Session 202 – 11/2/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been around the area during this day all day. We notice how bright and sunny it is. We seem to like this weather being the way it is. We ah watched the people saying the thanks and giving thanks for this day and we wish you all a thanks-ber-day. In, in so doing we also must confirm the (—) that you’ve lasted 3 years in the endeavor and we wish you congratulations on that as we relay to you in your service this afternoon. In such a thought or move in which we do have our existence we must say there will be many strange happenings in your country as already your witnessing to these are spiritual awakening movements that are happening to move the country from a point of stagnation to an indignation to a cooperation and movement. There shall be many breakthroughs before this year is out in many areas of research and psychic perceptivity and analysis. There shall be tremendous answers given that will shock a lot of people in the continuation of life after death in which proof that the soul goes on into other existence in which will even shock the profound mental mind. We are planning to make a visual sighting to you soon and knowing how you all anticipating this for so many years we are going to set up some aerial shows for you. I know you can hardly wait for it we understand the anticipation. As far as the progress is being made there is tremendous amount of progress that is being made but also there is a tremendous amount of revelation that will begin to happen to change inner thoughts and beings within each of you to a higher and more sensitive plateau of learning ever moving forward and learning forward is a ever increasing growth in wisdom. Other than that we are watching and perceiving much more. There shall be strange encounters or discoveries in Africa that again will bring to the civilized man a whole new reckoning of his analysis of time and these creatures and the artifacts that would be found will throw a lot of the everyday thinking process of the evolution of man from the ape to man this would be called the missing link and will throw a lot of scientists into a tailspin.

Forces: Ah we are ready for your questions.

RU: The situation in British Guyana with that religious sect. Could you give us some understanding as to why that happened?

Forces: It was a group that tried to live in a way formulized and a group unit until the greed and financial money and aspect of the attaining of ah gold securities seems to have taken its ah course of control distorting the idealism of the group. Certain perceptions found it to have gone astray even though it might have started out right, the astray factor did come in.

RU: Thank you.

DD: In the Book of Judges you said its Alchemy would each 3 chapters be one element, one metal going on through the 7?

Forces: Each particular metal has storehouses in which they are jurisdiction over other elements around its not just one metal that one can say its all there is but generally speaking there is just one family of metals.

DD: How is that divided up in the Book of Judges?

Forces: Each particular force or metal is explained with the character within the body that is being worked and refined.

DD: Is it true there would be seven basic families of metals?

Forces: Generally it would always manifest on the earth those 7 basic developments until a new consciousness within man takes over and a new form of metal will appear.

DD: Do you have 5 tools that work with the metals?

Forces: This is true.

DD: What would they be?

Forces: This not only applying to the instrument level but you have the moral and spiritual level that would be applying these tools of working with the metal along with the faith aspect that the Universal Scepter or divide or rule is faith and then the hope and the love aspect each one represents the family and seal (seer) of the expression development and then with each their expression goes into Wisdom and the Wisdom from the knowledge aspect.

DD: Thank you.

MK: The herb ragweed what’s its spiritual mental and physical attributes and should I be taking it?

Forces: Well the physical attribute is just a general rag and a weed ah it would be for blood, certain linings of the blood vessels and the toes at times and the nose.

MK: What is the spiritual significance?

Forces: More of a cleansing or changing of the cell structures within the body.

MK: Thank you.

MK: The dream I had about the floor between the ground floor and this floor that was blue and white and there were radios and records there what did that have to do—?

Forces: Certain receiving centers are being set up for you.

MK: Thank you.

JU: Is there any guidance you can give me on my job?

Forces; We are watching what your performance will be not doing to bad this should be a general consciousness of cleanliness which you are incorporating w2hich will pay back tremendously and the keen eye of the little things which to a normal mind is not important but to you professional mind it is important.

JU: Is there a way when you’re working around people not to be affected?

