Session 201. 11/1/78

Forces: with you all.

Forces: We have been working and waiting to speak to you and find this opportunity and best moment. It is with great concern that we watch many avenues and areas with great measurement. As far as this house is coming along we find that the progress (Long Silence) (Kadosh) it is difficult for us you come through and so many breaks of the circuits what we have said that if a session is in process kindly wait until we are ready to open up the door and allow a force to enter in. If you enter into the open session you are letting into the room certain forces that we have to stop everything and prepare to expel some things that should not have entered regardless of any reason be observant of that as such (—) is in progress so not to enter in until invited. There is another member outside we will allow that person in.

IS: Let her in now?

Forces: Yeah.

Forces: We were saying for the moment that there have been signs we have been watching and observing certain forces around this area and striving to make your weather a little bit more pleasant to uphold and to bear as we had promised you in other sessions past that we would make your weather quite warm we hope you agree with our whole style of doing things. You seem to favor the warm weather a little bit more than the cold weather and ah knowing some of you do also favor the warm weather (—–) try to give you a little bit more of this warm weather so it will be the point that people won’t know what’s going on.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Yeah the warm weather is conducive to tomatoes um huh. NN about your escapades with your fruit stand you keep standing there some its bound to happen all the fruits will come your way if you are positive you’ll get what is coming to you a tomatoes. None the less (—–) our friend JU is selling roast beefs that (—–) place keeps furnishing the entity with roast beefs who is he to complain about it. But again these items are being watched carefully and lots of discretion and lots of work ahead and keep, keep the ability of movement and dexterity is very important. The mind has to be disciplined and movement of certain avenues of calculations can be accomplished. We also noticed that our friend the entity DD who suffering pipe dilemma is ah questionable certain turn pipe systems ah if he gets on to this other side we have a pipe system that would blow his mind ah it would really take an expert to unravel the mysteries of the water system. We don’t use the water system of course but I used the explanation of water system it’s a pipe system that we have ah sends like mercury through certain cylinders and each cylinder has to be a certain size and shape but what do you care about what we now lets get back to your positions selling roast beefs and putting pipes in the wall. Um lets see the United States condition a bird’s eye view of it ah just that a bird’s eye view. We find the United States in a horrible mess and we do everything in our power to do something mysterious for the country to help it ah the countries like Japan we have certain ways of taking care of these poor unfortunate divers (——-) the United States has to learn to grow up in certain things but ah lets just hope that it has a certain amount of strength to grow up you know how difficult it is in growing up in certain conditions but in reality the United States in their own has made many blunders and one of the most blunderous things they have made is well they, they’ll just have to learn. The working conditions are coming along are coming along pretty well in this house that you have. We find this movement is on schedule it is moving all right. Ah we’re not in any rush for certain aspects. Ah um-huh yeah. Now it’s time for you to ask your questions. (Laughter) Hum go ahead.

BH: You said you used mercury the same way that we use water?

Forces: Who said that. (Laughter)

BH: What do you use mercury for?

Forces: I didn’t say use mercury I don’t touch the stuff.

Forces: Was that your question.

BH: Yes.

Forces: We are that’s the question. We use mer oh yes the mercury system. The mercury, the mercury system that we use is on the ships I mean on the right over there that’s where you can see it. Well yeah we use instead of water question.

IS: You use it to quicken a reaction of something or other?

Forces: Yeah quicken, quicken reaction. We use it for a quick reaction this reactor (—–) I really don’t belong here just filling in you’d question quite a little bit easier I mean you know not as complicated as they make me ah the mercury she had to ask on the mercury. Mercury system is used for the coolant, coolant exponent, exponent of the diversified tubular systems throughout the ah ship you see mercury goes through it and it moves very fast and then it mixes up with a form or well you can understand the form well in this goes along and this enables the gyro of some force to turn, turn the ship like that and up it goes.

LK: When you say mercury you don’t mean mercury like we know mercury?

Forces: Oh no the way you have it is nonsense.

LK: Would it be like in Alchemy?

Forces: Alchemy (—-) excellent (—————) turns the gyro goes up.

IS: Do you by any chance utilize the power of the planet mercury itself harness that force?

Forces: Well yes, yes the power that that can be used yes of course. We use that power to. Go ahead.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Yeah you’re welcome. (Laughter).

