Session 91 – 4/27/76

Forces: Greetings. Greetings to all here present now.

We have been watching your progress and as always find it interesting. As you have seen the change of your weather, it is only to stress the major changes in the spirit world. It is that force of concentration of cold versus the heat. In the middle is a neutral ground. We have seen that many signs are being given. Just as that light had come from the sky, so are our forces around and about, at this moment, making itself plainly to the world to see that we will now begin to show ourselves more readily. The state of affairs is not so good. As far as your country is concerned, it needs a new life-support, a new scope of doing and advancing of its productivity. It is wasting time with all sorts of producing; for the old is of the past. And they now must incorporate new ways of producing new ideas, new incentives, and a new market. There shall be many changes in Wall Street that shall shock, or what would be said alter the prospects. The banking systems will begin to re-evaluate their structures. Then the farmers will begin to re-evaluate theirs. Major fires in the West, preferably in, of course, the forest, which would cause a strange encounter. Then you shall have great stress factors in Africa, which will migrate throughout Europe, spotting it throughout the East. We will hear once again from India in its course and its mis-course. We shall hear many news items that shall change an education of parts of the southern hemisphere. Now for your areas, which would be more important. There must be a rise of productivity for incentive of preparation for that of producing. There must be an incentive and a rise for that of concentrated prayer and effort of meditations together. There must be a new rise of coming and discussions. All these aspects will be there. But most important that of self-discipline and self-concentration to watch and to see and to hear and to believe that God is strong and does have an effort of connections in the worldly environment. There shall be at this moment an influx of the Altantean race from this point for the next seven years. These souls will be strong, energetic, and very active souls. Their major miracles of energy and strength beyond knowledge will come to manifest within them. Their perceptive and intuitive thoughts would be capable of picking up ideas or feelings from those around. We are now ready for you questions.

B: (T)… (T)’s been bringing home a lot of vegetables and fruits. And I was wondering… I was wondering why. You know, if there was something that…

Forces: It means to bring into a body structure some mysterious enzyme now being found in the vegetable and fruit area at this time.

B: Thank you.

NN: Was Jesus crucified anywhere else besides in Israel?

Forces: The Master was crucified in Israel, or what would be known, near Jerusalem. The repercussions on the spiritual and astral level were at least fifteen other distinctive places.

NN: Thank you. Also…

Forces: Representing the fifteen major nervous points within the body.

NN: Thank you. Could you tell me about Psalm Eighty-six?

Forces: Psalm Eighty-six is a strong Psalm for some of the angels. Also, it is a Psalm that needs reading for the hidden magic of the laws around.

NN: Could you tell me which, which particular angels?

Forces: We will leave it like that.

NN: Thank you.

SA: Are the houses going to be built up in Pennsylvania by summertime and will we have the pleasure of being up there with the Flushing group?

Forces: You will have our pleasure of being up there with us. There should be no problem, for at this moment we are enjoying our view where we will be. There should be that of faith which shall be measured out. For as you enter into this area, new tests shall be given to all on the development and the prospects of future developments and involvement with large groups.

SA: Thank you very much.

BA: I had a dream a while ago. The group and I were going to see a movie and we went up on a mountain on a plateau. And we were very high up but, but yet we could see like a lot of things. And I looked across and there was a rainbow and as I looked at it, it turned into a ball and it went shooting off just as I told other people to look at it. So when they turned around it was gone. Could you tell me what the dream meant?

Forces: This represents the height of evolution within this particular group. And the many blessings and beauty in which this group shall see. But once that of the nature of showing off or trying to bring others into sharing it without their working or disciplining themselves, then that which you perceive, they will not be able to.

BA: Thank you.

P: I have nothing. I just want to thank you once more for allowing us to be here, especially myself to meet these wonderful people, each and every one of them.

Forces: There is only thanks for all that will be done through you. As time progresses, you will be guided and shown many mysterious avenues that some of those who are in this group would envy to be upon. But because of the strength and the faith and conviction, you will have your own reward in the actions.

P: Thank you.

