Session 204. 12/4/78

Forces: ———–now.

Forces: We have been floating around the area and taking in the sites as you might project it to be. As we move forward in many respects we find there is tremendous change all around us and in this change we find an internal upheavement upheaval this upheaval is the rights of people versus the there unfortunately the government has become tremendously big and large in its operation leaving the common people common like the everyday salt this is what is the conflict with trusting the government versus trusting the people the people no longer trust the government so they turn within their own personal organizations and groups and develop in this way from the bottom up. There are many forms of ousting the government without doing it one of the forms is to turn away from it and create ones self government within self of dependent upon those things around the government but in all respects there is an evolution coming about in which government policies will be reviewed and a lot of changes could be in the affect.

Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.

BH: With the aspect of attachment at my job is that including the quality of possessiveness?

Forces: Well more or less not possessiveness as per say but more of a security, in your lifestyle things have been taken away from you after you got acquainted with them leaving you insecure life is constantly changing therefore this possessiveness is more of a security mode of trying to identify concretely with things solid and things in time but all things do change it is up to you to keep certain perspectives within self constant balance within the creative consciousness, Christ Consciousness and the physical body if by doing this then all things will change and have no change for all things are not reliable upon change.

BH: Thank you.

DD: Could any more be given about the word (this) as interpreted in the Kabbalah?

Forces: This also could be a solid line of God strength or that of a cross aspect.

DD: What does the other letters (Tis cross, I is I, H is have, S is suffered rearranging the last letters)?

Forces: That is more or less the, the sounds of, of the Name of God different verbs and letters sounding the names of God.

DD: Is the Trial and death of Jesus as interpreted in this book I was reading is it correct?

Forces: It is near to correct.

DD: About the elements it said the four elements like would meet in the center and the gross part of the elements (were a circle) and the gross part of the elements go to the outer part of the circle is that how a ship runs?

Forces: Well all things do meet in the centers we well know that and the other elements do cling on to the end similar. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

LK: Can anything be given about Zikon?

Forces: We think he’s being locked up at the moment. As far as his behavior his pattern unfortunately this particular incident happened because of a black force that had came into the valley very few people would realize what was going on but as we have told you before Zikon represents that black force of conquering the black force that comes near in one respect there was a black force possession of santanic elements moving through the valley Saturday.

LK: In the future is there anything we can do if Zikon goes through this again?

Forces: Well the aspect is the black force had to manifest one way or the other it is better that it manifested at a smaller scale than a person and it is what would be to say on this particular Friday and Saturday aspect you also had the ah force moving on down which manifested with that particular train wreck none the less the force had to be sent just like from the swine of pigs the force of evil had to be cast into the swine or pigs witch later on destroyed them the spirit and the physical world never really coincides together as far as the logical mind is concerned this is just one of the many different ah physical relationships between the spirit and the physical world that modern day man as he’s called cannot really figure out.

GL: When Amilius manifested as Adam did he manifest in 5 different places at once as 5 different Adams in 5 different bodies?

Forces: That is correct.

GL: Could you describe the circumstances that each of these Adams found themselves in, in their development?

Forces: The exact same circumstance as the first one.

GL: How many people were around Adam in each case?

Forces: Well we don’t know how round he was but there could be somewhere around a large amount of 300,000, 400,000 and up.

GL: Could you explain more about the 144,000 where they came from?

Forces: There are souls that were preparing to come into the earth to help bring some spiritual awareness to the already darkened planet.

GL: How were they gathered in the heavens how did they gather together?

Forces: Some joker blew a bugle and they all came together. (Laughter)

GL: You mean like there was a call sent out throughout the Universe and these souls responded?

Forces: Yeah hurry up and come on down.

GL: Is there a chant or affirmation that I could use at work?

Forces: Oomph’ By the Spirit of the Light surround me that I might be of service to those who are in need’ that should help you with some of the sick minds.

GL: Thank you very much.

BR: Is there any guidance for me?

Forces: Well we are saying taking it one step at a time just try to be conscious of your movements to and fro throughout the house it should work itself out.

BR: Thank you.

RH: Was there anything strange about today the weather and the wind?

Forces: More of a changing of the spirit consciousness, the black force being sent away and a spirit front is coming in.

RH: Thank you.

RH: Tom said the sicknesses in the house were to make ready for the Christmas season could any more be given on that?

Forces: More or less of ironing out some of the qualities within self and spending them and getting rid of them.

RH: Thank you.

IS: You talked about government rules that are going to come out are they going to be against communes?

