Session 203 – 11/27/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We as time is moving on find that more and more speeding up of many different cycles of movements and landscapes. You are now entering into the age of Flames and Fire as so often is during the period of (orbit?). We would also be aware of these flames and fires and make sure you keep attentive to these elements. We would find that there should be a volcanic strange earthquakes throughout the world and many changes as far as political extensions and ideas that are happening at this moment. We find stress in the Middle East as you would find it to be such and find some new workings in China and the relationship between America this would be an interesting program to see how positively it could be activated. Now we would stress the factors involved in the house from Virginia but we would also ask that consciousness and awareness be given to the things that are simple and normal for these things can become complicated where not paid attention to. If you have the ability of drawing the diagrams for your wire system this could help you out tremendously in locating or directing wires that are probable faulty wiring that these wires could be draw or written or allocated or diagramed on so at least you would know what is to where and where is to what.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

GL: Could you give us the Spiritual cause for hyperactivity in children?

Forces: Inability of listening to the laws within self the inability of abiding by the conscious of the conscience that is within self and the running away from the laws of life.

GL: Can you tell us how Adam gained control over the animals?

Forces: It is more of the slow process of disciplining and working within self with these animals became controlled.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Could more details be given about that?

Forces: Generally it took many, many years that he worked with certain aspects of desires within self-conditions and (greeds) and power and energy in fact you would say hyperactivity comes all the way from the pond of Cain and Abel. This also dealt with food and the presence of food. One offered up a meat sacrifice the other offered up a grain sacrifice.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Do you have any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: The way you say it it looks like you’ve done something wrong. The guidance is just generally being perceptive and attentive to the wills and the demands of everyday living being expressively alert and alive to the spirit in within you this guidance must be alive self-will that is within you must be brought down to some sort of service. A tremendous amount of personal self will has always been your personal problem things that you see that you want versus the things that need to be done, not wanting to sacrifice the time you would go out and try to do the things that you want always falling into the pit. The point is perceive the things that have to be done first accomplishing the things that you need or want to do second. Having the things that need to be done first will give you room to express those other concepts of personal ideas of things you want.

JU: Thank you.

DN: Who are the Mennonite people we spent the evening with last night?

Forces: They live over in the house yonder. They are generally a simple flock of people striving to keep and to preserve some type of tradition and a harmony and order within their social clan.

DN: Where did they reincarnate together before?

Forces: Well it’s generally the pattern of Egypt and out in the desert for 40yrs they were trying to work certain aspects out basically around Moses time.

DN: Does that mean they were Israelites?

Forces: The majority of them were.

DN: Which particular tribe?

Forces: All different types.

DN: Why did it seem so strange last night?

Forces: It is just a general awareness of the accumulation of every sort of spiritual expression that was happening in one house. It was like the roof popped open more or less it was something that was being done some of the things weren’t really necessary but there should be more of a Mennonite type control to their own personal standard and ways of worshiping rather than selling it all out to the lot of whoever comes in but then again the Mennonite type of service needs a lot of correction and a lot of strengthening in many aspects but at this point in time they are where they are at therefore we need them to develop as time moves on for own sake for their own spiritual awareness and personal agreement to the spirit.

DN: Thank you.

NN: Did Solomon incarnate at the time of Jesus was he around Jesus?

Forces: No.

NN: Thank you.

NN: In Psalm 34 is that Wisdom speaking ‘ Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord’?

Forces: That would be close to Wisdom.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Why do groups on religious purpose fall down with the first offense. There are all kinds of groups they do a lot of things not as a group we have a country as a group but I mean groups of people that are not involved with religious things and things don’t happen to them as bad. But anything labeled a religious group and immediately they fell down or whatever they did and immediately it goes to the worst like Jonestown Guyana?

Forces: Well you’re dealing with a tremendous amount of power. You’re also dealing with personal desires and wanting. Personal desires and spiritual ideals get together there’s a bound to be more of a disagreement they seemed to have got involved to much on the worldly aspect of political things rather than keeping their doors to the spiritual elements.

IS: Those political things are they involved with Russia?

Forces: Well in a strange sort of way.

IS: Were they playing espionage games?

Forces: Well we won’t take it to that length but there are strange happening that did and manifested in this area.

IS: Why did they kill themselves?

Forces: There are some that believe that they would be all meeting on the other side continuing their group consciousness or gather of sorts what would be said they had a understanding that they would all join on the other side and continue on where they were at. Some believed this and some believed that there was a greater power that was going to come down in a force that would take them just before they died and some believed it was not really scheduled to terminate this way but deep down there was this desire to meet on the other side.

IS: Did they?

Forces: Well they did.

IS: but they didn’t stay together too long?

Forces: Well what happened on the other side is for the other side.

