Session 175 – 7/17/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have returned after the (—) addition (—) finding it very interesting. In the courses of your understanding of development with one another the force of learning is a very complex and contradictory one. It is with great shame that the school systems in this particular country seems to operate under memorization and knowledge. It is a detriment to many of individuals in the development of their finer selves these truer qualities can never really be expressed, that of inspiration, revelation, intuition, receptivity, refineness, creativity all these expression and ideas of ideals are rather looked down upon in a society where financial woes and money seems to be the first (—). It is sad that the finer things in life as per se must only be found in museums it is sad that we retain this so called financial ability and would not part with it in order to retain that equilibrium of movement rather the finer qualities of Art and Workmanship are left to go on the wayside in which we having brought a purchase can enjoy its fruits and abundance every moment by drinking in the exquisite beauty that a fine piece of craftsmanship and art can give the soul. The fine art (—-) of the school systems is that these fine craftsmanship of the soul is smothered down by memorization and reiteration and redundance, redundance. It is easy for the individual to memorize this does not mean that they have knowledge many, many developed students in school who prize themselves as developed in far and wide come to the falsities of their qualities arrogance being one of them they have the privilege of knowledge being wisdom they have both and continue to flaunt verbal ecstasies of knowledge and how much details they know. It is not the details that can get you here nor there that makes you a wise soul details when the Mississippi went up north and when the Mississippi went down south details when Jeraldi went this way or that way details when President Lincoln shaved his mustache all these are details and if we in what would be called rhetoric recite details of knowledge this does not make us a individual of what would be considered genius yes we had taken a look upon that what would be considered minister blessed be him who has come and visited you in the past and set down in his memorization and rhetoric and quoted many dates and times and places when the church doors opened and when the church doors closed and how much money there were is in the pockets of the neck and neck all these are finite detail but in the so called educated mind this transcends the normal space of detail and makes this person a genius because he spouts off in his own mental mind the knowledge that he knows and sits in front of you as bubble gum is placed on your nose as awkward as it might seem bubble gum does not belong on your nose nor does this minister belong in his particular place. We have many, many, many geniuses in this particular country that are considered morons, stupid idiots, imbeciles, retards and handicapped because they do not contain that quality that is know as memorization and rite of Corpus Christi numinae giddus yes and all the other garbage that goes along with the intelligent mind. This so called genius is found because he has inspiration, imagination, wit, idealism and personal desire of expressing the beauty of life small and large these are the true geniuses of society not even they would know how to what to remember what date George Grant of the Ulysses C. Lee army or whatever it was the civil war in 1863 the battle of the republic in 1864, the fall of the Gettysburg in 1864 and a half all these are just redundance have been plunked through the mind of the school systems robots the children’s nicky poo and nicky nie coming out of the school system bright and dapper as you would make them sparkling brand new like baby asses (Laughter) (—)
knowledge and wisdom that they received on their De-plo-ma, if you would only know how we vomit here every June and July when they graduate we have such an ordeal witnessing to these booky morons walking up with all the elite square hats green tassels hanging down sometimes we wonder how the hell they have ever devised such an outfit we sometimes are tempted to come down and spin the hat thinking they might take off where they belong if that ever did happen they would immortalize the persons hat and make it into a god and make a college out of it call it the four corner college. Yes every June we sit here and watch the idiots in the long gowns march up to their name Harry Zumonky coming up and getting his belecky botch lov somontys diploma giving him a ring of polunsta and as he walks into the world of idiotsville he shall inherit all the other idiots what they have considered that Magna Carta of malonky macaroni squares. Yes as sad as it is the genius often goes through society without ever being recognized or acknowledged. In silence of mankind he tramples on the works of a genius and a genius is that person who receives inspiration in abundance while others are too busy crouping and grouping for the diplomas for the acknowledgement for the tithes the genius stands always in the back scratching his head wondering why are they running for all this fame and fortune when it is always, always right at their very fingertips. They failed to laugh because of their image they failed to have a inspirational time they failed to dare to make that expose of human spirit conquering and mastering the elements if Michael Angelo as per se did not have the inspiration of his own spirit if all the others who were geniuses at that moment received the education of their time they would be morons to the nth degree and would have never manifested their true genius ability, knowledge is never found in memorization knowledge and wisdom is obtained through the spirit of inspiration and faith. Faith is the essence of wisdom and wisdom receive ye your knowledge. Knowledge is a dead thing it’s the aftermath of Faith and Wisdom. Knowledge is not to be a gained or crouped for because knowledge is the aftermath, knowledge is the after particle of the rain a person seeing it rain take the drop in a bucket and starts worshiping the rain drop when he fails to forget that the rain was made through a cloud thousands upon thousands of miles up this particular cloud traveled millions and miles in time and space, dust particles in the air coming together from all that collectiveness in the earth coming together to form and to absorb the moisture over the land thousands of miles coming at one point coming through that of China and the Pacific and Hawaii coming through the west of California traveling over the mountain and over that into the gullies and the valleys and finally getting to the point to have rain in this area but man worships the droplet he fails to see how long it took for that droplet to be created for the same with the school systems of your world you cry and group after titles and uniforms and names, doctors and lawyers, anthropology, metafunkeda, nurses everyone’s crouping for an image and yet they fail to see that God had given them the highest degree and diploma inside of them. Man will not turn to that which is easy, to that which is only recognized between God and him for his true diploma lies always within him. Knowledge is the aftermath of faith, Faith is Wisdom, Wisdom obtain ye knowledge. If you can understand this key in a system of your earth you would have grasped the meaning of the Universe ‘Faith possess ye your souls’ Faith is wisdom Faith is your soul, soul is the record of Wisdom. Wisdom is obtaining the knowledge, knowledge is the aftermath of Wisdom knowledge not first knowledge not before faith those who grasp for knowledge first grasp at a seed without dirt those who take to that knowledge burn the fuse. Remember many geniuses go through life without ever being recognized because by the very simple fact society puts emphasis on memorization and memorization is the aftermath of mans school for knowledge. Those who can memorize and spill out of their minds facts and figures and details do not yet make them wise it only shows that they have been computerized to societies brainwashing to societies detriment to their own development of their soul that they have failed in expressing their genius quality only to express the rhetoric of societies black, blistering, scrub board desire of remembering that which is found in a book and spitting it out when the test comes knowledge is never found in books knowledge is the aftermath of the soul that asks questions of why things are knowledge is the Silence of the answer knowledge is the Wisdom of listening to the Silence that gives you the answer and if you are Wise in Faith you will receive the answer, absorb it and believe it and through Faith you will obtain Wisdom and through wisdom you then will receive the Knowledge.