Forces: Well they won’t come out directly to say those things it would be one of the most Constitutional slights that they could have or could do but they would not condone or condemn it but just open up a set of ah sections for those who need help or advice while in it or out of it.

IS: Am I correct in understanding that the trend now is more towards commune life in any way shape or form?

Forces: No matter how you shake the salt it still comes out this way.

IS: So its actually their fear of losing their way of life?

Forces: Remember it is not the government that does this type of style but (—) remember it is the Hierarchies and the angels and God who has predestined since the beginning of time what type of evolution you would take place on the earth next unfortunately.0
for those who are not happy with it this is the season and the time for this to manifest.

IS: So is it coming the time where the saints will be given over to the black force?

Forces: Well not at this moment in time but we’ll let you know when that is about to happen.

IS: What happened Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday are the white forces time where did this evil come from what happened that it was evoked so strong?

Forces: Well the Saturday, Friday is still there but it would have been stronger if it wasn’t on that day. It was just the onslaught of forces of evil coming into the county before positive forces come in.

IS: So it wasn’t that they came in its just that you just open the door?

Forces: More or less.

IS: To have them at that particular time?

Forces: And for other things to happen.

IS: Am I understanding my personal thing with what happened with Zikon?

Forces: You’ll understanding ah not to the fullest but you are comprehending percentage wise the percentages of it and the variations and the mysteries of it.

IS: Could I be given some more?

Forces: We also must keep in mind that changes on the physical is changes on the spiritual and these changes have no approach or happening with the physical they affect the spiritual first, (if) people realize the prayers and the meditations and the services affect your future days to come they would be more aware and conscious of being careful to do there best if they only understood how much and how important it is but on a spiritual level is how you create the physical level is only after the creation.

IS: Its not the changes but rather ones place in those changes?

Forces: This is it that you be able to keep yourself in the Sacred Host of Life and the Christ Spirit in the center eye while everything around you moves.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Zikon will he hurt a human being?

Forces: We don’t perceive that he would be doing that, if he would do that it would be a sad day but as far as we can perceive he is not slated for doing that.

IS: So in reality he is safe?

Forces: He is safe.

IS: But?

Forces: It is better to contain him for the area that he’s in or centralize him with all the energy that comes through him.

IS: So that also is a point that he didn’t have his own place?

Forces: Yes and no he had a lot of other things to get into balance before he finally settles into one place.

IS: Thank you.

IS: In Ezekiel they’re talking about the new Temple the New Jerusalem and they’re talking about those that will ‘you have polluted my house by bring in strangers and uncircumcised in Spirit and uncircumcised in flesh’ they’re specifying that in the New Temple you should not bring in anyone that is uncircumcised in heart or uncircumcised in flesh what is?

Forces: More or less the feeling and expression of the circumcision of the Spiritual mind the mental mind and the physical mind ah not just the circumcision of the physical body but more of a circumcision of the desires of the physical body.

IS: But that is why the Jews were not allowed other religions to come into the Temples?

Forces: Well this is a factor you have to give it to them.

IS: And in the New Jerusalem Ezekiel is talking about is it going to be a building with because if it is a building on a physical level then they also speak of physical sacrifice again animal sacrifice goats and sheep?

Forces: There will be different types of sacrifice rather than just the goats and the sheep.

IS: But there will be also that right?

Forces: Yes of course they will have that but that will not be the main purpose.

IS: But that will still remain as a symbol?

Forces: As a symbol and other sacrifices according to the animal world.

IS: And also feeding the Priest?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Ah Sir Galahad was there a figure like that and if so was he a reincarnation of Jesus Christ?

Forces: Well he goes along the thought of a Christ Spirit and it is all very great symbology as they might say that these characteristics do exist everywhere in the world.

IS: Of Sir Galahad?

Forces: Of that of joining in for the search of true wisdom and true enlightenment.

IS: But did it happen actually?

Forces: It happened but to a small degree.

IS: Than what it is emphasizing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So he wasn’t really a second coming or anything like that?

Forces: Well maybe he was the second person coming down the street.

IS: The people in the Middle Ages believed whatever they, that was the major thing in their life is religion. They were waiting for a second coming too right and maybe there were other ages where they were waiting for a second and maybe they did bring in something what was that something that they brought in?

Forces: The Spirit of, of Joy and enlightenment of productivity.

IS: But it was incarnated in a person also right?

Forces: (—–) yes.

IS: And king Arthur still stands for the Christ Spirit?

Forces: Yes the Father source of the Christ Spirit.

IS: Guinevere is not the Mother source right?

Forces: No.

IS: Now who was the entity Tom at that time, that he has responsibilities for England till this day?

