Session 310- 5/4/80?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As the world turns into different styles and forces (——-) we find there are the alterations and changes coming as nations and of course mountains and there’s and ocean (—-). There is a force that will come and alter many different patterns of thinking and there shall be great sightings of ships in the sky that the scientist and common man will have to believe in.

(Phone rings)

Forces: We’ll wait a minute.

Forces: And with these sightings will have a strange affect sending many people into different and fearful attitudes of unknowns and of course you (——) and business people of shirts and all will cash in on it making lots of money in their own doings for there shall be many sightings coming around in fact the major transition of mans consciousness and new Revelations are being revealed and the ability of that revelation will affect man, the souls or the Spirit of Man as time moves on altering landscapes and (—–) of this particular notion. Although there is those forces that will lead and guide form the better and the worst (—) intuitive sight of perceptions. Questions

DD: Could you help me to understand how to put the letters in the middle of the rectangle you said put it in 3-6 layers (36?) I have all the letters one name has 3 letters leftover one name has 2 leftover another name has 2 and another name has 3 letters I don’t know how to arrange them (——) balanced way?

Forces: The leftover letters go to the corners of the specific ah item.

DD: Which name would go in which corner?

Forces: We have already have given you that and ah that particular names with the letters will go up at the corner in which they are found.

DD: To the left or right?

Forces: Either one that which is on the upper will go to the left and that which is onto the lower will go right.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: What is the significance of the weather we are having is Virginia as a whole punished tested, is it all over the country is it just certain States and will it break?

Forces: Well there is a emotional ah deadlock as far as the heat is concerned and no rain this is very important that all of the crops do need the refreshment ah what was happening is a Spirit belt was ah fighting to express itself while the materialistic belt was building up of course the breaking down of the materialistic belt had to be done in a most drastic manner and that bringing in a tremendous amount of (——) of things that was making their own movement ah it more of a movement to manifest the Spirit.

IS: Will it break soon?

Forces: There is a breaking immediately we will see to it that it will be discontinued.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: There’s a certain force that we will have to remove the giving force of the Spirit ah this Spirit of giving will be worked on so that the heat could move itself on.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell us something about the month of July to come what it represents and what we should expect as far as—–?

Forces: New inspiration and new endeavors and new objectives in the receiving of psychic and spiritual awareness and history of the spiritual awareness.

GL: Thank you.

BR: There’s a saying or a prayer that ‘ In the heavens so on the earth’ I was reading about the Laws and I was wondering in the heavens is there like different laws that cover different situations, lets say one situation happens and there could be three sets of laws that could cover that like a lot of times in the earth there’s a meaning of what covers what law and then another law will come up and say well this happens and then another law will come up and they decide which law covers it. Does that happen in the heavens since it’s in the earth?

Forces: There are laws and Dominions that do have control over parts of the earth yes.

BR: Thank you.

NN: There was a dream I had I don’t remember much about it except an intercom and Jesus was going to be speaking? Can anything be given?

Forces: No but that the individual will have its own process of introduction as time goes on.

NN: Thank you.

JE: What was the significance of the storm we had yesterday?

Forces: Ah breaking the mental concept of a, there was a, the heat wave was caused by the black serpent as you would know it the worldly woman power over the earth.

IS: The serpent queen as we call?

Forces: Yes um huh. There was a tremendous force of negative thought forms from the serpent queens and it had a tremendous affect of course you know what affect it had in Texas and it only shows the ah the protection the Higher Forces gives you from those who try to send evil in their thoughts it goes back to them and ah is magnified three times greater and ah releasing this from the area and sending it back in its tremendous force always causes that type of ah storn against the black forces.

IS: You mean the storm that we had experienced yesterday?

Forces: Yes was caused by the females in this country of their own self will.

IS: You mean the heat or the storm was caused by it?

Forces: The heat.

IS: You said also the ones that wish us bad?

Forces: All the serpent queen aspects will always be against this group.

IS: In Texas or in Virginia?

Forces: There here everywhere those who are involved with themselves.

IS: Is something happening in Texas to —?

Forces: Oh yes there are many things happening.

IS: The thing that people are dropping dead?