Forces: Well then ah various feelings do come from other sources outside of you recognizing them that they are there and immediately throwing up a shield of the spirit of light and praying for that particular person for help and guidance.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Why did Adam have to name all the animals before he was given Eve?

Forces: Those are the qualities within himself that he had to put under his power or obtain. Man went through a great evolution before all the animals were named.

GL: Could you give more information about that evolution?

Forces: The development from a heavy set of experience and encasement in the earth to something that would be more giving and, and more inclined to bear of itself.

GL: Is that like Atlantis could that be placed in Atlantis?

Forces: Before Atlantis ever existed.

GL: Is that Lemuria?

Forces: Before Lemuria ever existed.

IS: Was that in a spirit world?

Forces: It was in a spirit world but even beneath that spirit world.

IS: You mean the entities when they fell didn’t really fall to the earth they fell below to a lower consciousness than what this earth is?

Forces: Something similar to that. There is a thin layer in the atmosphere that these elemental forces reside chances are you would see it hovering above your head on a foggy day.

IS: And that’s the lower consciousness?

Forces: It’s a lower elemental force field that now resides there.

IS: So human beings were elementals?

Forces: Not of the elemental force field today but something in a similar fashion that would float above the earth.

IS: They were conscious?

Forces: They had a (Quaston?) of the conscious thought within them.

IS: Did they do anything?

Forces: Some just sat around and others just waited and more others got more involved and more driven into the elements of the force.

IS: Which turned them gradually more black?

Forces: It became heavier and heavier.

IS: What finally did change to the lighter thing of the earth?

Forces: Well the entrance of the Sons of God into the earth.

IS: Did they have then civilizations or buildings and things like that?

Forces: Well something that would be comparable to today’s civilization but nothing near to what they had.

IS: They had more?

Forces: In a different ——- that is intricate fashion.

IS: And yet they were grosser than us?

Forces: Even before that era.

IS: So they did it through their intelligent mind?

Forces: On the power of the force of thought.

IS: Is there any book that relates this story that we could get?

Forces: You would find them given to you in certain books it might be a Message of Lilith which explains some of the lower forces or those moments in time that happened then and there are other creations that would go along the keynotes of astrology and formations of the astrological world of pre-Atlantis could be a good informative book.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Before man can meet his own soul he must first name and then he gains the power over the animals and this is what’s represented when Adam did that?

Forces: Correct.

GL: In the last session the first person that came in was that a healer?

Forces: More of a in one respect or another.

GL: Thank you.

DN: What is the alternative to a dialysis machine?

Forces: It would be a strange type of circulation but would they actually realize that they do not need the dialysis machine at all. There is no need to take the blood out of the body to clean it but they cannot see or perceive this in their structural designs the blood can be cleansed through the kidneys and the kidneys can be reactivated again with certain what would be called food structure, light structure and herbal structure. There is certain designs of chemical balances that are lacking within the kidney that shut it down.

GL: Would that be the Jerusalem artichoke?

Forces: Well this is the beginning process but in order to get the kidneys moving again it would take a period of thought process, music process and speech process. The kidneys are the washing (watching) of the thoughts. The kidneys did not just slow or shut down by elements of physical things it shut down because of the mental attitude within the person or patient or of other lifetimes where they had refused to take upon themselves to correct things this lifetime the kidneys had fallen apart because of the inopportune moments of correcting things in the past to put them back into perspective music can be a tremendous help in reactivating the energy cells within the kidney function.

NN: Like singing the Psalms?

Forces: This, and as long as a speech of positive expression is given to these patients, the dialysis machine is the best thing that can be given at the moment but there is also a better type of equipment that could be used to purify the blood by a scanner.

DN: Would that be a sound scanner?

Forces: It is a similar type of expression it is a plastic tube that you would stick your arm into it is like a syringe in which certain vibrations are passing through going into the body this is the ideal way if they need to cleanse the blood it could be done.

DN: A plastic tube the vibration comes from sound or light or heat?

