Session 190 9/13/78

Forces: (—–). Greetings to all here present now. We have been traveling with you in many ways and forms so that you can experience our presence in different ways in the plans. It was a interesting day in which we set off situations to show you some tell tale signs of how methodical and particular the we can work with situations at hand. How we (seem) to get into the very Nitti gritty of situations and the ability of having control over those things that do happen regardless. If you believe this and understand this of the control that we have for those who do (—–) in the air for those who seem to groove with the wings giving them additional pleasure of air, air flight and to those who finding a certain amount of question there particular job to see the columns in Dominions of the Hierarchy in Power (Krimbel?) had certain selfish desires and plans of work ahead for them and for those who physically witnessed they too can acquire a new pair of pants without any problems in regards to size or shapes or dimensions that all these things are so possible even including that of testing our friends or and friends in many different and sundry ways of showing to them that material things can fall into the hands in leaps and bounds and buckets and whatever. But these conditions are only too, to what would be considered accomplish what we have told you ah last night in our conversations that all the things that we do speak to you on will be accomplished in our good time be it speedily or be it years to come all these things will manifest according to plan and according to Scripture.

Forces: Question.

JE: In the Old Testament sometimes they say like in the Garden of Eden the Lord was walking in the Garden and other times they mention the Lord your God and other times it speaks about God?

Forces: Certain personal relationships of the Gods of the Heavens, God consciousness, the God within self, the element, the beings of the unseen world tremendous sundry and different elements involved there are many, many different things that you cannot even see that are involved that are involved with it. The gods that walked on the earth was literally the Forces on High, the beings from other galaxies having direct communication with man on the earth. Question.

IS: Car intersections meaning?

Forces: More or less the energy of communications and the energy of bearing forth messages and lines of thoughts for those around.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Which daughter of Nicolai was I?

Forces: You were asked by the entity not to ask that.

IS: Right.

Forces: But he didn’t ask us not to answer it. Of course it was the one who is named Maria.

IS: Was she the oldest?

Forces: You could pick her as in the middle, could make her to be the oldest.

IS: Was she a good person?

Forces: More or less she had her problems the things that she perceived no one listened to. She is more or less the one who had the foresight of certain calamities to happen.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: The things that you manifested today with the lightening storm?

Forces: Everything.

IS: Did he understand?

Forces: Even to the waitress.

IS: Did the guy—?

Forces: Everyone understood immediately.

IS: There places that I am aware of?

Forces: First place was in the tile place in which the message was given to the entity Daniel by another person in which made our message clear as far as other people working and expressing what we can put through them without those people knowing it. Also him reminding you that it was the 13th, also the receiving of an extra box.

IS: Was that all right?

Forces: It would be all right.

IS: I felt certain places to accept the thing?

Forces: And there are certain places you had to do other things.

IS: —test then?

Forces: Not that we know of.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: To the point of the traffic on the highway going into the city, the point of it lifting to the point of what would be considered the police calling out to the other two people on the other side of the road to the point of going into the city to the bridge to the point of finding you the place for the Torah cover to the place of getting the item of the Talis to the place of convincing you that even though the entity might say certain things in time its for a purpose and a reason sometimes you wouldn’t dare say certain things because of logical thoughts how they were taken in reality you could see a different Revelation that they can perceive and reveal certain aspects of truth within themselves to those who dare to do to the place of receiving your own Jewish foods to the place of going and picking up that particular lamp and what would be called the other aspects and items to the part and parcel of what would be considered the infringements upon the letter of the law from the one who with the UPI versus the UPI in the UPI to the point of the woman going bananas and doing what she wanted to the point of Hope Island sitting in the car and to the point of her (—) for Daniel because of the police car in the front. Yes we keep them busy and of course to the point of the Alexander expedition, revelation and exploration of energies and forces to the point of commitments being made and to the point of receiving all sorts of signs and symbols, conditions too many to explain at this moment even thought we can go into them in detail but we must move on. Question.

IS: Commitment of our group?

Forces: Personal commitments to keep moving with the ideals.

IS: Us?

Forces: Correct and others.

IS: Outside of us?

Forces: For their own individual disciplines and developments.

IS: Like the waitress–?

Forces: Correct question.

IS: With the guy at the Jewish store—?

Forces: I think he understood a lot more then you realized.

IS: What did he understand?

Forces: He understood that he was seeing some sort of revelation and revelation to his personal education and seeing what would be considered a manifestation of one of the many Cabalistic laws in front of him. You’re dealing with people who have studied some secret forms of Cabala they dare not talk about it in front of (other) people.

IS: In the Kabbalah a true Cabalist merges what would be consider the Jewish laws along with the Messiah and they have found out the Messiah happened to be Jesus the Christ who the Christians worship. Do away with your so-called religious Christian laws and come and merge with the Jewish laws (and) who cares what goes on.

IS: There was a reason why he put me in back of the counter?

Forces: Of course he saw money in his mind. He’d put an Arab in back of the counter if there was money in it. Doesn’t matter at this point as long as you kiss the tail of (——-) say a few Yiddish words ring up the cash register pay your rent at the end of the month and thank God nobody comes to kick you out. Religion is just a business for some people and some it’s a big business and for others it is a meaning of worship.