(Tom breathes heavily)

Forces: Question.

BR: The program Walton’s Mountain is there a secret or something being shown to the public about this area or about the quarry?

Forces: It is an interesting stepping stone what divine Love in a family unit can do for those who truly sincerely Love one another and strive to help one another develop.

BR: Thank you.

IS: So it is an ideal that is being put forth?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Also represents a family unit that is fast beginning to diminish and deteriorate in America.

NN: Is a broken heart in the Bible mean (more than only desires gone)?

Forces: It could.

IS: My thoughts ARE as an example but humanity as a whole and what happened in Old Testament times until Jesus. Is that correct humanity even those who made a 100 percent of what they could have made still could not make the jump until Jesus came and opened the door the way?

Forces: This would have some descending and basis for truth.

IS: Today the same thing is happening a different cycle a different moment but never the less the same thing people like in ARE even those who made it a 100 percent really cannot do anything not until the Higher Forces again open that door. In this group the door is open?

Forces: It is open to those who apply the knowledge and wisdom and faith in their lives.

IS: Yet this is the only place where the door is open?

Forces: Lets say the door is open at this place.

IS: Is it the other two places or is it waiting for a moment?

Forces: Everything seems always to wait for that particular moment.

IS: What we call the Second Coming?

Forces: That would be correct.

IS: Is there more that could be given on it.

Forces: Enough has already been said.

IS: Will Jesus come down from the spaceship the way he went up?

Forces: It would be some reviewing and witnessing to such a encounter.

IS: Thank you.

IS: As far as memory goes if a person concentrates on remembering all those trivial details well then there is no room for important things to come in into his mind is that correct?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Clouds form all kinds of forms those forms must mean something do they?

Forces: Each form represents certain forces and thoughts of the entities below them they also represent the answers and the giving of certain cycles before them.

IS: So there is a prophecy in the clouds themselves?

Forces: They also represent a certain force field in the spirit world.

IS: Then when it said Jesus is going to come from the clouds is that the prophetic part I don’t understand it its like I’m I feel I’m touching something but I do not understand it the connection?

Forces: Let us put it this way that from the vapors he will return.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is my understanding of the qualities that come from the Ark

Forces: It can.

DD: The Silence that’s experienced, Silence is not just the absence of sound its like something else?

Forces: Silence is within.

DD: So there can be sound but still have the Silence?

Forces: This is correct.

DD: What is the thing I saw the other day the sun was shining through the leaves of a tree and all these pictures were projected on the floor?

Forces: It is something very interesting.

DD: I could actually see like characters faces and moving?

Forces: Things like this can happen.

