Session 198 10/26/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been moving around in areas quite vast and find the progression moving forward on plan. These are the things that must be accomplished those are the things that have been accomplished. In the present time we find that it is just near to the point in which certain prospects of evolution and development of many strands of consciousness would be coming into your atmosphere. The days to come would be days of certain measurement of enlightenment and of grace. We shall see to it that certain movements and flows of energy (—–) would be prosperous. We also find that there is a certain impulse coming into the earth that should be beneficial in awakening some spiritual aspects in people.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

BH: When they use that electronic equipment at work and they told me that’s what a cell sounds like is that really the life force energy that I’m hearing of the cell?

Forces: Well it would be very difficult to get the true sound of the cell they are hearing the outer layer of a cell and not truly the nucleus of the cell per se if a cell was really truly taped it would be quite deafening in one respect.

BH: Thank you.

NN: What does the number 222 mean?

Forces: It means 6 or it means 222 sometimes vibrations of 222 or 22 2 or 222 or (Laughter) all this represents the same code and its 222. The tone is an expression of decisions, protections and decisions. Question.

LK: Is there a prayer I could use when I can’t figure out how to build something?

Forces: Yeah Lord help me I don’t know how to build it. (Laughter) Enkindle in me the Wisdom and the Knowledge of the lines and angles that I might be receptive inside myself, and the centers without to manifest that straight line of beauty.

LK: Up till now I was using straight little pieces?

Forces: A carry over from your stained glass days.

LK: The arch what does that need going to the arch I am stuck at this point?

Forces: Stuck in what way you find that the pieces of wood are (–) the same dimensional tone as the straight lines are.

LK: I’m confusing it in my mind?

Forces: Simply all you have to do is turn down the straight lines for curved lines and accept the surface (—) to be of a perpendicular and curved attitude in which placing them altogether no longer becoming straight but on a curved axis.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Sometimes your eyes get dingy by looking at straight lines and when it finally comes to a curved line it looks off-center.

LK: Thank you.

JB: Any guidance for me at my job with the children?

Forces: We find that a feminine aspect a receptivity and a giving is the most necessary product of love. The most interesting aspect within this is that the children need that personal guidance of love and of giving and if we can only open up our hearts under all circumstances to be a strong supporter of their morale and a big solid tree to lean upon when they need it knowing that we are there to help them and not to hinder them in every respect. We also find that the statue of the Madonna or Mary would open up some consciousness within in. If they see that you have a particular worship for or a particular attraction to this particular woman.

JB: Thank you.

BR: The earlier session today you said it took several laws to create the earth could any of those Laws be given?

Forces: The Law of Compassion. Question.

BR: Thank you.

DD: The Name Tetragramaton could that be symbolized by the number 1 and then all the elements together in unity and then when they divide into 4 it would be under the name Elohim the manifestation of all the elements in the earth is that correct?

Forces: Tetragramaton as a big word to say it is the symbolic substance of man woman consciousness come together under the domains of the earth. It incorporates the Omega and the Alpha and Alpha and the Omega. It is the creation of the Solar Systems and is the beginning of great Empires. It becomes the Elohim in which you’ll find the feminine aspect of receptivity and excitement of civilizations. It is strange that the Yahweh is a masculine expression and the Elohim is the feminine expression you also have the Shekinia, which hovers upon the man, and woman relationship in which is present during intercourse of having a child and in which is the Spirit that comes down and hovers over the man woman relationship. It is the proper relationship in which man woman must become one as in the beginning of time. It is only at this moment is man woman together in Unity in what would be called the Yin and the Yang series. This constant battle of harmony of (colors) of neutral of positive and negative coming together to become stabilized is the quest for man out of the earth. Man can only become stabilized with his feminine aspect bringing down the Shekinia upon his own existence. We have the evolution of the Shekinia throughout the existence of mankind and also the absence of this Spirit in which causes great deal of destructions. Question.

IS: Then the Shekinia when on the Sabbath we bring down the Shekinia into this house what happens what does that represent?

Forces: It is if you seem not to know maybe subconsciously you are aware of the Ancient Formula of the Shekinia that does descend upon the people on the Sabbath. It is only at this point of the Spirit of the Sabbath and the Shekinia comes into the earth and opens up the paths of all spiritual learning. It is also known that during this night to have physical relations of bringing a child will guarantee you a spiritual child.

