Session 280 – 1/31/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: There could have been a certain amount of snow anticipated for your area seeing what was and how it was operating we decided to get rid of the rest (—). There are many movements around the world that would again start one to be interest. We find tremendous movements of interest in Pakistan and in India your areas here are keeping very active of course you have other areas in the Far East that are also becoming active once again in Vietnam (into experience?) to Korea also is so many spots throughout the world in there internal movements. But we find the movements in the Mid East will be going through many changes and many tests throughout the months to come. Of course the hostage situation in Iran is getting kind of ah old and they ah really interested in more of the internal conflicts and something new rather than this ah old condition the conditions kind of old with a lot of interesting things happening around it. As far as America is concerned there is an internal correction that needs to be getting under way and it will take time for this to come about. Well seeing that the world situation is very bleak or boring whichever one we’ll go ahead on with other questions you might have.

DD: Do I understand what I wrote down there’s four ships that go with the Secret Name of God Father Ships and Mother Ships and on down unto the Son and the Daughter?

Forces: In the Traditional ah Families unit or structure of system you do have the ah male and female and sub male and sub female structures ah these all are applicable and all ships are just the reflection of that same presence that manifests in the earth. In reality all physical ah beings and vehicles in the earth are just the reflection of a spiritual balancing and counterbalancing in the Heavens. Man whether he likes it or not or not or whether he likes it or not is, is found chained by balance and system and harmony, traditions of many different types but not so much tradition but more so the balance and the harmony of order so this in its own structure man seeks order in everything that he undertakes and this order does stabilize and conquers the elements around man ah order is a form of control and concentration and discipline. It’s the same order that the Universe is made of man is either made to create order or create disorder all is ah within his or her own mind to do.

DD: Thank you.

NN: Is the dome or pinnacle shape the highest form of prayer energy that could be said on the earth and if its not could you say what’s the highest?

Forces: Prayer is prayer each one has its highest and lowest point and each one is just as valuable and necessary as the highest to the lowest ah prayer is one avenue that one cannot analyze which is the highest or lowest point or the greatest to have so we, we have no answer for that question.

NN: Thank you.

DN: Who if anyone spoke my name last Thursday?

Forces: Well were you asked to, were you summoned before the High Court of Istanbul or were you commanded to attend the dinner or did they pay you at Washington or for someone who spoke your name well there are many people who use this microphone and ah many times I do take breaks in between talking to you guys ah so it could be almost anybody ah up hear. Do you know what he looks like.

DN: No.

Forces: Well that could help us a little bit in analyzing or describing who spoke you name well if you didn’t see him how are you expecting us to tell you who did it. Well we, we feel that ah the person who guided you is the name ah could have been a person in a head of the order of learning and the secrets of the of knowledge you know the schools up here or over here of learning, one of the teachers, adepts or whatever you want to call them ah it could have been teacher ah Fauh ah (—-) or (—–), Fau-estes, ah we have another teacher well you have Yang-See you know See-Yang or (—-) a Chinese Oracle of the Yang-See ah these are just names that you all are aware of and we have Yodo-souls and Yodo-Tisay so its who spoke your name could be one of those instructors definitely you have an instructor its not chicken bucket or (Laughter) none the less its, its someone whose ah there ability is well noted for.

IS: Was it a test of sensitivity to get him used to the idea of being talked to?

Forces: Yeah he’s kind of dense at times.

IS: So by calling the name that was the first—-?

Forces: no not the first a, no, no we didn’t say it was the first; he does receive quite a bit.

IS: His first conscious hearing?

Forces: Oh we didn’t think he was conscious no everything is subconscious ah implications and innuendos and ah, all kidding aside its not the first time he ah there’s a certain treatment being worked out yeah of course um huh.

GL: Could more details of ah the missing years of Jesus be given the time when he was in India and Egypt and what he studied in those times and where?

Forces: We all know he did travel this is on the records he has, had gone to India had gone to Tibet he had gone to the Himalayas he had gone to Afghanistan too, he had gone to China and Japan and had also gone to the Indians and ah, its strange but there had been worldwide traveling at this time they just had a lot of people too comfortable in their little cities that they had who didn’t dare move out of them only those of learning ah the deeper secrets traveled on these same routes that no one talked about. So ah time well some people who did that well its difficult to give you an exact time on your calendar but you know being that Jesus is born and that starts your calendar up ah if we say ah 10 BC ah or the one well it doesn’t make sense a lot of things that you do don’t make sense (Laughter) I really can’t give you a time that you want ah lets see how about ah—.

