Session 173 – 7/11/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been in the area and still must push on to other (—) need to be strengthened. There are many items now that have been productive and many items still need to be worked on. We are generally pleased with the qualities and workmanship that have been, has been received to the construction of this house should be many areas development of the new ways in the house. Question.

MK: There’s a book the Second Ring of Power what is Don Juan what’s his mission and?

Forces: Well this is more of the Christ Spirit in the earth.

MK: And those women that he works with in with in (–) they all seem just seems like magic sometimes.

Forces: Yes but it is (interlinked?) of space.

MK: And if you follow the ways of a warrior you would reach a Christ Consciousness?

Forces: If followed any profession (perfect linear?) to its point of balance this would be true.

MK: Is he a Christ?

Forces: It would not be suggested as such but a shower to the higher self.

MK: Thank you.

NN: Did I understand correctly about the seal about sealing off (——) aspect?

Forces: In respect it would be understood as time goes on. Question.

NN: Thank you.

BR: Can a (—–) be given to me at this time?

Forces: Movement in constant movement the Spirit in your strength.

IS: The Book of Isaiah when he talks about the prophecy of Babylon has this already happened or is this still something —-?

Forces: It is something that is happening.

IS: Right now?

Forces: It is something that was happening at that time.

IS: And yet it will continue happening now too?

Forces: After a period of time it still is happening in many different directions.

IS: These prophecies that are given are they like a circle like—?

Forces: That would be so.

IS: So in reality Armageddon already happened many a times and still will happen many a times?

Forces: This would be so.

IS: Why is it so difficult for me to comprehend Isaiah especially with the Messiah its very confusing to me.

Forces: It must take time and patience to understand the lessons that have been (—).

IS: Thank you.

IS: The dream I had with Sperry coming into the house?

Forces: It is the astral form that is trying to see the new items.

IS: What was he doing in the upstairs that he was doing us a service?

Forces: It more is that of inspecting the foundation.

IS: Inspecting the foundation?

Forces: Trying to (—-).

IS: The job that Tom has done in New York with TWA is that the end of it or will he go back?

Forces: (—) circumstances there is (—) short span of (—). The entity is received back it could be done.

IS: Then his work there is that understood?

Forces: Some (——).

DD: I had a dream all about King David when he went to receive certain things he would make a magic hexagram and meditate within it.

Forces: This is more of a current explanation of what we’d call terminology (—-).

DD: What did the hexagram look like?

Forces: This could be done quite easy.

DD: Could a description be given of the hexagram?

Forces: (———).

DD: Thank you.

IS: Did I understand what I just heard did it just happen?

Forces: In the (—-) languages it is a very (—-).

IS: Are you answering me?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

DD: It speaks in the Kabbalah about the place called the Soul of David where is that?

Forces: This would be the Solar Plexus.

DD: The Solar Plexus?

Forces: Correct.

DD: And what would be the Bundle of Life?
Forces: It is not necessary that certain things should be taken care of immediately the following things (———–) for can be taken care of with patience. Question.

IS: You just answered me something?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What Book in the Bible does specifically deal with music?

Forces: Ecclesiastes 4th chapter you would also find it in (—–) 7th chapter and also in Proverbs 10th chapter. Question.

DD: You told us in Flushing that the magic cube of the house was 33 do I understand right that you inscribe the Tree of Life within a cube is that what your talking about?

Forces: It could be done and locked into that pattern.

DD: Would that be that magic cube?

Forces: It could be. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: The key of D minor does that represent mercy or humility?

Forces: (It) Represents that the stress or the status of strength that you would (have anyone?) put into.

NN: Would the Kol Nidre be done in D minor would that be the best key for that?

Forces: (no answer).

IS: With the series of the Riverworld Books is the reason why they’re late in forthcoming is the man himself is searching for the answers and as he gets them that’s how the Books come forth?

Forces: (no answer).

