Session 176 – 7/18/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have that (—-) written to you about many changes of thought processes magically who stands in positions in our life. As we look from this point down into this earth we find many false precepts and concepts that ruin nations after nations. The creative abilities they are (—-) works constantly needs that direction of expression. It would be better to open up a restaurant of food and music and thoughts to the arts this is the highest form of expression to humanity of moving each soul into a operation and atmosphere of expressing his masculine or her feminine soul quality. This would be an ideal place in which one can operate a institution of expression and forces of Wisdom these institutions of food is not only the physical food but spiritual food one must go after. We also would stress that in our own approaching of that quality of lessons to be learned with those lessons in school that distort and strangle the mind that make it dumb in its own perceptivity of true realities that the spiritual backing and expression of life is waning from that in which the principles of true giving of expressions and of sacrifice in the world is not focused on but what is focused on is the cruelties the hardships the pains the war after war, the glorifying of mans childish ego his masculine side of destroying and conquering city after city all these are childish endeavors unfortunately we personify in the course of history per se history as only the records of one man conquering the other rather than centering around one peace for the exchanging of the other or one expressions of all those peace expressions. The people who strive for harmony and better relationships with other men we have in the so called distorted history war after war violence after violence we seem to set up ourselves on the dates and times of one violent encounter and catastrophes after another this is the wrong aspect and approaching and glorifying mans institution of government under the violent stands and flags of progress. Man should look closer at the peaceable side of expression the harmony the creativeness for beauty and the arts rather than for the destructiveness and the totalitarian force of conquering nations and people and cities and consciousness. This is not going to create harmony and world peace in the earth it is a destruction it is a game of blood and death and pestilence. We can only center upon the creative aspects the arts the beauty the culture the foundation the sculpture all these we should strive for and lead other barbarians into the consciousness of beauty and light, music. If you could only understand how important music is to the world of ignoramuses these ignorant so called people who clamor for that of jazz and popular pop music that is rock and gotystorkista and the ideas of having this music louder than that music the what would be called rock pop lazmataz limpo kominki music that destroys the foundation of mans inner and finer qualities making them base and more base then what they could ever realize. If they could only perceive how music would have the classical arts a calming and opening affect upon the centers of the body. It takes a disciplined mind with his own desires to out upon paper the geniuses of his mind. Man is striving from the barbaric man into the refined man and the man of A—n or the man of Brahma or the man of Christ consciousness that one day in your development through your meditation it only will have to be a minute, a second, a moment of Revelation that soon that moment of popping, that moment of enlightenment within the mind in which the stage of enlightenment does happen and does finally carry over into your own higher being changing your personality from a childlike quality, from a childish quality to an adult of Spirit Quality a mature quality of the Spirit in which you would refine yourself and perceive and begin to understand that God speaks to man through instinct, then through imagination then through inspiration all these qualities are the divine aspects of man in which he strives to get into the awareness of his own Christ consciousness when this Christ consciousness is finally achieved then we see the man from that point on will have wars but would only strive for the awareness and the communication of what God is saying to him to bring beauty and harmony into the earth striving to receive Gods message like all those few adepts and Christ spirits the highest being Jesus the Christ who had manifested and received the message of life and giving it and raising it through his body the message that all of us must follow the same path. If we could only understand and turn away from the conquering of others into the conquering of ourselves into finding that peace of ourselves conquering does not measure the strength of ourselves or master ourselves we have to come into the analyzation and the realization of our male and female selves. Females that are to dominant only destroy the mechanism of the realities of peace they to are a crucial and what would be considered detrimental to that of harmony and peace, a woman is to be passive also passive in her own expression that her own desires must be disciplined in which in this that she can manifest into the beauty and harmony of creativity, man must be active but he also must discipline and bring into the earth the active quality the receptive part of listening and giving and working together with the female both male and female bring into harmony a peace coexistence, man cannot talk to men as conquering hero’s at the peace table they must also bring in the female qualities the logistics the quality of living male and female with each country must come together and together active and passive bring into manifestation a peaceful harmonity of living women who are to active who demand too much rights are missing the quality of living. Their rights are being infringed upon not by others but by themselves alone they are destroying their sensitive side their quality of receptivity and of expression that is made for them to into the earth and they are becoming to active or masculine and the masculine’s are becoming too overbalanced which causes a distortion the world and to depression into inflations and expressions of destruction in the social way of living. Social governments have toppled many times when the females became too active in their demands for their own rights in which their rights would have been met if the expressive and passive side would have continued to come out. The responsibility is with men that man must give the rights back to the woman not woman for woman’s rights but man must receive the reaction that the women is his co-half that it is through the woman that he receives the beauty of the expression of the nations. Any nation that prosper, prosper only because they allow the female to have equal say this equal say or fair rights must be given to the woman by the man not be grabbed or crouped up by the woman for woman’s rights for this is not the perfect way of expression. In order for peace and harmony to be had in the world man must express peaceful means his inner qualities of the arts and finer refinements of the spirit. When he has conquered in himself and received the light of that Christ the Spirit of his own inner illumination then can man be true Spirit and peace between male and female in the earth between that harmony the coexistence of active and passive that is the meaning of life in itself it is not men warring against other men it is man warring against himself for his own balance of male and female from the very Beginning and the rebellion against Gods Laws man must finally come into his own harmony and his own creative ability and reception of obedience to the Cosmic Law of Life.

