Session 200. 10/11/78

Forces: (Beginning missed)

Forces: For this America shall be purged very dearly and strongly. You cannot continue to live like this and not bear the brunt of the consequence. We are preparing to set the consequence on America and all those individuals in the country that refused to discipline their own desires. It will not be a pretty thing or happy item but this discipline must come about or else there shall be explosions throughout the world. As we had said the hour has come the moment has arrived and great changes are to come into the earth. There shall be great upheavals of many major countries. We also see the exposure of great bastions of power coming from all sorts of directions. In order to maintain some order you must have control over the things at your disposal. In this situation coming into America can be alleviated if people simply turn to the spiritual viewpoints rather than the physical and mental desires then the country could be put back into some order. We also have many strange eruptions and conditions, catastrophes along the coastlines and internals of the country. But in short it is a moment of change and discipline in many respects this cannot be stopped it only that it must be disciplined and worked into a proper perspective of control (if) there is no control then things will definitely be out of control.

Forces: Now ready for your questions.

BH: Is it true what Lobsang Rampa said about you get out of your body faster when its cold?

Forces: Certain conditions do gravitate to releasing the astral form in cooler weather then in the heat of the weather.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Is there another body when we go out of the astral body?

Forces: There is some form that sounds like this but generally they are incorporated into a one force.

GL: Is there any guidance for me?

Forces: Keeping at the work your hands and mind and patience.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Do the seven metals go along in the Book of Judges with the chapters?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: The seven metals do they go along like one metal takes three chapters.

Forces: Yes you would be able to place them into this particular Book.

DD: And each metal represents a certain thought?

Forces: A thought process or deduction and evaluation.

DD: What did Tom mean when he said your Revelation is in the line?

Forces: Using this particular line that you have the creation of order if one is to perceive order one must understand the power of the (—–).

DD: Thank you very much.

BR: Can it be given how Mary Magdalene died?

Forces: She closed her eyes and died.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: More or less of health reasons of the body.

BR: Could anything be given what she did in her last years?

Forces: More so encouraged and enkindled the Faith among those who believed.

IS: What kind of physical ailments did she have?

Forces: More of the kidney problems and lung difficulties.

IS: Is that karma of that life or other lives?

Forces: Other items being rectified.

IS: She understood all that?

Forces: Not particularly.

IS: Thank you.

BR: How old was she when she died?

Forces: Some say 40 some say 58.

BR: Thank you.

RH: Should I fast during the days on Thursday?

Forces: It all depends upon your own thoughts on this.

RH: Would it be spiritually better to keep the fast?

Forces: Keeping the partial fast would be all right.

RH: Thank you.

RH: The fairies that are found in the flowers how do they differ from the elementals of the earth like the elementals that are found in the woods grasses are they the same as the elementals or are they more intelligent and different?

Forces: One is giving of beauty the other one is giving of the characteristics of strength (and) emotions.

RH: Thank you.

RU: Three weeks ago I had a dream going up in this rocket could you help me with that?

Forces: In times we can interpret that in three different ways the ego has its sense of projecting you up into a rocket that you can no longer be your true self but do and react on levels of reaction on an egotistical thought form no longer being your true self but an instrument and capsule of ego.

RU: Can you give the others?

Forces: If you capture form force field together it could be breaking the boundaries of ego and moving forward into that of humility.

RU: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me what the dream meant about the old lady and the old ladies home and the feeling of being very oppressive and being in prison and it seemed to be in the dream we were going to get her out or that things were going to be okay?

Forces: More or less the faith aspect within self having the faith that you can come out and start doing rather than being the old lady.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also in the session before last you were saying about the Elohim being the feminine and Yahweh being the masculine what would Adonai be?

Forces: Well we would say combinations of such, it also discovers a certain type of consciousness of God a certain manifestation of water and construction of sound.

NN: Could you explain what it means construction of sound?

Forces: Creations of other galaxies and the possibilities. Many people believe that it was an explosion that created the Universe others believe that it was just happening. The creation of the Universe was created by sound.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also would you explain the difference between Bless the lord and Praise the Lord?

Forces: One has a different sound and a different force feeling one comes from a certain center and one comes from a higher center of the tongue or speaking and the other one comes from the thyroid center of singing.

NN: Is Praise the Lord the thyroid?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you.

NN: And bless the Lord is from the tongue?

Forces: Correct.

NN: How does it affect the tongue?

Forces: It seems to spiritualize the atoms within the tongue.

NN: Just by saying the words Bless the Lord?

Forces: Correct.

NN: Thank you very much.

MK: How did sound create the Universe?

Forces: We have to ask him someday.

MK: Where did the sound come from?

