Session 185 – 8/26/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching certain items with curiosity we find that everything changes. Now that your new Pope has come into consciousness certain changes come not for the good will come about. There shall be other changes that also might benefit. There are the ups and downs and the very hard ways of saying that the beginnings do not really end the way it should. We have witnessed to many different conditions that have followed throughout these past days and have seen that this new spiritual force will be like a balancing factor and (—-) some qualities that could have some positive help. In reality there is still a time period ahead that might alter and b ring this particular Pope to the white side. There shall be many inner battles and fractions of the statements on different ideas. We have also notes that in the conditions of receiving application for change and positions in many (—-) areas these conditions of change and understanding must be met. There shall be some changes to be made around the world but as a whole there shall be Israeli and Lebanon excitements for this month of September should be that of such a stressing and trying month that it would almost look that war is to happen. We hope that as these days ahead will come that will be met with some type of calmness and understanding. We also sense a great change and conflicts in the United States that will cause people to reevaluate where their going and what they are doing.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: On the card the Hierophant could you tell us what it would look like?

Forces: A man or a force of thought with that of energy and the symbols of various spectrums that he would be carrying concealed within himself and the secrets of the universe under his foot. Question.

DD: What symbols would he hold?

Forces: Symbols of the stars. Question.

IS: The test tube baby what kind of a soul would enter?

Forces: This is a epitamy of self gratification.

IS: Is it by free choice that these souls are allowed to enter?

Forces: Let us say they do enter but to the wrong parents.

IS: That means they are being born but they end up that the parents that they had will—-?

Forces: When the parents go out and force themselves to have children it is the parents that are not ready to have a child or mentally equipped to handle. When they force the vehicle of having a child then the child that is or supposed to be destined for this lifetime or lifetimes to come or so called the entities or the soul that is around or near does come in and take over causing the parents to be inefficient and uninvolved.

IS: Then its not anything special the soul that came through like that?

Forces: It is not special it is one of mans greed’s under his laws of (—-) Gods laws. It is more of a greedy institution of wanting things still for themselves.

IS: Could it be that a child like that would come in retarded?

Forces: (—) times will come when that will happen.

IS: Now it’s the same margin as normal parents with normal children?

Forces: It would not be the same margin it would be double in its negative quality.

IS: So that would prefer that?

Forces: Sometimes it would or should, man does not always operate on what should be.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me what’s in the mists in the morning?

Forces: More of the spirits of the lower or the small deities guiding the growth.

NN: Guiding the–?

Forces: Growth of certain forces elemental forces.

NN: So its ——-?

Forces: We did not say it was negative.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Any personal guidance for me?

Forces: Yes we would suggest that you keep your thoughts together (—) also have the faith and the determination to receive a particular endeavors are planned for you. But remember be independent in your thoughts to those around you and in applying for jobs all must feel that they make their minds up themselves. It is not up to the personnel or the employment people to know if, you are being helped by us. They must realize that you make your own decisions for when they find out that you are capable of making your own decisions then we shall help you make your own decisions. You mustn’t inform them that other people help them make there own decisions this makes the individual unsecure and makes you unreliable as a person. To make your own decisions must come from yourself for in fact this is what it all comes down to that you do finally always make your own decisions. You have guidance and guidelines, which we render, and support but we do not make you to make those decisions therefore if you are asked if you can make your own decisions but if you apply to become independent in thought this is necessarily true in your own developments for to walk the street is a decision when to do it and when not to do it therefore you are making your own personal decisions higher decisions are helped by us or by some understanding of the spiritual laws and when it finally comes down to base level you still make the final choice the final decision.

BH: Thank you.

MM: Malachi Martin who wrote the book The Final Conclave is he the same as the Malachi who prophesied about the Pope?

Forces: They both have certain familiarities and certain spiritual insights about the same conditions.

MM: Is he aware of the previous Malachi?

Forces: Either one might be.

RU: Did the entity Luke who wrote one of the Gospels ever see the Master?

Forces: In one respect on an astral spiritual plane not on a physical level.

RU: Is it correct he received a lot of events and chronology from Mary?

Forces: This is correct.

RU: Thank you very much.

BR: Is there a city up in the sky in the backyard a little down the hill?

Forces: Sometimes you would find us there.

BR: JU wants to know which instrument to learn xylophone or French horn?

Forces: Tell him to combine both instruments with perseverance and sticktoitiveness in creative ability then the instruments will come to him in the right channel and way.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Dream two men in business suits in a flying saucer in front of an electronic board. What was that about?

Forces: More or less the awareness of such instruments. Question.

BR: Thank you.

DN: In the beginning you said something about changes going to happen some not for the good is that with the group here or the outside world?

Forces: Let us say the changes in the group could always be for the good if they keep their thoughts and their minds on a constructive attitude as far as the outside world these changes seems to be always on a worldly level not for the good but still but still for some higher purpose.

DN: Thank you very much.

DN: Is there a reason music as a whole I hear ok but when I try to tune the piano I have difficulty hearing the pitches?

Forces: Too close to the sounds.

DN: Thank you very much.

DD: The prehistoric animals like Tyrannosaurus did they communicate with man like IS wrote about?

Forces: Correct.

DD: And then they fell and became little lizards?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Is that the same thing that happened to what the soapstone is made out of the creatures?

Forces: On a higher level correct.

DD: When they were positive?

Forces: Correct. These creatures as we would say could never be positive, positive but they had their abilities but man should have been creating other things there’s too much involved in these. Question.

DD: In the Bible they use the terminology revealer of secrets does that go along with (—–)?

Forces: It would go along with that of certain secrets maintained within the Bible to gave and to receive and to let loose at certain times. Question.

DD: Is that a specific God name?

