Session 205. 12/17/78

Forces: Greetings to all here in this place now.

Forces: It takes some planning to get used to new areas that are being opened were happy to see you are beginning to open up the different sectors and centers within the structure it looks rather well if you must say and being able to work through it and bring the forces through this experience. We find the worldly condition quite in a tangle and looking interesting ideas to the future year to come. It could be well if everyone behaved themselves but knowing how people do get out of hand we have to keep an eye on the future days to come. We find situations here very well and see the structures beginning to formulate and watching it closely and appreciate the lights that you have put on in the display and hoping we can give you a display in return with certain heavenly beings and bodies of the sky. We know NY has kept you busy and kept us busy to.

Forces: Ready for your questions.

RU: Ann the mother of Mary who is the patron saint of mothers and Hanna of the Old Testament Samuels mother could they have been the same soul?

Forces: Well there were similarities to a great extent of both having some near to the same functions but we would have to say no.

RU: Thank you.

GL: Is electricity a form of energy in a certain band or frequency?

Forces: Electricity is a form of energy that has been condensed from the earth sources to do with the structure of the lighting and how you display the light it comes from this electricity helps the centers within.

GL: Is there another higher level of energy?
Forces: Of course you have the solar force.

GL: Thank you very much.

DD: Is there a specific book in the Bible that talks about the Tarot?

Forces: Yes there would be.

DD: Could it be given?

Forces: Well yes ah we can give you that but you must try to give us a conscientious work. We’d be happy to give you the Tarot Book in reference to the Bible all were asking is for that to be receptive to Isis and what we put and bring through her. If you look in the Tarot you will find the expression would be found very strongly in the first 5 to 6 Books of Genesis for the Major Cards continuing on to what would be called the First Book of Chronicles and that should take care of you for the moment.

DD: The first 5 or 6 chapters of Genesis?

Forces: That’s right.

DD: Thank you very much.

BR: Could you tell us Thursday night what was happening in the sky?

Forces: Well scientist would explain to you logically moisture, air, condensation, light waves. We promised we would show you some things in the sky that was just the beginning of those things.

BR: The feeling that I had Thursday night was that correct?

Forces: Yeah it would work out.

BR: Thank you.

JU: The batwing shapes that were passing in front of the moon that night could you say what that was?

Forces: Well the batwings represents wings of fear.

JU: Were they dark forces?

Forces: Thoughts of fear is what is being done.

JU: Thank you.

JU: A certain arrangement of mirrors and certain alignments sometimes seems to ——-certain kinds of feeling or harmony or special feeling?

Forces: A mirror at an angle substituting another (miracle?) mirror and another angle.

JU: And why does this certain arrangement seem to give off a certain feeling?

Forces: If you would understand what we just said you would understand why.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: Look back on the words we say and you would find the answer why.

JU: Can you give me any guidance on hiring people?

Forces: Hum flip a coin.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: The best time to hire a person would be on Tuesday afternoon all those who will come in on Tuesday afternoon from the hour of 2 to 4 those are the individuals that will be more favorable for your job. If they come Friday afternoon don’t hire them it is the worst time to hire a person is on Friday evening or afternoon it also is the worst time to hire on Sundays never hire on Fridays and Sundays the best time to hire is Tuesday afternoon the second best time to hire would be Thursday in the morning from 11 to 3 other than that just sit and wait.

JU: The girl I hired today should I fire her?

Forces: Is on a Sunday you hired her.

JU: I told her about it before but she started today.

Forces: What day did you tell it to her.

JU: I think on a Friday, Saturday I can’t remember.

Forces: Well this we cannot help until you remember.

JU: Thank you.

LK: The city where we felt the lack of decorations and the spirit and everything are the people in the city aware of what’s going on?

Forces: Well there is a negative attitude its more like a pessimistic attitude.

LK: Do they have any ideas of why?

Forces: Well of course fear.

LK: And what during the next few years will be happening in NY?

Forces: More of a degeneration and bringing down.

LK: Thank you.

IS: Has the area changed as much as they changed or is it also partially us that changed?