Forces: One of the major people that were not really written down about someone that we don’t go into at the moment.

IS: He was not written anywhere about?

Forces: Not directly no.

IS: Missionary work it actually says in the Bible to go out and do missionary work is then missionary work correct?

Forces: When done right missionary work is correct.

IS: For those who they do it to?

Forces: Yes.

IS: What does it mean when its done right?

Forces: Without demanding that they do it but just showing them how to be done or how it should be done but also allowing other religious factors to come in or spiritual factors.

IS: You said about the black forces coming in just so you can come in so the white forces can come in or what is going to happen?

Forces: For what.

IS: You said the black force had to come in so the white force could come in.

Forces: Well we hope to do a few other things before the years out.

NN: Psalms 111 through 118 taken as a group, what miracle would that represent?

Forces: Not only the point that you read all the way through what this would also represents, represent the multiplication from nothing to everything abundance.

NN: Thank you.

NN: Also when you spoke with the Madonna and space a few months ago in a session could you tell more about that?

Forces: It is just that the female aspect governs the earth as far as the psychic and spiritual realm is concerned.

NN: Thank you very much.

MK: A few sessions back you mentioned new ideas coming in as far as construction did that mean how to build things or new type of materials or different materials?

Forces: Everything the upper third floor and the room you are working on now.

MK: That was in reference to the room that IS was—?

Forces: Correct.

MK: Thank you.

JE: Did they ever find the Holy Grail?

Forces: Well they did.

JE: Where is it now?

Forces: Somebodies keeping it in the trunk.

JE: Do they know that’s what it is?

Forces: Some do some don’t, every monastery has the Holy Grail every other monastery has something else you might find it in ah the Holy grail in Jerusalem or somewhere in Egypt.

IS: Is it endowed with all the miracles they say about it?

Forces: It has some powers to it unbelievable but they do exist.

IS: There’s only one real one right?

Forces: Oh yeah there’s only one real McCoy.

IS: And that one is where in Jerusalem?

Forces: Outside of Jerusalem into Egypt.

IS: A private owner has it?

Forces: More or less it’s a private Abbott an Abby private person in his private room.

IS: And does it still do things?

Forces: Yeah it gets up and walks around, no it does many things that could be very powerful.

IS: Joseph of Arimathea they all talk about him starting Christendom in England is that correct?

Forces: It is.

IS: Was he the one that was supposed to be Mary’s husband?

Forces: Ump well something like that happened.

IS: And he became such a disciple did his son have a round table also or a table period or a group?

Forces: Yeah he had a square table a round table; up down table he had something going for him.

IS: And things happened the Seat of Danger and all that?

Forces: Yes.

IS: People disappeared and —?

Forces: Something similar.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Did this group exist or was it together as a group in the time of King Arthur and if so what function did it perform?

Forces: Well not the whole group it did not exist the whole group no.

JE: Can you explain the ones that did exist what functions they performed?

Forces: Certain strong functions of group organizations within the courts and different counties around.

JE: Around King Arthur himself?

Forces: Yes. Question.

IS: King Arthur himself the prophecy about him that he is going to come back come out rise at his grave is that going to happen?

Forces: Well the Spirit of it will come back in the way people live.

IS: Then the Second Coming is there ever going to be a Second Coming in flesh?

Forces: It will be.

IS: Will that be in our time this time?

Forces: (What) you’ll see something very strong.

IS: Every generation has been waiting?

Forces: And each generation received their own personal Christ.

IS: But I mean the Christ the way the Bible is speaking of coming back on the clouds and —?

Forces: You’ll be seeing something to that extent.

IS: Thank you.

RU: The painting that Tom did of the Holy Grail is that the shape that it’s in and not that chalice shape that people usually show it as?

Forces: Something similar.

RU: Also the people that stopped on the side of the road early Saturday morning that said they saw a UFO did they and was that a positive or a negative force that they saw?

Forces: They did, positive. Question.

RU: Thank you.

IS: (Zikon barking in the back) Does Zikon understand what’s happening to him why he’s being restrained?

Forces: He has some understanding to it, doesn’t understand why fully he knows he’s there.

Forces: At this point we will only say to you that does anyone else who has any other questions before we say this.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: No (—) will work itself out. Question.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving but we again say we are not leaving you alone that we will help you in many different respects that will be unbelievable to you ah we want so much for you to get this particular work in order and we will try to do our best to help you all out just do your best to help the situation and us out ah birds of a feather no, eye for no, hand in the po, no, whatever it is scratch my back I scratch yours or whatever the slogan goes along with this do your best and the Indians don’t come your way.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.