Forces: It could be. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The more I read of Paul the more it looks like the people that flocked to came to the new religion through him were a bunch of rebels and he keeps talking to them about things they did he’s not pleased about were they the times everybody was involved with those same things or was it a specific type of people that were flocking to him?

Forces: Let us say a certain percentage of people that was flocking to him are this caliber.

IS: When you said the things beginning do not end the way they should does it mean they do not end the way you planned them out?

Forces: The way man plans them out. They always end the way we plan them out.

IS: So no matter how something looks to us.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you please give me some understanding about the Divine Grace when it said to ask the Divine Grace like asking Mary to ask the Divine Grace to intercede before the Throne of Grace?

Forces: It is to give you the Wisdom to apply yourself in all situations with compassion and Love.

NN: Thank you very much.

NN: Also do Compassion and Humility go hand in hand?

Forces: They’re both the same.

NN: Thank you very much.

BH: With the new Pope what does that mean for the world?

Forces: More compromise to the black side.

IS: Is that going to be a gradual compromise or is it going to be fast and obvious meaning is he the last Pope.

Forces: There is a great chance that it (would) be the last but they would be changing in a period of 7 months could tell the outcome of this particular person.

IS: If he is the last then it could stand to reason the black force will gather the speed faster?

Forces: After 7 months we shall know for sure.

IS: But yet you already know.

BH: What would be the best affirmation for me with the Rosary?

Forces: Here am I Oh Lord let me be receptive to your will.

BH: Thank you.

RU: In the Book of Isaiah where it makes reference to certain places and persons that will be teaching other people the reference to the place Tarshish is that the same as Tarsus where Paul went later on?

Forces: It would be different.

RU: Is that connected with the Paul in (—) that follows it?

Forces: Let us say they’re in the same area almost basically almost the same consciousness.

RU: Is that referred to a person?

Forces: There is not a person but more of a place.

DN: How does Handel’s music in particular the Messiah and the one about Egypt how does it affect you physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Forces: Let us say it helps to align the centers within the body and bring more harmony within the mind and bring more peace to the Spirit knowing the destiny of the soul.

DN: And how about Mozart?

Forces: More of a constructive pattern discipline of mind and numbers.

DN: Would either of the two have a more positive affect?

Forces: Each one has its different affect (part missing) what would be called necessary.

DN: Thank you very much.

DD: Is it possible to take soapstone and make it look like any other stone there is?

Forces: It could be possible but you would have to break down the quality of the stone altogether.

IS: Isaiah begged God to be chosen to go to the people and he said that was correct it wasn’t like God chose him specifically even though that happened but yet he begged God he said let me go to these people and I’ll tell them. With Jeremiah is the opposite God says to him you’re going to tell the people and Jeremiah says I’m a little baby I can’t talk until God threatens him that if you are afraid of these people if you’re afraid that you’re going to be humiliated in front of them then I will humiliate you. What was the difference between these two Prophets?

Forces: The difference of one who had and one who hadn’t.

IS: Had what?

Forces: One who had who want it and one who had who didn’t want it. Just as man wants to be a woman and just as woman wants to be a man just as these balancing factors must be worked out between man and woman for a woman wants to be a man more active and a man would like to receive the passiveness more passive that these qualities must be balanced out between man and woman.

IS: So in reality if Isaiah didn’t offer himself then God would have told him?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So in that case Isaiah was a stronger Prophet?

Forces: They both had its own ups and downs. You would say Isaiah had more strength in what he had to do.

IS: And wouldn’t Jeremiah represent the heart?

Forces: More or less the heart.

IS: Thank you.

DD: The first chapter of Judges that I worked on and completed is that correct?

Forces: You have completed it.

DD: Is it correct?

Forces: It will do for the moment it needs a little bit more work but in general it suffices.

DD: Could anything be given on the alchemy part of it I only worked on (——-)?

Forces: Chemicals and reactions are different from what they were then and now. Chemicals are different because of mans minds the chemicals react because man thinks differently if man would think on a pure basic level a pureness of heart then all the things around him would have a reaction more positive. Certain chemicals change over the years bronze is not bronze as the bronze today and gold is not gold as the gold today. Question.

DD: So that first chapter is saying that?

Forces: Correct. Question.

DN: A tonic for the fall colds etc.

Forces: Of course the remedy of vinegar and onions mixed together with a little bit of oil also lots of salad and also brand type cereals with some fruits also the ability of the what would be considered garlic transitions within their body allowing the membranes to react to the atmosphere change correctly.

DN: Thank you.

DN: Is that for all four seasons or specifically for fall?

Forces: We would suggest fall would be the best time for this.

DN: Thank you.

DN: The mixture of vinegar and anise is it given as a spoonful or glassful or–?

Forces: A half a glass during the day.

DN: Different times during the day?

Forces: In the food, in what they eat, in what they drink.

DN: Thank you very much.

IS: You said something with the thoughts?

Forces: When there is change around them they become insecure.

IS: About being loved and outgoing are these qualities connected?

Forces: Let us say by being extremely expressive it allows that energy to flow from her into others that need help. Sometimes she says things that she herself do not know why but an (———) is being said through her.

IS: Often those people that have that quality they have no control over their loudness or outgoingness if they would sit down quietly they would regret every time because it seems as though they made a fool of themselves.

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: Yet this is a higher thing?

Forces: This would be a way in which we would use to get that expression across to others.

IS: So it is easier for you to work through that kind of expression than the cool exterior?

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: Is that why Peter the Apostle was he?

Forces: He was very loud.

Forces: At this point we would suggest that you would keep on things the job is being done well keep strong and positive and keep within your own faith for remember all things shall be worked (—–). We’ll shall guide you and try to help you in every aspect we possibly can but just keep on being positive and helpful as best as one can possibly do under the circumstances.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.