Forces: Could you tell me what Spiritual miracle Psalms 84 through 90 would be a foundation or cornerstone for?

Forces: This could be true very possible. Question.

NN: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me more about the ephod you said it was 27 feet long and you talked about the priest carrying around with them I wondered how they carried it around?

Forces: (It would take to long to try to explain.)?

Forces: To the force that is around these will the answers be directed and some answers are answered on the subconscious level. Question.

MK: What path of the Tree am I on or near too?

Forces: This is a form of movement and strength in many areas and ways the most important aspect again is that one move to do (—) and (—) together what would have to be done this bringing together and forcing makes a development that is quite (—) in itself. Question.

MK: Thank you.

IS: The color green that we were trying to rise if we would have been successful would it have recharged?

Forces: It would take awhile for that to manifest.

IS: So by visualizing that, that’s not enough its like we have to generate it from within?

Forces: Question. (———-) Correct. Question.

IS: Don Juan did he actually live?

Forces: There were many Don Juan’s in the area. Question.

IS: So it is more of a figure that could have existed that he invented?

Forces: It advises to be true also we would advise again the movement and strengthening should help must develop we’d advise to your men to move in the (—) the path of the most interesting speed and diligence in what they are working on by doing it as perfect as possible for a moment when you can be manifest and done in the area the Higher Force of that strength and that development of a soul that is what we speak of. Question.

DD: Could you explain more about the ephod?

Forces: It’s a strength of energy manifested in the earth. Question.

DD: What was it made of?

Forces: It is made of (bursting light?) and the rejuvenating principle of receiving. Question.

IS: Is there anything for Tom?

Forces: We would expect Thursday to be a full fast day for him and Friday. It is all (—-) and the transmissions are moving it back and forth to get back to anybody as we see affecting of this too much receiving of (—) and of information of future days to come and what to be done and how to do it there is a receptivity that would be coming in of course he’ll have difficulty in receiving and listening none the less it must be done. Question.

IS: How will the difficulty express itself through our eyes?

Forces: Its not difficulty that would be seen on physical eyes more of us with him. Question.

IS: What can I do then to help?

Forces: Just movement along there is nothing can be done. Question.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain what Tom said about the dream I had the other day that it represents receiving some kind of music?

Forces: This is the music of development, the music of information it is the music of reception and guidance within your own destiny of receiving that of Spiritual music in which once having the (dictate) like a recording the information which you need and the directions that need to be found into it. Question.

DD: Does it also mean like music on a physical level of some kind?

Forces: Yes music on the physical level will manifest only after a period of time there are other things that are accomplished. Question.

DD: The dream I had about the Tree of Knowledge falling over?

Forces: This is the balancing of the real Tree of Life for the old Tree of Life that is (—–) to be old that misconceptions have given way to the higher Tree of Life. Question.

IS: The Books of the Riverworld the author is not fast in producing the books because he himself does not know what’s coming?

Forces: This would be more correct than anything else.

IS: So he’s a seeker himself?

Forces: It would be correct. Question.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: It is also a development of (——) and guiding himself to produce that which is in (—-).

IS: Then to what am I conduced luck in these (—) things.

Forces: It is not necessarily luck (—-) cause each one has a certain thing that must be worked out. Question.

IS: Thank you.

IS: There was what I never heard it but I heard about the song somebody wrote where when some people heard it they committed suicide. Is that true what kind of a song and what was it?

Forces: It is a song that is also a song of conscience it is the (—-) song of a word and a pattern that must be done and those who heard were not (——-) to must be judgment for that particular song. Question.

IS: And then that person that wrote the song he himself took his life?

Forces: He did not expect (–) life. Question.

IS: Then that was given through you?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: We at this point would have to be leaving with inward directions given guide yourself properly at one step at a time and with each perspective and guidance (—-) be corrected and you would be (—-) what needs to be done. We will guide with you and open certain paths of helping others (—) and also the most (—-) that all the things that need to be done.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.