Session 206. 12/20/78

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching and healing things from a distance we find certain things interesting. There are many changes coming but in all reality these changes will only be for the good. Understanding these powers and of the strength that it brings we will find great knowledge coming in many directions. Before we continue to listen to your questions we will say a few words for the expressions of this season. As many things items ideas move to and fro we would witness the United States situation as interesting. We are now preparing to take a open role in doing some magic that would astound the whole country and the world. If you all can only realize the limitations that are around you for those things you have set and believed in there’s no reason to set these personal limitations in the things you do. If you are as a group and listening to what we say then it should show to the world the Spirit of all things impossible are possible and this is attitudes, attitudes and ideas of doing all things are possible come up with that attitude and we will both go places and do things you will not even believe give us a chance to come into your lives don’t be so logical in your explanations give the Spirit a chance to come in and move in and have a being to you. All things are possible if only you believe in your heart and produce in your works then you would begin to see this message come true but we will help you in all respect to make this message true to the outside world, all things are possible. We have witnessed the boxes brought to you as we told you they’re coming and apparently some other good stuff inside and some are just a regular gifts given but there are other gifts coming to you that would astound you and make you very amazed at these other invisible gifts that will be come visible. We are now going to try to work with you as best as we can to bring an operation we call it Plan A and ah you can call it Plan A if you want but Plan A has been improvised along time ago before you ever became starting or started to during the first few weeks of sessions in which we met with you and planned this Plan A and now we’re happy to tell you that we are going to start to implement Plan A now isn’t that nice. Do you all agree with that, yes you do ah I know it makes you very happy to hear that we are going to start officially Plan A now aren’t we yes happy you don’t even know what Plan A is and all we can tell you Plan A is a Plan that is designated with the al, alphabetic number A in which we have set certain wonderful things in this little Plan. Now we will work on many other levels to bring a great deal of surprising encounters with people and we are working at it to make a most positive ah confrontation with ah the elements.

Forces: Now we’re ready for your questions.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Always will have guidance for you we always have something to tell you. Just try to do your work as best as possible without personally get involved in judgment’s but doing your best is the only thing that is of the moment. Question.

GL: Thank you.

GL: Is there a compound like silicon to convert solar light into electricity?

Forces: There is an element that could be used that changes light into electricity but there is this light that is more of a dark cluster light that is not the truest form of electricity but yet sends out light ah the taking of light that is, know that there is light even in a dark room its just up to the individual to transmute the amount of light that always enters into a room the visible light so we would find that movement of molecules at a faster rate can produce light.

DD: I was reading about Time and Space and Motion corresponding to Time is Receptivity and Space Conductivity and Motion Frequency (The Unobstructed Universe) is that correct?

Forces: Repeat.

DD: Corresponding Time to Receptivity and Space to Conductivity and Motion to Frequency is that correct?

Forces: These things are can be true.

DD: How can a person use this when you understand about Space and the 4th dimension does that help to have more of an unobstructed outlook on life or seeing things not like enclosures seeing it more open like Space in a different way is that possible–?

Forces: Viewpoints is a world of good if they are positive and giving. Viewpoints.

DD: Thank you very much.

NN: Could you please tell me what the dream meant?

Forces: There will be different (rhymes) to come before you with different expressions of development that are ahead also picking the right attitude and fruits in the expression of these new ways to come a balancing factor between that particular idea and ideas that are inside of you and also the rejuvenation of certain qualities that will be about ready to grow and the meeting of ones own personal development.

NN: Thank you very much.

BR: Can an affirmation be given to me for the Rosary?

Forces: ‘Lord teach me to listen and understand’.

BR: Thank you.

HI: What is the most powerful factor in the work we are doing with the school? Is it setting up and atmosphere or is it the cooking or is it interaction with the boys or is it our personal meditations?

Forces: Choose one from column A and one from column B mixed with Me Yung Soo what would you say.

HI: I would say personal meditations first.

Forces: Of course, and what would be the second.

HI: Interaction.

Forces: More than interaction let us say atmosphere, personal attitudes, personal attitudes make for the atmosphere the interaction only happens after personal attitudes are projected into the atmosphere. More of a mellowing or molding into a format that (can) make you develop and grow in a positive way more of a giving and receiving attitude is to be developed.

HI: Thank you.

RH: Is there any guidance at this time for me?

