Session 191 9/21/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We are witnessing one of the minor fulfillments of our program. It will take you to various stages of development for each and every one of you are on a different and yet same segment of development on a spiritual level. That each and every one of you are different in your development and there is no two alike in this room that each and every one of you are separate yet united in the force and field of cooperation and spiritual evolution. It is only through this evolution can items and things be solidified and made strong in its evolution ever upward. The Forces on high are in themselves shining down in different experiences it is a moment of a joyous occasion where they are striving to keep you all in harmony and yet in spiritual (—-). In so doing they are striving again to manifest and bring into your consciousness wisdom and understanding of the spiritual worlds and the application of the same product. It would be interesting my dear friends if we showed certain signs that would make the mind boggle that is everyone is expecting cold weather we for excitement could make very, very warm weather would that not be exciting of course to all those who could see that different stages of temperature could confuse their most simplest person in the earth. Know ye that all is made perfect and in a beautiful carousel and that in this turning we shall once more return to our ultimate beginning to al the native and strong and weak moments of our lives we will make sure. It is the moment of what would be considered sporatic firing and iron characteristic qualities of destroying and shooting down innocent people in the streets. These qualities come about from the misapplication of the will power and must manifest in a series and tempo of devastating results. We have our classic example just recently with that of Rome of France of Iran of what would be considered parts of South Africa and what would be considered Peru and Belgium all these qualities are everlasting qualities of development that if we strive in our own com-passity to remain faithful to the destiny’s that lie before us we can zoom down upon everyone of you and at this moment ask personally how you feel about your spiritual evolution.

Forces: breathing heavily

Forces: In this Silence we have that tendency of asking that you review some of the characteristics of your development and strengthen the parts that are weak versus the parts that are strong and monopolize on your strong parts and work with your weak parts. You cannot do this by yourselves through the entity who has been sent through us to you to help you is here to guide and help if necessary all aspects of your conscious and divine life through your development ever on upward and through your sacredness and consecrated territory that is refined and remade resemble and to hold the Spirit of God. In you, you all have that spirit but you also all have worldly desires on certain respects some of you are chastising them others have fallen right into line over them but as we said it is well to declare (Long Silence) in this power that in the changing of sounds we have healing going through you in this sound we have changings of the nervous (Lymus?) lymphatic system.

Forces: Now we are ready for your (—–) questions.

DD: How does the weaver make music like weaving a rug?

Forces: If you would perceive the Universe it is weaved to the period and symbolic symbols of the Name of God each representing a certain weave and sound and shape and color according to the size and shape of each particular item.

DD: A loom operates the way creation is?

Forces: The way the loom operates would give you a telltale sign of how this particular galaxy can operate.

DD: Thank you.

DD: The figure I’ve made here for the precepts would it be like the Ark but on the end a pyramid sticking out each end would that be the correct figure?

Forces: You would have a similar condition you’d find it near to the correct answer.

DD: So that would have a lot to do with the element of Magnesium?

Forces: It would have a certain amount within this particular element.

DD: Thank you.

DD: Also would it be possible to give me a koan?

Forces: When the ice cream man comes by it could be done it would also be possible.

D: Like a Japanese koan?

Forces: It would be done you could have a dunce cap none the less a cone is used for energy force the energies to be used creatively a certain type and shape of cone with certain spaces allocated within it and the length and breadth must be designated each cone must be recorded according to a diagram or design that the individual would like to experience or express. These are what you would consider cone caps. You would have a tremendous market for them on the outside world if you patented them and make cone caps with different colors like birthday caps but each one different according to the Zodiac and signs of the numbers.

DD: How about a cone in words is there one like that?

Forces: There are certain words that can be topped in a cone.

DD: Are the mind parasites are they like the mushu in the book I just read?

Forces: You would say that the parasites would be considered near to such.

DD: Would they be elementals?

Forces: Elementals uncontrolled could be considered parasites of a different form of a different grade.

