Session 169 – 6/12/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been (–) to return and continue with our discussions and movements forward. With these months coming the month of June should be that in which progress must be imposed. Ah this particular month should be a month of concentration on small details and the energy factors in which nothing is wasted. This transition that is about to begin would mean that a structure within the house orientation as has been known for the past month will be altered in many different aspects but in altering it, it is continuing to bring once and for all the unit structure that has been derived and composed of from the beginning of concept so this force of finalizing one or two of the major (—) points of unity of uniting would be the endeavor that each one in his own particular sphere would contribute and in components the personal looking into of advancement on their own level. We also would stress that certain food substances could be taken in for the abundance of fruits and vegetables would be rather beneficial during the transitions of time. You would also find that the oatmeal water would be beneficial again also oatmeal and wheat germ and what would be considered rye and barley and oats to be consumed for breakfast meals barley cakes as you know it would be excellent and all these aspects of wheat and barley and oats and grain food can be absorbed within the body. We would also suggest that sugars should be tuned down and a replacement for either beet sugar or what would be called beet juices or closer to that of honey but all that is the toning down of the sugar product. We would also advise to toning down of certain beef products in the months to come for the beef aspects would be quite high in the air and much uncertainty about the quality of the meat product coming in through this country. And we also would advise that a certain day to be placed or set aside for at least an hour or two in reviewing and discussing the metaphysical and Bible areas of existence. The house will be built perfectly if these courses are undertaken. We do see changes in a productive way but only stress that the growth and the harmony of this corporate entity nucleus center can only be done as research as far as the spiritual eyes are concerned and movement in helping the areas of which you live generally the areas reflecting the spiritual harmony of life leaving this not to be put aside always remembering the responsibilities that we owe to those around us. As you are in this group you mustn’t be reminiscent upon self but always turn those beams of light outside of self to become more productive and more in harmony so that this house could be used as a manifestation of the spiritual laws on the earth.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Is the Solar Plexus what would be called the Thought or Utterance in the Voice?

Forces: The Solar Plexus is the creative Power in which energy constantly flows to and from this is the area that would be very vulnerable to attack or a higher fourth dimensional and third dimensional lower level. The Solar Plex area is a creative channeling source in which expressions on a creative level is composed it would have a filtering aspect and a cycling relationship to the Voice box or trachea area.

DD: So it would be connected with the Utterance and the Thought too?

Forces: We would say that the voice box is only the aftermath of manifestation of the Spiritual law of Utterance that the Spirit once did not have to speak but in the form this world where God was All that the voice being the Tree or male female aspect follow the column of Wisdom and Justice came into manifestation only after the Spirit rebelled against that of the Higher Force and wanted to speak its own mind ion so doing it became strangulated in the voice box creating more substance and subtle relationships of the cord male female aspects which later divided the male female aspect into a male body and a female body but at one time they were united unseparable.

DD: Thank you.

BR: Two times when we put roses by Mary the left side shriveled up?

Forces: This would be the aspect in which the coming forth of Beauty must supersede that of Wisdom therefore Wisdom should come in its place and blossom only to give credence to the majestic flow to Beauty if there is no Wisdom then Beauty cannot materialize. It is the aspect in which the Madonna or the Spirit female consciousness of a country is reflected the statement in which that source is being made in which this particular small hutch has been forced into a consciousness of the resurrection of the Spirit it is a force field or barometer in which is a telepathic wave link in which reflects the productivity of the nation and this so happens to reflect the positive and negative aspects of Spiritual evolution and in this particular moment in time we find that the country’s spending (sending?) quality or receptive quality is not perfectly in Wisdom therefore the beauty of this Wisdom is negated. Question.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Then that is a prophecy?

Forces: It is the moment in which we are standing the Unites States is what would be appearing to be for human rights but in reality in its own homeland boundaries and frontiers infringe upon so called human rights of the soul.

IS: How come it happened here is there a specific force emanating from the Madonna?