IS: How old was Jesus at that time?

Forces: Oh we going to try and give you the Judean calendar maybe that would help you out a little bit. Ah lets say 55, 55 ah 30, 5530 ah could be the area of operation here ah 5534 and 5578 ah give or take a lunar year here and there. See the Moslems are funny too because the Moslems don’t go by ah your solar year as your crazy calendar goes ah they go by lunar years too so they’re off by 3 years, lets say 3, 3 years every 100 yrs. they’re off something like that. Now if there are 3 years every 100 yrs. so lets see of course a 100 yrs. and a (—-) of course they say that 6 something its ah 600, 620 give or take a year so lets times that by 14 of course right its 14 ah 100 years about 14 that’s 1400 years you can do that but if you don’t understand the Moslem calendar, you don’t understand the Judean calendar the ones that were talking about ah the Moslem calendar wasn’t even in existence then. 17 AD lets say that whichever that means. The year of the frog yeah no we spoke about that before and the year of the Hippo well these are you know these are irrelevant these are childish these are just fooling around they say. Ah what was the question. (Laughter). You want to know when Jesus went some where.

DN: (——–)?

Forces: Oh you’re not interested in the dates, you do well you know he didn’t have matzos on the way, of course how did he do it. He went through Israel and took a boat that’s right took a boat went right into the Mediterranean, he went right into Persia, went through Turkey went right into Turkey, he wanted to go through Turkey he went through the monasteries up there where the boat landed. Then from there he went through the mountain area and guided himself straight to the Himalayas there he went to Tibet of course he stayed in a monastery ah (Liang-Shang, Lin-shin?) ah the Lang-Shan Lamasery its not a monastery of course they call it Lamasery ah from there he traveled to India in which he learned the ah from the two lessons of the ah Koran ah the Book of the Koran to come they called it the ah well what would we call it the oh what should I call it, what did they call that, see now Buddha’s a strange person too because you know we could but that wouldn’t help you either. You know something he studied Sanskrit that’s what he studied the Book of Sanskrit, Krits San, Sanskrit and their he learned many secrets of the (—-) given to the Tibetan people that moved from the Egypt area of the Temple of learning and went to Tibet of course Tibet rose up into the mountains during the Great Flood see. Now the same Book is located in the Yucatan Peninsula of there are Great Books that are buried and you’ll find them soon there are many books you know you should as a group make it a chance, make it a choice you know go to Yucatan and try to just experience because there’s lots of Books buried there that are from the beginning of creation there are a lot of Books have been buried there from Egypt, Atlantis and of course you know the route that they all took and all that, of course a lot of Books have been buried in Peru you know Peru near Chile and all that you know so well what did Jesus (—), so he stayed there and then from there he went on into the other areas of China went right into China learned there and from there took a boat to Japan from their he took another boat and went to America of course the other islands, that was his longest journey their. And their he met the Indians and went down to South America worked with them and promised that he would be back and then he went to England and worked their for a while and then he was ready for his Mission and he was about 30 years old he was really tired at that time, and he was about ready.

IS: And did he appear to them after the resurrection?

Forces: Oh yeah um huh. He was traveling around there too carried Carte Blanche card with him a traveling salesman for God huh. No all kidding aside ah he did a lot of traveling at that time too it was in his blood.

BH: Could you tell us about when Jesus found a out about Lazarus the ceremony you called it the Magical Ceremony of the Washing of the Ties?

Forces: Um huh. There are certain ceremonies, there are many ceremonies that would be instituted as time goes on but you have to be well it does take time. The Ceremonies of the Ties is just a washing away the attachments and need or attention and there are certain ribbons that one carries around and sand and then there is a yelling or a voice screaming that goes on at the end of it and that is the ah is there is also a retreat, the retreat the carrying of the cloth ah ribbons and the yelling or the ah chanting or the ah the ah what would be called the Acclamation or the Decreeing oh yes very close into that of breaking forth Lazarus.

BH: Thank you.

BR: When Abraham was born was there a bright star in the sky and the king also tried to kill Abraham?

Forces: Yes there was also another conjuncture in the skies same incident happened um huh.

