Session 172 – 7/3/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been a long ways at a distance in putting certain forces into perspectives. We have been structuring and setting a strong force that would be taken up in the months to come for your major transitions in changing perspective areas. We find that these items of strength (immove) ability and the coordination of every faction and factor involved. There is those aspects that still will be done as well as development and concern. As regards to your worldly situation it is movement upon movement. There is not a strengthening aspect to be focused on but more or less an aspect that still needs much more work. We feel that with this major move the transition and the force concentration will once more be developed and expressed more refined.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: What can be done about the EH situation?

Forces: This is a feeling of movement and expression in this movement it was the question of time and the understanding of new expressions that will be coming forth to be understood (And) new expressions or new developments for new situations. In this particular sense we would only suggest a buying of time and patience before a fundamental basis will be put into operation.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: The physical things I’ve been experiencing in New York?

Forces: This is a alternation and change of strength and strengthening power and demands to be met on the physical body. We would suggest that these broth of teas ah Royan teas could be received very nicely. It is this the alternating pattern and expression of the being with so much land and responsibilities of expression in such a small space. Generally it is the breaking down of space syndrome that individuals go through during wide-open spaces and then subjected to small cramped spaces.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What has been the affect of Toms work at TWA at this time?

Forces: This would what would be considered the laying down of the final spiritual foundation stones. It is the expression of the spirit over all problems material, financially, mental, physical that the spiritual laws have the first and foremost and the last say so in any evolutionary scale or development.

IS: So they now appreciate him for the work that he’s doing on other levels and the physical and also recognizing the spiritual part within the entity Tom that brings forth their Spiritual parts the harmony?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you. The items that were bought are they correct?

Forces: These items that have been purchased fulfill the demand when it is needed.

IS: When it is needed?

Forces: Or (—–) if needed.

IS: Are there other things I should be looking into?

Forces: We would suggest certain metal and cabinet fixtures also certain furniture fixtures and what would be considered as certain draining or (—-) systems of the components to be used in minor endeavors. These are just secondary items near the last but just the actual movement as far as the structure and system of designs that will be made under great challenges and personal disciplines. Question.

IS: You mean cabinets like kitchen cabinets?

Forces: No not particularly that more on the quarter of smaller cabinets in other areas when needed.

IS: Things the way they are happening in the Virginia house the den and the kitchenette is the design correct?

Forces: We find the designs and the illustrations to this accurate and on time.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: During the time of Jesus could you tell me more of that lifetime particularly recently the thoughts I’ve had about that lifetime and after the Crucifixion did I run away?

Forces: We would say you had a important contribution in managing to keep the Apostles in a harmony and order and in disciplinary actions as far as members who were outside of the group. We would find the entity as very much in business selling what would be considered items or items of cloth and of bone. It is not that you ran away it is the point that you ran to express and to share with what you had known. Question.

GL: Thank you.

JE: Did Jesus ever marry Mary Magdalene?

Forces: We have two stories here some say yes others say no, some say yes others say no. We have a personal relationship with Mary Magdalene and with the entity Jesus but as far as marriage it would not be an absurd thing to believe in. Question

JU: The project at the desk we had discussed starting should we go ahead with that?

Forces: We would advise you a small corner table first and work yourself up to the big one.

JU: Would Mahogany be ok for that?

Forces: Whatever is or can be acquired at an easement.

IS: A corner table in which room?

Forces: It would be a three-piece table one the biggest and two underneath the first and the third to set underneath the second. It is more or less a circle table rather than a corner table. Any particular room more so in the hall way or in the main living room.

JU: Thank you and for the dining room table should we eventually thing of expanding this table that we have here or would we be making or acquiring a new one altogether?

Forces: Two things will come into your jurisdiction near the end of August a beautiful 40 piece person set table in which 40 persons can maintain and rest within this so called table. Or you could make this one that you have now larger.

IS: The one for 40 people would that fit into the dining room?

Forces: It would fit into at the moment of preparation it would break down in to a 12 sitting capacity to a more or less 24 sitting capacity to more or less 40.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Would it be worthwhile if I develop some skills in carving also?

Forces: The carving must come with inner development first no carving is acquired on the outside level unless a inner patience and temperance is acquired. When such is done then the reflection is seen within the wood.

JU: And work with veneers and inlays is that ok at this time?

Forces: We have no objections on this.

IS: This is what you meant for the Library?

