Session 277-1/22/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are around the area (—-) moving in trying to understand many of the happenings in the world and in the earth. There are those conditions in Iran that should dictate some sort of reaction to finalize and just a conclusion of there own handling of the conditions around them. Of course them Soviet Union is thinking more and more of expansion in their progress of conquering and subduing Afghanistan. They have strengthened their block and extended themselves into new territory. This is a practice and operation for future endeavors of conquering and taking over land areas. We find The United States there are encounters and situations of growth and development that is now taking place. In that respect more of the active to do rather than to wait it’s coming to comprehension. Of course we would see other actions or reactions many feel that certain more presidents in their own thinking would be coming to the surface and those like Ford who did have a certain strength in his handling is now ah willing and perceptive in entering in and restarting his own campaign person, the many changes of course waters and floods in the northwest section and many altering changes coming about in a conscious approach. We only can strive to say your system and social structure and network is beginning to (–) in its own fibers it’s a beginning stage each and everyone must weave the strong foundation so that you can give your message that you do have and that we believe in, you can share it and let it grow and develop in the world. The ideal must be protected each and every one must protect the ideal and not negate it.

We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Are there 56 higher cards as opposed to the minor arcana in the Tarot Deck?

Forces: Repeat that.

DD: Are there 56 like added on to the full Deck of the Tarot which would be 56 higher cards on a higher level opposed to the cards that now exist 56 more like above those reflected—?

Forces: There would always have for each card a higher extension of the thought or feeling and expression. These cards have been subdued because the power would not or could not be handled directly if the ultimate truth of each card was to be revealed the ah children of the world would not be able to handle it for there own evolution and growth and pattern of development is kind of slow necessarily being their own evolution in its growth but none the less in the development of the soul it does take the time factors to move into a spirit form of development.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Was I around at the time of Josiah the child King.

Forces: In Israel.

IS: Yes.

Forces: correct.

IS: Was it anywhere near the Prophetess?

Forces: Well this is one of the Prophetesses we would say was part of your experience.

IS: Could I know who I was at that time?

Forces: More or less Itea was the nickname of the prophetess.

IS: Who was I?

Forces: Itea.

IS: Is that the same prophetess that interpreted the Book?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean in Proverbs when its spoken of making surety for somebody?

Forces: Well this is giving substance or legal grounds or more or less a platform of movement.

NN: Thank you.

BH: The group of people that Lazarus was associated with that you said Jesus was closely working with could anything more be given on that were they Essenes?

Forces: They were not directly Essenes they were more of a private group of study. Ah they had their own personal development and classes of evolution and secrets of the wisdom ah more or less lived with or to themselves in their evolution and development and stages of progress. You would find them closely near the area of Canaan.

LK: When we dream is the place the dream is taking place in the astral is that a permanent part of the astral that anyone can go to any time or is that created at that moment for lessons to be learned?

Forces: Dreaming is a state or doorway of Revelation; in dreams just as you are projected into the earth know ye that the earth if you had not dreamed could not (have) sustained life. The soul must make its connection to the higher world; (the) dream state is a door the direct connection between the earth and the electrical charge in the Spiritual dimension. If a man or woman does or will or cannot dream he or she will eventually die; the body just like it would need sun and food and water must also receive rest and must also dream. Dreaming is the soul factor of food it enables the soul to be replenished to be given sustenance and revitalizes the cells within the body to rejuvenate and become alive with the ideal of strength. This rejuvenation give the sustenance of life as so often doctors of the earth are trying to find out what makes the cell a cell what gives life to it, it is a state of ethers that surround the spirit of the body in the soul and the soul receives its food in a physical conscious level called the dream state. You have what the scientist are trying to investigate your rapid eye movements this here dictates the process of entering into the dream world or the doorway. When the soul enters through the doorway you pass through dimensions that affects the optic nerve in the eye this optic nerve sees the light of a spiritual nature, which what would be considered broadens the eye optic nerve to a degree in which creates the lenses to flutter and this is your terminology of the Rapid Eye Movement the movement from one state of consciousness into the other state of consciousness. Now if one receives dreams it is through this doorway that is ever so permanent and surrounds the earth.

LK: Thank you.

JU: What is it in certain forms and movements and shapes that appear for example in two of the space movies we saw. It seemed to have a certain attraction for me there’s something in the way certain objects moved together, moved in a certain way that creates something?