DD: What would that be showing?

Forces: A movie.

DD: In the past or future?

Forces: Sometimes the past sometimes the future.

IS: Is that what it means to prophecie the Glory of God?

Forces: This could be true.

DD: Thank you.

IS: If Jesus is in the vapors it means he’s there now.

Forces: Repeat.

IS: If Jesus is going to—?

Forces: This can be true.

DD: When I was small I saw this little yellow with black dots snake coming out of a cliff.

Forces: It charming.

DD: Right in front of my face and it hypnotized me for a moment and I was wondering what that meant?

Forces: A black snake can charm you.

DD: This was yellow.

Forces: A yellow snake can charm you. The green snake can charm you. Snakes have the power guiding your eyes and hypnotizing you. You were hypnotized for the moment.

DD: Was that a physical snake?

Forces: It is true.

DD: I never saw a snake like that before though?

Forces: These things do happen.

DD: What happened while I was hypnotized?

Forces: Inability to move.

DD: Thank you.

RU: Did I understand the answer to my question?

Forces: Sometimes it is very difficult for you to understand what we are saying or to get through to you, you have many filters in front of you. You are a thick-skinned person many responses and stimuli’s of falsities that you react to that are not really true and we are trying to speak to the deeper person within you trying to get to that personality of sensitivity rather than to the reaction personalities.

RU: How can I help that process?

Forces: I doubt if you can do it that sensitive person in you can do it.

RU: Is there any way I can help that sensitive person?

Forces: By letting you let that sensitive person manifest by letting by bugging out by abandoning the you that is the false qualities of your image yes you can have that sensitive personality by leaving it alone stop possessing that too.

RU: Thank you.

NN: could you tell us anything about the life of St. Cecelia?

Forces: It was a very active life with the voice.

NN: Thank you.

IS: In Isaiah God tells Isaiah at one point to walk around naked and he walks around naked for 3 years is that what actually happened?

Forces: These things do happen you know. (Laughter)

IS: But truly he walked around outside and—?

Forces: He was an exhibitionist.

IS: That’s what he was considered at that time?

Forces: Who cares.

IS: You didn’t?

Forces: That’s true.

IS: Are prophets like this around today?

Forces: No they are seeming to be all locked up. (Laughter)

IS: The way Lobsang Rampa describes death or afterlife how much of it is accurate?

Forces: A certain percentage.

IS: He keeps insisting that he’s not coming back is he coming back?

Forces: If he insists that he is not coming back who are we to argue with him.

IS: What recourse does he have?

Forces: That is no recourse if he doesn’t want to come back he is not coming back.

IS: Is it possible for a soul to make a decision like that?

Forces: I would hope so.

IS: Then what does that soul do if its not yet ready to or is he ready to go to a higher state?

Forces: We are discussing how to crack an egg doesn’t matter we move on.

IS: You mean to say reincarnation is by free will?

Forces: We did not say that reincarnation was by free will we are saying that the soul makes up its mind and its future by determining actions and reactions.

IS: But if a soul has not finished karma and refuses to come back what happens to that soul?

Forces: The soul remains in a certain dimension until it complies with its lessons that it must learn.

IS: It refuses to go to school?

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: Then that’s what purgatory is?

Forces: Purgatory could be something similar.

IS: Are there a lot of people because of set religions refuse to come back?

Forces: This could happen.

IS: Because they refuse to believe that there is reincarnation?

Forces: This can happen.

IS: A soul does not smarten up at all when it passes?

Forces: It is seemingly strives to develop.

IS: Are there souls when they pass over can meet you?

Forces: This can happen.

IS: Will I be able to make it?

Forces: It all depends upon on what you want to make.

IS: To meet with you.

Forces: This can happen.

IS: Will I be able to make it this lifetime?

Forces: It could happen.

IS: To be?

Forces: It can happen.

IS: Is it likely?

Forces: The entity here must remain on a fast and will take the entity to Friday morning. The entity would want to return to New York to take on certain obligations a job (offering) this could happen. (—) we would guide the group watch them their workmanship is coming along very well movement according to plan. Questions.

IS: Shane Miller is he still in Australia?

Forces: It is more so in the city and a more coming to England to United States.

IS: So he’s coming back to the United States to live?

Forces: Not for the permanent stages.

IS: Is he anywhere permanent does he have a home?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Does Shane Miller have a permanent place a permanent home?

Forces: More or less it would not be considered permanent.

IS: To get in touch with him?

Forces: It would be done in its own accords.

Forces: We at this moment would be decide certain factors we ask you to be receptive to be giving to be open to be expressive to understand certain things that will be given to you in the times to come. We will meet with you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.