RU: Is there any guidance that could be given in regard to (HO) at this particular time?

Forces: Not to take it on a personal level, with patience, with love, and with attention. And if the acts that this particular soul does and continues, then perseverance and persistence in teaching the child that it is not a productive act or deeds done but most of all, sometimes ignoring the situation by not giving it the stress factor of a wrong item done would mean that he would not repeat it. But chances are this particular entity does an act only to get attention and when he sees your attention, no matter what it means, he will, might continue to repeat the act. Therefore, it’s a test for you not to pay that much attention to the acts done but to pay attention to him and to give him that attention for his development of the spirit. But as time goes on we will show and guide you how to work with this particular soul.

RU: Thank you very much.

JU: The… it seems like I repeatedly keep on getting into a certain type of emotional situation inside my head and it goes on for half-hour or an hour or so. And I don’t seem to be able to pull out of it during that time. It’s like a storm. And I wonder if there’s a prayer or a thing that could do at that… at that moment in order to stop it in order to get control of it?

Forces: We have given you many prayers in the past. No?

JU: Yes.

Forces: Then had it not been wise to use those prayers given?

JU: Um-hum.

Forces: In doing some, you will try in disciplining these emotional thoughts that have been allowed to control your physical body. It is not as serious as you would think it is. All it takes is gearing your mind in areas of productivity and development rather than in personal justice and measurement.

JU: Are the prayers that I… that I’m carrying with me, those Psalms, am I utilizing those in the proper way?

Forces: If dedicated to God with a sincere heart, then it is being expressed in a proper way.

JU: Thank you. And then why on last Monday it seemed to happen, and it happened other times where I feel like I’m about to… I’m going to try and discipline something else, or I’m going to try and not put off something I keep putting off to make a commitment to, and as soon as I start that, everything seems to fall apart?

Forces: It is only the test…wanting not for you to enter into that path. If you were determined and meant it, then you would not allow that to happen.

JU: Thank you.

LK: On our trip to Virginia this weekend, can you tell us what points we should concentrate on?

Forces: The point directly in front of the van.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: In retrospect, taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings, taking in also the healing powers of the earth. At this moment the healing power is at its fullest. And taking in the aspect of the “meeting room”, where the light falls.

IS: The skylight room.

LK: In finding out like detailed measurements or in having a service there of some sort?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Also checking out the upper rooms more closely.

LK: Is there trouble in the upper rooms that we should look for?

Forces: Let us say checking out the upper room more closely.

LK: Oh, thank you.

IS: Is it in the main house or is it meditation… the temple house?

Forces: We will direct you to the main house.

LK: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell how tall the Great Pyramid was at the original building in feet?

Forces: Four-Eight-Five [485] times Seven.

DD: Four-Eight-Five [485] times Seven?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What’s the “times Seven”?

Forces: That’s how long it will take for you to find it out.

DD: How long was the… how long was the base-side? One side?

Forces: We might have just given it to you.

DD: You mean if… if I… you mean if I take the height and I… like the height equals all four base-sides added together, taking the diameter and dividing by two?

Forces: We would divide it by four.

DD: Divide this number times Seven by four?

Forces: Then it will take you to the height of the Pyramid within you.

DD: Am I correct, do you take this number seven times four eighty-five and divide it by four?

Forces: You will take the number, times it by the seven, and that will take you so long to do. When you understand that mystery, then you can divide it by four.

DD: In the sarcophagus inside, could you give me any details about that?

Forces: The ‘sarcophagus’ is something that food travels downs.

DD: I’m talking about the coffer… coffer… [Laughter]… That’s another one the coffin.

Forces: If you had a coffer, then we would suggest that a medicine, preferably Pertussin, as you will note. But in all in jest, this was used as one of the initiations.

DD: Does it have anything to do with the ark of Noah?

Forces: It has much to do. For the Sarcophagus was on the boat.

DD: Is this from the measurements?

Forces: It was the ‘encounterment’ of the measurements of the human being to come. Inside was the seeds of that human being.