Forces: Again we would reevaluate the structure of thinking just keeping on top of the responsibilities and creative abilities with yourself and the job that is given to you daily coming up with new ideas every day could help your own development as well as others.

RH: Thank you very much.

MK: Does the Eastern half of the world and the Western half of the world do they have two different paths to God or two different ways?

Forces: They are trying (trained) generally slanted in a different attitude of looking at things. The west looks more to the outward expression of materiality while the east looks more to the inward expression of inner qualities, one seems to contradict the other but one seems to relate to the other they need most to come together.

MK: Say Buddha were they both part of one plan or is Buddha a plan for one part of the world and —?

Forces: They are part of one plan.

MK: Thank you.

BH: The book the Egyptian did that really happen?

Forces: There was qualities within that book that took place?

BH: Who would have been ruling Israel at the time of the book?

Forces: Again we express that this could take you into the King Judges or the Book of Judges ah you would also find that the Upper and Lower Nile was in existence coming together.

BH: How many years before King David was the Book of Judges?

Forces: Relatively speaking some say that it was during his reign that it was written others say that it was during that which would call the Mystus or the Mystics of the Ages of Persia and what would be now called Israel.

Je; Symbolically that the United States has opened itself up to Mainland China?

Forces: More of an attitude of inward searching, a spiritual evolution and in one respect a questioning of a new frontiers of reasoning and thinking power.

JE: So it’s a positive thing?

Forces: No it is all depended upon what you do with the door when it is open.

JE: Thank you.

JB: Any guidance for the coming year?

Forces: Rather to be a listener and try to do actions not from reactions but from inner thoughts of contemplations.

JB: Thank you.

IS: Lobsang Rampa and what he’s describing in his book of I Believe about life after death it seems to me a very dismal picture is that correct?

Forces: To those who are in a lower frame of evolution it is very dismal.

IS: So in reality Lobsang Rampa is really hooked up to the lower?

Forces: In reality he’s expressing a lower force.

IS: Is he in that lower force or is it for people in general?

Forces: Well let us put it for the people in general for now he is not the highest mind you.

IS: Now the cats that he’s worshiping he says that black force cannot touch cats I thought it’s the opposite.

Forces: We have a conflict of interest here more of his own personal attention to cats versus the truth about cats some cats cannot be touched by black force but there are other cats who are used definitely by black force.

IS: Are cats in general good or bad amplifiers?

Forces: Cats are amplifiers it all depend upon the owner.

IS: What is the strongest thing in a dog?

Forces: The dog is the relationship of a spirit of man between man and God.

IS: Now Lobsang also talks about a God in the sense of a president that he does not hear prayer that only the overself hears prayer?

Forces: Well let us say this is not the truth of the matter fully but let us also say that this is the overself we’re trying to get in touch with and prayer is affected by the overself first.

IS: So if you pray to God not to the overself does it reach God?

Forces: It reaches the Overself which is part of God and then it moves on up, the stronger one sings and prays (sings in praise?) in singing one overcomes and goes above the Overself and is in a direct relationship between the Higher Spheres which leads eventually to a focal point of God Consciousness.

IS: So in a way he’s right?

Forces: In a way he is right in another way he has not completed the picture.

IS: Is it because he’s bitter?

Forces: He’s not bitter its just that there are many things out there that will take a long time to learn many people cannot understand fully the whole totality of the spectrum.

IS: So if you pray to your Overself it reaches the Overself if you pray to God its going to reach the Overself and then maybe some more?

Forces: It reaches the Overself and the more you have praying and singing the better it does as reaching to God.

IS: So God is not the busy president?

Forces: No he’s not a busy president in fact sometimes he’s a very busy undertaker.

IS: Now in Revelation I know that there is the explanation of Revelation as the functions of the body and spirit within the body but there has to be also a physical manifestation just as it says is that correct or it doesn’t have to be?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: What I’m saying is if there talking about Babylon how the Whore of Babylon riding on the multitudes and sucking the vitality of the saints through all the generations and Gods judgment coming upon her now I know that Babylon is—-?

Forces: Also remember not only is Babylon the mind but it also represents the conflict of educated people to the spiritual qualities which comes to the point that these forces of Babylon could represent entire nations who have made the mind the king.

IS: So there is going to be physical kingdoms countries that have exceled—?