IS: That is correct in the Jewish tradition. So that is the truth?

Forces: It is correct.

IS: Thank you.

RH: I had nightmare dreams last night?

Forces: More of a receptivity of the woman Crosby and her dilemmas that she will be going through and also of the transitions of anxieties and substance of food within the stomach that would cause nightmares.

RH: Could you explain the entity Toms dream about the blowing up of the Vatican?

Forces: There’s a lot of internal strife and explosions that might not be seen physical readily but there will be a great deal of turmoil happening the next few months to come.

RH: Thank you.

RU: The similarities in Greek Mythology and characters in the Bible like Hercules and Samson Pandora and Eve. Those Greek gods weren’t aware of the Forces but when those Olympian gods were here did they fall into a pattern or thought cycle that was already on the earth?

Forces: The biggest problem that you had were the physical bodies because then it gets caught in a niche and then its just comfortability the more you push your physical body forward and the more you develop artistically and develop skills and expression you have a personal guarantee that you are going on upward. The more you fall into a physical pattern of (—-) you have a personal guarantee that things become stalemate.

IS: Were they part of the 144,000?

Forces: They were a part of the 144 but in one respect they become the sons of man instead of the sons of God.

IS: So actually they are paralleling the passage in the Bible and the sons of God looked upon the daughters of man?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Were there many more of those Olympian gods than what is actually known?

Forces: Ah you had them throughout the world its just that Greece had the knowledge and wisdom of writing it down.

IS: Atlantis and the Olympians the Greeks spoke about a great destruction by water just like Noah but they say Zeus got mad he punished the earth. Were they involved in it in any way?

Forces: They were affected by it.

IS: And the people blamed Zeus because they could relate to?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

RU: The angel that appeared to Samson’s mother and then again to Samson’s mother and father it says at first the father didn’t know he was an angel and then he did some things and then he disappeared into heaven on the fire of the burnt sacrifice what did he do?

Forces: He had a power of flying up and down at command the power of transmuting water into what would be called grape juice, (Laughter) the power of showing off his wings, he had the power of turning honey into molasses (Laughter) generally he just said he was an angel and showed them his credentials. (Laughter)

RU: In the Bible it says when they ask him his name he said why are you asking my name when you know that’s a secret can you tell us what angel that was?

Forces: Why do you ask me the name when you know it is a secret. (Laughter)

RU: And the part where he went up in the flames of the burnt offering was that a ship or was that the way they really saw it?

Forces: Well they had a certain habit of exiting in that of a flame.

RU: Thank you.

IS: When Ezekiel saw the creatures and the wheels and the 4 sides on each creature the whole vision of Ezekiel was it a spaceship?

Forces: It was what you would call a Mother Ship.

IS: So he actually saw it the way it truly is?

Forces: Constantly saw it.

IS: Constantly?

Forces: Well we were visiting a lot in that time and era helping the whole area out. The 7-day war is when we visited it again.

IS: Now?

Forces: Not too long ago.

IS: Did anybody see you?

Forces: Well we told you the aftermath of the war we expressed to you that we (—-) a certain things they were too busy looking at the sand dunes for them to look at us.

IS: Are there any Prophets in Israel?

Forces: In the stock market you can invest in (—-) juice, avocados, soapstone’s of different sorts as far as Prophets in Israel you have at least what would be considered 42.

IS: There are 42 prophets in Israel?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Right now?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Are they aware of it?

Forces: Some are some aren’t.

IS: Are they among the very religious orthodox?

Forces: Some are some aren’t.

IS: Are the ones among the orthodox are they aware?

Forces: Three are.

IS: But never the less those prophets are doing—?

Forces: A job.

IS: Was Ezekiel the same—–?

Forces: Like this Prophet is doing a job he gets paid 32 dollars a week for it, which is expensive. The point is Prophets come to a country not only to dictate to the country certain things of the future it is also as one of the key factor of (tag?) work. Prophets must be in a country that is spiritual in order to maintain it afloat.

IS: The Prophets must be in a country that is spiritual?

Forces: In order for it to be maintained.