DD: Inside the ark were the seeds…

Forces: This was opened when the ark was landed on the mount. Opened on the third, fourth day of the year to the East of the wind, blowing the seeds of the future generation’s physical body into the air.

DD: You mean that’s how he could get all those in there, all those things, because they were the seeds?

Forces: Correct.

DD: So all the animals… he took the sperm… the sperm? And they… and they froze it or whatever? Preserved it?

Forces: We cannot reveal too much. We had taken certain elements of the animal world and preserved it by solar energy. Not by freezing it but by keeping it at its normal dormant state. Then letting the wind take its course and blowing it into the air. For in the wind factor, is the factor of reincarnation. For it is the wind that gives the essence of life to a physical body.

DD: Did Noah and his family live on it like a regular boat? And yet all the other was in seeds?

Forces: It was three stories high as given in the book.

DD: But it was only about thirty feet long.

Forces: This measurement cannot be measured by what you have as scales today.

DD: People were smaller?

Forces: We would say they weren’t giants.

DD: How tall were they?

Forces: Five-eight, normal.

DD: Five-eight? Thank you very much.

DA: Is there anything really wrong with the entity (JL)’s health? And is there anything that I could say to him or help help him with to combat the fear that seems to be around him?

Forces: Fear is what is wrong. To preserve and read the Bible with him and to be his friend in reading the Bible. But remember, first, you must have your own convictions before you can help others in theirs.

DA: Thank you. Also, would you… would it be… could you give me the name that golden seal was called in the Bible?

Forces: Happy Jack. Or better yet known as that of the sleeping force, or that as the hops or that as the seeds after that type.

DA: Thank you very much.

RU: Could you tell me anything more about the dream I had last night in the department store with…

Forces: We would suggest that new responsibilities and new awareness of these responsibilities will be taken on and be put into control with your daily existence.

RU: Thank you. Also could you tell us about looking through the book and the houses how… how (I) knew exactly certain things in theses certain rooms and houses, especially in the Madison Room?

Forces: Being guided.

RU: Did she have lifetimes, too?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Is there anything further we should know about the van at this point?

Forces: Proper attention and if deemed necessary, a good looking over. But all in all there is no particular that would be concerning you for this van. As it moves, it moves from one place to one owner to the next.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Did you mean one owner to the next?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it means we ought to look into buying another one?

Forces: We look into what we have to look into; in time.

IS: Thank you. The dream of shooting that so many people had, (RI), people in the house here…

Forces: This represents a great change and also physical pain to come by those at a distance. For those who are not involved in a spiritual discipline or spiritual road, those are the ones that will be suffering.

IS: Thank you. You said that the cold and the hot and in the middle… would Virginia where we are going be considered a middle ground, or is it one of the extremes?

Forces: We would say it is a sanctuary.

IS: That’s what you meant by middle. Was it correct, the analyzation of (RU)’s mother?

Forces: You tapped upon a intuitive insight.

IS: Is there any way that she could be helped out, then?

Forces: Through time.

IS: Thank you. Now, the kitchen downstairs, is that correct in the Virginia house?

Forces: You are approaching it wisely and closely accurate.

IS: Closely?

Forces: We did not go to the law school for nothing.

IS: I’m going to go next! Does it mean that that forward room from that spot should be included? That there is a way of breaking through?

Forces: This does not necessarily have to be.

IS: So…

Forces: But if you desire it, we can do it.

IS: No, no. I just want the way you set it up. Is it then the other part of the boiler room?

Forces: This could be done very well.

IS: So that would be correct? That part and that part.

Forces: That part and that part. And this part and that part. Correct.

IS: Correct. Thank you. The letter that was received today, was that interpreted correctly?

Forces: Interpreted correctly.

IS: Thank you. Now there is this legend of the tree the Dogwood?

RU: Dogwood.

IS: Dogwood… that the cross was made out of that tree for Jesus’s crucifixion. And since that time, that tree doesn’t grow, or it grows crooked. Is that an accurate…

Forces: We say that that particular tree was used by Moses’s staff. We also say it was used in a major part of a spiritual law and order. But all houses that have a dogwood in front of them are in its possession that those are the souls that are in prospective understanding and advancing to a spiritual plateau. It is a sign on the spiritual level of the angels.