Forces: Any country that has campuses and colleges and exemplifies this (——) of development in which people should go and spend X amount of years to learn has built a Babylon. Now if you build a campus around spiritual principles and philosophies and ideals and then from that point on move on to learn the media stuff rather then the media stuff first and the spiritual items second it all depends upon the highest pentacle, learning is a process of understanding it is also the process of finding which is the highest respect to the spectrum if the spiritual principles are set there then the campus and college is not a campus or college but more like a monastery, but if the mental concept is set there then it is a Babylon.

IS: Is that why Daniel was so exalted and beloved—?

Forces: Of course.

IS: because he conquered it to?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was there anybody else that was able to conquer those to things to such perfection?

Forces: Well you have many, many people who after that period have conquered it.

IS: Now he’s talking about a Messiah that will come for two weeks and seven weeks, and 36 weeks what does it all mean is he talking about Jesus?
Forces: This could be the interim of awareness there are many things that happened within the body that lasts for two weeks then other force of expression that lasts for seven weeks and on and on also on a physical level you’ll have the physical presentation of the Messiah in front of you and then it will disappear in the back ground for awhile and then come forth again and disappear again until finally it is ready for the stage to be set.

IS: And that why the numbers are set 2 weeks then seven?

Forces: Correct. If you could only understand people the immensity of this time that you live in and the part that you are all playing in it you would be jumping up and down very excited but because you are all naïve and simple and to some point down right stupid you cannot understand the immensity of this hour and the progress of the future years to come from it everything will be accounted for everything will be marked for and to think that all this energy is going for the glorification of that one moment in which the Higher Forces will come down and make their abode with man if you can understand the power that you play between man and the Higher Forces you would be dancing at this moment, in a celebration, but so you truly understand the connection between you and the outside world yes we speak to you and yes there are many who do have others speak to them, you are confronted with this appalling situation that there are those thousands out there who have hunky dunkies as this entity says and has other bolinkies talking to them and Indian parrots and Sky chiefs you have all sorts of personalities out there speaking you have Bridey Murphy’s you have Dr. Jekyll you have Uncle Sam, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck you also have what they call the AUM in Texas, you have the golden lights of Mary Poppins you have the, you have Seth Speaks all these things are part of that unexplained force but listen your part of a team in the United States that will find one another but you must understand when you find one another you’ll be jumping up and down because almost the exact information is being given to them but there’s only one or two or three or four such situations in the world, yes we give you certain things because there’s a role to be played out and there are other rolls to be played out in other segments of the world but you got to understand that there’s an important part between man and God that you do play a very important part, if you could only understand the immensity of it.

IS: You said when we find one another are any of the others in this country?

Forces: You’ll see, you’ll see.

IS: Are we a door?

Forces: Yes there’s a door.

IS: Between the people and the Higher Forces?

Forces: This would be very true.

IS: Thank you for everything.

IS: With Babylon and the judgment and all that will any of it happen in our time?

Forces: Well it is happening in a indirect way but it is happening.

IS: Will there be a woman that will represent this particular thing, the whore of Babylon?

Forces: Let us say they might be found in the feminist movement.

IS: So it’s the feminist as a whole or is even there a one particular entity?

Forces: Oh you can find there not only one particular entity but several entities.

IS: That will represent that particular thing?

Forces: Correct.

IS: But yet there will come a moment when everybody will know look what has happened to the whore of Babylon?

Forces: Everyone will see the lessons learned.

IS: There will be no more like dribs and drabs and whoever has eyes to see?

Forces: That is true.

IS: Will that happen in our lifetime?

Forces: Its already happening.

IS: And the 7 good Kings that will do bad things because you tell them to do that and then will turn around and devour the whore of Babylon who might those be, did whose might those be, did I say 7 the 10 good bad Kings and there are 7 truly bad kings that will help them and then there is 10 the little horns again and again the monster with the 7 heads and 10 horns and why is that symbology always used the bottomless pit the monster that is and is not?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: They are talking about the 7 kings that will help the whore of Babylon that are truly bad and then there are 10 kings that appear to be bad because you tell them to be bad to go along with her which at the last moment or it seems that way will all of a sudden turn around and devour her?

Forces: Isn’t that amazing it’s so wonderful to here the explanation that is to come.

IS: So that is the explanation then?

Forces: Yes it is exactly what will be happening.

IS: And which one might those be, are they private people or are they countries could they be told to us now?

Forces: We can’t tell you that.

IS: Are they private kings or heads of state or are they countries?