DD: And they would be like in the air everywhere?

Forces: You would find them in that capacity also.

DD: Thank you very much.

MK: What does it mean in the first Book of Kings that Solomon had accumulated 6 hundred and 66 talents of gold?

Forces: On a worldly level he received the power over Satan. He kept Satan in a bottle similar to the silver vase you had received this week.

MK: Thank you.

MK: In cabinetry in building a cabinet with out a framework what is the best kind of wood to use?

Forces: In building a cabinet without a frame work Oak would be considered reasonable certain variances of Pine you would also have what would be called Birch and then an occasional Cedar in different areas and functional categories.

MK: Thank you.

RK: When Jacob and Esau were born Isaac still wasn’t too old he was still fairly young how come from the very beginning liked Esau and didn’t recognize the spiritual qualities in Jacob yet the Forces still came through him (—–)?

Forces: It is quite interesting to see the Forces can still use those who are in a so called demand for power level but in reality we go over them and through them and still get our particular job done. Many times you perceive us in certain situations knowing the end product therefore the end product belongs to the Higher Forces at all times interesting isn’t it.

RK: Thank you.

DN: Could you tell me the incorrect thinking that caused the physical combat that I had this week?

Forces: This would be a battle within the spirit force of the entity it would be a battle of life and obtaining a spiritual intuition within the cells and mechanism of the body. It is an independency of a sensual and material nature to separate from the spirit which causes what would b e consider lapses of air and space within the cellular structure of the entity. These conditions manifest when through the personal battle that the entity continues to go through for sensual pleasures and physical excitement and emotional stability within the realm of physical and mental grandeurs. We would express the heavy so called battle as the entity has expressed is only a reflection of a inner torment or turmoil that must finally be answered one way or the other a continuum of such existence would only consider what would be done a disharmony factor to self. The question must finally be answered what you would keep in your mind and what you would disperse keeping in your mind the creative thoughts of creativity of sticktoitiveness of discipline being the most pure having that always in front of you and when you sense or see an impure or unclean thought manifest in your mind the entity must immediately enter into prayer and disperse such thoughts. Such thoughts have been I consider of note and habit in which in the past the entity only had these thoughts centered around him through boredom and what would be considered habit entering into the entity and shifting and changing the course and designated plan in which expression of a soul force could manifest. In short it is the misapplication of thought forms within the entity that cannot be expressed with a what would be considered harmonious reasoning factor causing a disharmonity or disharmony or dis-linking of the air centers of a spirit centers within the lung causing a strain and strangulation of breath within the corpuscles of existence.

DN: Thank you very much.

DN: Do the thoughts always originate in myself or are they sometimes projected from other people?

Forces: Let us say that because of the network and fibers that have been set up for many, many years you are what would be considered an airport of thought form pick up. These thought forms glide along the runway that you had smoothed and allowed to remain open it is up to you at this point to shutdown the groundwork’s and the runways of these thought forms and allow the airport to be closed for remodeling that the spiritual thoughts can revamp and retake seed at a most crucial and important time of your life being in this transition that the spiritual factors will take after the years of preparation the seedlings would grow with a most careful and consideration of this particular place can offer each and every member the spiritual factors can nurture and bring forth an abundant fruit. We would consider this with patience and with a certain amount of reevaluation of the statements and sentence structures that we have given you in the past 7 to 8 minutes, in these structures you would find a link between the spiritual cycle and the physical and mental syndrome that this particular entity goes through. It is through discovering that the spiritual force can uplift and bring you way above the elemental factors in so doing in so being at one with yourself constantly and on guard constantly of these thought forms you would preserve yourself the mental anguish and the physical pain that is subjected through these thought form links that the entity receives and allows to nourish and conjure with.

DN: Thank you.

DN: On the bus trip down the blonde woman that was following me always?