Forces: These are the unfortunate elements of people who are caught in the middle ground and ah involves with their inability to cope with the battles that is was going on.

IS: Thank you for intervening?

Forces: We are in control now that’s why you had a cool day today.

IS: Cars could have turns over?

Forces: Yes there was a tremendous amount of damage done by the turning of the force from black to white.

IS: And the whole thing was in a matter of minutes?

Forces: Yes 13 and a half minutes.

IS: Anything you could tell me of what happened?

Forces: There are tremendous white forces veins that have been planted and there will be fruit coming from these veins to give progressive action and fruit and reaction in many units and areas ah in the spiritual (—) along with the real world they would call it ah the spirit is coming into and transforming it.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could ypu help me with the next step with the letters?

Forces: The first step has to be applied and the next will take those conditions and explain to them and you later.

DD: Thank you.

IS: You said about the UFOs are going to appear. What is different about them from the sightings from the previous sightings?

Forces: We have some plans to show certain sightings over the crater and doing certain items that in producing the lava this time but also cooling it and putting it into inactivity again.

IS: Your referring to the mountain?

Forces: The, ah mountain that everyone is so aware of recently.

IS: Your going to explode it and then calm it down completely?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And it’s going to be seen as in UFO work?

Forces: There will be strange sightings around the area.

IS: Thank you.

DN: What’s the attraction towards oriental particularly Chinese stories, music etc. now as a result of or what’s being done to us?

Forces: This is the, what would be called tradition of honor and dignity and that of the metaphysics of symbolism coming more into reality in America for progress.

DN: Thank you.

JU: Sometimes I feel energy coming from people in front of them strangers on the street?

Forces: Everyone has a certain force field around them if you busy yourself to tune into it you will be affected, good and bad of course some good some bad.

JU: Thank you.

GL: Could you give me any guidance in relation to my work?

Forces: New endeavors and new forms of understanding and ways of doing the job and ah the progressive ideas to come.

GL: Thank you.

BR: With Jesus laws does that cover the laws and dimensions that cover parts of the earth does each law that he gives covers different parts of different dimensions like one law would be ah turn the other cheek but then not all the time can you turn the other cheek?

Forces: There are many dimensions and different laws to each dimension or similar in its own structure but there are many laws that ah or do have a direct affect in progress.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us anything about the Prophet Ezra and what the Book of Ezra represents?

Forces: That of the Spirit beginning with the earth and the physical elements to ah correct and transform the ethers into a more productive energy and more of a intuitive future energy.

BH: Thank you.

NN: All the Books in the New Testament that had to do with Paul what do they do when you read them?

Forces: More or less seeing the patterns of thoughts at that time.

LK: Why did Jesus study astrology and what was his application of it?

Forces: Astrology was studied for the many basic arts application making and charting different to create certain miracles.

LK: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with the application of the first part I don’t understand how to work with it?

Forces: In what respect.

DD: The Square and the letters the arrangement of them I have written down here but I don’t know what way it would be applied?

Forces: Applied in what respect.

DD: I don’t know how you go about using it?

Forces: Let the growing of the force ah develop (it will) if we’re seeking to express the force be accomplished.

DD: Just go ahead with it?

Forces: Yes each time will move on.

DD: Thank you.

JU: Could you give me some guidance at this time?

Forces: Listen, patience and total listen to that which is being given and the logical mind judges to fast but who’s to say the things that your judging is not wrong to begin with. You got to understand that what you have come to a conclusion make sure that the conclusion is not prejudized by an attitude and to be pure by the spirit to receive the right analytical ah evaluation for the spirit.

JU: Thank you.

BH: could you tell me what’s the difference between transgression and sin or is it the same or what is a transgression?

Forces: Transgression is something for sin but not as heavy as sin it is knowing that the truth of the law is ah to be kept and it becomes sin when one deliberately alters it away from it.

BH: Thank you.

BH: It was given that I should read Julius Cesar chapter 2 verse 2 ah would that be act 2 scene 2?

Forces: Yes.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: What did you find.

NN: Does the presence of the Hasidim in New York is that a factor of helping it stay together?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.