Forces: Sound was in the very midst of everything. Think on it for a while it’s a nice puzzle to come into some understanding of sound.

MK: Thank you.

IS: That is one of JU main problems is the Faith correct?

Forces: Well we would find the Big Hat that this particular chakra represents covers a certain amount of energy within the body the solar plexus sends energy above the head.

JU: Thank you.

IS: You said that America is going to go through a purging and if America will not go through the purging then that means that the whole world will go into earthquakes and catastrophes of that sort. What kind of purging is America going to go through that will not affect the rest of the world and what should we do?

Forces: The purging of more of disciplining of the demands in America demands for things. The aspect is what should you do well demands for things must be put into order so when you do have what you do have you have respect simply respect for the items of everything that has been given to you and not to through it over your shoulder and have the thoughts of no respect for anything or a feeling you don’t either have possession or have enough or not want to believe that the future will keep on giving to you. If you have respect for everything that is in the house then that would mean the keeping of safety and the preserving of the future things to come.

IS: Is there anything that we should prepare?

Forces: It is more of an internal conflict as long as you keep to the spiritual road and spiritual consciousness it will pass over.

IS: Is it already happening in America?

Forces: To certain degrees it is?

IS: How is it happening the market is falling down?

Forces: That’s one chain reaction.

IS: Should we put our money in gold?

Forces: We would have that understanding its not money that will save the individuals in the future it is again the spiritual beliefs that will save.

IS: Thank you.

IS: You take care of us but who is in charge of other people are there other branches wings of beings that take care of them in a different way or are they just being taken care of by certain laws.

Forces: Every individual is being taken care of in a circle. Either you form a circle or you’ll be put into a circle and that’s (——) all laws and regulations and rules that is implied to every individual be it a state or government or country or county or city or building or person each one is put into a particular circle to develop.

IS: So we are in a circle?

Forces: Correct.

IS: On each circle are there other beings that are in charge of or is it just governed by Laws?

Forces: Its governed by a Higher (—-) Spiritual Law.

IS: But that’s why when you said you weren’t really that much involved the not original disciples. What it means is that they weren’t in your circle?

Forces: Well they were on an extreme outer circle.

IS: The disciples or the other people?

Forces: More so the others.

IS: In different circles they were?

Forces: Different spheres of (—–).

IS: When Edgar Cayce would give a session he would actually go into the sphere of influence of a particular circle?

Forces: This could be so.

IS: So if we ask you a question that is not related to people in this group that actually means like you have to go to another circle and find out?

Forces: Receive the answer correct in their perspective sphere to receive an answer what they can understand.

IS: To give us an answer that somebody else would understand?

Forces: More or less to receive an answer that can be applied in many respects.

IS: If we ask a question about somebody you go to that sphere of influence or you receive the answer from that sphere of influence you have actually touched upon that person?

Forces: Correct.

IS: By asking about another person his destiny might be changed?

Forces: That’s correct.

IS: Or karma might go faster?

Forces: That would sound correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: Are there any other beings that take care of different groups?

Forces: You have different groups that have different angels and solar servants taking care of them.

IS: But not you?

Forces: Well not us personally no.

IS: But yet you are in charge of all of them?

Forces: Well of course.

IS: Thank you.

BH: When we meditate is it angels and gods or one of the other that will be with us sometimes?

Forces: More so you will be guided at all times and all places by a different servants from the above.

GH: Thank you.

GL: Could you explain when Jesus said I am the Vine and you are the Branches?

Forces More or less the explanation of the Spirit of Life and the Revelation that comes from the vine into branches.

GL: Also the soul servants that you mentioned who would these be?

Forces: Those who are working on the Solar Plexus stage.

GL: Would they be archangels or angels or–?

Forces: Normal angels a different form.

GL: Thank you.

DD: What would your alphabet look like?

Forces: What would your alphabet be like or do you have an alphabet?

Forces: Its not so complicated we use more mental telepathy than the basic alphabet that you all need on the earth.

DD: I know each Hierarchy has a language and there’s symbols for it?

Forces: Language is almost the same as other Hierarchies just different and more complicated as you go up higher.

DD: How would it be structured would it be like the Hebrew alphabet in a way only more complicated?

Forces: You could have it as such.

IS: The Hebrew alphabet as it is today or the original Hebrew alphabet?

Forces: Both seems to be all right more important is the original one.

DD: How was the original how did it look like anything today were there more straight lines or?

Forces: More than what would it looks like today.

DD: What does it mean by Order the way you use it?

Forces: More or less the properties of humility and patience in working through the ways of life.

DD: Does it mean like work at one thing after another like (————-) precept upon precept?

