Session 192. 10/8/78

Beginning missed

Group: laughing

Forces: I’m not going to stop JU you got to be opened up enough to be receptive to give and give of your heart and allow the spirit to enter it and manifest through the spirit. If this is followed then all things will follow in its right and proper course because all things are divinely decreed and if we follow divine laws we cannot be lead astray correct yes. Question.

IS: The music (return) is there something that is not right?

Forces: Well let us say it has to mellow a little bit more.

DN: Why are we having a long wait getting it back from Washington?

Forces: These complications with the employment personnel and with the long task of making sure the things are right.

IS: Are things right as far as they’re concerned?

Forces: Nothing is right as far as they’re concerned in fact nothing is right ever as far as they’re concerned.

IS: Will we get those papers?

Forces: You have a pretty good chance of getting them unless Hermann gets involved.

DN: Will he?

Forces: He might.

IS: What will he find?

Forces: It’s not what he would find it’s what he would create.

DN: What does that mean he would alter it?

Forces: Oh no he would not alter it its just that its how you interpret the regulations. Question.

Forces: We have a way of fixing him.

IS: Now as far as mailing out the music what way slower quieter which?

Forces; There could be a softer tone hear and there slower tones to but in short it is that allowing the music to penetrate the ethers.

DN: So it can’t be written in a file form from the very beginning it has to be evolved?

Forces: All things become evolved but it could be completed at the very beginning. Question.

IS: Is it in the actual music or is it in—?

Forces: Its more of the strings of the instruments rather than the music composition.

DN: So it’s the orchestration that needs to be worked on?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: At this point we have to leave. We hear that MAR and HOP is coming over tomorrow. Try to work with them they are important to the scheme of things.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.