Forces: This could be done correct.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Thank you.

RH: The thinking I’ve been doing about when you’re in a seemingly good mood or when you’re being yourself and all of a sudden it seems like there’s another personality or different thoughts that you seem to attract that you call yourself but you can realize that its not. Is humor or positive thinking? What is the fastest way to disassociate from imaginations that I fall into?

Forces: Hard work and discipline within the working pattern of living. Also creative ability and absorbing yourself in the expression of sharing this creative ability and showing to those who…

RH: Thank you.

RH: Did the entity M of LaGuardia group kids he has a ringing in his ear that he got from gunshot sounds and he said that meditation has helped him to overcome the ringing and he was asking for more guidance to help overcome that.

Forces: We would suggest a slight heating pad with certain types of oil more or less olive peanut butter smear the peanut butter on his ear and put jelly on it (Laughter) more or less a heating compress and his meditations will relieve the pressure on the nerve.

IS: The heating compress of the olive oil is it every day?

Forces: Every fourth day will do every day would be would have a… Question. (Laughter)

IS: Thank you.

LK: In the Books on the Druids is the method of establishing a placement for the stones of Stonehenge and the various other circles correct?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Also the numbers given for the formation of the magic squares?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Is there a number that would be correspond to our house if we were to set up something along those lines in order to form the magic square to get the diagram?

Forces: Number here or there?

LK: In Virginia.

Forces: The number would be 33.

LK: And would we do it the same way that they did their rings?

Forces: You would find to be 33 at the northwest corner or number 144 at the southeast corner.

LK: Is that in the individual blocks of the square?

Forces: 33 on the first full moon or the 8th month of the year or 144 the first quarter- moon of the 3rd month of the year.

LK: How does that correspond to the squares that were given in the books where each row or column adds up to a number that represents the sun, the moon?

Forces: There is the Big Dipper that the lowest star would be received at the first measurements at exactly 10:35 looking into that position it will give you a direct descendant down to the area of measurement. The same would be found with the constellation of Pleiades guiding you in sections that is needed. Question.

LK: Does anyone in the group have the understanding to work this out?

Forces: You’ll learn how to understand it.

LK: Thank you.

BH: Cayce says Jesus cleansed Mary Magdalene of the seven devils and one was selfishness. If he could cleanse her of selfishness what point was her soul development that life. Did she not have selfishness the next lifetime?

Forces: It would be looked upon as that. It moved the entity forward tremendously.

BH: Were you in communication with the Essenes?

Forces: We did speak to them.

BH: When it said that Judy heard voices was that you in her meditations or was there sessions through her.

Forces: She liked to drink too. (Laughter)

BH: Did you also communicate to them through the Urim and Thummim?

Forces: We had nothing to do with the Thamma bet ohm. Yes we did communicate through these instruments.

BH: Thank you.

IS: What exactly were these instruments?

Forces: More or less the electrical components of positive and negative within the body.

IS: That means the Urim and the Thummim are always inside a person?

Forces: This could be more or less accurate.

IS: Then who was the person at that time that you communicated through?

Forces: Anyone we felt had it.

IS: But there was also on a physical level a Urim and Thummim?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

BH: For the entity DD a question. The enquires through the ephod what is an ephod, how did it answer, and what did it consist of?

Forces: This is a complex question to be given at a simple answer. We could say an ephod is someone who has a spiral shape horn 40ft to 27ft long in which the response would come when the wind would blow through it giving messages from the spirit world, not like spooks Ville, but more of a talking eloquent message breaking down through the 27 foot spiral shape. Next.

BH: Thank you.

DN: Could you please give us a complete description, including sights or sounds or senses that happens, in first preparing for a session, that would include what happens in your ship or the area that your in, the feelings that Tom may go through, then at the very beginnings of a session, what Tom might see or experience as he’s leaving and then where he does go and what is happening with his body and then what happens at the end of a session, when he comes back to the body?