Forces: This can be true but each particular job will be manifest and take care in itself.

DD: Thank you very much.

(Part missed)

BR: An old man which is part of the group named Grandpa and he walks through the house he doesn’t say much but every time he in a dream that dream comes true. Could you tell me who he is?

Forces: This could be the person who carries on search forces from this world to the next he’s a messenger.

BR: Thank you.

RH: In a session it was given that the guardian angel for the house was Luriel (Uriel?) that was in New York is it the same here?

Forces: You have two basic ones one of course Luriel as you’ve mentioned and the other one is located in the meditation room under the name of Metatron.

DD: Was he in the Flushing meditation room?

Forces: More or less not directly this is the first direct assignment.

IS: Is that part of the cold in the room also?

Forces: The transition was the same we find that Solomon had the same problem with his Temple.

IS: Is it because of that force?

Forces: The force in itself and the acclamation of the force and bring down certain powers into the room.

IS: That’s what you meant it will get better?

Forces: Correct.

RH: Thank you.

NN: Who were the 4 angels who were involved with the ascension of Jesus?

Forces: Well we had certain servant sand lookout angels you had Metatron who was involved and you had Raphael, Gabriel and you had Michael and you had Auriel.

NN: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean the ends of the earth?

Forces: It means the earths from the beginnings to the ends of the earth, the beginning of substance to the end of all substance and all being, could be the aspects the developments operations of power of material force coming into its most secret spot of energy.

NN: Thank you.

JU: When you’ve given me advice before you’ve talked about the solar plexus. Is this the main area I need to be concerned with this lifetime?

Forces: Something that has been neglected for a long time it needs to be worked on before physical ailments start manifesting.

JU: If this is accomplished?

Forces: Then we shall go on to your next center.

IS: At one time I saw somebody that was weaving my dream is that correct?

Forces: Sending it to you is more like it.

IS: Is there such a thing as a dream weaver?

Forces: Well you would yes you would consider something like that.

IS: His specific job is to create it in the astral to see and the mind brings it back?

Forces: More or less.

IS: So it’s not always that you go to that place but it has to become a reality since it has taken form in the astral?

Forces: More or less.

IS: I had dreams about closets and holes in the closets?

Forces: Its only the philosophy and the completion and the fulfillment of what happened with David and receiving of his own interpretation and regulations and rules of the house. If you would turn to the first Book of Chronicles the 28th chapter the 19th, the 20th, and the 21st verse you would find this is the situation you will be going through. As long as for the meaning of this particular house you will find the answer on the 29th chapter of the first Book of Chronicles. The Palace is not made for man but for God first verse.

IS: And the chapter 28 was it also Chronicles One?

Forces: First Book of Chronicles.

DD: Could you help me understand the dream I had about someone was making a harp and I was talking about how I should have made it?

Forces: It is time to start making certain musical notes and harmony the thought patterns must be disciplined. Remember people the house that you create here is for God if you do not put your thoughts into it if you are not disciplining your thoughts you will not be into creating you will only be in to getting away from it. Thinking process can be a trap there are many excuses why not to do something the thinking process must be worked out and the best process of thinking is to get closer to your God.

DD: In the dream was I supposed to do it myself?

Forces: No one else can do it for you.

DD: So I let other emotional things get in the way?

Forces: Certain aspects of ego.

DD: Thank you very much.

BR: The two angels in the dining room they both have names is there a name for the little one in the meditation room? For the one that’s near me?

Forces: The name is a relatively easy one its called Spotiel (or) Spotzy (Laughter).

BR: Thank you.

BR: Could anything be given on that angel?

Forces: Its more of the under (——) the angel that comes when you least expect it.

BR: What does he do?

Forces: He does what has to be done.

BR: Thank you.

BR: Was it an angel that I saw in the kitchen a couple of months ago?

Forces: These things do happen. Question.

BR: Thank you.

NN: Would you help me with the inner light in meditation?

Forces: We will try to help you with it. Question.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Paul Twitchell and it seems that his philosophy is to give headway to the bully, let the bully rule, he’s saying that much he’s calling it by a name bully. What kinds of people are really attracted to him?

Forces: More or less the people of the mole gonadish and people of the Leyden center.

IS: He started as a science fiction writer and not a good one does he believe in that philosophy?

Forces: Not necessarily but it only appeases his desires.

IS: He doesn’t even think that he believes in it right?

Forces: Its good to pass the time away.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and return to you in time to speak to you about details for things to be done keep that in mind of the invisible world that surrounds this house and keep the principles sacred and uplift that idea of that manifestation of spirit comes into the earth through the disciplining of the atoms of the earth.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.