Session 183 Part 2 – 8/20/78

DN: Something to clean soapstone?

Forces: Soap stone reacts very strangely with certain acids but not a direct acid lemons have some actions on soapstone but remember the soapstone is a mystical stone that contains everything that would destroy and it comes up with a antibody in fact soapstone is one of the living stones that has its being by being very hard, very durable, and very strong yet by being very compassionate and very soft. Soapstone would be considered one of the Divine stones it is considered one of the Christ like stones in the stone world beside that of diamond under terrific pressure soapstone is made of the elements of what would be considered metaphysical and physical prehistoric being. These beings were servants to man. They were so reliable that when the sons of man wanted things done all they did was think it and these beings did. When the age of change came and the age to destroy these outlandish beings the good beings being found in soapstone was also destroyed therefore bringing over their qualities of tremendous ability through withstanding a lot of harshness and durability under extreme conditions but giving way to the subtle sword or blade in refinement of them. Soapstone has a reaction in which when put on the stone unto an acid they produce the same exact acid on top of the surface of the stone which would mean that the acid will never penetrate the so called stone therefore it is considered a living stone, living by its what would be considered exorbant amount of reaction, action with the elements placed on it we would say that the only thing that can clean soapstone is soapstone.

IS: Can we make a powered mixture from soapstone—?

Forces: We would strive to make soapstone sand it down and then there is many mixtures that could be done. Soapstone could be what would be called experimented with take many different types of soapstone for there are many different characteristics and atoms within the soapstone being the what would be called oiling it down after oiling the stone down then the sanding of it allowing it to dry sanding it with other particles of soapstone when this is done there should be a different finish on the soapstone.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: What if we mix soapstone powder with oil would that become a paint that we can brush it on?

Forces; Remember one thing it is very difficult to put upon soapstone other particles of soapstone for each one has different characteristics of a creature or of a different element from a different moment in time the possibilities of putting soapstone upon soap stone and being the exact same replica is extremely great there are many different ways of temporarily revitalizing soapstone but chances are soapstone that is kind of down the only way to refinish it is to sand it or to put in or bring it into its second layer of expression there can be more given on this in the future but let us say at this moment you have more to work with than you can soap a stone.

RU: I cleaned the soapstone using abrasive was that the second layer?

Forces: It would be the abrasive cleaning through the pores but you are also removing some of the stone.

DD: What happens when you powder soapstone up and take it internally?

Forces: It would be a good laxative.

DD: Some South Sea Islanders take it and it prolongs their life?

Forces: There would be that abilities what would be considered making things smoother inside. You would walk down the street and your stomach would slip out.

IS: Now those beings that are entrapped or are they entrapped in the stone or are they the stone are they–?

Forces: They are the stone.

IS: Therefore instead of totally eliminating them cause they were good they were given the stone as their abode?

Forces: Their expression continuum.

IS: That’s how come the soap stone is a psychic stone?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And giving off life?

Forces: Soapstone is only the physical remnant’s of the Sons of Light in a day bygone era that no longer has its remnant’s on the earth.

IS: Are they alive in another world inside that stone?

Forces: You can take soapstone and put it to your right ear and concentrate in a perfect manner and it will reveal certain secrets to you of that age.

IS: Thank you.

DD: The idea I had that soapstone was the vehicle of the Sons of light like the ships and soapstone was the remnant of the ships, which were living beings?

Forces: That would make correct sense.

IS: There was a book where they described life within those trees that do not move yet there was a life in a droplet or something and there was a whole life there going on a whole culture or how many entities is one stone?

Forces: There is a variety of ways of analyzing a particular stone measuring how much entities are in it there could be the way of sanding down particles of the putting it under so called primitive microscope and seeing how many different categories of designs you have under the stone in so doing you will count the exact amount of so called beings in the stone. There is another way of graining how many grains are in the stone physically seeing determines how many beings are in the stone a grain separates one being from another being. There is also the weight volume the weight of a stone over 10 lbs. will mean there should be after the 10 lbs. at least beings after the 27th lb., the 50th lb. would have 4 beings from 50 to 100 could contain a least 20 beings.

IS: Is that how man came to be first being a stone manifesting qualities–?

Forces: Man came to be from the beginning of time in the Breath of God man got trapped in the earth where he had no business being but then became his business.

IS: But when Jesus is saying from these stones I can–?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That means somewhere along the line man a stone had to, manifested certain qualities where God said it is ready to be human–?

Forces: Let us not go into this, the stones have a servant attitude to man Jesus is only expressing the ability in which these stones themselves will cry out and give voice to the Proclamation of Truth that is the meaning of putting your ear to the stone and listening to the certain secrets of ages gone past.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Did the 144,000 are they what I call the Golden Children of the Universe?