Forces: You want that on lettuce and tomato or over easy? You want us to hold the pickle? The preparation and the Force Field in which one enters into what would be considered the communicate from the Higher Sphere or levels of endowment. One is in proper alignment within that which would be considered the electrical fields of north and south, the Polaris is what would be considered the gaining or the guiding light center within the focal or the focus point of the guiding light force-field within the major so-called quote un-quote group, in such said group or in such relationship of order and consistency in which the circle or the (circumspective) ideas and ideals are in communication with. The energy is then forced or focused into what would be considered the (hajuvinus) or more or less considered the (shaolitic) shape form energy sphere covering a dome shape or dominactic shape, system, plantitude, altitude and latitude around said sphere house center landscape, any other aspect in which the energy force-field is generating from. The conditions in which we would find the Higher Spheres or movement or the sphere of movement during the Session would be considered like an electrical impulse vibratory in which the Voltra Light, or the Blue Voltra scanning light is put to its highest maximum range of efficiency, pulsating constantly through the membranes and through the fibers within the physical channel in which the voice structure is then produced and sounded to be like unto the voice structure of the entity, but in reality it is the voice structure of the Blue Light, the Blue Light is what is being reflected in the real sound during so called quote unquote communative off-ne ona-nix-it more or less the communications between the sphere of above and below. This Blue Light is what is emanating from the center of the group or hub center, in this the Blue Light is the voice and the sound given previnance and permanence structure within the working order of sound. Sound is the after-effect in which one receives what he or she hears and understands, but in reality he or she is really receiving what would be considered the Or-fi-nix or more or less the Blue Light being radiating or beaming down from that which is the solar or center point of transmission. The transmission being of Blue Light energy quasar type effect does and does not have a certain what would be considered vibration or consistency in the extra or in the exterior relationships between the physical channel or quote body in which the entity does and which we do use. The generating gyro in which a session is in complete form, true to form is that the gyro is in a perfect dictorium type aspect between the stars of Polaris and Orpheus, in this the group or sub-hub group consciousness must emanate a Green Light, Green Light, if the Green Light, Light does not emanate to its strongest capacity there is no compass Sator in the relianceship of sound and the communication between and the fulfillment of the Blue Light, Light. In such conditions there is what would be considered a stagnant form of communication in which the Blue Light, Light communicates to you on a subconscious level and not bringing it into a condition of consciousness. Only when this Green force field is emanating to its strongest capacitor, being that you are all little tubes quote little tubes, in which each one generates and raises certain energy which enables the communication of the Blue Light in its syndrome of moving on into its complex capacities of this what would be considered a Session. The conditions in which the entity receives is only that of the best rejuvenation, in which the cellular structures are rejuvenated to its full compacity, in that the Blue Light, Light travels through the physical cells giving essence and glow of essence that the inner force field might radiate and become strong to enable the workload factor that needs to be still produced in the weeks or days to come after the encounter of the so called Session. The reaction is then prescribed, the outcome is then recorded. Question.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: The Green Light that this group has to become before a good session can take place, what is the Green? The Green to us means healing, is that the same kind of Green or is it something else that has to take place?

Forces: The Green Light emanates from what would be considered the bile, more or less the pancreas section of the body. When it is time or in accordance to receive a so-called session each tube or center member is generating a certain vibration that emanates from the pancreas and bile section considering that which is a Green-Yellow color coming out to be Emerald Green in which generates the resussitude and force of communication to be hooked up and completed.

IS: When we Chant, is that the color we create then?

Forces: Chanting is only awakening the pancreas and the bile area.

IS: Is that correct that Green is healing? Is it the same Green?

Forces: It would be correct. That would give you the explanation of the so-called heat energy raised in and traveling throughout the room is only the after-effect of tuning and opening up that particular door of this Green Light.

IS: We open it ourselves or is it open because the Green Light?

Forces: It is opened through a condensational form of resussitude vibrations and that of the certain signals that is heard on a subconscious level triggering that door to be opened.

IS: Is there any other tubes like that within this body, within our bodies that are being triggered off for the positive while things are happening?

Forces: This happens before the Ark and before that of the Force of Meditation. It is considered the Gold Light, Light that generates from the Pineal and moves on and filters into the Thyroid and Thymus generating a Pink-Red Light that heals and calms the outer structure. The nervous system is surrounded within the back four spaces high above the medulla oblong-aton, the Yellow Light, Light in which a spiral shape aspect is hovering over what would be considered the Solar Plexus, considering this to be the Red-White Light, in such shape when one unit is generating perfectly during the Force of Meditation and the one next to them is generating the same, then the energy becomes bigger and bigger and no longer is the physical body contained in that particular room but then generates on to the next dimension.

IS: So when meditation wakes up that other color that is Red-White and Gold. Is there anything for the color Blue?