IS: Like the blood of the lamb?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What wood, then, was used for Jesus’s cross?

Forces: Well, we would say a combination, but you had a group of cedar and that which would be close. Therefore, let us say dogwood.

IS: Thank you. Then the dogwood is not really growing crooked. It is growing as it always grew, it only may look crooked on this dimension.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

SRU: I would like to know why (V) still has this fear in him? And when will he overcome this fear?

Forces: This us a critical question. It represents a fear from another life in which he was terminated abruptly, causing a chain reaction in this. If reading of the Bible and attending of a service, concentrating himself to his God, then the course of his symptoms shall be abated.

SRU: Thank you.

GLK: Is there a part of the Bible that would help me to improve my sense of humor?

Forces: Yes. The index.

IS: It’s true.

GLK: Thank you. Epileptics, when they’re possessed, are they all… I mean, when epileptics have those fits, are they all being possessed? Or is there anything else that comes into play?

Forces: It is good that you worded it differently. It is the blood pressure, the alignment of the nervous system, and the digestion of food vitamins taken in. Along with too much oxygen in the system of the blood.

GLK: What’s the spiritual cause of that disease?

Forces: Extreme selfishness in another life.

GLK: What’s the spiritual cause of gall bladder disease?

Forces: Bitterness and revenge.

GLK: And cataracts?

Forces: The inability to see God’s will and God’s law.

GLK: And the breast cancer in so many women today?

Forces: The inability of being a mother and giving of love to the children.

GLK: And diabetes?

Forces: This is a failure of taking on the system of forgiveness and of forgiveness taking on that of mercy and that taking on too much fear.

IS: Beer?

NN: Fear.

Forces: Fear. For beer comes elsewhere.

GLK: And so many people that have heart disease, what’s the cause for that?

Forces: Self-evident. Lack of love or loving those around. Caring only for self.

GLK: And liver disease?

Forces: Gratification of the flesh.

GLK: Is it true that no matter what the doctors do today, with all the medicines and operations and stuff, that the people won’t be healed unless they’re worked with on a spiritual level?

Forces: This is a hundred per cent true.

GLK: The people at work, the patients that I meet, is there anything that I can do when I do come into contact with them?

Forces: ONE: No moods. By going into a mood in front of them makes you responsible for their recovering not. TWO: By sharing God-consciousness with them and bringing a light and joy to their sorrow lives. And always keeping the word of God on your lips, as you help and progress to keep them in a life-sustaining force.

GLK: Thank you.

B: There’s a girl at my work that has an affection in her eyes.

Forces: An affections of the eyes?

B: Yes. I was wondering if there was anything that could be…

Forces: Or infection of the eyes?

B: Oh, infection.

Forces: For if she has an affection of the eyes, she might be in love with herself. But if she has an infection of the eyes, tell her to stop straining to look at the other person’s job. Tell her to mind her business. And keep her eyes where they belong… in her socket.

B: Thank you.

Forces: Application of salt water diluted seven parts to two parts. Seven parts of water to two parts of application of salt.

B: Thank you.

A: Will my two daughters, (VA) and (RI), be on the right road?

Forces: There is a great deal of work ahead. (RI) will have to develop more to be patient and pay attention to her speech and her usage of words and not to fluff things off so easily. The other one will have to learn how to sit still and calm herself and get back into the road of God-awareness. But this, in time, will be done. For if it is not done now, it will be done in the future, considering the course all must enter for the development to God.

A: How about my son (ST)?

Forces: This interesting man is taking on responsibilities designated by him by her. A calmer approach and more time to relax with him and God is needed. In respect, slowing down those desires for material qualities. All in all there is a great awareness or future to come if certain aspects are met.

NN: With the papers, sometimes I get really frustrated because I don’t… because I feel like I miss putting a lot on them. But is it true what I understand that what we don’t get down or put down and evaluate that we should, that we just keep meeting it until we do?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you.