Forces: Let us say the desire affect of the body in which she was linked up in an imaginative force field as you would be let us say this linkage is a private joke that could be explained in a indirect way many entities or souls seem to take to traveling for an excursion of their fantasies in such these fantasies have a linkage of expression so nobody would be so called responsible for the carrying out of such but in reality those who do travel with the spiritual factors alive then they will receive spiritual answers to many problems. It is a two fold (—) of energy that runs north and south between all currents of countries and then you have the force field going east and west all trains that go all forces of roads that go north and south is dealing with a physical manifestation and the spiritual evolution in the physical. All roads and trains that go east and west is the mental manifestation and the spiritual concept through all logical beings therefore in this particular bus you were giving a ride between these desirable forms of expression and also the physical manifestation into a spiritual realm if tapped into or more of a draining affect which would or could and did leave you exhausted after the trip for these thoughts were let wild in the vantage and the usage without control which made you what would be considered a exhausted psyche individual leaving with minus 4 factor level reading.

DN: Thank you.

JE: What caused the picture frame to break in Flushing?

Forces: This is the expression of a fourth dimensional mishap.

JE: Could you please explain what happened?

Forces: The fourth dimensional door opened by mistake.

JE: What caused this to happen?

Forces: Too much force or energy or transition at an x given speed or example too much denote or Revelation explaining the energy field too much concentration on one particular force of the energy field manifesting this particular energy field with no particular place to what would be considered continue the energy field would go through that particular chandelier through the walls and down into the earth and back up again but in this particular case it was like a short circuit in which the only particular place in which the energy field that was manifested could go through was through this particular picture of the fourth dimension. It was a Revelation between that of the existence of this house on a physical level and on a conscious level the fourth dimension entering into the Revelation of stonework and display that all buildings that are made out of stone is the existence within of the fourth dimension and without the containment of the third dimension.

JE: So the glass shattered in the (——)?

Forces: A door was opened the shattering of the glass was secondary.

JE: Could you explain what happened yesterday in the upstairs kitchen when I piled the clothes on the other clothes?

Forces: This can be explained in two different ways one you are a sloppy piler of clothes two you should take your layer out in the middle of it before you pile any more clothes on it.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Three the friction between the north and the south example of the electron building up within this pile considered it to be an explosion within the middle or the nucleus manifesting at a unagreeable time. You choose which one to believe.

JE: I didn’t think the lighter was near the pile I thought it was laying on the side.

Forces: That is true but nonetheless the lighter have been removed by us.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Safety in all conditions what we do to go after you.

JU: Is there existing any place in the world the Hierarchy of what were the Tibetan High Lamas is there some form of that still existing?

Forces: There is.

JU: Where would that be?

Forces: In your heart.

JU: Is there any on a physical level have they restructured their civilization?

Forces: In mans minds.

JU: Thank you.

JU: In the curving of wood is the use of that thing cross banding wood is that a good way to do it or is there a better way to do it?

Forces: Let us say in the curving of wood comes into many different categories you do not just take a piece of wood and curve it per se there are many classifications and designs and diagrams and illustrations of particular woods and wood that you like to exemplify a feeling. The red birch if you would find you would see this to be a favorable wood of royal colors you would have also the sedum quality which would give a design of flowing of speed of flame you would also find the maple which would give a thin strip of maple which would give a strength or a strong solid foundation type or north in atmosphere or latitude type you would also find within your pines different qualities of pine the white pine you would find certain qualities of elegance and music you would also find within the curving of red mahogany or plain mahogany or what would be called spirited mahogany in which each characteristic could be overlaid in certain forms to give a design of breeze and of depth. Each particular piece of wood expresses a thought form that is represented within man to give a classification of the beauty and the pronounced dignity that man could have if he would only bring forward the expression in wood through refining it.

JU: Thank you.

BH: The job you gave me with the cats could you tell me what it is that I’m working out there?

Forces: Attachment.

BH: Where did I get this attachment?

Forces: Misapplication of the cats in Egypt.

BH: How did I misapply them?

