Forces: They were the routine of everything.

NN: The routine. Was it what’s referred to as the “ancient communions”?

Forces: If you would like to understand it as such, of course.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Is it true that when Jesus as a child got angry that the force that came out of him is what killed the two people in that book that I read?

Forces: Well, let us say, this is more a plagiaristic idea.

BH: Thank you,

Forces: There was the energy. I doubt if it was that strong enough to do such a physical harm as death.

BH: Thank you.

JB: Is there some portion of the day a person should spend time reading? Or spend a portion of the day reading, praying, whatever?

Forces: Reading the Bible should be in everyone’s portion of life. The day, the hour is appointed to him.

JB: Thank you.

HI: Is there a spiritual significance in working with fabrics and does one work with a specific center, for instance?

Forces: This is the clothing of the spirit in the proper matter (manner?). It is the center of the Leyden and the solar plexus.

HI: Thank you.

RH: The dream I had a couple of weeks ago about being in a spaceship and the whole group was… the group was in that spaceship… was that a real… is that what a spaceship looks like inside?

Forces: Whenever you have a dream of a spaceship, in short, it is the real McCoy.

RH: Does that mean that the dream that Tom had, he had dreamt that… that was his… that that was his spaceship he drives in?

Forces: This is true.

RH: And that the dream I had that means that we actually have a… like a home…

Forces: This is true.

RH: Thank you.

IS: The book I’m reading now, is that true?

Forces: This is partially true.

IS: And partially it’s his own ideal?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Is there such a planet?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Then he has seen people from that planet?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Thank you. Thank you.

BR: When hearing the birds sing, what is happening at that time?

Forces: That they are hungry and also that they are in communion to the ethers.

BR: Is it like angels singing or…

Forces: Some of them, no.

BR: Could it be like a healing force?

Forces: Yes.

BR: Thank you.

IS: The birds we have upstairs, you sent them in. Is that correct?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Should we get rid of them?

Forces: I don’t think it would be necessary to get rid of them until they are ready to go.

IS: Then the purpose they came in, was the purpose achieved?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Thank you.

JU: In making the sign of the cross, what is difference in feeling when it’s made pointing outward and inward? And why is there a certain… sometimes in certain areas it seems like it should be made?

Forces: Because it is the symbolic gesture of bringing the lower centers to the higher.

JU: And why to the side sometimes?

Forces: When you cross the street you look both ways, up and down and sideways. This is true. For the sane spiritual affect that all avenues are covered.

JU: Okay. Thank you. And what is the stone the temple should be built out of in Virginia?

Forces: The stone should be of many variants: marble, granite, soapstone, limestone,

JU: Thank you.

DD: How many beads would be in the thing you talked about before?

Forces: How many beads would be in the scale of the mathematical symbol? One hundred.

DD: One hundred?

Forces: Give or take a bead.

DD: How would they… would they be arranged in like tens or what?

Forces: This is true.

DD: In tens?

Forces: Tens.

DD: And that… just string them on a string or how would they…

Forces: What we would have is one layer of bead going up and forming a pyramid going down. One line would be one bead the second line would be two beads the third lime would be three beads and so on.

DD: Till you get to a hundred? Until you get to a hundred individual beads?

Forces: On the fifth line the bead doubles in value.

DD: What does that mean?

Forces: On the fifth line each beads represented as twenty-five.

DD: You mean that less the… less the number value when you’re calculate it?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell us more about the Kennedy assassination? Like…

Forces: It is a mess.

JE: Who was involved in it? And what were their motivations?

Forces: You wouldn’t believe it, unions, politicians, other governments, Washington, and his wife.

IS: So she was in it? And the money that she constantly was needing was somebody blackmailing her or something, something to do with the assassination or not?

Forces: We cannot go any further for your own safety.

IS: Will it come out in its truth in our lifetime?

Forces: Partial truth.

IS: Does Rose Kennedy know?

Forces: She knows enough.

IS: Is that the one that will not accept Jacqueline Kennedy?

Forces: Partially.

IS: You spoke on something that she wants that she cannot get, somebody’s acceptance.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Whose?

Forces: Rose Kennedy’s and her son’s.

IS: Not the daughter but the son?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

JE: Did Jim Garrison ever find out the truth?

Forces: The truth shall make you free. Partial truth.

JE: Was H. L. Hunt involved in it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is there such a thing as a money-power group?

Forces: Correct.

IS: It’s not just America it’s involved…

Forces: Right.

GL: Could you explain what Tom… what you… the other night when Tom was explaining about the ship that he was driving in he mentioned that as the vacuum moved around between the two layers of the hull, that’s what made the ship move faster. Could you explain about the…

Forces: Simply that the vacuum has a tendency of lifting up, two sides joining to the same,

GL: How is the vacuum moved?

Forces: It is simply not moved. It just is.

GL: So that by creating that vacuum, then it could create that lifting power?

Forces: If created in the right manner.

GL: Thank you.

IS: The vacuum in between the layers of the walls of the house in Virginia, how close is it to correct?

Forces: Oh, interesting, huh?

IS: Yeah.

Forces: Correct.

IS: But does it mean that even though it sounds incredible, that that whole house can be lifted up?

Forces: If there’s a vacuum, it can be lifted.

IS: Well, is there that correct vacuum?

Forces: There is a space vacuum.

IS: That means it could be done?

Forces: It could be done.

IS: The vacuum, so in a manner of speaking, has to be let in into the vacuum?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

LK: The Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel seem to both be talking about the Armageddon. Is the Book of Revelation just a more detailed account of what will happen?

Forces: Correct. Correct.

LK: Was there any relation… [End of First Side]… between Daniel and John?

Forces: The same.

LK: It was once given in in a past Session that the entity who was Daniel is a member of this group. Could that be given? Or explained?

Forces: The same.

IS: Is his name John today?

Forces: I say not. We here at this moment must leave. But we will strive to come back to you at a very important point, realize not that the answers lies always in the question, but the question lies in the answer. But you’ve heard that before. So have you heard that: THE ROCK FALLS ON THE SIDE THAT IT SHOULD NOT FALL AND THAT THE SUGAR IS THE BEET THAT SHOULD NOT BEAT. AND THAT THE HOUR OF THE HOUSE IS THE SAME AS THE DOOR THAT TURNS BACKWARDS FOR THE ROOF OF THE CHIMNEY FALLS UPON THE SLEEP OF THE EAR. AND THE EAR ITSELF IS THE CORN. AND THE CORN GROWS WITH THE WHEAT. BUT THE WHEAT SEES NOT THE WEEDS. FOR THE WEEDS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THE THISTLE OF THAT PARTICULAR PLACE IS THE WHISTLE OF THE TRAIN.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father.