Forces: It is a identification of the tree of Life in many of there ship forms. It represents the soul body moving through time and space. Yes we all are spirits and love to be free and besides being free in movement of time and space in your aeroplanes and automobiles your next movement deals with space and the ultimate freedom of course besides being released from the body is moving through space.

JU: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the migration process in animals what actually causes it, why do they always return to the same spot and why certain times of the year it is triggered?

Forces: There is a mechanism in the brain that blinds out all programming or electrical nervous (influence?) from the body and this when triggered through the ethers of the earth time schedules we would call them or the span of correction the span of elements that makes up the atmosphere that when the creatures or species breaths in the atmosphere the elements are of such a nature and temperature that triggers on this apparatus or ah functioning in their brain when this happens a signal is given and they are remote control as you would call it what would be considered a learning process between species and species, between soul connection it is when the Divine Soul comes down and takes over the general species of the animal and migrates, migrating comes from a Latin derivative which mass movement or walking off millions of movement or mi or miles or distance or measurement of movement ah the process of mass movement and migrating is the process of mass moving items from one center to the other. Now in this word you also have your answer migration is the process of a spirit guidance of mass species from one section to the other so in short migration is a radar operation from the High Tower.

JE: Thank you.

HI: Is there anything you could give me an exercise of Psalms or something that would help me increase my faith?

Forces: What you should try to do is read the Book of the Dead as we had given in the past, now read to understand it ah it is sometimes complicated so you need to do it slowly and try to memorize the symbols of what they mean. This will ah spark up in that particular lifetime the faith that you had earned and then you will be able to draw upon that faith in the present time.

HI: Thank you very much.

BR: How many Apostles knew Jesus when he was young?

Forces: Seven roughly knew him when he was young.

BR: Thank you.

IS: How young?

Forces: From the age of 10 to 17 to 23.

BN: What’s going on with my right arm?

Forces: Well the blood is going through it at a certain rate per heart beat ah it’s lying on your side and attached to your shoulder and ah its quite evident that it does move ah what can you do about it well if it bothers you amputation is always good and if you want to put it in a sling that would be good too it’ll get your get it out of your way tie it to your trunk and three ropes around it and it won’t be in your way and you can move through time, space with all that space. Now what’s going on with your arm it is more of a condition that can be considered pressure points of nerve endings ah certain sprain movements have been sprained are causing a certain amount of pressure ah applications as you have been applying relieves the crystallizations within the arm which causes the short cuts or signals when they jump for impulses they ah meet these crystals and become short circuited causing the numbness or the strange feeling in the arm ah these crystallizations come about because of certain elements in the body ah that is too much at times salt can create this condition and also strange enough too much sometimes sugar can create this condition. There are also other conditions in the body of this type and nature that is ah sparked by the what would be considered the movements of the arm in a fast or rapid movement quickly ah jerk movement could create these crystals to spread throughout the muscles which would take time to disintegrate causing a whole pattern of structures ah of numbness at times throughout the body. You also have points within the body that if you touch one point in the body it affects another point ah strange as it is if you touch your elbow at a certain point it affects the back of your ear and of course there is certain points in the back of your back that ah affects the back of your head also or the back of your neck, you of course should know your points cause certain energy points within the body ah become short circuited when certain elements of crystallization of chemicals within the body accumulate in areas caused by sharp or rapid movements of the extremities ah manifest the condition of ah the numbness.

BN: Thank you very much.

JB: Is the boycotting of Russia going to hurt this country?

Forces: Well the only thing it will hurt is the greed and as far as the country certain disciplines are necessary ah and basically the ideals must be put into practice the ideals must be adhered to.

JB: Thank you.

GL: Could a person in the Bible that would represent the ideal and Psalm and phase of the moon be given for each of the 10 centers in the body and above the body?

Forces: Ah lets have that again.

GL: Could a person in the Bible which represents the ideal lessons or the best development of each center in the body the 10centers and a Psalm that would help to bring that about and which phase of the moon affects each of the centers the most be given?