Forces: This is the expression of air, breath, the incense in which is received during certain services, inspire the Blue Light, Light to enter within the nostrils and the mind.

IS: When that Blue Light is generated through a service with the incense does it correspond in any way shape or form to that Blue Light that creates the condition of a session?

Forces: This would be considered almost the same.

IS: Then we do not create Blue Light that is created by you?

Forces: It is sent down through Quasar.

Q: Now when we think about Faith, what color does Faith generate?

Forces: Faith generates the Emerald Green.

Q: Then is that one of the highest colors that a human being can bring forth?

Forces: It is one of a high color combination. A high color is Pure White.

Q: And that only comes when the Christ Spirit takes over?

Forces: Dedication and Sacrifice.

IS: Thank you very much.

DL: The entity J how is the painting affecting him?

Forces: Like a big explosion.

DN: For the positive?

Forces: For the positive.

DN: The entity BB is it beneficial for her to come over?

Forces: It would be ok.

IS: Then experiences that happened to HI and JB what is happening now in their consciousness do they understand?

Forces: There’s a 10 percent understanding.

IS: And 90 percent hiding?

Forces: Or misunderstanding.

IS: For J and L will they stay together?

Forces: It is a possibility that they will become stronger together.

IS: People that have mistresses besides having a spouse are those people who have not yet been able to reach a consciousness of being able to stay with one person of the opposite sex?

Forces: It is a whole different type aspect that is coming in. Of course there is certain things we can reveal to it but at this moment in time it would be advisable not to reveal too much on it other than that of other lifetime engagements and practices and relationships to be worked out.

IS: It’s a question of doing things faster is that right?

Forces: We would say that would be right.

IS: Isaiah it seems he has a son and then in the second point he’s going to the prophetess and he has a child by her too. What was the private life of Isaiah?

Forces: Very busy.

IS: Did he have an official wife?

Forces: He did.

IS: How many children did he have?

Forces: Some would count it as 10, some would count it as 6, others would count it at 24.

IS: All from one wife?

Forces: Others.

IS: And the prophetess was one of them?

Forces: He kept busy.

IS: What was the work that he did on a worldly level?

Forces: More of a pharmaceutical person.

IS: And Jeremiah?

Forces: Remember they had messages to be recorded and contained the so-called mysteries of their life centers of herbs of rocks of trees of plants of energy that must have been retained, this was a passing down from one to the other.

IS: So they were like Magicians?

Forces: Correct.

IS: In Isaiah God is not choosing Isaiah to be a prophet God is consenting Isaiah to let him be a prophet, is that what happened?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is that what happens with every prophet?

Forces: Yes and no. More so yes.

IS: So it’s the person that has to do so this kind of work is always voluntary but I don’t have the right word because yes its voluntary but when God chooses somebody its voluntary with a little different kind of voluntary. But in Isaiah case it seemed completely voluntary?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: In Pennsylvania was anything accomplished?

Forces: It was an accomplishment in certain levels. The ability to move is an accomplishment.

IS: For us.

Forces: For the purpose of movement.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The Yenne Velt: The Great Works of Jewish Fantasy & Occult that book is a lot of it true?

Forces: It is true in certain respects but it was usually true.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What Tom said about EE is that correct?

Forces: It is more or less it is what would be considered the careful alliance of lifestyles that the subjection to harassments and personal confrontations with those elements around could be a draining aspect taking years off the entities life.

IS: Is there anything that I can do?

Forces: Try and see if one can work through both parties.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The group music played by DN is that now finished is it correct?

Forces: We would consider the first section finished.

IS: Only a first section?

Forces: Isn’t that something.

IS: Is it played correctly?

Forces: Certain parts can still be worked with the majority of it is correct.

IS: So the beginning parts should be worked with until the music box comes on?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: What is the number of this house?

Forces: One would find it on the door outside. You would find the number of this house to be 33 more or less 3793272.

IS: Is this one number or is that…?

DN: Are those the individual numbers of the magic cube?

Forces: Those are your numbers that add up to your perfect cube.

IS: The majority of (—–) people are governed by lower forms of elementals is that correct?

Forces: Correct. That is why prayer and meditation establishes you from that trap.

IS: And city people what are they governed by?

Forces: They are governed by 9 to 5.

IS: We could say that they are governed by demons?

Forces: Whatever.

IS: It seems that city people become brighter than country people what is the difference?