BR: Did Mary Magdalene have any children?

Forces: Why do you want to know for. (Laughter) Yeah I think she had (——) going for her now she yeah she had something there. Question.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: You are welcome.

NN: Who’s the Guardian of the Torah or the Ark?

Forces: There is a force field that does surround it you have (Zinczin?) well more of Michael as they would call him guiding the words.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Michael is an Archangel what happens when a person is specifically drawn to a certain Saint, a certain Archangel?

Forces: More of a personal, more of a personal a rapport with that particular Angel, Archangel.

IS: I see.

IS: That means that Archangel is aware of that sympathy.

Forces: Correct.

IS: So Archangel Michael appeared to me not because but it was him in the meditation room in Virginia?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The job for JU as far as getting help is it also done in such a way so all the little mistakes that JU would do normally where normally they would bring notice to themselves as mistakes are now overlooked in, well there’s all this work and he’s taking over for 10 people what do you expect where in reality those mistakes would have happened anyhow this way JU is being more established there?

Forces: More or less that is a right idea correct.

IS: Thank you.

MK: In a dream last night I was given the name of an herb it seemed to be a cure all can you tell me more about that?

Forces: Well with that herb was being given to you, you should use it.

MK: But I don’t remember the name it began with an R that’s all I know?

Forces: Well it could start from anywhere from Rhubarb to Rosehips to Ragweed to all sorts of, Raspberry seeds all sorts of different types. You know also the herb represents the spiritual food that your system needs some type of understanding. Question.

MK: Thank you.

DN: Could you please tell us about the composer Braham’s?

Forces: Oh this is a very romantic composer he had a lot of romantic feelings within side himself no political ideas or aspects but you would find this person working with the lower kidneys but also more or less with the Solar plexus to up from the leyden center.

DN: So in essence in the unit——?

Forces: More of a waving section of balance from up to down on the centers.

DN: All of them or those particular?

Forces: Just that.

DN: So far of the composers that we found about Braham’s and Tchaikovsky would be the best for the unit (kidney) I work in?

Forces: Well yeah of course rhythm through the kidneys is very important. Question.

GL: would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Patience and try to contribute in a formative way at your job and instill corrections and change gradually. Question.

GL: Have I been going about it too fast?

Forces: Well not to fast but gradually. Question.

IS: What happened in Charlottesville on Saturday when you couldn’t find that man?

Forces: Well more or less an alteration a detainment by the man who couldn’t get to the place on time because of certain conditions.

IS: Then should we go back to that man?

Forces: One way or the other things will work out.

IS: My concern about all the tiles that’s its slippery?

Forces: Well it won’t be a problem if certain types of suction soles were used or is being had or required.

IS: Well if people show a certain amount of slipperiness but sometimes placing certain rugs on the floor could help for them to slip faster (Laughter) just the generally practice of walking with a little bit more consciousness as you move along the house.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Would it be possible to give a affirmation or prayer for in those moments of trying not to fall asleep in whatever situation and struggling not to is there a prayer and affirmation that would be like an instant help at those moments?

Forces: Lord give my spirit help me guide me use me my spirit is willing my flesh is weak guide my spirit and make my flesh stronger to do thy will Amen.

NN: Thank you very much.

JU: Would it be all right I take some music instruction from Jackie at work?

Forces: It would be all right we have no problems with Jackie.

JU: ——–?

Forces: We would give yourself time before you make transition.

GL: Could you explain why the patients I’m working with now why are they made paraplegic and completely paralyzed what kind of karma do they have?

Forces: Well some of them while, while the Israel’s were in bondage were slave owners and drove them to the ground and (—) broke their backs and in this lifetime they have to experience the quality of backbreaking.

IS: The dream I had with MAR if it was MAR a restaurant that looked like a church almost with the special design of that restaurant and how fancy it was and then the other old restaurant the poor one and the plague (—–) in between is what I understood correct?

Forces: Yes it was more than accurate what you’ve understood.

IS: Is that in their future then?

Forces: More or less of what is possible or capable of doing.

IS: What was that plague?

Forces: The plague of fear of doubts of hatreds of jealousy.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Not at this time. Question.

Forces: At this time we will be leaving we will come back to you again this week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.