Session 165 – 5/29/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been in the area of this house and found things to be interesting guiding and directing certain principles of the (—-). We would suggest that in the months to come that each and everyone starts preparing for the move. The hour for this area in New York is over and certain things to this section must be done and accomplished though before these items are accomplished and done you all must leave though now we do confirm what was given to you to leave. Take what is yours and leave the place gather them together and prepare to move to this new quarter. We will guide and help as much as possible you must put your strength and your stamina and your will power in accomplishing what must be done. Cooperation is the Spirit and key word in all that you do and judgment for this must not (—). Guide yourself appropriately and you will receive appropriately what you have guided.

Forces: Questions.

DD: Is something happening to my Heart center?

Forces: You’re moving forward in certain new paths and undertakings you must realize that new energy creates new problems. The problems must be developed in such a way that these energies will bring on a different expression of talents that are within you a beginning of finding out these talents will be manifested shortly. Question.

DD: (———) pure love?

Forces: Love in its aspect takes a long time to develop in time all should try to strive for that Divine concept of Love whether in the physical or mental or spiritual realms this is the ideal concept therefore you would be progressing toward this Divine State. Question.

DN: Is there anything to add to the red soil to more accommodate plants?

Forces: We have a hotel you can put them up in (Laughter) The red soil would be the second to the best in breaking this traditional pattern of thoughts of soil products. The soil is not bad at all if you want to accommodate it take that which is hay or take that which is corn or take that which is grass or take that which is and put it around the sections and this is no major problems there are more developments within self and things around in a creative level that needs to be focused in on which will give you a stronger backing for more creative work that is set before you (—) you do not understand how much there is in front of you to be done and once it is tackled it would be marvelous to see the results. Question.

NN: Do I understand the last couple of days correctly (—–)?

Forces: It needs to be worked out but you are heading in the right direction. Question

LK: In the country now there is a very large group of people that call themselves born again Christians and one of phenomena that seem to happen to them is speaking in tongues. Could you help me understand this?

Forces: We will not mention about speaking in tongues there are those groups that speak in tongues to move on and the energy in the lower centers are trapped and are released in this expression of designs with each individual and you have the true sense of speaking in tongues that is not just a foreign language but a language of the spirit that can communicate. It is not the point that one should just gobble, gobble and speak in tongues the point is they must say that which is meaningful in expression but in the ages and through down the force of time the gobble, gobble took precedence over the true meaning of expression. It is wiser to speak that which is heard then that which is understood not for what you do not understand it does not and cannot be understood but what you can understand can be understand. There is that language that they do speak it is not from this galaxy, I would say 3 percent tap into that language the rest are imitators.

LK: When a group of them get together in a service and this starts does it produce a positive or a negative force?

Forces: Sometimes it is who does the one that does better. It is more like a sensual releasement of their frustrations but then you move on to other aspects there are those groups that do speak in tongues and those percentage is high in which they are speaking a language that is not of this earth and yet to receive and understand them will take many, many lifetimes to comprehend.

LK: Thank you.

IS: If the language they are speaking is not of this Universe is it entities that are speaking through them?

Forces: We would not say that in general but we will not give the information here because too many people would be confused already about the conditions.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for DD that can be given on a physical level also?

Forces: We would suggest that his creative ability and energies now can manifest in a more positive expression and manifesting in the earth these designs of artistic and Keltic patterns in the future.

IS: Nothing on a medical?

Forces: Other than he is striving to work with the creative force of expression that comes through all of us in putting artistic things into the earth.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: The well next door is that an entrance into the earth into middle earth?

Forces: It is a covering to the hole in the earth. Question.

GL: Thank you.

RU: Is there any area of creativity that I could work on to try to bring those things more into alignment?

Forces: Yes we would suggest that you would be compassionate and listen to others around you and apply information learned rather than information rendered.

RU: Thank you very much.

RH: Is there any guidance for me, my attitudes (—-)?

Forces: We would stress that you are advancing rapidly you’re not eating as much as you should they say but sometimes this is necessary that you can move forward none the less you must move into other avenues of expressions and endeavors of conquering sections near you and around you so that the expression of the spirit can (—) and finally manifest through you. There is a great prize coming your way that will give you a unique power a unique property in that of the sciences. Question.

NN: Is there any guidance that could be given to me at this time?

Forces: We would say appropriate your mind in a positive manner, direct your thoughts in a creative endeavor keep your mind always consecrated on the ideal and on the spiritual values and in creative understandings artistically apply your powers.

NN: Thank you.

BR: Can anything be given to me?

Forces: We would suggest again lettuce, garlic, vinegar we would suggest lots of water, we would suggest a rest period during the day that you must calm yourself down for you run around like a dynamo going backwards.

BR: Thank you.

MK: (——-)?

Forces: There shall be new ideas given new incentives and new plans to be undertaken just keep moving into the direction you need to go.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we shall return in time to guide and to give you more ideas and more undertakings. At this point we will not give you that much for you won’t be able to take it all the information readily.

Forces: Be at peace, be careful in that which is creative and work hard, at it and express in determination, in accomplishing your transitions, from the area that you are staying in New York and this area finalizing it.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.