(Tom breathing out) (Coughed) (Breathing in)

Forces: Questions.

NN: (—–)?

Forces: We did not say that we would only say that surrounding yourself with the names of the Biblical expressions could help and promote for a higher consciousness within the cells of the body.

NN: Thank you.

NN: What is the color of compassion?

Forces: It would be more of a pink warm pink to that of a sky blue pink.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Ventriloquist are they susceptible to possession or to bring forth other personalities within themselves like a higher self or lower self or –?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Is it because of them working with the same type of other self?

Forces: They are a ventriloquist sending forth a web of (Cunta?) into a so called another physical body in which that word becomes another channel or body like a child or soul coming into the earth possession is only another discarnated spirit wandering through the earth sometimes trying to grab a hold of a vacant shell body.

IS: So he finds what they call the daemon if its not they call it the person that he takes over?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That’s a very dangerous thing then?

Forces: It could get out of control.

IS: Does it a lot of times are those stories real that’s what I’m really asking?

Forces: They have some credence to them.

IS: Could there be a higher self-coming through that way?

Forces: That to could happen.

IS: Could you give me a key to understand Isaiah better?

Forces: One big word is patience another one is just to read, allow the words to be not to look deep into the words of the moment just to allow the words to be.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Could you tell me what is my problem with money?

Forces: It is only that of planning things out there’s no particular problem with the financial condition.

IS: I mean me personally?

Forces: There is no particular problem with the monetarial conditions in self.

IS: So then it should stand?

Forces: Your development should continue.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Did people ever get taken up in a ship and moved out of disaster areas?

Forces: You find many people in tornadoes that have literally been taken up and put down in another area and saved.

IS: Was it by spaceship?

Forces: It was by some natural means.

IS: But there was never a time when you took up people into the ship?

Forces: There have been many times.

IS: I mean just to save them?

Forces: There have been many conditions.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The houses that are being mostly built now?

Forces: The houses might look good on an exterior level with all the lines equal and even. But if you go deeper they do not and cannot withstand the normal expression of living.

IS: Now the styles would they—?

Forces: Will make the mental type (authentic) and on end your body realizes that their space and quarters of living isn’t secure and there is no durable love and resistance to gather or make mans foundation secure man and the body of man and his many sensory projections senses that he must be careful and in his carefulness he realizes subconsciously that there is no what would be considered balance or weight or structure of caring or of uplifting his own expressions therefore it leaves the mind of man in a very tight and hyper expression of insecurities.

IS: Thank you.

IS: All this is actually taking place on a subconscious level?

Forces: Sometimes you would believe when you put your hands through the door it becomes very conscious.

IS: Do any of those people in maybe some percentage feel that they are not permanent on this earth and therefore they resort to this kind of building?

Forces: Let us say everyone feels that way.

IS: But never the less we have to have something around us that we can relate too?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Why don’t I like Chinese or Japanese things the ornaments?

Forces: It is a different style of expression of the Spirit the Western style is more the outward expression the eastern style is more the inner expression one is completely different from the other.

IS: It has nothing to do with some lifetimes or anything like that?

Forces: This could have a possibility.

IS: Then does it mean that I am an extrovert?