Forces: Can’t talk about who they are they are around and also they are invisible.

IS: Can somebody come in?

Forces: Yeah at this point we have already projected a certain field out into the hallway that the entrance in and out can be done but while we are in a state and someone opens it without projecting it does cause some trouble.

IS: Is that the same beast that Daniel saw?

Forces: You would find it as such.

IS: So what you mean by the beast that comes up from the bottomless pit what is the bottomless pit greed and all that sort of a thing?

Forces: That is the appetites of desires that can never be quenched.

IS: And that monster that is seen and is not, that is and is not is that because part of it will be invisible forces working?

Forces: Of course, of course.

IS: But this too will all happen in our lifetime?

Forces: You’ll be seeing it.

IS: And will the world see the glory of God?

Forces: The Glory of God is shown through every one of your actions cannot not, not, not be a testimony in itself, the Glory of God is simply your working toward Glorify God its not so complicated.

IS: But there will be that moment of—?

Forces: There will be that moment where worlds will recognize the Laws of God.

IS: Thank you.

IS: I once had a dream where I was able to save Emmala I was not able to save HA that dream goes back maybe 7 or 8 years maybe more maybe 9 years back that HA died but Emmala I was able to help out what does dream mean?

Forces: It might be the playing out of this moment now.

IS: So HA is dead?

Forces: Yes there is a dying process that is going on at this moment.

IS: And Emmala the opposite a little reviving process?

Forces: A little.

IS: Thank you very much.

LK: In the prophecies of Nostradamus it was prophesied that the person who would play the role of the antichrist would be named Hister and the history people assigned that to Hitler that he was talking about Hitler and that prophecy was fulfilled even though he said it would happen towards the end of the century. Is that true that he was prophesizing Hitler or will the antichrist be named Hister or something close to it?

Forces: You have a choice here and the choice is up to attitude the choices the antichrist in Hitler could be the last or because of personal attitudes there is one more still yet to come. It all depends upon the personal attitudes of individuals.

IS: So Hister is actually a name that would combine either the two names or one?

Forces: Correct.

LK: Also at this time of year when Jesus was with the disciples did he celebrate the solstice or did he celebrate Hanukah and if so how did he conduct his services and what were his activities?

Forces: Hump. Lots of singing just the way the entity Isis and Ninai does lots of singing good eating we could give you a recipe that we like its not lasagna but it might help you out. We would take peaches and coconuts and mix them together in what would be called sour cream sounds good, not finished, we would then take walnuts and raisins and chop up what would be considered cherry’s and mix them together then we will take a half a cup of what would be considered molasses, well lets not make that a half a cup we would make that four teaspoons of molasses then we would dice up some (—–) after that we would what would be considered put the cheese that you have ah farmers cheese or ricotta cheese or whatever is the like then you would have what would be a half a cup of sugar after that you would take chocolate and put it and cook it and put it into this mixture and there you have it. Now you have all the good things you like to eat in one bowl. (Laughter) But in short what he did do all kidding aside is they ate and sang and praised God during the Hanukah seasons of Lights and they kept Lights lite as much as they could and discussed metaphysically and physically and spiritually the Books of the Bible all through the night and that’s what they would have done during this season and then after it was over they went out and had a steak. (Laughter)

LK: Also could you tell what the effects of slow Chinese or Oriental music is on the body?

Forces: Some can be very irritating (Laughter) it is to calm the nervous system down and to activate the Thyroid gland.

IS: That mother and daughter that were talking against God against religion against everything in one respect I thought that was good because they were putting cults religion everything together mixing it all up into one thing and dumping the whole thing into everybody’s lap if that’s there stand well they won’t bother cults because the religion is affected to is that part of it?

Forces: Its something similar.

IS: Now with all these people talking against God is it blasphemy?

Forces: It’s not good I tell you.

IS: What I mean is they’re reading the Bible whether they like it or not just to try and prove that it doesn’t exist they’re walking around talking about God that he doesn’t exist but nevertheless they are talking about God. I mean yes they’ll get their punishment, if it was that terrible wouldn’t then you do something about it?

Forces: Just be patient it will do itself in, in time and that’s its own end.

IS: But is it part of the plan or part of what’s happening?

Forces: Yes its part of the plan, its part of what’s happening.

IS: Now the Pendulum the way Lobsang talks about it is that exactly how it is?

Forces: The opening and the closing?

