Session 183 Part 1 – 8/20/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have come to acknowledge the many changes and preparations for the next month. We would consider the month of September, October to be the months of drastic changes throughout the world and consciousness of mankind. It has been a strange stopping point of movement and movement has the advantage and disadvantage of progress the advantages and disadvantages of change. There shall be many types of changes coming into our consciousness. There shall be a greater expansion in sharing and giving. We would advise that in order for movement and change to happen this extension must take its course. There shall be many changes on the political levels with the United States and the Soviet Union. There shall also be changes with those countries in South America. Africa will not cease to amaze the world with the majority of strange types of governments coming from their (—-). There shall be frightening information to the flying objects the earthlings have spotted and great distortions and conflicts with the recent devastating products for dissecting animals, from other alien beings that would cause havoc and panic throughout major states in your country but in reality the change has come you are now entering into the first two months of this change with the election of the pope near August 28th and 29th you will find that it will begin the segment of change to come it will start in the 27th and progress forward. You will also have political unrest in Italy and in Belgium strange things would happen along with the political fires of France and of course the strange happenings in Greece and Turkey all these are just pitiful moments the greatest understanding will come out when those in Romania and Czechoslovakia will reveal some psychic evolution that will make the United States very jealous of its own understanding and progress there have been courses of learning throughout this country but very few that is amount of money is spent on investigating the human psyche rather they spend 6 million dollars on the migration of cockroaches from one point of the United States to the other or the mating habits of kunlinko polinky penguins or the homosexual or lesbian attitudes or the ball point pen eagles all this is contrary of that which would be considered constructural evidence. We would exemplify these things if they could only understand that these powers that reside within man must come forth from mans disciplines through his psychic through his spiritual evolutions. Remember all the spiritual advancements in the world and all the material and physical manifestations of progress only come from spiritual commitment, they do not come otherwise all material and physical change in the earth comes about through prayer and through constant and preparation of meditation they do not come about through accidents all change comes within first when this change is rightfully done then it will take progress it will take form and will take its own action and validity of power. There is much work ahead in this particular group and we do advise a constructive and positive attitude in moving forward not allowing self what would be considered punishment or self pity to take that of control over the outward expression one must keep on pushing and not identify with the past but always keeping the mind towards the future if this progress is done advancement would be wonderful the past does not exist any longer it is the future in the things that you do with the present to prepare for the future.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Is 14 strings enough to play the Harp?

Forces: 14 strings would be adequate.

DD: Harps on the average have 26 or more how does that work with less than that?

Forces: It is 14 doubled by 14 if you would have the basic strings the notes would resemble that of the past.

DD: Where could I find the Red Pine spoken of?

Forces: You will understand the meaning of this wood in time.

DD: What does the Serpentine stone represent?

Forces: It is a substance that could represent the ability of building of sacrifice. Serpentine is that of the soap (Soft?) built under the great abode of many, many dinosaurs and many prehistoric animals, a vast graveyard of exploration. In this area many prehistoric animals once roamed also in this area was considered the headquarters for some of the Atlantean investigations of material and scientific research. You will also find a major pyramid of what would be called the lunar orb or the solar energy factor for the northern hemisphere near that of Florida and that off the coast of Virginia.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Did Jesus have long hair?

Forces: You would say that he did by the Shroud in which they have his imprint on.

IS: Then why is Paul coming out and saying it is a terrible thing for a man to have long hair and that it a big shame?

Forces: It is one of the hypocrisies of Paul.

IS: Paul is actually saying it like worship me as if I am Jesus?

Forces: It would appear the interpretation as such.

IS: But that’s what he wanted right?

Forces: He was always after a glorification of his image but destiny always had him play the underdog.

IS: And that’s when he stood there and complained that’s he’s really the underdog?

Forces: Until the very end people are destined for one or the other. When they take it upon themselves to do things and not change when people take it upon themselves to think they are right when people take it upon themselves to not constructively correct themselves of their weaknesses then there is only one thing that is left for them and that is no progress and the underdog as an end.