Forces: One is a different expression than the other. One is an outward expression the other becomes a sacred inner expression.

IS: The country people could be greater and so could the city people?

Forces: Correct.

IS: They compliment each other.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: The Urim and the Thummim do they represent the collective negative and positive forces within the body in balance?

Forces: It could.

GL: Do I understand it correctly that when Jesus healed he took that person’s karmetic and vibrations the soul of the individual and straightened that out and made it in accordance with the laws of God?

Forces: Correct.

GL: We could also work with people to heal them but it would be at a much lower level but it would still have to work in that respect?

Forces: Correct.

GL: Thank you.

JE: Did the entity King Arthur really exist?

Forces: Correct.

JE: Is he on the earth today?

Forces: Ump.

IS: In a physical form?

Forces: (no answer)

JU: Is the blue garment that I’m buying material is that correct?

Forces: It is correct.

JU: Would it be better if the emblems were on either white or gold?

Forces: Gold would be..

JU: Thank you.

JU: Tom and I were in a gun shop and someone in there was supposed to have a gun in their possession. Was that a force that Tom was sending out or you were sending out that I felt or was it something from my own imagination?

Forces: It was a force that the entity was sending out.

JU: Thank you.

RH: Could you please give the causes of Tuberculosis and the healing?

Forces: Parts of it is karmetic the healing would be a loving aspect around the entity it would also consist of many herbs, variations of water treatments, vinegar, almonds, onions, dates, figs, honey, raisins combination of certain sun aspects, positive attitudes and a growing process of giving to others around. General prescription if desired would be given.

RH: Thank you.

LK: In the Lobsang Rampa books, although in one book he touched a little bit on Jesus and the crucifixion he never seems to talk about Armageddon and the Second Coming and things of that nature. Is he aware of it and not talking or is he unaware of what’s going to be happening even though he does talk about earth changes some?

Forces: He is aware of it.

LK: Why does he never talk about it?

Forces: People would not accept it.

LK: Thank you.

BH: Psalms 73 to 83 it was given that there for centers one and two and all those Psalms were written by Asaph what is the significance of that?

Forces: (One person (—-) It is a development of the psychic gifts and the powers within this center.

IS: Doesn’t Asaph mean collector?

Forces: The All Giver.

IS: And one person did it?

Forces: Collection of many people.

IS: It was in that group that was formed with King David?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Could we please have the general prescription for Tuberculosis?

Forces: To give to who.

DN: First to the entity related to RH and is it possible to generalize it?

Forces: Each condition differs perchance the individual, attitude, physical structure; mental attitude is a basic factor within this condition, time, season, age, also hereditary practices of race, also home, occupations. These are many factors within a small particular disease. We would like to give you a system to root out so called Tuberculosis. But if we give you a system and it does not work then they might think that your system does not work, the system works complexion of the people does not work. As far as the entity is concerned for the other course of action this would have to be what would be considered a in-depth and if the entity receives or wants it then it would be given.

DN: Thank you.

DN: What your saying is all the publications of the Cayce prescriptions are really not worthwhile for the population as a whole?

Forces: In respect it is worthwhile to a certain point but then after that a personal evaluation for each individual must be a concurrent evaluation rather than a stereotype evaluation.

DN: Thank you very much.

DN: Could you tell us on a hierarchy level where the devas and spirits of the trees or spirits of the mountain range fall. Are they below angels?

Forces: They would be considered servants to man.

DN: Oh below man.

Forces: Sons of God.

IS: They are only below a man that has become a Son of God is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

DN: Is Why I am working in a hospital with blood because I was a priest that performed sacrifices and things?

Forces: That would come close to it.

IS: The things that I bought did I spend too much and did I get what was needed?

Forces: We would suggest it is all right but not to buy for a while to retain a certain collateral certain building up process before movement onward.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Dr. ROS how did they accept the information given to them?

Forces: They received it with curiosity but they still moved away from it.

IS: Why do they seem to accept the things we do?

Forces: Because they believe in it.

IS: But not for themselves?

Forces: They believe in it for themselves to.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Lobsang Rampa he doesn’t talk about Jesus at all and it seems like he tries to minimize the importance of Jesus why is that?

Forces: Just to bring him into a reality and perspective of things that will be done in the future.

IS: Does he believe in Jesus?

Forces: He has a regard for him.

Forces: We here at this moment (—-) ready to move on to other aspects to be developed. We will speak (tape ends)