IS: Why was the leader shot instead of like the rest of them?

Forces: Well there was a discrepancy it could have been an argument or a fight some say he did it for him that is he rather go this way then the other way.

IS: That was the only reason?

Forces: It was complicated for us to explain everything that happened in this area it was more of a personal disagreement in how or what things could be done or should be done.

IS: Did he plan to survive?

Forces: He had some thinking of surviving but see there is more here than could meet the eye there had been other units that were involved that disappeared.

IS: Other people besides the 912?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Where are they?

Forces: Well they just merged into the countries their faculties or different political movements.

IS: In America or overseas?

Forces: In different areas.

IS: Are they still functioning as part of that group?

Forces: Well they simply weren’t part of the group they were some type of control factor in the group.

IS: It is espionage?

Forces: Well not that sort of a way.

IS: Will there be more come out of that?

Forces: Well there will be a lot to be discerned and discussed and decided about.

IS: What did they believe in their spiritual ideals?

Forces: It was a combination of strange thinking as so called strange to some, some believed in some type of waiting to be taken away others believed in the coming of some type of era and others in of course the spiritual leader having powers that would take them in a form of consciousness to a other place of being physically this I guess they were impatient for and helped them along with it.

IS: By getting involved with material things?

Forces: Well it is a combination of many factors that we cannot really go into deeply but the gold itself was a factor that kind of tarnished the whole business.

IS: If they had not been involved with the gold would they have been a correct spiritual movement?

Forces: That and other things they got involved with then they might have had a chance to bring some idealism into the world.

IS: Jim that guy who was he was he anybody in a previous life we would recognize?

Forces: This will not be necessary to give he had some influence of course again in Moses time and some of the people who left him to go into the wilderness to live the way they wanted to live.

IS: Thank you.

IS: It causes more problems for any spiritual leader and spiritual group. Was it the same way at the time of Jesus?

Forces: Oh they all had their problems.

IS: Thank you.

IS: So to them he was just one more cult leader of a group?

Forces: Correct.

IS: You said the previous session that there would be some finding of the missing link between man and whatever?

Forces: It would be like a skeleton system that will give man a different shape and size or what he was of what he thought he was the dating of the bone will go further back than man could realize.

IS: Would it be an intelligent being?

Forces: Well bones can’t really talk.

IS: But they are able to tell by bone structure of the head?

Forces: They surmise that the bone structure determines the intelligence of the being. They would find this to be a factor but the hand structure will be throwing them off.

IS: What will be the hand structure?

Forces: A different type of size from normal shape and development.

IS: Those bones who were they?

Forces: Well this would be brought to the Pre-Atlantis time.

IS: And were they intelligent beings?

Forces: They were very intelligent.

IS: Were they half animal or were they just humans?

Forces: Well they were that very developed beings going into the Atlantis period, Atlantean period.

IS: Lemuria?

Forces: Atlantean.

IS: Were they Lemurian?

Forces: Some did come from that continent but this came from their own land structure.

IS: Taller people?

Forces: Similar tall.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Now with King Arthur what is the true story of King Arthur and was he called a bastard child and was he like the book describes him and his wife and Sir Lancelot.

Forces: There have been some thoughts that this is what he was all about the book has some accuracy to it.

IS: What is the true history of King Arthur?

Forces: That he did come from the area united the people in feuding and brought a certain amount of peace to the area for many years.

IS: Was his teacher Merlin?

Forces: He had a magician that was by that name.

IS: Was he a bastard son of a King?

Forces: Well his legitimacy to the kingdom was in question.

IS: Did he pull out a sword that nobody else could pull out?

Forces: This he did.

IS: Was it by magic or by strength?

Forces: By inner wisdom the Love aspect did it.

IS: You once said that I was his daughter?

Forces: Well let us say you were involved directly within the whole workings and confines of this organization.

IS: Did he have any daughters?

Forces: He had several inheriting factors.

IS: From different women than Guinevere?

Forces: Well yes.

IS: So these children were illegitimate too?

Forces: Well in a way.

IS: Guinevere had no children?

Forces: She tried.

IS: What is my specific dislike of the King Arthur era?

Forces: Well the inability with Merlin not listening to the secrets that he gave him and wasting away a great deal of the power.

IS: I was angry that he didn’t listen to Merlin?

Forces: The power that was being given to King Arthur.

IS: Was I just a child at that time?

Forces: More or less.

IS: How would I know about such things?

Forces: You were involved with Merlin.

IS: Then does it mean that King Arthur could have done much better?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The lost one was a daughter of one of the knights?

Forces: This is true.

IS: What was that relationship?

Forces: It was more of the black forces within the workings and confines of the table.

IS: They had women at the table too?

Forces: More or less the influence of the woman upon the knights.

IS: Which knight was her knight?