Forces: Well its two roads that make a cake.

BH: Who were the children of Ammon in the Book of Judges?

Forces: This is a generation more or less of those possessed with abilities and (——).

BH: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell me of in the Book of Judges is that the same time as Amon Hotep in Egypt?

Forces: It could go along to that period and further back.

BH: How much further back?

Forces: The Book of Judges is a very strange book it covers a great span of time well we would estimate maybe to the point of the Second Dynasty of Egypt.

BH: The Book of Judges goes all the way back to the Second Dynasty in Egypt?

Forces: To near that point where the two parts of Egypt become one.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Now in the Book of Revelation who are the 7 heads of state that are the beast?

Forces: These represent the qualities within man that would be of greed and avarice and hatred and jealousy and on and on.

IS: And the 10 crowns?

Forces: These are actions that are done through these deeds. Now they can also represent the countries and the crown represents the affect they have around them.

IS: I thought the heads of state is actual like it didn’t say kings it said head of heads so I thought maybe they are talking about heads of state of countries since we don’t have that many kings right now?

Forces: You are right.

IS: And the crowns are kingdoms?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Which countries then are these 7 heads of state and which countries are—-?

Forces: The 7 top major countries in the world.

IS: Which is America—?

Forces: You will find them to be the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and China.

IS: That’s Five.

Forces: We know. Israel and Japan.

IS: And the 10 heads of state and the 10 kingdoms that they own?

Forces: The influence that they control.

IS: Any specific country?

Forces: Any person place or thing that are influenced by these entities.

IS: So Russia could be also Poland, Hungary–?

Forces: Correct the United States could be South America.

IS: So actually when they say 10 that means 3 extra that means each one of these at least has 3 extra that it influences strongly or is it only one of them that they’re are talking about.

Forces: Some can be 3 some can be 2.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Golda Meir was she a vary Spiritual woman?

Forces: She was a dedicated woman yes.

IS: Spiritual?

Forces: Dedication and she had the cause and ideal of spirit.

IS: Did she die on the Sabbath meaning it’s like a Holy person?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: But not all Holy people will have to die on the Sabbath to prove.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there any thing that can be given at this point about the entity Tom?

Forces: Yes he’s lying down at the moment.

IS: The things that I was feeling?

Forces: More or less the general expression of future things the anxiety on your part ah picking up the vibes of the city as they say could have brought this upon (—-).

RH: Along time ago you said I would discover a science what would I do with a science?

Forces: Huh,
huh it (—-) the ants more or less you will discover something to deal with children and bringing them up in a difference of that into a light force away from the dark force. Children should be spoken too about dark and light not between just do this or do that children should be related to good and evil all the time that they might perceive that it is natural as it should be.

RH: Thank you very much.

NN: That day at work with the invoices—?

Forces: Now isn’t that wonderful.

NN: No I didn’t enjoy it. Did that affect me the six, six, six having to look at it and write it?

Forces: It is something that happens when we want to test you and put you on trial.

NN: Put me on trial?

Forces: Inner, inner awareness inner reflection.

NN: Is 222 protection against six, six, six?

Forces: Isn’t that something now (————-).

Forces: Six, six, six can be protected by those who understand the power of six, six, six, never to think you conquer it remember attitudes are never conquered there only snuffed in a proper position attitudes can come as fast as the rain if you allow them to. Remember you do not conquer attitudes you change them you change them to express different positive approaches no matter how you are you must react and if your reaction is negative and an attitude then you must change that with a positive a positive attitude but you cannot stop it, it must be changed and controlled.

NN: In other words the anger I gave into it I gave it power?

Forces: We just finished telling you the answer change the reaction you all react change it to a positive reaction, the secret to life, you can give me your money when you leave.

NN: Sometimes I don’t know how to change it.

Forces: It doesn’t matter you can change it just by being patient and looking for the answer the answer is do it the opposite way that you were doing it when you had the attitude, its simple.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Yes its easy for me to say from where I’m at I don’t have to be where your at but you do not have to be where I am at so I think we break even on this. If you would see what I see, what would happen if I would or we or they, them have to be careful with them but what would happen if them or they or we or I got upset that would be a nasty mess. Question.