IS: Lobsang Rampa in a physical cycle of evolution?

Forces: We would say he would manifest a physical psychic consciousness.

IS: And about the extremes if someone is a tremendous sinner and on the other side they give him an extra special super job so he comes in with some memories with some abilities simply because of the special job that was given to him. He appears here as a psychic or whatever in reality he is the greatest sinner of them all?

Forces: you would say that certain malfunctions would as (—) what would be considered advancements in the species certain malfunctions within the centers causing some of its own magnetism to give off some unusual quality that normal people so called quote unquote consider to be great.

IS: Are these all those psychics that actually misuse their—?

Forces: There are psychics in this generation but psychics of the flesh.

IS: Well how did they become psychic of the flesh?

Forces: There is that quality of evolution within them but they refuse to go on any further with the knowledge and wisdom of giving with love and sharing through the ability of conquering in themselves. There are many psychics of the flesh that grow to be 250, 300 lbs. and leech off of those around. Psychics of the spirit strive to find and to work with those that they are with.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: But the bottom line—?

Forces: there had been many psychics in the time of Saul but they were considered witches but they nonetheless knew what would happen to Saul it was Saul’s undoing that he consulted with them but nonetheless they did not have the power to change the destiny of Saul the point is there are those who are on the bottom level of consciousness that still knows the Laws of God but do not acquit or give that the ability to the Laws of God but to destiny. The Laws of God is from God destiny that gives the Laws of God but when you seek certain things to happen they try to analyze it as just probabilities or your biorhythm or your biofeedback or scientology or mickey mouse.

IS: Its how much Love a person can give that is a true Prophet and if they can change the destiny.

Forces: Right and this aspect of Love represents the perfection and the climbing into what would be called the evolution of all beings in the earth for remember what has been given before the evolution of things on the earth from what would be found in stone to be the diamond the perfect state what would be found in metal to be that of gold the perfect state what would be that found in the plant world to be the rose that of the perfect state what would be that of man in the animal the man the perfect state what would be that found in man the Initiate the perfect state all these qualities represents perfect Love Divine Love which represents such qualities in that of the symbol of the Rose the Rose has many qualities that can compare to the expression of Divine Love that is the ultimate and the basic meaning and reason of being in the earth. There are many who have to go through the pains and the thorns of the earth this would represent the thorns and the leaves of that of the Rose bush only the thorns and the leaves they are subjected to then you have those Roses that are again wild and you have those Roses that are classic Roses that have been cultivated those which have been wild is of course perfected to a certain limited state in which you need a lot of in order to receive the pure perfume of this typical wild Rose but the Rose that has been cultivated through many, many moments of pruning through cutting down through what would be called self criticism, constructive criticism building up making strong remember those who go through life without a constructive eye on them there is no progress there is no evolution there is no movement. Many people on the outside world would love never to be criticized for anything that they do and they do not move they become stagnated while those who have gone through the so called rocks and the bushes and the self criticism and consciousness of movement they are the ones who progress and become stronger with their personalities and moving to the space of consciousness and evolution while those who just want for their own comfortability will never move out of their own limitations their own physical weaknesses their own limitations that they do set for themselves and believe in. Movement is for everyone the possibility that will enlighten the consciousness of your mind into higher realms but just like that of being pruned all of us at one time or another must cut that which is discarded from the leaves and the twigs and the branches and cut down to make it stronger and start from the very beginning. Remember to start from the very beginning does not make you a failure to start from the very beginning only makes you stronger in the ideals of what is right and what is wrong. Therefore the Rose is the symbol of perfection in the earth the petals reside around the stem and the yellow (—) attach to that of all the petals the petals are attached freely by their own will if the petal at any moment refuses to attach itself to the Christ consciousness it falls off but remember there is no other Law than that of self attachment one must be wanting to attach oneself to the Spiritual Laws or else one will fall by the way side everyone must everyday attach themselves to the Spiritual Christ Consciousness willingly and voluntarially so that they can move forward and that they can evolve in a evolution of perfection just as in a Tree the Oak is the perfected one. Man has been put into the earth to become perfect therefore you’ll find in the Flower of the Rose that aspect that devides a common psychic from a psychic that has Divine Love a psychic who is not really interested in self but in serving other man in serving mankind to know themselves better and become more in a realistic manner accepting of themselves and making of themselves stronger all this is the reality. Of course those who refuse to listen strive to make it difficult for those who are striving to listen but nonetheless that of the Grim Reaper, that of cutting down that of the thorns and the leaves are all the intellectual thinking and thoughts on what is proper and right but the true flower that brings forth its what would be considered blossom is Loved by all regardless of a wild Rose or that of a cultivated Rose and the perfume that transcends is that through so many years of cultivation and progress that it might glorify a higher consciousness within man just as a Rose symbolizes Divine Love it also symbolizes the centers within the body that must be opened through meditation and prayer for there is no other key no other way to change a material progress. Question.