IS: Is that the reason why all the Prophets always came to Israel including Jesus?

Forces: This would be a center hub for receiving psychic information.

IS: But yet they were very unspiritual people?

Forces: Well that’s our interpretation of spiritual.

IS: Well the Bible constantly ridicules the Israelites even to Ezekiel he says if I send you to another nation that doesn’t speak your language they would listen to you but I’m sending you to —?

Forces: It is no different from the Israelites today.

IS: But yet never the less—?

Forces: The message must still be given.

IS: But yet are they considered more spiritual?

Forces: They are considered some seeds of the future in spirituality if they would only open up their hearts to it.

IS: Then its correct the relationship between the Jew and God is a very special relationship that no other nation has?

Forces: It is the beginning seeds of consciousness of spirit it is a sad fact that they are misusing it, which also brings down the spirit.

IS: All over the world?

Forces: Well through certain consciousness.

IS: Which is the most spiritual country in the world right now?

Forces: Which is the most spiritual country in the world at this moment hmm. Well that’s a hard question to answer balancing and weighing all the countries of the world at this moment we find three countries that could come close to some sort of responsibility to the spiritual laws of mankind. We have that of Australia in about 4 percent of we have that of the United States about 80 percent of and we have that of Brazil about 64 percent.

IS: You said Australia 4 percent is that 4 percent spiritual?

Forces: Well lets just say 4 percent.

IS: Is the higher percentage better?

Forces: Well it has more going for it.

IS: The margin is tremendous and there is nothing in between?

Forces: Of course we have in between countries we have the 59 percent which is what would be considered the striving of Israel. We have the 53 percent which is certain parts of China. We have 21 per cent which is India and we have a 39 percent which is Scotland then we have a 78 percent which is the conflicts of Ireland then we have a 70 percent which is that of Switzerland and Austria then we have more or less in 77 percent of Canada the 10 percent of the Soviet union mixed with that of 49 percent of the Asian part of the Soviet union. In that which was Tibet we have a 90 percent camouflaged.

IS: So Tibet is the most Spiritual place in the world?

Forces: Well camouflaged. The energy is there its not tapped into yet.

IS: You are talking about potential?

Forces: For this particular place.

IS: Were Ezekiel and Jeremiah at the same time?

Forces: If there would be peace in the Middle East and the accords between the Iranian countries and the Israelites then this would be a 94 percent area.

IS: Is there such a thing as the vibration of a place that was set up before the people came there and people are drawn to that place because of the vibration?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: Were Ezekiel and Jeremiah alive at the same time?

Forces: There are some facsimiles of these two components being on the verge of meeting with one another.

IS: So they were alive at the same time?

Forces: Near to the same time.

IS: Could you give us a prayer for whenever we feel that ego rises in us and is about to take over (Tape stopped)

Forces: Dear lord I ask to rise upon me please, Lord I ask to rise upon me the Tower of Wisdom and to hold my tongue in safety and in Harmony. Guide me through this moment as I feel the blood pressure raise knowing that my ego must be there just as high as I feel in my veins. Guide me through these moments O Lord God as I am being tested keep ye ever close to me with compassion and humility. The last part was your prayer.

IS: From Keep ye ever close etc.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Did the Olympians have anything to do with bringing in the civilization in Atlantis?

Forces: No.

IS: Not even the bad things?

Forces: No.

IS: When they speak about that god that stole the fire from Olympus and gave it to man?

Forces: Go ahead.

IS: Was that before Atlantis?

Forces: Well let us say he was the one who gave them the physical fire remember the aspect Andromeda’s and also the power of building the flint of fire to save man from his own destruction and the curse of Jupiter.

IS: Jupiter the planet?

Forces: More or less the god.

IS: So mankind really received whatever they received through inspiration than through the Higher Forces?

Forces: Mankind receives through inspiration from the Higher Forces.

IS: Always there’s no such thing as another civilization coming to teach something?

Forces: No.

IS: The Higher Forces they are in charge of more than just this earth, how many galaxies or are they all the galaxies?

Forces: It is strange to say but they have about 74.

IS: Times 74?

Forces: It is 74 at the moment.

IS: Also there is an exact amount for each Hierarchy?

