Session 196 10/25/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been flying through the area for quiet a few (—) attracting some attention here and there. As in the last episodes some would say it was this some would say it was that others would say it is another thing but we aren’t finished with them yet we have our whole schedule listed for this month and we are anxious to try it out especially when we getting paid double time. As far as your situation here is concerned we do ask you to be conscious of the things you do have the more you will take upon yourself to respect the items and things that are given you the more we can open up the doors to give you more. We do not want to see you go without and therefore we have planned several things to come that will help you. We will help those get the jobs they need, in less than two weeks time we will work with that. But we also need their positive approach and of course their attitude must be in perspective but nonetheless we will help. Finding it you have said that there is financial problems in the house noticing how it could of happened we will try to rectify as best as we can in helping but you must help yourselves first in respecting the things that you do have. As far as the worldly situation is concerned it is tense even though there are these peace agreements being made it is almost like war agreements but it is tense because peace should be made with all countries for it’s the maintaining of the peace that’s strenuous and difficult it is that purpose alone many peace negotiations fall apart because of the strenuousness of keeping it up we have many neurotic changes in the country it which it is getting crazier and crazier try to maintain around this house be (—-) and the balance to make you grow in youth and wisdom that in leaving this house you attune to the world but know that the house and the traveling from and too is and should be protected by us but if you notice the brown sky’s will come over the hills and the rains will fall and it shall be cast that all those who are caught in the rain shall travel the speed of an, speedy (and) in such a short notice we do say there are lots of plans manifesting and many more plans to come it will be an abundant situation but we do ask each and everyone of you to continue to manifest this positive approach and the work atmosphere of accomplishment. As far as the movement in this county things will be moving faster than they ever realized.

Forces: Question.

LK: The nuclear plant?

Forces: Well it is a situation that will go back and forth. Sometimes it will be appearing that it would be open other times that it would not be open. There are many people in back of this that have already made their minds up as far as their financial situations the things that they are going to be needed so in short if you get behind a police car going 90 miles an hour the smartest thing to do is to follow after the car therefore you can think you are the one (—) and going 90 miles an hour police is looking ahead of him trying to find who’s going fast when right in back of him is (—) miles. As far as the energy power plant is concerned in all probabilities and perspectives it is a 99.9 percent sure thing to bad you weren’t betting. As far as what you could do sometimes finding out information about it, keeping abreast of the things that are being talked about in reference to it just generally placing yourself in an atmosphere of being can affect the whole situation. There is that point that it can be altered but then again the amount of revenue into the county would really be as they would say they did not have this particular path so in short you have one thing with the (county’s fines) greed versus peace or money versus some type of order. Question.

LK: Thank you.

JU: Any guidance that you can give me searching for a job?

Forces: We would advise you that the job that you do get is always the reflection of the things within that needs to be worked out so keeping those qualities positive you should not have too much of a difficult aspect of finding a job might be right up your (zonage).

JU: Thank you.

BR: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Just keep positive and keep up with the things that need to be done and sometimes its good to read for a couple of moments. Question.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Prayer for work?

Forces: Dear Lord the Spirit I ask of light to surround me and protect me in harmony and peace that it might radiate from me and within me and on top of me and on the bottom of me and in knowing that Your will, will be done in me and through me and around me that in thy compassion and mercy you will help the situation within me, around me and under me. In short smaller version Oh mighty Father God in thy light and spirit of harmony surround me under thy protection.

BH: Thank you.

NN: In the Book of Job what’s the King of Terrors?

Forces: This is the highest force of fear that we concentrate on and center in ourselves.

NN: In the last session about the Rosary affecting the fourth center of the nervous system did that mean the thymus center?

Forces: It is part of the Thymus center.

NN: Could you tell me what part?

Forces: More of the, the nervous systems of the skin of things that would react if one became jealous or envious more of a growing concern that was beginning to develop. Question.

NN: Thank you.

MK: How can you bend wood without cutting it?

Forces: We have a treatment of water the steam water again with certain types of changing or bending with a but then again your in a environment they do not understand the chances are the normal greeting cards would be the best for them. Now as far as for you this has nothing to do with it.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Why did David get hit on the head?

Forces: This more of a force that is coming in that is guiding and directing him sometimes it needs to enter through a certain cut in the head certain times too much thinking is enough to slow a person down a few minutes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: What center does Ezekiel represent?

Forces: This is more of the thymus center.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Did Ezekiel do the thing of eating cows dung?

Forces: This was done.

IS: Was it necessary?

Forces: In many different respects.

IS: For his own evolution to?

Forces: This would be true.

IS: And then in another part he runs around naked that too was done?

Forces: This could be done correct.

IS: Why is this session difficult is it because of us?

Forces: Because of information that we’re trying to sift in and giving you the best information for your money.

IS: The dream I had this morning involving Gabriel and the woman named Esther what does that mean?

Forces: Means more of a strangeness for such a setting since the beginning it could be the expression from becoming more disciplined and secure in ones ways and setting up some force of order and harmony.