IS: Is there such a thing as truly a person a Prophet with Love well not a Prophet. Is there a person that has perfect Love or anyway near it and yet is not psychic?

Forces: That would be very hard to do.

IS: So one goes hand in hand?

Forces: One would have it an ability to be perceptive for being perceptive means to care about someone else.

IS: So that’s all that psychicness is, is being truly interested in others and not self?

Forces: Correct.

IS: To whatever degree and the Love aspect makes it for what purpose?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Could you pleas give me an intersession for the Rosary?

Forces: You would have a considerable amount of luck or what would be considered progress if you would exemplify a Divine Mother of receptivity asking the divine grace to bestow upon you compassion and wisdom in your application of the things you are to do.

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: Is there a strong faction of the Nazis in Texas?

Forces: We would say they would have some factor of expression in Texas, in Memphis, in Chicago, in what would be called Missouri.

NN: Thank you.

RU: The affirmation that I was given about 3 years ago should I continue with that one?

Forces: Let us say you could continue with it but also you can start working on ‘Lord as a servant show me thy way give me the Light to behold within me’

RU: Thank you very much.

BR: It was given flowers heal which flowers which flowers would be good for IS stomach?

Forces: There are the flowers that would heal of the solar plexus, which would consist of orange and of green and of yellow. Tulips, daffodils, gladiola all those flowers that consist of mums and what would be considered hybrids or what would be considered wild flowers of yellow and orange and green.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Who is doing al the dissecting of those animals its black forces ships but what purpose or is it black forces ships?

Forces: We have a complication here groups that are organized in this country and occasionally ships from other galaxies.

IS: Who are those ships from other galaxies and obviously they are connected with groups that are organized on the earth is that correct?

Forces: They are what would be considered black force santanic, lucifanic group ships.

IS: They are connected with those other ships right?

Forces: That is correct.

IS: Why do they do it rituals?

Forces: It is the moment for the battle.

IS: You mean to say those people get sessions and —?

Forces: They do not receive sessions openly they receive their instructions through their animalistic desires.

IS: Is it that one of them thought it would be a fantastic ritual to dissect those animals?

Forces: In a way you would say this.

IS: Are we going back to worshiping through sacrifice of animals?

Forces: Let us say mankind hasn’t left that period yet. You have the sacrifice of the Bull in Spain, you have the snake charmers in India, you have the oxen, you have the cow sacred as it is. You have all sorts of cat worships these here only show that man hasn’t yet come out of the evolution of the evolution of the animalistic worships he is still caught in at the moment what would be considered Abrahams time.

IS: Then how can Jesus come again?

Forces: This would have to be through grace and through Divine miracles for those groups of people who do meditate sincerely and pray sincerely for it takes only three people who sincerely meditates and prays to open up this doorway for the Christ Spirit to come in. But many, many people must strive to meditate right many try to do it and strive to do it right and once reached then the doorways will start to open. To get it right takes awhile many years. Question.