Forces: It is a combination of light going through the tube and sound.

DN: Is this electrical?

Forces: It can be operated by what would be coming from a musical impulse sound traveling through the bands at mine, minute bands within the plastic syringe and the light band going through these tubular structures combining them both they saturate the blood stream and this immediately changes the composition of a negative blood component to a more life giving component moving on being able to go through the lymphatic sanctions and secret their deposits within the system taking it on to the waste depot and activating the kidneys through this reaction. Kidneys are never activated directly they’re always activated indirectly.

DN: Along with this treatment with the tube would things be given internally?

Forces: With the treatment internally not only the outward sound of music but internally the liquid forms which at this moment can be complicated in order to give but there is a liquid form that the patient can take while this treatments being made.

DN: But now is not the time to give that?

Forces: We could give the treatment of the liquid form, which could cure the large percentage of the problem, but we have to weigh the moment of giving it to you until other things are done.

DN: Other things with people on the outside world or us?

Forces: Well the combination of all three.

IS: Is there somebody working in this direction?

Forces: It is a (—–) of research checking into this there will be a new form coming out to do the kidney analysis before the year is out, there shall be new discoveries before the next year is out.

IS: Could you give us the herbal treatment without needing any machine the whole treatment?

Forces: This whole treatment will be given to you in another session but as what was been given now should be thought upon so we can talk to you more about it in different ways.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Would apple cider vinegar help?

Forces: Well you know apple cider vinegar is a magic drug throughout the whole body.

NN: Thank you.

DN: The analysis will be different does that mean the biopsy will be eliminated or the urine exam?

Forces: We have the biopsy would be completely eliminated along with the urine type (—-) which would be term what would be called tune or turn or tuned down.

DN: Give way to another structure I guess?

Forces: It would give way to a different form that would be much more easier.

DN: Thank you.

DN: The dream I had last night with the person from the office?

Forces: Well what would be considered a new or a questionable agreement that will be coming to you as far as certain revelations and forces, knowledge along with the wisdom to apply this knowledge also the battle within certain centers to correct or to work with this wisdom or knowledge basically the person represents this quality that is being reflected in the dream.

DN: Is this quality positive or negative?

Forces: Well we are not looking at it as a positive or negative approach but looking at it as a changeable type approach coming.

DN: Does the other young lady at the office have a brain tumor?

Forces: We are aware of certain pressures around the area of the brain that could definitely lead to such.

DN: Would she be receptive to ways of eliminating without standard medical—?

Forces: Well we would first ask the person to release herself of the pressures of thoughts that she has surrounded herself with the tumor is not a physical manifestation of items in the brain it is the depressions in the thinking process that affects the brain.

DN: Thank you very much.

DN: Is there anything I can do because I’m back on the medicine again?

Forces: We you must analyze what causes this back on the medicine again attitude there seems to be a freak out point we would call it in which you resort back to it as a crutch analyzing the thoughts could help you come to some understanding of the dictating of the medicine.

BR: In the Psalms it says the words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
Does that mean when a person has to purify something inside them selves they have to be tested 7 times?

Forces: Well you are speaking about certain centers within that needs to go through the test and trials each one is crossed examined by the other before it is finally completed so it would be correct.

BR: Thank you.

JB: Is there any harm in light from a red glowing illumination?

Forces: It has a tendency to make people into a sensual level it also has a tendency to make them warlike so a red glow strikes alarm at times to the system a red glow also in a different way as a combination of other colors helps the electrical system of the nervous system.

JB: Is there a positive way it could be used say in a room?

Forces: Accenting lighter colors around it and also other forms of expression of red or pink to soften the color.

JB: Thank you.

NN: The tongue as it is used now for speaking did that first develop at the time of Adam and Eve?

Forces: The tongue was there but it really developed in the time of Babel.

NN: Before that people communicated telepathically?

Forces: Before that people communicated without speaking.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also the house of mourning in Ecclesiastes is that referring to self-denial?