Forces: We would say that.

IS: Thank you.

DN: So the stones and trees and everything is it similar to the book about Thomas Covenant?

Forces: We would say so.

DN: That’s a correct book right?

Forces: We would say it has information that could be used.

DN: Thank you.

BR: Was the entity Confucius?

Forces: Confused sometimes we would say associated around but we would not say directly involved as the entity.

NN: In my meditations the prayers that I say right before is that correct?

Forces: If that is has that meaning of purpose it would be very correct.

NN: Thank you.

BR: A lot of things have been said about Elvis Presley and (Tape stopped)

Forces: There are many children in the United States in the world. Elvis as you would name him was a child in his emotions and in his development childish quality that needed to be developed. There are many people who identify with him their development of their childish quality to a higher state needed to be developed. Question.

IS: Does the book of Isaiah representing the Leyden center?

Forces: We would say so.

IS: Job represents everything?

Forces: More or less.

IS: And so do the Psalms?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Solomon is part of the thymus?

Forces: It would be so.

IS: And part of the kundalini?

Forces: Solomon would be more or less the energy force used.

IS: So it’s the kundalini?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is then Jeremiah the thymus?

Forces: We could put him in the condition between the thyroid and that of the lymphatic system.

IS: Then who is the thymus?

Forces: That is a special place (—). Question.

RU: There are certain truths in Paul’s writings like the passage about Love but so much of his writings seems to reflect a whole other religion other than what Jesus came into the world why have they been allowed to remain?

Forces: You had a whole different type of people that were not really Jewish they were Gentiles and these people did not understand Jewish way Paul was a bridge to meet them and the disciples knew that he was meeting them vary favorably because Paul could speak Greek and Latin.

IS: Was Paul also the incarnation of all those sins put together in himself and gave in to all these temptations?

Forces: We would say something similar yes.

IS: And that’s why he was chosen for the Gentiles?

Forces: We would say yes.

RU: Was he homosexual?

Forces: Well let us say there were those problems. Question.

IS: Do I visualize him correctly?

Forces: Similarly near to correct.

IS: Did he have a limp?

Forces: There are times he limped. Question.

IS: Thank you very much.

MM: In one of Paul’s letters he requests that some of his disciples bring the papers that’s what he says but he doesn’t go into what they are and its never mentioned again. What were the papers?

Forces: His writing in which were prophecies and stories of telling what to be done by some of the psychics around Jerusalem. Question.

MM: The Essenes (—-) was it in scrolls?

Forces: The Essenes did not have too much to do with Paul. Question.

MM: Thank you.

BR: In the beginning of the session you said something about a lunar orb?

Forces: This is a expression we like to use. Question.

RU: Paul reminds me of what’s described in Revelation as the person accompanying the anti-Christ someone who can join different sects and do miracles/

Forces: This would have a meaning to the anti-Christ but remember Paul was already slated for the underdog because his refusing to grow within. Remember the Apostles try to work with Paul but Paul was kind of stubborn and stick to his own way of doing things and strong headed therefore he went on his own path of evolution. The anti-Christ will not be strong headed the anti-Christ will merge with that of the spiritual belief then turn it to that of deplorable. Question.

IS: If we are in the age of Abraham now then–?

Forces: There are a lot of souls who are only conscious to that point of development of Abraham.

IS: But the world as a whole?

Forces: Let us say the whole world, as a whole is still not getting over Noah and the flood.

IS: That’s why we still have floods and stuff like that then, that’s why the punishment can go on in the same way?

Forces: Different types of punishment correct.

IS: Different types than Noah’s but if we are still at the time of Noah?

Forces: Correct. Question.

IS: So in that case Moses didn’t even come yet to this world much less Jesus how can Jesus manifest completely but in his own time?

Forces: His own time will come when those who are ready to make the house.

IS: So in reality are we not like living in a past while we might have visitors from the future?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Jesus is a visitor from the future to the past something that has been ordained of course but for us to catch up to his time might take billions and trillions of years yet and only then can we truly see Jesus for what he is or the world can come into its Kingdom?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So we can wait for a second coming or a 600 coming it really doesn’t matter its only short visits from the future?

Forces: Let us say correct.

IS: Thank you.

MM: Has Jesus spoken to us in the sessions?

Forces: Correct,

MM: Any one particular?

Forces: In the past.

MM: Can we know the number?

Forces: Let us say read the sessions in the past and you will have the insight to know what he speaks. Question.

MM: Thank you.

IS: Is there such a thing as Megiddo (under world)?

Forces: He pays his bills.

IS: The one that they talk about in the omen?

Forces: It could be done. Question.

IS: I mean is there such a place underground where—?