Forces: we wouldn’t say you are an extrovert we would say your development of the spirit is more of an external and expressive level rather than a internal and a in expressive level.

IS: What then would meditation be?

Forces: This would be considered an internal expression balancing the external expression. Too much internal feelings would allow sadistic expressions.

IS: Jesus in the Garden at Gethsemane was he experiencing any fear at that time when he said take the cup away from me if possible?

Forces: It is only the expression in which the Higher Self has allowed man to finally go through that of the earth.

IS: But did he have any fears?

Forces: It is not the fear per se but it was a desire not to lose contact with the Higher Self.

IS: Why then in his case was it such a much greater thing there was a lot of people that that knew that they are dying and went to their death singing what was the difference?

Forces: The difference was the expression of taking on the burden of all the karmetic laws and altering the pattern from that point on.

IS: He knew 100 percent everything that was involved and what he was doing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Does anybody else take on somebody else’s burden in death in a similar manner on a smaller scale like maybe country or city or a group of people?

Forces: You would have that with Martin Luther King you would have that with the Kennedys you would have that with those people who are striving to bring peace and harmony into an organization or group of countries.

IS: So Martin Luther King took on the karma of the black people?

Forces: Let us say a percentage of it not to the full extent in which Jesus had taken on.

IS: Did he know that, that’s what he’s taking on?

Forces: He had some inkling of it.

IS: Then he has made Christ-hood he was a Christ for the black nation?

Forces: He represented the from the fighting from the outward expression it would not represent a Christ expression but an outward expression. We would say Gandhi in India was reaching the Christ expression with the outward expression at the same time.

IS: Is Gandhi back?

Forces: We would say no.

IS: He’s not going to come back right?

Forces: This is up to him.

IS: I had once a dream where I saw a platform defending and on it there was Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist and I think a whole bunch of all these notable spiritual people and many I didn’t recognize is that dream saying they are all going to come down at the same time?

Forces: It could say the influence of these helped at a certain period in time.

IS: Was that dream a prophecy in a way?

Forces: Yeah it would be correct.

IS: It wasn’t a spaceship landing with all these people?

Forces: This could be done too.

IS: Could there be for instance the entity Tom here, could there be a Moses and a Thomas coming down from the same platform while the entity is here?

Forces: Certain parts of the past life of each person becomes crystalized as far as that person is concerned and becomes what would be considered an entity but in reality its part of the Overself.

IS: Noah the young kid that we met on the road how is he doing?

Forces: He is moving along.

IS: Has he ever thought about this group?

Forces: Occasionally.

IS: Now if Noah was also Elias is that correct?

Forces: We move on go ahead.

IS: Then he was the greatest miracle maker in the Bible on a physical level he did more miracles than Jesus then what part of him is in that kid that we met?

Forces: Sometimes 2 percent sometimes 4 percent sometimes an absence of it.

IS: How can that be what happens to the rest of him?

Forces: It is like filling a glass of water with ink even though the ink is put into the water one drop at a time that one drop before it hits the water is very strong once it hits the water it is diluted until finally one time in the future the whole water will be just as strong as that one drop is before it hits the water.

IS: So in the mean time its held in a bottle all that power all that wisdom?

Forces: It is not held in the bottle its being absorbed and filtered into the water until one time the water becomes just as strong as the bottle.

IS: In the case of somebody that has that much power in back of it is there more than one Noah right now on the earth?

Forces: There are certain qualities of Noah that can be expressed through many different personalities.

IS: But I mean the real essence of that entity that was Noah and Elias?

Forces: It could only be one at a time.

IS: Only one at a time.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Is there like a passage in the Bible to help see things anew, see the mysteries open up, and see things around with different eyes?

Forces: Ecclesiastics 12th chapter read that.

DD: 12th chapter?

Forces: Ecclesiastes.

DD: Thank you very much.

RU: In Genesis where it says God made the firmament and used the firmament to separate the waters from above from the waters below and then there’s never any reference made again to the waters that were above the firmament. Did the same process in the creation of earth happen on the other side of the firmament that was called heaven and that’s the antimatter planet the counterpart of earth?