IS: And for him it’s a business?

Forces: Business of many different avenues.

IS: He’s a Cabalist?

Forces: So therefore it is a spiritual business next question. (—-) you don’t even understand as a group you can even comprehend what is right and what is wrong, what is accepted and what is not accepted you do not even understand what is going on before you nor can you comprehend because you sometimes have a mentality of a cockroach and the span and the concentration of an ant who is looking for something to put down the burden.

IS: Are the people in the book the Karma Machine on this earth now?

Forces: Certain revelations and forms are on the earth at this moment. Question.

IS: Are they —?

Forces: Yes. Question.

IS: I have conflicting thoughts?

Forces: It is not conflicting.

IS: Am I—?

Forces: It will take time but you are doing all right. Question.

LK: Book written by Malachi advisor to Pope John 23rd. The book tells a lot about Pope Paul the 6th and the events throughout Pope Paul’s reign and it also talkes a lot about the Catholics and the Cardinals beginning to go towards Communism and Marxism and to lean more favorably towards that social aspect of government than towards a democracy which they had in the past is that true what’s put forth in these books?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: The man Nehah that was a maker of religious statues was he a good man a worshiper of God or was he not good because he did make statues and that’s why in the Bible they call him the idol worshiping or something of Nehah and wasn’t it faith on his part that he took in that man made him into a priest paid him in order to be a full time priest to his house or was it for other considerations?

Forces: It was the first one.

IS: He was a good man then?

Forces: Correct in certain respects.

IS: For his time.

Forces: Certain lessons to be learned. Question.

IS: Does it mean with the victory of Jesus to overcome death in the flesh the whole entire Higher Forces white forces are capable now of the same.

Forces: To certain degrees correct.

IS: When the Higher Forces will come down is that what they’ll do set up a Spiritual Government?

Forces: Ummmmm more or less correct.

IS: Not a religion I don’t mean that?

Forces: The Laws. Question.

DN: Could you tell us about Beethoven his personal life things about him that people might not know?

Forces: He was a medium.

DN: Does that mean that the music that came through was automatic music?

Forces: More or less tantrums to a time that he had a control.

DN: When he was having fits he would play them out on the piano?

Forces: Correct he was irritable because there was so much energy coming through that he couldn’t manifest the score that was being given to him.

DN: Did he study with a spiritual group?

Forces: More or less certain things of that nature happened around. You’ll find all those who are in the cultural arts and the design providence would be that there always around some sort of nuclei of spiritual revelations.

DN: Thank you.

DN: Is it true that he had all these women who came to him for him to sire children by because they wanted his genius?

Forces: They happened. Question.

DN: Thank you.

IS: Should the entity Tom go back to TWA to work there?

Forces: For certain reasons there are things to bring up the souls of darkness into some form of light.

LK: There’s a woman in England who is being contacted dead composers—?

Forces: Correct.

LK: How does that work?

Forces: Easy the composer contacts (them). (Laughter)

LK: Weren’t they receiving their music from either you or Higher Forces?

Forces: Correct.

LK: So why is that middleman—?

Forces: The switchboard is connected to the hind joint the hind joint connected to the ankle bone the ankle bone connected to the foot bone the foot bone the foot bone connected to the—-.

IS: You mean to say if you told the Higher Forces the function of the Higher Forces—?

Forces: At this point who really cares as long as she writes down the music.

IS: That’s about it she’s told this composer that composer?

Forces: For her own personal ego.

IS: Because otherwise—?

Forces: She wouldn’t bother.

IS: It would be too much—?

Forces: It would be too much even to explain.

LK: What happened to Uri Geller?

Forces: He was warned?

LK: Did he heed the warning?

Forces: Never happened to him. If he continues he will be warned the third time. Question.

IS: Who warned him?

Forces: Ah who else.

IS: Through whom?

Forces: Through those we want to work through.

IS: Is Nixon going to come back into politics?

Forces: He’s trying his damnedest. They always say the ignorance seems to run rampant upon those who are socialites.

IS: With Paul and the underdog he has been you could say the whole principle of any kind of spiritual group or religion is longsuffering?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What makes one out of that category of the personal sacrifice the personal suffering and the underdog?

Forces: Concentrating on the name of God with Love and Compassion takes them out of all physical hardships.

IS: In reality what happened with Jesus he was the first and biggest underdog but he never felt like an underdog?

Forces: No of course not he was doing the Will of the Higher Forces.

IS: So the difference is only in the how a person thinks?

Forces: Attitude, attitude, attitude always attitude.

IS: And that will reflect to other people?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: At this point we are leaving we have things that must be done we will speak to you again very soon maybe tomorrow maybe not, maybe tomorrow night maybe not, maybe Friday maybe. It all depends upon what you can get accomplished in these nest two days. We have surprises of certain magnificent experiences of the heart and of the gifts of sharing and certain revelations of inner thoughts to be given and just keep your mind centered on the Higher Forces or God, God or the Higher Forces or Deities or beings on High and if you keep your mind centered on your Mission and on your job you will not be lead into other thoughts that will lead you to other thoughts of distraction and other parts that would not be creative for movement forward.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.