Forces: Used to what would be called brain control power over certain individuals and servants.

BH: I used the cats to do that?

Forces: Certain powerful cats.

BH: Thank you.

BH: The experiment with cats is it right?

Forces: Let us say there’s not a particular judgment that can be cast on their experiment but if you would stress looking for the spirit and the seed not of the experiment itself but of the spiritual ideal that is trying to be found if it could only be expressed on a spiritual level they would receive answers.

BH: Could I help them with that?

Forces: We will guide you (———-).

BH: Thank you.

BR: The Golem that Rabbi Lowe created does that golem still exist?

Forces: Correct in Poland. Question.

IS: Can it be activated again?

Forces: Exactly.

IS: Will he be?

Forces: Whoever has the formula.

IS: Are there people aware of the existence?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are they your people?

Forces: Yes.

IS: On the white side I mean?

Forces: You would hope so.

IS: It was the name of God wasn’t it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But the particular name of God that he received from God?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So actually nobody else can —–?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Unless they use his name, which cannot be unless he’s reincarnated again and uses it?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is he reincarnated again?

Forces: He is a guiding over the body.

IS: And Rabbi Yitzhak Venue is he going to come back?

Forces: This would be questionable.

IS: Then how is it going to be used again?

Forces: Through the force of power by those who had it handed down to them.

IS: In that case it’s only the Higher Forces that can use it?

Forces: In a indirect way.

IS: Is it also part of the preparation for this coming age?

Forces: In directly.

IS: Thank you.

BR: The other Rabbi that went up into the attic and he came back down and he said that he could understand why the other Rabbi didn’t want anybody else to go up there. Did he activate the Golem?

Forces: No.

BR: Why did he come down and said not to touch it?

Forces: The power that emanated from it.

BR: He also had some of the men in the Synagogue say 10 psalms what were the 10 psalms?

Forces: This dealt with the creation of Genesis.

BR: Thank you.

IS: In Jeremiah the prophecy that tells of God saying I’m going to give all that too the King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar why to Nebuchadnezzar was he somebody good?

Forces: We would say that God works in strange ways no.

IS: Yes.

Forces: And this particular King tried to manifest a spiritual aspect that the other people that God has chosen did not accomplish not saying that what he did was right but an aspect that he was striving to achieve was right also you have a karmetic debt that this particular King had to receive in payment of this particular nation in order that the perfect Law could be fulfilled.

IS: Then who was he to the Jewish nation that they owed him something karmically?

Forces: More or less the ability of time and land and certain qualities during that of Noah and Cain era.

IS: But he knew he’s not going to succeed?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Because you prophesied it being taken away from him?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What happened with the ride coming down here the heaviness?

Forces: This was more or less the restraining from bringing you into this area because of certain magnetic changes in the earth there is a tremendous battle going on that is from the north and the south and you happened to break through it at a most indestructible time throwing a lot off kilt.

IS: For the black forces?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So that too was—?

Forces: Planned.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there such a thing that for the lesson of one person a nation will go through the cycle of what ever it is?

Forces: No we wouldn’t say that one person just happens to manifest the lessons that a lot of souls are going through at that time.

IS: So in reality besides Nebuchadnezzar himself there were a lot of people that were trying to accomplish that exact same quality?

Forces: It was like a springboard that a lot in that society was gravitating to.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now in Jeremiah it’s very difficult to understand between prophecy and reality because some things the way they are being said it like it already happened but yet its not correct?

Forces: Correct. This is an interesting factor but this is correct.

IS: It took 70 years?

Forces: And more.

Forces: At this time we will be leaving but we would only strive and stress the factor that everyone must pick up the responsibilities of watching after themselves and watching that each aspect within this house will manifest the highest quality of reaction of giving and taking that you all in your development will develop the interior qualities of patience and sticktoitiveness that the spirit and the fruits of work and of life might manifest around you. We will hover around you in the days to come and will guide you as the days come.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.