Session 186 – 8/27/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been moving around this day and finding it to be that very busy. In this particular force sessions we will only emphasize the fact that a new cycle has begun that, that which is spiritual will be looked upon as vain and immature, irrational and unhealthy you have your first notice of that with your friend Crutchfields who has come with a slight tinge of prejudism against Spiritual Gurus. This is only a after taste for the fear that is written into peoples hearts nowadays. Protect your interest and move about on a worldly level what you are and preserve your spiritual talents for those who need a drink of water. Share with those who are open and willing to receive. It is not time here to open a 100 percent to the idiots. For they are so much afraid of all things they do not understand just as it was in the Middle Ages a strength comes always in silence. (Thunder) There has been this what would be considered onslaught of tension throughout the world remember we must move with that security and strength and the positiveness of sharing as best as we can those who are willing and acceptable of receiving the Spirit. There are many hungry souls who are desperate and willing to receive but we must be patient and ready to help as much as we can. Don’t forget the force of the Rosary and the Mantras that are build up on it could come much help and aid from this Madonna and this (—). It is a force field of many, many souls who call upon the female receptive part of the earth to give guidance and protection under the application of Love and of Forgiveness. We’ll have all of South America going through many changes and we have all of Canada going through a revolt in many parts. Australia will be going through changes beyond conception and there will be a tendency of insecurity with that of the Soviet Union and China (Thunder). Question.

DN: The entity KT and JA are working on an aura machine. Did you give KT the plans through a dream?

Forces: Tell him yes the dream was given to him as a gift, which was spoken to by the entity that night when he said to him that he will receive his gift and it will not be in money something higher. As far as what could be done about it this will take time and a lot of self-respect, self introspect with his handling of many things around for guidance financially and physically must be had.

Forces: The tensions in the world are great there must be a place where the souls can find rest; make this such a place when the world outside becomes tense. Question.

DN: Thank you.

RU: Dream I had about being in a city where al the buildings were being bombarded with fire some kind of ships and I was saving children from schools and getting them out?

Forces: This could be some of your own thoughts that you have built up concrete thoughts that you believed in are now being destroyed and purified and some of the younger thoughts that you had in the beginning of life are being saved and brought to life. Also there shall be much fires and destruction on many civilized levels for those who are not civilized. Question.

RU: Thank you.

BR: A song that Tom sung a long time ago a song of fire, flame and light in the sky here we are ready to serve you is that similar to the song of the Forces?

Forces: Could use it as such, this is more of a joyous marching song. Question.

BR: Thank you.

NN: In saying the Rosary is it best to say the intersession once at the beginning or is it good to repeat it for each–?

Forces: It is good to repeat it.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Is the way I’m saying it ok?

Forces: It would be all right.

NN: Could you tell me what athlete’s foot represents?

Forces: It means that you must walk around more carefully and cover your foot. Also represents the applications of the principles that they become stronger and also the awareness that strength is coming through the foot with this energy at times. Question.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also dream I had last night about the roommate that I was with along time ago and saw the kitchen and the apartment we used to live in and it was cleaner and there weren’t any rugs—?

Forces: Certain different consciousness within self and handling of self in past things. Question.

NN: Thank you.

(Loud Thunder)

Forces: We advise that you would terminate your lights for the moment.

(No recording from this point)