Session 197 10/26/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. As the moments of time moves on we find that this particular season is (——) as winter approaches. It is soon to come but be not worried or upset about it trying your best with each passing moment it should not involve too much difficulties or be so harsh as it has been said. Being in a most positive manner and approaching all these things in that direction it should pass before you know it.

Forces: Now we are ready for your questions but we are to say that the days and weeks past are looking to be well in order here and there needs to be moved a little bit more but otherwise it is coming along on schedule. Question.

IS: After Paul died did he believe that he was the absolute preacher of Jesus. What happened to somebody like Paul after he dies he believed he was going to be taken up with Jesus?

Forces: Well there are still things he needs to pay back he was involved with persecuting and terminating a lot of souls in the beginning in fact all this was part of a guilt pattern that he had when he killed Stephen and all the other Christians of the early Church. A lot of Baptist seem to associate themselves with Paul because Paul was a sinner and did a lot of things wrong but then turned to God and his salvation was at hand. A lot of people seem to associate the same similarities in their lives.

IS: Is Billy Graham a reincarnation of Paul?

Forces: Well we couldn’t say that but he sure could resemble the speaker.

IS: Is Paul incarnated on the earth right now?

Forces: We think he might be back.

IS: Is he a preacher?

Forces: Well we haven’t really got much data on it but we would say he’s something like Billy Graham and in short he could be Billy Graham but usually they don’t come back as the same fanatic speaking and using the word loosely.

IS: But was Paul at that time 2,000 years ago under your jurisdiction?

Forces: Well we had certain influences but not a hundred percent.

IS: Then who was?

Forces: We would be willing to accept the original Apostles as striving to work with them.

IS: Paul was convinced that he would see Jesus after he dies did he?

Forces: Well not the way he would like it.

IS: Could you tell us what happened?

Forces: He just review of his records and sent back into a school to develop more.

IS: So he didn’t get to see Jesus?

Forces: Well he got to see something like Jesus but never really to stay with him.

IS: Which Apostles made it to be with Jesus after they died?

Forces: Well the majority of them did work around with the soul of Jesus after they died but each and everyone had to go and develop other personal qualities.

IS: So all these people talking about going to Jesus it isn’t correct?

Forces: Well they’ll see a thought form of Him when terminate but they really can’t know him go to him directly and stay there for there are other lives that must be developed and other lifetimes that must be worked with.

IS: Now Jesus at this point is he like a consciousness?

Forces: He’s more of a consciousness.

IS: So everywhere anybody is going to be with him it’s going to be thought forms?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it’s really not Jesus but rather the Christ within?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Jesus himself where is he?

Forces: On a different plane of development.

IS: And he really isn’t coming in not until he truly has to come in but he left enough thought forms?

Forces: That would be correct.

IS: Until a moment of development comes?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: They’re working now with color and sound in medicine and they’re having some results are they tapping in on the right thing?

Forces: Well they are approaching some sort of what we spoke about but it is more elaborate than just what they have developed.

IS: Those people that make incisions with their hands in the Philippines what’s the story on them?

Forces: Well some of them have chicken blood in them and a little tube up their sleeve and they press it and all apparent thinking that they have made an incision in the body.

IS: Where did they get that idea?

Forces: Well leave them enough by themselves alone and they’ll come up with any ideas for money.

IS: What is going to be their punishment?

Forces: Well they were doing some service to those who have the operation so it is there reward who receives the operation but chance are even though it was just an incision made by some can do it only 2 percent or one percent can do it while the others fake it but those who do fake it are being helped in an indirect way therefore punishment would not be so severe here.

IS: You mean like faith healing?

Forces: This would be correct.

IS: The ones that can truly do it?

Forces: Well they just simply enter into the astral form and then opening up the skin in a different way but in reality the body does not need to be opened up but the opening a astral skin up that does not consist of blood.

IS: So then punishment is not in accordance with what a person does but in accordance in what affect it has?

Forces: More or less the reaction and motivation of receiving it.

IS: So a person may do a good thing it’s a bad reaction?

Forces: This is not what we are explaining you do that which is good from your heart and your motivation is good and if it is picked up negatively then your not held accountable or responsible for that.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The girl in a coma for two years without a machine what is the story there?

Forces: More of a decision that needs to be made on the astral level.

IS: She refuses to die or she refuses to live?

Forces: It’s just her refusal of making a decision.

IS: Could she wake up?

Forces: It could be possible.

IS: Why doesn’t she make a decision?

Forces: Well this is more of her own doing her own comfortability not wanting to go this way or that non-commitment.

IS: But yet the parents did right?

Forces: The parents strived to do that which is right.

IS: A normal person if they are taken off the machines they’ll die?

Forces: Sometimes yes other times they could linger for months.

IS: But she’s lingering for years.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is there anything other than her indecision that holding her?

Forces: Her inadequacy against her expression between herself and her God.

IS: But how come in her case its so long?

Forces: Well the tremendous amount of personal will.

IS: Her personal will?

Forces: More (———).

IS: She’s holding on?

Forces: Holding on correct.

IS: Thank you.

DD: What hierarchy presided over the creation of this solar system?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: What hierarchy presided over the creation of this solar system the earth and everything?

Forces: Well we have Michael as the hierarchy.

DD: Did you create the earth or—?

Forces: The earth was created through several laws.

DD: Was it created by you?

Forces: We had a helping in it.

DD: You said before that you don’t come in the ships its really something else yet you talk about the ships a lot its like they aren’t really ships?

Forces: Well you give them the name as ships to us there our living quarters. There more like boats of one respect more what would be considered thought forms.

DD: Like your thought forms?

Forces: More or less.

IS: Are they the Holy Living Creatures that carry themselves what we see as a boat. Aren’t they the one that are components of what we think is a ship?

Forces: It could be you perceive a lot with the eyes must be developed and worked on but it can be.

DD: It says in the Zohar that Bezalel had a school of weavers what did he teach?

Forces: More with the electrical patterns of man and how to appease and make forms and messages in the weaving material.

DD: How did they weave then did they have a Loom like today?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: Did they have a loom like they do today on the physical level?

Forces: Well something bigger a little bit more complicated. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

JE: Did the Atlanteans develop space flight or what we consider space flight now?

Forces: Well they had richer avenues of travel.

JE: To what extent did they develop it?

Forces: Well the point of traveling from one point to another in less than your time 20 minutes.

JE: Did they ever travel between galaxies?

Forces: Well I, I really don’t think they were that smart as far as traveling through galaxies of course you got to remember they got caught in the earth.

JE: So was it more like our airlines?

Forces: A little bit more sophisticated than the barbaric airlines.

JE: But nothing to the moon and farther on?

Forces: You have to admit that they used to travel around the moon you wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find some things on the moon from the civilization.

JE: How did they power their ships?

Forces: Solar power.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.