Forces: It is as said before a barometer in which reflects the movements of the consciousness for this particular country it is a good and bad aspect being not good or bad but just a telltale sign of how the particular country or consciousness is moving. When we are striving for our own rights too much rights seems to disqualify ourselves from the soul process, too much rights on a worldly visible tangible level seems to tarnish the development of the soul. Man does not always have what would be considered man made rights for they are flexible and ever changeable and insurmountable to the power in which God does exist. Man must learn to turn to Gods rights, Gods Power, Gods Faith and the God Jehovah, Tetragramaton, Power of the Word in which his would have the ruling Scepter it is through this that we incline ourselves for the proper growth be it as it may man cannot make proper the rights of other men the rights of men are only given to man by God and not one man to another man the rights of man must be respected that is the Rights to Life and to Liberty and what would be considered happiness must only be respected when that particular entity is following through a Divine Law of the Christ when man no longer follows after the Spiritual abodes of life then the Laws of what would be considered rights are tarnished and brought down to a materialistic level a level of one and one equals two. These rights become the more plead able experience and demanding relationship to mans consciousness rather than the Spiritual rights the more we demand rights on the physical level the more we capture that which is the evolution of man from moving. Man will only move when he is in a state of experience and the state of experience can only be found under the Spirit of Life and Light this Spirit can only be directed through that of the allowance of freedom in which movement must be experienced in such a condition we do find many contradictions for when man decides to make his own personal rights and then demand other countries to do as follow we seem to be biting off more than we can chew even though it seems to be very idealistic not all things that appear to be right are in reality right. This we say now when the consciousness for what this particular country is doing appears to be so right but there are many rights of people that have been placated in such a situation that the rights have been defied and defiled.

IS: Thank you.

IS: (—–)?

Forces: We are here only to answer questions so if you have them you might as well ask them.

IS: The living room ceiling should we have a light in there a chandelier even if we had the Fresca or that because of the Fresca the light would be a hindrance?

Forces: This would be an interesting category to discuss Chandeliers the particular chandelier if you do attach or appropriate one into the living room what would be the type of chandelier that would accent such a large room you could receive a chandelier that has 4 ter (Switched tape) in which these layers would correspond to the length and breath of the room each terrace would be considered a flight in consciousness or you can consider a certain amount of rest in the dining room in which this particular chandelier hangs while in your living room you are giving that peace and that pulsation. If you attach the ceiling with what would be considered a design or a figure explanations the mind would be too busy with seeing and sighting such activity that if a chandelier is posed in the middle of this it would be too flamboyant and what would be considered too much because you must take into consideration when the aspect of a ceiling is going you will have to also use gold paint to accent the energy force you will also have your curtain displays your rugs your large tassels, your velvet seating all this is what would be called a activity. The chandelier could be out into the middle but generally speaking in a large living room a chandelier usually accomplishes or accompanying, accompanies space underneath in this particular case the living room would not relinquish itself to open space rather it gives itself more to the permeating force of movement and design and energy flow in the structures of the curtains rugs and lamps and furniture fixtures again putting a chandelier in this living room would be too busy as they would say therefore taking all this in consideration and a course of décor internal residential exposé we would find that a chandelier with the best knowledge and the abilities suited for your understanding given at the highest level negative.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Along time ago I asked about a series of numbers and ah you told me it was a couplet and there was a secret to this and I looked it up and it talked about poetry lines of verse in sequence is this the aspect you were talking about?

Forces: This would be the reflection of such.

DD: And what way could that be used?

Forces: By moving forward on the Laws and the workmanship that you are doing.

DD: Each of the 5 Books of Moses do they each represent different signs?

Forces: We would have such.

DD: Could they be given I know the Book of Numbers is signs of Numbers?

Forces: This would be more when you say signs it is like the information of the Torah in which you speak to want signs is one thing Spirit is another thing signs can never really gain access to the amount of Knowledge and Wisdom that we do give for one another.

DD: Instead of the word signs what should be used then is it a certain form each of the Books?

Forces: We would find those who are busy in the (garden?) will receive a gardeners reward.

BR: We wear the Star and the Cross for protection what did the Apostles wear?

Forces: They simply wore that of a tunic (—–).

BR: Thank you.

BR: About the chandelier that Tom bought in the master bedroom what Archangel does it represent?

Forces: This would be Uriel or the power for sighting.

IS: To see?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: We would find that as time moves on new answers and new things will be given to you only move forward with constructive efforts to help and preserve that of the beings those around you purpose of being is to serve others this is done than harmony shall prevail. We shall speak to you again tomorrow.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.