IS: There is a saying about the 36 righteous men that uphold this earth is that correct?

Forces: This would be correct. Question.

IS: They are scattered all over the world?

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: The 3 are from out of the 36?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: The 3 that bring in the Christ are they among those 36?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So they are on the earth?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are they just this generation or are they every generation?

Forces: They would strive to be ever generation but only a certain generation manifests those 3 types.

IS: What would that be?

Forces: 3 types of perceptivity- compassion, forgiveness and hope.

IS: Which one of those 3 is Tom?

Forces: Let us say to the next question.

RU: How are the flowers given to BR to be used?

Forces: Just placing them in the room is more than enough.

RU: Thank you very much.

IS: Have I taken any steps to open myself up?

Forces: We would suggest yes.

IS: The pain continues what is that?

Forces: The gradual working or striving to work to correct the ailments within.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: If change comes when people are ready for it then why is all that misuse with the change, the good change the things that come in that are advancements?

Forces: You have those who have not earned the change but grab a hold of it.

IS: So it goes back to the 3 are those 3 in a different kind of category?

Forces: Similarly speaking.

IS: Would it be wise then for those 3 not to bring it in?

Forces: It would go contrary to Divine Love.

IS: So actually Divine Love is (—) something like that.

Forces: Divine Love knows the end.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Psalm 119 could you tell me what it was used for in the time of King David?

Forces: Let us say in opening up some initiations.

NN: (—–)?

Forces: Would be the initiation of the Temple inner courts.

IS: Does meditation speed up things on a physical level karmicly so things that are not obvious become obvious?

Forces: Let us say the speeding up process happens over a period of years it is sometimes an ailment sometimes an evolution through them easier then what would manifest what would have originally had manifest.

IS: Hereditary wise I had a long list of ailments that could come. What does it mean for me are they all going to manifest?

Forces: As long as the Spirit is implied then these so called hereditary ailments can be restrained but there are some hereditary ailments that must be met in order to release them to rid themselves of them.

IS: If I would not have this difficulty with my stomach at this point in time there is no other time as good to work on my faith?

Forces: It is the correct moment.

IS: So that’s why these things are manifesting to be overcome?

Forces: Your understanding is correct.

IS: So in that case meditation did release a lot of things also that would have been dormant and waiting for another moment?

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

MK: What causes ringing in the ears?

Forces: Speaking of Spirits from the 4th dimension, intuitive insights and information being handed down on a higher consciousness level.

IS: The left ear is a wrong thing and the right ear is a good thing?

Forces: Well let us say one is application the other one is receptivity.

MK: Are we usually conscious of what’s being given while your ear is ringing?

Forces: You strive to be conscious of it, it does take development.

MK: Is it sometimes someone else projecting towards you?

Forces: This could have the old saying someone’s speaking of you but it is a more direct consequence, someone speaking to you.

MK: Thank you very much.

DD: Do I understand the 7th center is the higher Letters and the 6th center the 22 letters?

Forces: Let us say you understand it that would give comprehension of it for the moment.

DD: That’s not the clear?

Forces: It is a clear but there’s more to come.

DD: Would Abraham represent the Law of the Weavers beam?

Forces: It would be the Beginning of a Nation.

DD: How does that go along with -? Is it the (Weavers?) name as a whole or (——-)?

Forces: There’s an evolution in the Beginning of Nations.

DD: Is that like the symbol that Tom gave Jacobs Ladder on the weavers Beam?

Forces: One is more of receiving then other is more being active.

DD: but they are counterparts of each other?

Forces: You would say that they have some type of balance in the structure of holding up that of the principles.

DD: Some of the signs are the same like the stations that’s where they’re given in Jacobs Ladder but there not all the same?

Forces: Each is a different evolution.

DD: Thank you very much.