Session 166 – 5/30/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are aware of many things to come and in the due course changes will follow movement forward and greater interesting things. (We will wait while you answer that phone) As things will move forward so also shall the strengthening of positions we had in what must be done. We find that as you do make commitments these commitments will become stronger in force and ideal knowing that that all is for the purpose of development we should remain in the highest aspect of our own personal and spiritual commitments. With this new understanding and intuition and endeavors will be given. With the creative powers new enlightenment would be had.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Can any more be given about Keltic art?

Forces: If the energies and the force of receptivity is used you would be able to express in lines and forms designs that would help the factor of creative force coming into the earth and leaving from the earth at the same time this could be used in stones and also clay figures, pottery, metal, ceramic, dish ware, jewelry all forces of energy that leaves the human body and enters into the house. This will take time to develop but also perseverance in this avenue. Question.

DD: Is the way that they describe in some of the books about doing Keltic art does he have the right technic or is there another way?

Forces: It is one of the technics that is ok you would develop your own.

DD: The original people who did it they did it in a different way?

Forces: There are many ways of doing it all depends upon that what would be called style and personality.

DD: Could you tell me about the dream I had I saw the looked like another person then it looked like me in another lifetime. Was that meant to be something to look to as an ideal?

Forces: Let us say a helping point of moving forward.

DD: Is that something I could be like in the future?

Forces: It could be possible.

DD: Was it somebody I was before?

Forces: Can be.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you tell me what the Book of Zachariah represents as a whole?

Forces: It would be a reading force of change and preparation for the Christ Spirit in coming in.

NN: Thank you.

IS: It says in John that Mary Magdalene was Lazarus sister is that correct?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: In John it say that Mary Magdalene was the same Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

Forces: There is confusion here but it could be possible.

IS: But it was said that there were two different Mary’s then how could it be?

Forces: There is this confusion Mary Magdalene did in fact live with Martha and Mary but Mary was more or less what would be considered merged into the family.

IS: Mary Magdalene was accepted as a sister of the family after her change with Jesus?

Forces: We would say something to that line.

IS: Was that place almost like a commune?

Forces: More like so.

IS: Thank you.

MK: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We would only suggest movement in the wood force constructive force and striving to be as accurate as possible would help out.

MK: Thank you.

RU: The dream that I had last night about one of the students getting treated by a doctor I knew was a quack and I had to choose to say to expose the doctor because he was going to kill the student?

Forces: This is the recognition within self between those false concepts that try to undermine your principles and ideals versus that which is the real McCoy.

RU: The dream right after that about the exhaust on the jeep getting it fixed and the guy said to me I can’t believe it didn’t kill you before now?

Forces: Repeat.

RU: Dream after that where I took the jeep to be fixed and the guy looked at the exhaust —?

Forces: This would be the negativity that comes from self also that of wondering why it didn’t stifle your growth up till now.

RU: Thank you.

DD: Zebulon you said before symbolizes the thymus center and in the last Session that Judah was the heart center how do they relate to one another?

Forces: There is a connecting field between both tribes that one would have a reaction to versus the other.

DD: Zebulon the thymus is a pump gland to the heart is this how they fit this to Judah?

Forces: This would be similarly in line to that reaction of the Heart and absorbed into Judah.

DD: So is Zebulon like the secret force behind Judah?

Forces: Could be so.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: We would stress a devotion to the Higher Self creative ability and movement to those expressions of developing the spiritual aspects within rather than on a material physical level of expression.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: The one that wrote the Metaphysical Dictionary to the Bible, the one that we use how did he get all those interpretations?

Forces: Many, many times of days and nights of studying and researching and automatic thought process of receiving the Spirit.

IS: Was he also a very spiritual man?

Forces: We would say he was enlightened in many respects.

IS: A Master?

Forces: Near to same.

IS: Jesus he’s talking to his disciples and he’s saying whatever you ask in my name it will be given to you from my Father and in another part he says those who love each other those are my disciples and that is how you shall be known to be my disciples if you Love one another. Those are the people that can ask in his name or is it, as Christianity believes today anybody can ask in his name and it shall be given to him.

Forces: These are more of the Laws of kindness and Love asking the Divine Father.

IS: So it does apply to everything and everybody?

Forces: Who would, taps into the Law.

IS: Taps into the —?

Forces: Law.

IS: Of Jesus?

Forces: Of the Spirit of Christ.

IS: That means that a lot of people can ask but if they do not have the tapping into the Spirit of Christ it will not be given to them?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We would stress that there should be that strong point of commitment and understanding to the Spiritual world by doing so all things would be in harmony

IS: With the letter that was sent to the guy from Close Encounters did that letter ever reach him?

Forces: He would be seeing it.

IS: And what would be the reaction?

Forces: It would be a strange reaction in his own reception but also nonetheless he will be affected by it.

IS: But there will be no response?

Forces: There is a good possibility for such if all what would be considered in the right rapport and receptive to it.

IS: Does he believe?

Forces: He does believe.

IS: Thank you

DD: Is there any guidance for me now?

Forces: Again to utilize creative ability and develop new artistic talents of expression with the elements around you keeping strict on the path towards your God and towards your meditational processes.

DD: Thank you very much.

Forces: Question.

IS: The people are coming down in September what should be the first things done?

Forces: Adequate space for the items moved in and getting the ground floor as neat as possible.

IS: Thank you.

BR: The next child that was born to Mary after Jesus how old was Jesus at that time?

Forces: We would say about 4 or 5 years old.

BR: Which child was it that was born?

Forces: Some say it was Joseph some say it was Judith some say it was James.

IS: Some say it was 10 years before she had another child.

Forces: Some say it was 15. (Laughter)

IS: What would be the truth?

Forces: Doesn’t matter, 10 years more.

IS: 10 years more than before–?

Forces: 10 years more or less.

IS: Is that the reason why nobody knows the exact date of when Jesus was born and things like that?

Forces: They would have it somewhere but exactly that would be the reason.

IS: Whenever people celebrate they are bring up high days–?

Forces: Exactly.

Forces: We here will return to you again. As far as the entity is concerned we would say abstinence from food again until Sunday afternoon.

IS: Why is he–?

Forces: This is the changes and new force field coming in.

IS: Is that the reason with me too?

Forces: Partially correct.

IS: Is there a physical reason?

Forces: (Long Silence deep breathing)

Forces: We must leave now certain connections must be met.

Forces: Greetings to, to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.