Forces: They pay their bills. Question.

IS: Do they pay their bills?

Forces: Some of them don’t. Question.

IS: Three candles in meditation room?

Forces: The three candles represent a door the Revelation of this particular door cannot really be revealed at this moment. Question.

IS: And if the door is opened up prematurely that was known in advance that it would be happening that way isn’t it?

Forces: Part of destiny.

IS: Is that like a joke like there’s no way it can be stopped?

Forces: There is part of destiny that’s is being played out they had taken there own hands and touched something that they did not understand was not supposed to be but nonetheless it was not fully completed the circuit was not completed fully.

IS: So it’s the same story as the victory but not the victory?

Forces: Similarly yes.

IS: So everything is still destined right?

Forces: Hunky Dory.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: Do I understand correctly the harp had 28 strings?

Forces: 28 correct.

DD: Thank you very much.

BR: Dream about the Prince of London England Prince Charles he was handed a book and one of the books was like the Bible a very sacred book and it had a bookmark in it and it was something like one of our prayers?

Forces: Charles is the going to be the, what would be called the Spiritual War King. He will take office when it will be time for what would be considered Armageddon or the War of the spiritual fighters.

DD: Was he King Arthur is he around now?

Forces: He couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag they say he’s lucky he’s Prince Charles.

IS: You mean that he’s going to take his Throne when the Armageddon is at hand meaning he’s not on a good spiritual side?

Forces: He has no choice he will have to be on the good side.

IS: Then how come he has no strength then?

Forces: He will get strength from what we might give him other than that he’s hopeless.

IS: Which is the country that will produce the anti-Christ?

Forces: You will find it in Italy and Germany.

IS: Then is that child in Italy or Germany?

Forces: Migrating back and forth.

IS: Between Italy and Germany?

Forces: Correct.

RU: On a physical level?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is it going to be as in Revelation that its going to have two of them one with a spiritual connotation and one is political?

Forces: You would find it as such.

IS: Do they know each other?

Forces: They will.

BR: The dream I had a long time ago was we were working on the last room on the ground floor close to the last room and it seemed like the end and IS and MM were sitting by one of the windows on a bench and the walls weren’t up yet but the beams were there and it seemed like at that point it was a happy yet sad time. Does that mean at that point will something be happening in the outside world that will be sad?

Forces: There are a lot of sad things that are going on in the outside world. We would say that as far as it penetrating here that as long as you keep your God your spiritual commitments then you must move on for what we have destined you for.

BR: Thank you.

DD: How can I develop the Love greater?

Forces: By working harder. Question.

DN: When we hold sticks in our hand does the same thing happen with those that happen in the Covenant book just that we can’t see it?

Forces: Yes.

DN: Will there ever be a point where we see it and use it consciously?

Forces: Yes.

DN: Thank you very much.

DN: Could you give me anything please?

Forces: We would just advise you that you should move on with the speed and the work that is being done contribute with that of the perception that you receive and to keep a positive attitude with the movement forward to the evolutions of the many opportunities that lie before you.

DN: Thank you.

NN: Would the last 7 Psalms be the strongest group of the Psalms for triggering in the consciousness of the soul the miracle of humility or would there be another group that would be stronger?

Forces: They could be strong in themselves.

NN: Would they be the strongest?

Forces: They could be the strongest.

NN: Thank you.

NN: But it would be Psalms of praise?

Forces: They are the strongest.

DN: How many times was this group together before?

Forces: Huh. Some individuals have been together for a while. Some have been together on other planets others have been together on other Galaxies you been together.

IS: When you say other Galaxies or other planets you mean other planets in this system?

Forces: Other systems.

IS: When you say other systems does it mean we have other earths like this?

Forces: Does not necessarily have to be on an earth atmosphere.

IS: Do they have being and physical manifestation?

Forces: Every planet every orb that you see out in the Galaxy has an existence of spiritual life.

IS: Are they manifesting in a physical form?

Forces: Manifesting in a form not necessarily physical.

IS: So when you say some of the people were in other Galaxies together that would mean someone was on Saturn together with other people too.

Forces: Would you pick another planet?

IS: Venus.

Forces: Then some of them could have been on Venus together.

IS: Thank you.

DD: could I be given a passage in the Bible to read?

Forces: Start from Genesis and end up with Revelation (Laughter)

DD: Is there anything—–? (Laughter)

Forces: Start with one line at a time.

DD: Thank you very much.

Forces: You could read the passage that would be talked on with Jeremiah the 4th chapter. Question.

Forces: We at this point will be leaving and we will speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: Continue your work as it is progressing and there shall be an abundant reward for we are planning to give you some gifts that should be interesting.

Group: Our Father.