Forces: Well the knight from the north a Dextrius.

IS: She was his daughter or his wife or mistress?

Forces: More of a mistress type aspect.

IS: Did King Arthur have any desires on her?

Forces: In an indirect way.

IS: Is that one of the things that I had—–?

Forces: It has worked itself out.

IS: Thank you.

RU: With the hyperactivity that was asked about earlier is there susceptibility in boys to that genetically or past lives?

Forces: It is passed down from female to female by the inability of controlling desires, which affects the child the child becomes hyperactive. It is the inability in the women to discipline her own thoughts from imagination to imagination manifesting this quality within the energy of the boy quality child.

RU: Thank you.

RK: A few nights ago Tom took me on the balcony and showed me the sky and we watched the moon was there something I was supposed to see?

Forces: Well there were certain objects that were visible there but nonetheless he wanted you to experience other things at that night.

RK: If a spaceship came would I be able to see it?

Forces: Chances are you might not be able to see it you may need somebody to help you point to it or you might be lead up a plank by it and you still might not see it.

IS: Did she experience the things meant for her?

Forces: Well she received it.

IS: So actually she must learn how to receive on an inner because of the inability to see on the outer?

Forces: More or less.

JU: Are elementals the substances themselves or are they the life forms around the substance?

Forces: Elementals are everything that has dirt.

JU: So every substance is made up of composites of elementals?

Forces: In one respect or another that’s why striving to keep the place clean wipes away certain elementals. That’s the battle between the spirit and the earth constantly in the house to get straight lines and straight images is a battle of the elements and the straighter the line the more the harmony in the house and the crookeder the more the lines are filled up the more elementals can come in.

JU: Thank you.

JU: Is there any prayer or anything I might be doing—–

Forces: to say ——— with the roast beef.

JU: Yes.

Forces: Lord help us to eat this and digest it the right way that only spiritual fibers might grow from it. If you say that constantly they think something might be wrong with your tongue.

JU: That will affect all those thousands of people that eat–?

Forces: Of course they’ll come back for more.

JU: The people in Charlottesville especially they seem to be the beginnings of a whole different race from people I was used to seeing in NY or other places is there a difference in evolution or is it a different race in a sense?

Forces: Well they’re more mystical they’re more involved in a myth and a mystical type living.

JU: NY would manifest an outside physical thing and they’re developing more inside?

Forces: More or less.

IS: How come they seem so—?

Forces: Mental.

Forces: Around here is a different area my dear you’re up in the hills.

IS: They’re taken over by elementals?

Forces: Well more or less.

IS: What is it is it the difference of education?

Forces: More of the refinement of the spirit is being worked out here the expression of spirit is being worked out.

IS: Cities like NY?

Forces: Certain different consciousness of certain areas of the mind is being focused on?

IS: But they seem so much more——–?

Forces: Well they’re not really stupid they just express things in amore stupid way they are not stupid but the city mind it would appear stupid but there expression some of them is really downright uncanny.

IS: They all seem so greedy and poverty stricken in their minds?

Forces: This is their fear.

IS: City people don’t have that —?

Forces: Because there’s a certain amount of abundance in the city.

IS: So when abundance comes here it will disappear then?

Forces: Correct.

BH: You said in the last session that in the astral world the dimensions of 4 and 5 is astral traveling 5 and 6 is where the souls are traveling what’s in the 7th and 8th then?

Forces: The Library.

BH: What Library?

Forces: Books, Life everything.

BH: The Books of Life?

Forces: Everything.

BH: The elemental force field that you talked about in the last session do we have to go through that if anyone’s in the astral you have to go through that before you go out any further?

Forces: Not really not necessary.

BH: Thank you.

LK: What was the work being done at the Mennonite Church?

Forces: More of establishing who you are and what you are and dispelling a lot of the quirks and expressions.

DD: Could you help me understand what the Fire Wrath of the Father is? (Jacob Boehme)

Forces: This represents the Kundalini system within the human being.

DD: Why is it so negative seemingly?

Forces: If misused it can be very negative.

DD: Is that one center though?

Forces: It takes the Love Center to put it back into focus.

DD: Is it correct that the 7th center represents the Law and the 6th the Love?

Forces: We have a changing of it around but it could be that as correct.

DD: So the whole difficulty with those last two centers is its continually changing?

Forces: It is a continuum of change the letter of the Law or the Spirit of the Law.

DD: The son aspect is the Love?

Forces: The son aspect represents a Divine grace or the Love system.

DD: Why is the Father center higher than the Law?

Forces: The Law is always higher it’s the Love that comes in to make it pliable.

DD: The Law can’t change?

Forces: The Law is perfect.

Forces: At this point we must leave we’ll be back soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: Talk to you some other time this week.

Group: Our Father.