Forces: Well it talks about the pendulum when the pendulum is to one side we have the god of evil Satan and when the pendulum is to the other side then it’s the god of good and the god of good is weak and because he can’t believe in evil and he doesn’t do much but everything is good until the pendulum swings back, he says this is the force of the universe this is it, it has nothing to do with really God or anything its just a matter of a pendulum swinging one way or the other?

Forces: He’s expressing a physical law that’s on a low level again it’s the opening and the closing law its not the ultimate law but its of course one of a major law.

IS: How low is it?

Forces: It’s not low but it’s not high.

IS: But does it imply to all people—?

Forces: No it implies, it all depends, it is how you understand the law and it applies to those people who are understand that the law is an opening and the closing different changing and learning situations and factors involved.

IS: That’s the wheel of karma that’s being talked about?

Forces: Exactly.

IS: So he is misunderstanding that?

Forces: No he is not misunderstanding he is only expressing it in his words.

IS: Thank you.

DN: Person at the hospital you said shouldn’t’ be concerned about dialysis and everybody is projecting this to him will this make him?

Forces: Well of course you keep projecting things on to anything even a rabbit will go on the machine.

DN: Would it be acceptable–?

Forces: You see the point of a rabbit their put a tube in his ear.

DN: Would–?

Forces: His nose turns pink.

DN: Would—?

Forces: And his tale turns purple. There’s about 3 quarts of blood in a rabbit don’t you think.

Forces: And god forbid if a bubble gets in that would be a bubbled rabbit he would die. The machines. Question go ahead.

DN: Is it ok to place the suggestion around him that he is not going to have to have it?

Forces: You were going to pump his blood.

DN: No.

Forces: And how are you set out to change his attitude on life.

DN: Well.

Forces: Wells a deep subject it might be filled up with blood.

DN: Does that mean forget it?

Forces: Oh we thought you were going to say shut your mouth.

Forces: No we are not saying to forget it we’ll never be the one to tell you to forget it. But if you can try to incite some positive reactions of forgiveness for those who have hurt the man that his kidney might be able to function forgiveness stifles the kidneys if you do not forgive also if you can have him what would be considered mood stones or moon stones with tiger eye could help just certain vibrations of keeping him close attunement with and then ah his attitudes that must be worked with the stones can only help a certain percentage.

DN: Any guidance for me on the attitudes or just to—?

Forces: We will help you with him personally.

DN: Thank you.

DN: And the brother is his problem also forgiveness?

Forces: Well it runs in the family now doesn’t it. We’ll help somehow we will help.

DN: Thank you very much.

RU: The formations that we viewed in that cavern that were called shields that don’t exist in many other caverns and they don’t know how they happened were they part of another civilization not just a rock formation?

Forces: Yes.

RU: Is the civilization anything to do with the one spoken about in the book Etidorpha?

Forces: Yes.

RU: Are their beings that still enter in to that realm even though it’s not that deep into the earth from that other civilization?

Forces: Yes.

RU: Was there somebody there the day we were there?

Forces: Yes.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Is my understanding of what happens when the boys sing correct?

Forces: Bunch of singing nippies. If you could get them singing more and fighting less, the more they sing the less time they would have time to fight with their tongues.

RU: Thank you.

RU: Is there an affirmation I can use ah?

Forces: ‘Lord open my eyes that I might see, open my heart that I might witness to thy Love’.

RU: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we are about ready to leave we surely have to get going we have a birthday party of the Christmas Party to go to. It’s the time when we drink punch. Its not exciting, all delegates get around they’re so funny looking you have to see we are sitting there and all of a sudden this green eyed monkey comes, he’s intelligent mind you he can read your thoughts. Can’t help every single time I see him walk in I have to bend over to pick up my, Well I can’t say you would laugh, but when I am bending over the table under the, I give such a giggle, he’s so hideous looking Comes in did you ever see a person that looks like they are drunk and their eyes are bloodshot and then you see a thyroid patient who’s eyes are popping out of head you put both these characteristics together along with a very thick masquera eyelid with long fake eyelashes and two holes in the face where the nose should be and you would crack up too. It’s not the best site to look at but every year we seem to gather together under friendship and drink punch. Can’t wait to get out so I can let my hair down. All kidding aside it is just a group meeting that we yearly hold and we discuss things how the earth ah budget system is at a deficit or whatever. So far the earth has not come into the clear its still running in the red—(ending missed)