BR: Thank you.

JE: The mythology of the Greeks the Roman and the Egyptian—-?

Forces: They were very similar and they all had the same background interesting, they all had the same story of mythology the story of the beings on the earth.

JE: And those beings were gods and goddesses?

Forces: Yes of course.

JE: What happened to the goddesses they sort of faded away?

Forces: Well they became more engrossed into the earth and disappeared as what they were they got absorbed into the surrounding areas.

JE: So the pictures that Tom painted of different entities that were females who were they in relationship to that?

Forces: Well they could be reflected of these spirits of the finer female qualities and the female allows the first hurdle of course is Motherhood in the earth and if the woman goes over that hurdle then she can develop on upward. There’s a great pulling into the earth from that point on once Motherhood happens a great pulling into the earth to keep the female species attached or attracted to the earth.

JE: Thank you.

JU: You mentioned several times in a previous session about keeping records at work?

Forces: Well we have records on ah paint of course you have paints the numbers ah interesting selling points how they go, how they flow what season certain colors go what season other colors go interesting ah um then you have your materials keeping records of that and seeing the intake of some type versus another type what caused it what was the conditions the weather conditions the demands even if you could even ask people what they need certain things for you would be able to keep a record of why it was demanded and find out what would be for home what would be for industry what would be for construction what would be for gifts and all this would help on a chart these are the little things that could be done to help size up buying investment for future needs.

JU: Thank you.

LK: For a person who from early childhood has been brought up and disciplined and become a musician and there whole life they’re practicing and working and studying music and till finally they become what would be considered one of the greatest musicians of the time what’s the reason that a soul chooses to do this, what does it do for them in the present life and what does it prepare them for, for there next lifetime?

Forces: The (—-) is to bring music into the sphere because music is as you remember the beginning of the Eternal Language it is also the instrument of bringing Spirit force into the earth of harmony and peace and it is also a healing element and it is also a great Universal ah Government because the universal governments of the world are conducted on music and cities are built of music and what does it do for the future well it simply makes the soul much more capable and stronger in the ah galaxy Empire of communication.

LK: So a person that has done that what will his next lifetime involve?

Forces: Well that’s very hard to say considering the time place ah soul quality what the soul actually needs what it needs to work out, environment past, present, future what would be a next stage does not dictate immediately that he goes to thrones of government to rule them because he had taken music up but ah it would necessitate that he had fulfilled one of the requirements in a course on the earth for that period of time.

LK: Thank you.

DD: How is the music involved within the Cube of the Universe all the different lines?

Forces: Music is the space between the lines music is the space that is in the Cube itself the emptiness of, of, of, of space is that music that is formed by the lines itself.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Could you help me with my stomach?

Forces: Well try cheeses if you can work with that and milk that helps not that ulcers are noted but it’s just a tense stomach a nervous stomach we would call it that works out in time it changes in cycle. Well you can get some papaya juice that has some elements in it ah lettuce also can help you and ah well generally ah just the tenseness of the moment that should pass. We will look into it and see ah sometimes a teaspoon of ah olive oil, castor oil ah every three days could help you too.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Rest of my things—?

Forces: Well castor oil packs can help you in the stomach too.

IS: My feet?

Forces: That helps also there, tension there is a lot of accumulation of tension that gets released as time goes on.

IS: There isn’t anything physical—?

Forces: A fast too could help you (—) to water itself is a tremendous ah insulation.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Would you give me a Rosary affirmation for the period of Lent this year?

Forces: Open me into the Light of Thy Service that I might understand the Laws.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: That should help a little bit.

NN: Thank you.

DN: Should we concentrate also on those songs with then words?

Forces: It could be done but you must get to the piano about 10:30 and work on it from that point on at least 15, 20 minutes a day to get you ready for what we have in store.

IS: In relation to that how can I help when my voice is completely gone?

Forces: Well sometimes the voice does come back when needed.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we see that the fast for you all (—) has been on and you could terminate it at about 11:00 if you want ah that should be sufficient. The entity could be off his fast to at 11:00 and ah to go back on to the fast ah starting on Monday, ah Monday morning actually yeah Monday for the 5 days Monday to ah Saturday afternoon about 4:00 or 5:00 or six-ish he’ll be back on his fast for another 5 days and that should do it for the moment.

Forces: Greetings to all hear present now.

Group: Our Father.