Session 171 – 6/15/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have come to (—-) many things that are being done and the items that still can be done with each passing day. We find that as we move forward each in its own evolution that things can be done the better from in a better format. With each passing day we grow closer and closer to this (—–).

Forces: We now are ready for your questions.

DD: Would the Liver be considered the alchemists oven?

Forces: It could.

DD: Is there a certain angel that governs alchemy?

Forces: We have what would be considered Metatron is a force in a indirect way keeper of those items.

DD: The Egyptian god Anubis does he represent something like that?

Forces: It could yes very definitely.

DD: What does Anubis as a Weigher of the Soul represent?

Forces: The Breath of Fire the Enlightenment of Spirit, the Sun god.

DD: Thank you very much.

BR: Dream that I had on a ship and I was going to work and on returning I went to the meditation room in the ship and it was just like our meditation room here except that the floor was different the floor had a pattern sort of like the pattern from Michael the Archangel but it was a different pattern, it was just as pretty could you tell me what that dream was?

Forces: Repeat.

BR: I was on a cruise ship, I was going to work, first time there on the return from there to home, I went into the meditation room on the ship, everybody else was asleep it was like our meditation room here except there were tiles on the floor and it was a pattern like the Archangel Michael pattern but different?

Forces: It is the merging within of certain spheres of evolution in your progress and development on those other levels.

BR: Thank you.

BR: The pattern that was on the floor was that another Archangel?

Forces: It is just generally the energy flow.

BR: Thank you.

NN: Is there a book in the Bible that deals with the serpent queen aspect and all the others like Ecclesiastes?

Forces: We would find it very difficult to understand for a section in the Bible that would explain all of this but you might find some aspects in Ruth the Book of Ruth but the aspect in the closet of Mina in which sacrifice is asked and the Book of Job again the woman aspect negative, the female receptive positive done with other occasions how and when this could happen if it would be better to make up the service then of the occasion. Question.

NN: Thank you.

IS: The man coming to see the house—?

Forces: Well work with the man and try to flow the Spirit through him that you must flow with him and be receptive to things that are being said but more or so less the impression of the Spiritual Group on his consciousness and the impression that he will first receive entering the house the immensity of the production and the jobs that will go forward in the house. It is more to be respected the members of the group have a heavy responsibility to a community and therefore everyone should remember that at this responsibility flows from this house so that it will be a center respected of and looked up too.

IS: —-?

Forces: It is not doing anything wrong it is just being of your natural self I’m only speaking of being receptive and open to the information he has and also in showing what the Lord has done through us all in this many diversified manner.

IS: It says here give a portion to 7 and also to 8 for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. What does it mean it’s in —?

Forces: Ecclesiastes. It would be the representation of when male female aspect comes together it is doubles no longer to be 2 or 3 but double that to 8 the 7 represents the giving of the Spirit so you can move on.

IS: But it’s talking about giving out of Spirit or money or what?

Forces: Giving of self in the service in the material level.

IS: Did King Solomon write this whole Book?

Forces: It is him and part of his helpers.

IS: Why is it so many times repeated there’s nothing for man to do but eat and to drink and have a good time because after all everybody dies rich or poor everybody dies, good or bad everybody dies?

Forces: This is to lead man into his Higher Self that is within him pointing out all the things that are left and how futile it is to turn away from the soul within.

MK: In dreams lots of times I get flashes of names and dates and places are these past lives?

Forces: Repeat.

MK: In dreams a lot of times I get a flash for one or two seconds and a name will be given or a date and a place are these past lives?

Forces: We would write down the name the date and the place so to see if would add up to a stronger picture.

MK: Together they would mean something but not always–?

Forces: Correct.

MK: Thank you.

MK: Joseph who was chosen as Mary’s husband could you tell us more about him some of his past lives?

Forces: It is not really it is the aspect of Egypt the aspect of the Babylonian Empires and the strength that enabled him to raise the Empire with (resides) his enormous strength.

MK: At what time did he die during Jesus’s life?

Forces: Which one is that?

MK: Joseph Mary’s husband.

Forces: Around 11 years to 13 and a half to 14 years.

MK: Thank you very much.

RU: Why was the Apocrypha left out of the Bible?

Forces: Because it had to much information.

RU: The Apocrypha that’s available to us is that condensed?

Forces: Its been watered down.

RU: Did the same people that watered down the New Testament do that?

Forces: The same lineage.

RU: Is that group of people that throughout the ages has tampered with the Scriptures is it like a cycle that those people keep coming into until they can get out of it–?

Forces: This is a cycle.

RU: So it is like the same people over and over?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Thank you.

IS: It’s not of the white force?

Forces: We would not say so.

RU: Has any one of those ever broken away from that group and gone to God?

Forces: Many a time.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Many a time did they succeed all the way or many a time they went back to what they were doing.

Forces: Many a time they went back but there are those who never did go back.

IS: A black force person does it ever really go to God once it turned black?

Forces: That is the battle in which you are on the earth to plant the white seeds in the person eventually there will be enough white seeds within the person to dispel the darkness in which a person will have no power on his own to walk to the white forces being that he has been guided in that direction but once he is walking to the white force and he’s given a certain position and then he will start all over again to make his decisions and if he falls he starts the whole cycle over again.

IS: Am I correct in thinking that in reality leadership on a Spiritual level is more to those people on a normal level is more towards those people that are less with God than more with God?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The sin of arrogance are there many similarities between me and MAR?

Forces: There are creative similarities and intuitive similarities but the similarity ends there for you are as they say a different breed altogether but learn theses principles and techniques as we move on and the particular son will have that interesting encounters this is just the beginning of many different (—-).

IS: Encounters with people in this area?

Forces; Encounters with the truth.

IS: Is it for myself now?

Forces: Self and others.

IS: To teach me?

Forces: To guide not only you but others.

IS: Why do I see myself in these–?

Forces: (Similar phase?) one who is healthy does this constantly.

IS: Thank you.

DD: What did Merlin teach King Arthur when he was with him?

Forces: Question.

DD: What did Merlin teach King Arthur when he was with him?

Forces: The Laws of the Universe.

DD: He taught him Mysteries like we learn here?

Forces: Not at this moment. Question.

DD: What happened to Merlin they say this witch put him in a cave? He gave her some secrets and she trapped him in a spell?

Forces: The Strength of the Sun comes the beginning of Time and Time comes the beginning of the Strength of the Song.

Forces: Question.

DD: Merlin was put into a cave by a witch who put a spell on him could you explain what happened there?

Forces: It’s the feeling of input so that the receptor can receive what to do next.

DD: So was he trapped in the cave?

Forces: It is the movement between both sides (opening?) up.

IS: You answered most of my questions?

Forces: In an indirect way yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Don’t know if I understood the answer.

(Session ended)