IS: What do you feel?

Forces: Huh-unc we make bread you beat the damn thing and roll it into a ball and then throw it in the oven and in 2 and a half minutes its done we take it out and give it to the dogs.

IS: Sometimes in the Bible it does say—?

Forces: Cast your bread upon the waters and give them to the dogs.

IS: About Gods anger?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And in Revelation it also promises Gods anger in a lot of places it promises Gods anger.

Forces: Well you might understand us no.

IS: Yeah but what happens how can you get angry –

Forces: (well asking too much?)

IS: It’s not like us getting angry what happens its not an emotional state?

Forces: Of course not no we get upset because of the time wasted it doesn’t matter the time but we know that a reaction might put you back thousands of years can you understand that that’s why we get so paranoid up here we are dealing with 10,000, 30,000 years to you heh a day of your life you consider (quicker?), we consider ho heh cause in one day you can put everything back 10,000 years if you can only understand do you understand that.

Group: No.

Forces: I knew you wouldn’t that’s why you are where your at and I’m here.

NN: Can you also redeem yourself if you put yourself back?

Forces: Back where.

NN: 10,000 years.

Forces: You try to put yourself back 10,000 years you wouldn’t be talking to me now that’s for sure. Go ahead I’m not mad.

IS: What would happen if you get mad?

Forces: Who me. You take bread the dough and we beat it and we make bread you put it in the oven for 2 and a half minutes we take it out and throw it at the dogs that’s all we do.

IS: But you don’t go through an emotional state?

Forces: Of course not we take the dough we beat it throw it in the oven 2 and a half minutes you take it out and throw it at the dogs. Up here when someone makes bread they’re mad see so you don’t make bread in public. We have to use the little cards saying you are now invited to a bread baking. They come in from miles and miles and miles around just to see someone beat the dough.

IS: Is all this for real?

Forces: No of course not. But you have the idea.

IS: So you never really get angry?

Forces: No. You take the dough and you beat it and you put it in the oven 2 and a half minutes until I can give it to the dog.

Forces: No we never get mad we get upset.

IS: And what happens then?

Forces: Take the dough and you (Laughter)——–

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Um huh.

IS: So when the earth is being punished its nothing like God has gotten angry?

Forces: Well that’s a different story He takes the dough (Laughter).

IS: Who is the dogs?

Forces: The dogs.

IS: Who are the dogs?

Forces: Anyone who gets caught.

IS: Do I see?

Forces: I think you have an idea of what I’m trying to say.

NN: Is there a key to this in Psalm 17?

Forces: Is there a key about who.

NN: The dog in Psalm 17 ‘save thy soul from the power of the dog’

Forces: Isn’t that something. Question.

NN: What does it mean to be one in the spirit ——–?

Forces: To, to accept things in a positive light as best as you can. Question.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: Why has Tom from this past week all those silver hairs?

Forces: He must have been painting.

IS: Was he going through something?

Forces: Well of course it yes.

IS: Was that why?

Forces: Partially yes.

IS: Does gray hair come from things that a person goes through?

Forces: Sometimes definitely yes you should see Moses he went up to the mountain and came down as a (—-) white silver eagle blond as you would make um white.

IS: So he went through fears and things like that?

Forces: Yeah I guess so.

IS: No?

Forces: You could see this as that part too um huh.

IS: Because my father in one night—?

Forces: Of course went through a different type of experience.

Forces: At this point we’ll be saying we’ll be watching you, working with you in the week to come let us try to do our best to share some of the spirits of Christ’s Blessings and its just the general spirit of rejoicing its good to rejoice to be happy to know that you have the, Force be with you, how do you like that (Laughter) we worked really hard to get our people moving in this direction huh, the Force be with you I wonder who came up with that idea, the Force be with you oh the Force be with you. At this point we watch and will guide you and we’ll make some positive things happen, we want positive things we’re going to send you some nice good things cookies and cheese and crackers and chocolates and (—-) positive things. We will check on you this week.

Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.