Forces: If you square 74 in your machine you would find the answer.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now the angels you said that he had the power to show his wings and things. All the painters when they paint an angel they put on wings yet nowhere has it ever been mentioned in the Bible or anywhere else to my knowledge that an angel has wings its always an angel never wings?

Forces: It is given the appearance as he moves from the astral world into this world to those who normally see the angel appears like he has wings because of the speed he moves.

IS: Yet he was allowed to show the wings does it mean he moved for them?

Forces: He moved yes um huh.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: The reports of heart attack victims coming back to life begging to be rescued from hell they all describe the same thing the round hole that they are descending through into that river of fire with writhing bodies and grotesque beings as the overseers. Does this happen to them?

Forces: Let us say those who do not abide by the Laws on the earth are sent to this place of Hades for a long period of time.

IS: So these people have seen the real thing?

Forces: correct.

IS: Now that’s in Saturn right?

Forces: We have some things around in many areas.

IS: Thank you very much.

JE: Could you describe Jesus ascension?

Forces: He opened up his arms and said her I come and said bye. (Laughter) The ascensiuon of Jesus was a traumatic experience for the Apostles they really didn’t want to see the old chap go in fact all their phobias and problems and pains and sufferings and pass it to me and pass it that way and this way was sent to him. It was on that day well some say it was on a Thursday that they walked up to the mountain and it was kind of cool and there were clouds all around and Jesus had this white garment on with like this gold trim around Egyptian type setting at times and he said to his Apostles I am leaving now I have fulfilled the Law of that in which I had come and now I am ready to return back to whence I had come. Think on it people that the Master did come he did say he has fulfilled the Law and he was returning this could disperse all negative thoughts when you have them in your mind when you realize the (found) attachment of the Laws that Jesus did abide by. At that point he raised his arms up give a short prayer to the Apostles and the Mother Mary, Magdalene and all the other females who took a ground to it about 7 all at that night raised his hands said a few more words of praise told then all to be in love with one another as far as helping and giving with compassion and then blessed them and departed up like these 4 angels came down and picked him up by his feet and drove him into the clouds disappeared and 2 angels came down afterwards saying why do you stand around seeing that the Son of God goes on to other works so must you be about the Fathers works. Think on it when you become fearful and upset about tomorrow or what tomorrow will bring you think about it what the Apostles had to believe in for tomorrow they did not know so I say also to you why worry about tomorrow when today you have one another and make use of today for tomorrow will take care of itself.

JE: Thank you.

MK: What does it mean when dreams come in animation?

Forces: That means that you’re developed.

MK: And in movie theaters and cameras?

Forces: Past lives.

MK: Thank you.

BH: Can you tell me where the astral body goes when it’s out of the physical?

Forces: It goes up. It also can go beyond the earth into other galaxies in the earth to other dimensions and around the earth for fun.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Not every astral body has that freedom right?

Forces: You have to earn it.

IS: Especially the thing around the earth or the thing into other dimensions?

Forces: You have to earn it.

BH: When a soul evolves and no longer has to reincarnate in the earth are all the cells spiritualized then?

Forces: You would hope so.

BH: Will it ever —?

Forces: Happen to you.

BH: No I’m not going to ask that, I was going to ask if the scientist would ever be able to tell the difference between a spiritualized cell and a regular cell?

Forces: Someday they will.

BH: Thank you.

IS: By the color?

Forces: Color is one way.

IS: Sound?

Forces: Another way.

IS: Not size right?

Forces: Another way.

IS: Thank you.

IS: So there is all that difference?

Forces: And a lot more.

IS: Could you tell us what else?

Forces: Smell there is also the sense of sight.

Forces: We will be leaving pretty soon.

(Lobsang the Dog moaning in the background)

Forces: We know Lobsang is upset about that.

IS: The group that advocates doomsday and they said the world is going to be blown up but it fell exactly on the same day the Vatican choose this new Pope could that be that this is what they—?

Forces: It could have some relevance of credence.

IS: So a lot of groups may be picking up things?

Forces: Not knowing how to interpret it.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving we’ll talk to you again soon. We also will be watching over you during the 28th of this month and during Halloween and there will be a lot of boohooers out.

Forces: Greetings to all hear present now.

Group: Our Father.