Session 174 – 7/16/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. These are the force of the days and years that we have observed movements, and find that each, is a stage within its own respective year of understanding. In such a way that we as a group have entailed that the understanding and the greatly devised mechanism the human mind we find it ever so appalling the intricate details and working of that what would be called workmanship in the instrument named the brain. In such a great distorted (distauted?) feeling we would find the complexities of the soul. The soul being then ultimate above personalities, above the ego and above pride and above every aspect of the body. Personality the ego the pride the body the mind the soul is the ultimate in which we all strive to make our understanding and complexities of life. It is the soul that we seek to manifest through each experience. Many forces and changes will come about in America there should be great strife in the White House, family disputes and just plain social arrogance. We all should but spend but the planning of the Presidents moves should be watched carefully also there is the explicit way of handing his own attitude of expressions on a daily level. But nonetheless the country must move on and in (—) aspect we would grade him as doing a fairly decent job there have been others that have done more and others that have done less. In this big change to come much would be given to the corporations and many of the species and industrial (—–) so that a complex can be built to house many different forces of thought.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: The Bible goes in cycles is that the whole Bible repeats itself over and over again?

Forces: The Bible is a Book, it is also a Book of evolution it might seem to repeat itself over and over again but it never says the same words twice. Question.

DD: What would be the smallest cycle that it repeats itself on?

Forces: What would say two and a half minutes.

DD: What would be the next largest cycle? Is there one for every month that goes through the whole Bible?

Forces: There could be one for every month.

DD: Like Genesis and through Revelation would be a Book of 72 chapters is it something like you can read those in 72 days is that a cycle?

Forces: It would be 72 in number but as far as the day it would not be experienced.

DD: Thank you.

BR: What is the complex of (——)/

Forces: This deals with a water irrigational plant or what would be considered water reservoir or water complex. It would cost a certain amount of money to build and would function as an offshoot for other sections within the county.

BR: Thank you.

NN: The Books from the Bible that you gave for music the other night could you tell what aspects of music that they represent Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and Romans?

Forces: This is more of a revelation and down to earth type communication for those who need to hear.

IS: The conversation that we had with Gladys what did it achieve if anything because at one time it was said that we do have a responsibility from here to ARE to help out is that a stride towards it?

Forces: It would be considered as such. Question.

IS: Was anything achieved?

Forces: Many things are achieving conversations such as that. Question.

IS: Lobsang Rampa is talking about the phrase (—-) in Israel and he says that’s why its in the Bible hell, hell. Now that’s not correct is it I mean not that the place didn’t exist on earth but there is more to that could you explain?

Forces: There is a force that they must consider as hell and also a force that they must consider as heaven and they look this aspect up for many, many years until finally (———-). Question.

IS: Is there something we can do to make communication better?

Forces: There is only the aspect of the higher spheres coming in with a lower front its nothing to do with the members here.

IS: I didn’t understand did that place exist?

Forces: This particular place did have its foundation and meaning in the Old Testaments.

IS: So there was a place like that in Israel that was called (Aza—) I guess?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: But nevertheless Saturn is the place of the official hell?

Forces: It is the residential for souls who have rebelled against Order and Law. Question.

RU: Is there any advice for me at this time?

Forces: To listen to the guidance that would be given to you would be the first step in learning rather then candid responses to certain constructive criticisms to be given to you. The first lesson for the entity to learn is to finally come to an understanding of how to receive constructive criticism without depending or defending or demanding the right to say responses that would be exit what would be considered accusing, excusing and retaliatory measures of defense. All these would be only the sum total of receiving without explaining.

RU: Thank you.

DD: The 42 letters would that have to do with the 6th center and the 7th center multiplied to 42?

Forces: This can be done.

DD: Would that be the same force?

Forces: It would double the force. Question.

DD: The Book of Job does it have to do with the 42 letters it has 42 chapters?

Forces: This has a symbolic meaning to do with these 42 letters.

DD: What does 42 represent by itself?

Forces: The force and power of a God name. Question.

DD: The three vowel points that the letters come from?

Forces: This more or less comes from sound verbs, sound regulations and sound force verbs coming from the ethers there is no particular form or style in which they can manifest. Question.

DD: Thank you.

BR: Can a song from the Forces be given at this time?

Forces: If you would want a song to the Forces to be given at this time it can be done were not in the business of making Psalms.

BR: Can we have one?

Forces: There is the ability to give the song anything could be the song but the amount of work that needs to be done the song must wait.

BR: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me what angel Psalm 86 is involved with you said one time when we first told us about the Psalm that it had to do with certain angels?

Forces: This is the angel or messenger Gabriel and the messenger what would be considered Raphael.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also when the entity starts sneezing a lot what does that mean?

Forces: It is a force that would be coming in.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Tom needs an awful lot of what we consider rest but in reality something else with the changes that are coming is that correct?

Forces: There is that certain changes that are taking over, certain lessons and thoughts are being given to him during the moment out in the astral and briefings are being had during these moments.

IS: So actually he’s very busy working?

Forces: Being instructed.

IS: In talking to Gladys I felt inside like it gives her joy to hear that there is a group that she considers the Teachings of Edgar Cayce that is making it and so in her mind its like seeing it can be done and I feel like a fake because I can’t tell her—?

Forces: There are many times when we can’t tell you things (——).

IS: I feel like there’s really no hope because this is really not the teaching of Edgar Cayce but not the way the search for God groups are set up or whatever?

Forces: You kindly can inform her of these things but these things are normal.

IS: Yes but that means that without the Forces there’s really no group that can survive?

Forces: This is true.

IS: Never will.

IS: Then the force that is the giver of songs is Raphael and Gabriel?

Forces: It’s also the force of healing correct.

IS: So the force of music is really the force of healing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What is there those two Archangels are not involved with every song that is being given but what is that force that comes to every composer in the past, present, future there is a force right?

Forces: This is the force of movement and control.

IS: And who’s in charge of that force?

Forces: The one who is the responsibilities for the ideals to be (set).

IS: Isn’t there a specific force that comes down to help each composer?

Forces: This is true.

IS: We cannot know that force?

Forces: This is the force of expression.

IS: What is the story about the 3 muses what are they?

Forces: The three muses.

IS: That’s the way I know to say it or the three inspirations or it’s always a figure of three females in mythology?

Forces: We also give you that force field in constructively building the houses in the area these are the physical and mental attributes of each person and what he or she needs to do with this talent. Question.

IS: Is it also connected with the AMSh or the three mother letters?

Forces: Indirectly. Question.

MK: The Prayer given in session 47 that begins ‘Father allow all nations’ was that original to that Session or did that come from someplace else?

Forces: It is more that’s original to that particular Session.

MK: Thank you.

DD: Is there an entity that is Silence?

Forces: Makes the change quite (—) to rest. Question.

Forces: We would advise that they stand still, that one would terminate the power downstairs and bring back the energy.