Forces: More or less that of which was lost that once we had self-denial is also incorporated into that.

NN: Thank you very much.

BH: When people are astral traveling is it the same place that souls are traveling through at any given moment?

Forces: No.

BH: What’s the difference in the places?

Forces: Ones a little higher than the other ones a different dimension than the other.

BH: Which dimension are the souls in?

Forces: Well lets say that three (—–) the souls are more or less above the fourth dimension going into the fifth the astral travel is the third dimension going into the fourth.

BH: Thank you.

JE: From the time of Adam to the creation of Eve how many years was it?

Forces: Funny there were no years.

JE: In years as measured now?

Forces: Man didn’t begin to start measuring until a certain point in time.

Forces: It will be hard for me to give you an answer to that because the sun moved a different direction and the earth moved a different speed it, it just will not coincide with the true amount I could give you I would say from Adam to Eve 300,000 Light years.

JE: In the Bible when it’s speaking of 7 days how long was that actually?

Forces: Well its still going on in one respect. & days you could take for each day a millennium or you could say 70,000 years.

JE: 70,000 for each day?

Forces: That is the time, in which the earth revolved, some say a billion it, we’re talking about —-what do they say the earth is as old.

GL: Four or five billion years old.

Forces: Then therefore you might be on your 4th day. But then the earth is not 4 Billion years old. Question.

IS: The woman that talks against God Madeline something or other—?

Forces: Madeline O’Hare.

IS: Yes. Go ahead.

IS: What is the story with her and how come she’s getting away with it or is she getting away with it and why does she have such hatred?

Forces: Well she’s eating up herself just give her time.

IS: You mean like sickness?

Forces: It is the sickness of fear of death and also of listening ah striving to move and proof always wanting proof but other people listen but they fight with her privately they need to call her up but in their fight they give thanks that they could see her stupid ways.

IS: And she herself she’s going to get something this lifetime?

Forces: Well she already has a bundle stored up for her.

IS: This life?

Forces: This life.

IS: Is it anything through her children?

Forces: That and other things to come.

IS: Does she have any purpose at all?

Forces: Well she has certain things she wants to get done but basically fame and fortune is her way too.

IS: Is there any purpose for the Forces?

Forces: Well we surely will make one now won’t we.

IS: Thank you.

IS: But she did get away with closing prayer in school?

Forces: Not really.

IS: She made the prayer more real and more strong to those that?

Forces: Exactly correct.

IS: Thank you.

IS: It says that the Archangel Michael was fighting with the devil or talking with the devil trying to rescue Moses body?

Forces: Correct.

IS: What happened?

Forces: Well it was just as it says.

IS: Why did the devil have a hold of Moses body?

Forces: Cause of certain doubts that Moses had.

IS: You mean Moses was taken up he didn’t die he was taken up in a ship?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Went through a process by which he dropped his body?

Forces: More or less transformed it.

IS: But he was no longer in that transformed body?

Forces: Well yes.

IS: He was?

Forces: Yes.

IS: On the earth?

Forces: No.

IS: You mean to say his doubts from the earth life—–?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Followed him?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Otherwise he couldn’t have transformed the body right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And so what the devil wanted is that portion of the body, which had the doubts?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now if the devil took ahold of that body what benefit is it to him of that part of the body?

Forces: It was the cells that still weren’t correctly done yet.

IS: What good are they to the devil?

Forces: Well in his own personal development more power.

IS: By which to attack a perfected—?

Forces: Correct.

IS: To make it harder for a next time to come down?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did he win the battle?

Forces: Who?

IS: The Devil?

Forces: No.

Forces: At this point we will have to be leaving we do wish you a good time of Thanks and a good year to come. Strive to be as productive and as in harmony to the flow of the Spirit and let your consciousness be eternally in the Sabbath in all things that you do, do, that you shall find the peace that’s inside you and it will guide you with each passing moment.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.