Forces: When it speaks about separations of the waters above and the waters below you are also speaking about the higher consciousness of man above and below you are also speaking about that development that goes on above as well as below. There is a antimatter planet as above as below but also this higher form of development needs to go on the earth is the lower form development that’s why there is not too much information about what happened with above because it does not belong in the below. The below is found in the Book of the Bible and gives you the expressions of the above so in reality you find the above through below.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Is that explained in Revelation the waters above and below is that the beginning of the explanation of that?

Forces: The explanation is found in Genesis Revelation only repeats a thought of the explanation.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Is Isaiah speaking mostly in the first chapter’s first half of the book about the coming of Jesus?

Forces: This would be very strong.

IS: First coming or also second coming?

Forces: It speaks of the first and the second.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The singers they are very active with the will?

Forces: If they strain they would.

IS: Then singers its very important what kind of music they sing to allow that kind of will power for the good or the bad to come in?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: And actors that are playing out different characters—?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: That’s why so many of them are so unbalanced?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Paul when he’s going to Jerusalem he’s being warned by a prophet not to go there and then by some of his disciples that prophesied to. Two questions they are talking about there also a preacher that has 4 daughters all of them prophetess were they all psychics every one of them?

Forces: This can be.

IS: And did he have to die I mean when he went and said I am not afraid to die for Jesus was that truly a sacrifice, why did he go or did he have to go or he shouldn’t have gone or what was the case?

Forces: It is a point he did not have to go, but then another aspect was that he had to meet other thoughts and expressions had to go.

IS: So he did do the right thing then?

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: Then what should he have done.

Forces: He would have stayed on he would have talked and expressed the spirit further the spirit within was not yet finished to move any further so he had to end at that point.

IS: Is he the one that stopped that spirit within himself?

Forces: In a way we would say yes.

IS: So that means he felt he had reached perfection and there was nothing else for him to do to gain?

Forces: Yes and no.

DD: Is there some passages in the Bible that would help release the forces of Voice they get bound up in the Solar Plexus or whatever (——-)?

Forces: We find the 100th Psalm an interesting for this.

DD: Thank you.

DD: Is Ecclesiastes is that good the whole book for breaking through old things?

Forces: This is true.

DD: Thank you very much.

RU: You spoke about the effects of pop music earlier in the session is there anyway to wean the boys at school away from that music that’s their constant companion?

Forces: Introducing classical music slowly an appreciation correct would be an undertaking that would be felt through the time and course.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Could you give me a passage in the Bible for me at this point?

Forces: We would say Proverbs 14th chapter (12) 10, 11, 12.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving. We would investigate many things for you, cooking utensils brass would be good, aluminum must be waned out copper would be good also steel, what would be not so good, what would be good pottery, glass, earthenware, aluminum would be the last on the list.

IS: You said steel no good?

Forces: Steel stainless steel not so good.

IS: When you say brass?

Forces: brass, copper, bronze would be all right.

IS: Cast Iron?

Forces: Cast Iron would be excellent.

IS: So would that be first on the list?

Forces: Pots of cast iron would have its meaning. First clay, copper, bronze, glass and aluminum. Clay, brass, bronze, cast iron would be first.

IS: Cast iron first?

Forces: Would be first.

IS: So its cast iron first, clay second.

Forces: Cast iron and clay pots pottery would be first, first.

IS: And then copper and brass second?

Forces: Copper, brass, bronze could be second. Glass would be third, glass also could be second. The best utensil to cook in would be clay bricks or dirt.

IS: Is there something we could build inside the house for it?

Forces: It could be done you might be the first to do it in the business world making a brick pot.

IS: That’s another question every time that we come up with something then we see it everybody has it do they get it from you?

Forces: You must understand we call you the ambassadors in the earth there are tentacles that you send out indiscriminately to those who are receptors of the (—) and they are receivers of the information we send to you if you utilize them correctly you are constantly sending these thoughts out into the world your thought forms are very important you have that control to change the world all you have to do is think it.

IS: That means that even on a spiritual level all these people am I stopping it we’re not sending it out right?

Forces: We do not understand what you said.

IS: Then if they receive all these things on a worldly level what happen with all the spiritual ideals are they being sent out or are they—?

Forces: They are still being sent out that is why you have many, many different organizations and (seminars?) and movements happening constantly at this moment throughout the country.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We shall return back as soon as we can the entity if he would want to make some trips into the city proper volunteer services in the hospitals getting that into acquisition and limelight it could be done but movement is a essential product of evolution.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.