Forces: Ummmmm we see you did your homework to get us ready for you. For the gonad center as you all know it we call it the yo yo center, the best person to emphasize the fact of the evolution in this condition would be Seth. The Psalm that could go with this center Psalm number 28 which is the number 10 and is the tenth center on the bottom. The moon for this is the full moon of course all the animals get loose on that day and the half crescent moon is associated with this center. Now you have the, the Leyden center represents the balancing and there you have aspect of Methuselah in this center and the counterpart of that would be Tubal-Cain and the Psalm for this would be a hundred and forty two and there’s what you would say the Solar Plexus this deals with Noah and his son Shem and the leyden of course is the new moon and the Solar Plexus is the quarter moon. The above the Solar Plexus you have the Shem which is a satellite the Solar Plexus has a sister center that has not been discovered yet but as man develops his Psychic ability this center or gland will become more productive in his receiving messages at a telepathic level man does not receive messages in his head but more so in his stomach. Now you have the Thymus center and this deals of course with David and you also have that of Bathsheba become the Thymus has a male and female quality working with it. Now the new moon represents the Thymus center and the Psalm for the Thymus center is of course 133 and 144. The thyroid center this deals with Abraham and Isaac and the moon of course deals with the old moon. The Psalm is 23 and 24 then that brings you to a small gland underneath the chin, which deals with Leverage all these small glands aren’t counted as large glands yet but the small gland is the Holy Spirit gland that gives you the words to speak and of course this in the Bible format represents Aaron. And the moon phase is no moon it is when the moon is a sliver, fingernail and your Pineal center this represents that of the Christ center and Jesus and the Psalm is 138 and the moon of course is the new moon quartered and then you have your Pituitary gland which is that what we would consider the Nameless One or the Yahweh in the Bible and the Psalm for that is 129 to 139. Now you have the three other centers above the body, which deals totally with the new moon, full moon and the half crescent moon and each one deals with Moses, Elijah and Jacob. And there is no Psalms that would go for these three but there is a message in Lamentations 4th chapter 7th verse and that should do it for the moment.

GL: Thank you.

IS: Who’s the third one Elijah, Jacob and who else?

Forces: Moses.

IS: Is he the first from the three?

Forces: Moses is the first.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there a Psalm for the Solar plexus?

Forces: We left that one out. It is more of what would be considered Numbers 4th chapter 8th verse.

IS: Thank you.

DN: (—) Headaches migraines?

Forces: Of course the answer self will self-determination must become patient and calm and humility and headache band made out of what would be considered lambs wool about 24 strands to 30 strands and with that penny of copper on his temples his electric magnesium output to his battery is over charging and water would help his system cigarette smoking cut down would help the oxygenation within his capillary systems around the skull of the brain the finer qualities need the oxygen more, the tenseness around his neck tightens these veins a point that the pressure throbs. The reliving of the pressure throbbing with the ah lambs wool headache band as you all call it could take the energy and (—-) into its right proportion instead of having it stagnate in the area of the headache.

IS: Is that true for me too?

Forces: This could help also for all headaches.

DN: The battery you were talking about is that external or the person’s internal battery electric magnesium output overcharging?

Forces: Well we don’t want to electrocute him with an external battery but more so the inner mechanisms of the batteries ah this should do it yes.

DN: Thank you.

Forces: It’s a system that pennies must be placed in the freezer for a few minutes and then put on the temples wrapped of course in lamb’s wool and pennies put in or anything that is copper put into the center sections of the temple.

DN: Thank you.

DD: Is there any way you can use the minor cards by interpreting the number cards, page the knights and the Kings and the Queens and seeing them as the higher cards. Is there a way of looking at them and interpreting them the sequence?

Forces: That is a way of looking at it in a sequence by those cards just that each particular higher card represents the center of pivot in which all turns from one field of understanding to the next field of understanding.

DD: Could anything else be given on that to start working with it?

Forces: Generally they are stabilized at the moment different names of powers of houses could be given to different cards. For instance the Knight of Wands could be used with that force of Mercury and the power of an angel or the power of medicine of interpretation the Knight of Wands could deal with the medical or medicine in power and position that with mercury.

DD: Thank you.

IS: What you said about receptivity is in the stomach is that part of my stomach problems?

Forces: Yes of course. You are a receptive or channeler on a psychic level so large percentage of your sicknesses do come from a psychic nature first rather than a physical.

IS: It’s not because of misuse?

Forces: No sometimes there is a heavy density within the areas and jamming of the channels that causes these upsetments.

NN: Could you say what it means everlasting to everlasting does that mark any kind of earth time or is it just something in the heavens and if it is something with the earth would it be like the 14 generations?

Forces: It speaks of the evolution of the angels and angel ah angel man evolution.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving will speak to you soon.

Forces: Greetings to all, before we leave everyone should have a new pair of shoes of course socks go along with that cigarettes might become scarce in the future just ah sentence of course you know coffee will be of course sugar of course will be and all the nice luxury things to make you unglued but these qualities of items have a very high percentage risk of, of being scarce in the next few years or months. This should do for the moment until we speak to you again soon.

Forces: greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.