RU: Is there any guidance that you can give in regard to my controlling my intake of food?

Forces: Guidance. Take a needle and thread and proceed to sew the upper to the bottom lip, leaving a spot for a straw. And insert properly and take within fine juices for seven months. By that time you should be well-done.

RU: Thank you. Also…

Forces: In respect, take your meals and cut them in half. Simple. Whatever you do, cut it in half.

RU: Thank you. The souls from Atlantis that you spoke about in the beginning of the Session, are those souls that will be coming into this group or to the whole world or…

Forces: Coming to the North American country.

RU: Will they be in this group, also?

Forces: If you want one, we can arrange it.

RU: Thank you.

JU: The dream that I had a couple of days ago where there was sort of a battle… encountered my sister and with like a deathly look in her eyes. And there was a battle between what I think is like a force of love and her and her eyes. Could you tell me what that means?

Forces: That of the black force trying to win over her attention.

JU: Her attention?

Forces: It is her attention.

JU: Is there anything or significance that it has for what… something I should be doing?

Forces: That is an aspect of taking over your receptivity, your receptive qualities of applying.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me what the… how many inches the cubit was at the time of the great pyramid?

Forces: This could be analyzed as that from the top or that of your hand or that of your tip of your nose to the tip of your hand as had been used in many formulas throughout the empire.

DD: What would be the standard length from the tip of…

Forces: The standard length all depends upon who was doing it.

DD: Was twenty-seven and a half inches the cubit they used?

Forces: Twenty-eight.

DD: Twenty-eight? Twenty-eight and a half or twenty-eight?

Forces: Twenty-eight and three-quarters.

DD: Twenty-eight and three-quarters?

Forces: Correct.

DA: Was the… the writings of the entity Paracelsus accurate?

Forces: They were correct.

DA: Is the entity (T), the same as the entity Paracelsus?

Forces: Correct.

DA: Thank you very much.

RU: Can you tell us anything more about the bird, the phoenix bird?

Forces: Correct.

RU: In a book I read, somebody called these magical birds. Is it possible to do that now?

Forces: In time. It can be done if you have patience.

RU: Thank you.

JU: Can you tell us in what direction the ark should face and in what direction the… we should face in a… in the form of a meditation room or in prayer?

Forces: The ark should face in front of you. And you should face in front of it.

JU: In terms of north, east, south, and west? Maybe?

Forces: The ark should face east.

JU: And we should be facing west?

Forces: Where would that put you?

JU: Facing the ark, I guess.

Forces: Try it. The ark faces east and you face west…

JU: Thank you. In the meditation room, or what will be the meditation room in Virginia, at which end should the ark be?

IS: Should it be the way (G) suggested it in the middle on the narrow side of the room and we sitting around it?

Forces: This is a interesting suggestion. It would do no harm for this particular arrangement.

IS: Then that is the correct… is that where the meditation room is going to be? The second floor of what is now called the garage?

Forces: This would be a good place.

IS: Is there a better place there?

Forces: You will find one as time goes on.

IS: A better place?

Forces: A better place.

IS: Oh, you mean in the woods.

Forces: This will be in the future.

IS: But until then that which is called the garage, the second floor, will be the meditation room?

Forces: This would be interesting.

IS: You’ll let us know, right?

Forces: Of course.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We have been with you this evening, relatively long. You will have to wait for your phone bill for this connection. We must stress that you re-evaluate yourselves and do not fall into an attitude of slothfulness and attitude of not caring. This is a moment that productivity must be the highest in wood, in wax, in glass, in beads, in belts, in paints, in food, in chocolate. Work as much as you can. For what you do now will be needed in the future. For work as the squirrel gathers the chestnuts for the winter, so must you make use of your time and do not waste it in petty arguments or desires. A man is only given a certain allotted time on the earth. Don’t waste it. Discipline yourselves. Discipline yourselves in every aspect. Make your life clockwork that in a certain hour of a day you are producing that you will be prepared to go on to the other side. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…