IS: For the entity Gabriel or for me?

Forces: It would be well to do it that way to.

IS: Was it for Gabriel or for me?

Forces: It is more or less guiding for Gabriel of putting the creative abilities rather than putting them in a jar on a shelf.

IS: So the woman is the worker qualities?

Forces: This would be true.

Forces: It is an interesting byproduct that might happen someone else is supplying you with the necessary things.

IS: Could I have some interpretation on that?

Forces: There is setting up certain patterns to help you along with these particular questions or plans in your mind.

IS: When you said supplying you with the necessary things is it for us?

Forces: It is in a general consciousness of a state.

IS: Thank you.

GL: The dream that I had this morning about the silver beam and something to do with a spacecraft and something to do a solar something or other could you tell me the interpretation of that?

Forces: (For a long time silence and breathing)

Forces: In a short span of time the later would be all right. We find the answers the most difficult with us tonight but we seem to give answers that cannot be given unless time works itself in.

IS: Are you also giving us answers to things we’re not exactly asking?

Forces: Exactly.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The dream that I had this morning mentioned earlier?

Forces: That your theme is space and more space available (—–).

Forces: Spaceman.

IS: More space for us here?

Forces: (As you all squeak?)

Forces: In short there are (–) throughout the job area of up and down and changing with the own personal job. Some are saying if this is so then a lot have gone out that would be (instant) hazardous.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: More or less the movement of time and space. More or less the catch.

IS: So we have to continue looking?

Forces: It is not really necessary that you should go out looking we do plan certain things ourselves.

Forces: We will be helping you in many respects over this particular hurdle it should come out with the best feelings of al the reconstructing areas.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Just the movement forward and constant awareness and the changes that will be coming in application and awareness of the knowledge given and applying that in its best way.

IS: The conversations I had with the entity Tom are they correct?

Forces: Well there is the things of that particular conversation that can hold water there are other items that would not apply.

IS: What areas should I correct in myself?

Forces: It is not the point of correcting areas within yourself that would be dealing with the quality of movement. Movement does have a strange happening to the mind and body it would be the best idea is this slowness and in the slowness of, of silence would you receive information in the future days to come.

IS: Thank you.

JE: In the last session you were discussing beings from other stars and galaxies such as some of the sightings now did they have any dealings with the people in Atlantis?

Forces: There are several groups or several ways or several points of interest that would deal with the sightings that are being noticed nowadays. The group that is more dense or what would be said that would be dense in their structure cannot really be part and parcel to what we are doing.

JE: Thank you.

DN: A patient that is dying how do you determine which is the line between their going to die if something’s not done or do something to give them another chance—

(Tape ended)

DN: Would it be better to let people die?

Forces: Well if we all let people die we won’t have any more problems on earth. The eyes if you notice of those who would be dying seems to flutter like butterflies this is the connection between the third dimension and the fourth dimension taking over in such would be some keynotes ah what would be called the death rattle the sound coming from the voice and these type of flutter that will tell you that termination is following or manifesting or coming to be established. Of such a case then you could find out what to do. Please if you find people fluttering their eyes don’t bury them (Laughter) wait and see their vital signs if they are existing or not.

DN: How do you decide if it’s right or wrong to put somebody on a machine?

Forces: Well the question of time you hook the person on a machine and then you would only see that person has no vital signs only that in which the machine gives it that will tell you the story that this person has terminated.

DN: If you put a person on a machine and they have a chance to overcome what they’re working with is that a positive thing?

Forces: A large percentage of it is that the overcoming is postponed.

DN: So it’s better to let them go?

Forces: There are those who would be better to let go and there are those who would be better to stick around.

DN: Thank you very much.

IS: So actually everything is in its right place as it is?

Forces: In its right place.

IS: Meaning not for us to go and do it just because we agree that they are doing it or not disagreeing that they are doing it. It not for us?

Forces: Not for you to judge it just move on.

IS: Thank you.

RH: What does it mean when you see signs around the moon such as rings?

Forces: Its more or less a magnetic pull to the earth and the following of some spiritual revelation. It would be considered the Sun or the angelic force surrounding the moon.

RH: Its something positive that might happen?

Forces: We call it the dance of the moon it’s a positive note.

RH: Thank you.

RH: Early in the session you said something about brown skies will come over the hills and the rains will fall——————–could that be pollution or something else?

Forces: There will be pollution coming from the skies along with chemical explosions coming from the southern states Louisiana will have some aspects of these things. You would also find some what would call freak accidents that would not be able to be explained easily disappearance of certain personels in airport quality ships. You will find buildings that will be collapsing this week that have been staunch supporters of what would be considered strange types of elections that is they shall be changes in the government to come but not changes as per se minor changes. You shall also find the sufferings of certain catastrophes in the west and you would also find some overflowing of some banks coming up in Missouri and Michigan.

RH: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be returning again if things go well for you all we will speak to you before this weekend is out more or less the week and be here preferably Thursday at 10:00.

Forces: Greetings to you all here present now.

Group: Our Father.