Session 331 11/24/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have seen different variances and forces coming into the earth and the point span of hours, days drawing to a close and there should be four days of strange experience not only your weather wise but also nation wise ah four days is that tremendous Venus Point and explosion point for many things throughout the galaxy and of course the earth. We have prepared certain elements to take over and a new force that’s about to come in which would explain many changes happening. The force is governed by the angel (?Phat-fe-an) and (—-) and is a direct ah co host or coherent of searching out or seeking for that which is against the force of light. We have many plans and many items are ready for discovery and investigation in the occult or metaphysical laws of learning. We are watching different countries and explaining that there are many revolutions that are quietly manifesting and in these countries and which some would be good and others would be a regression (in nature). We also find that the force of energy throughout the earth is in a spiral pattern coming up to these periods that you’re towards and we’ll take charge and plans over the earth for the next four years. You will be on the incline of the spiral or ah pattern for two years and a decline for two years each having its own affect. There shall be many different questions as far as relations with a certain aspects of China and also reviewing Soviet policies. There are also some countries in the Far East and Japan will find its voice in much aggression to America in its speeches and selling products more than lately.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

NN: What did it signify the child sneezing 7 times when Elisha brought it back to life?

Forces: This is a reopening of the centers within the body and accomplishing by the sneeze.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Do the Christmas lights on the house represent the aura of the house?

Forces: This represents ah the etheric level of the house and the Spirit level that surrounds the house that has been manifested.

LK: Thank you.

JE: In the previous session you mentioned that there were four of the Pyramids in Egypt one of them they discovered now and the other three could you tell what was the purpose of the other three pyramids and what may be inside of them?

Forces: These are the purposes of not only records of vast amounts but also storages for possessions, items and logging of our present age evolution.

JE: Thank you.

BR: What does December represent?

December represents the recommitment to the spirit and removing of the dross.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Is it correct that there are 7 levels of energy and that the way to receive the higher of the energy is through the refining of the nerve centers?

Forces: There are many levels of energy there are 7 levels to each plateau and each one is consistent upon the leveling of the nervous system and refinement of emotions and needs through the nervous system and desires of contemplation and stillness also this refinement of the nervous system elevates into the etheric and spiritual levels in which allows the spirit within the body to soar at great heights.

BH: Thank you.

DD: The triangle rod that we worked out 142 is that correct and where do I go from here?

Forces: The triangle 142 is 0ne hundred and 42 thousand kilometers or One hundred and 42 times the decision of 2 which is One hundred and 44 representative in its own faction the 2 is the decisions that must be made for the earth is a decision world the earth represents the decisions of the factors of the spirit versus that of ah karmetic force ah what would be accomplished at this point is lining it up in its own fractions and forming it in a ah compass of silver threads or not silver but ah silver strands or the affect of the silver strands at lengths of 1 to 3 feet in a the center being formed as you move along, after that there is a certain ah system or diagram that is ah placed in its own origin ah this ah would be your scale and would be a takeoff for ah the exactitude and the building purposes of it.

DD: Thank you.

DN: Could I have a physical reading concentrating on the area of the Liver?

Forces: We find your Liver to be in a perfect condition ah functioning rather well in its normal L as you have it ah the H factor or to be normal and healthy ah we find no impairment to it ah there is a factor of breakdown of enzyme cells that you have noticed ah this is the factor in which the Liver is destroying cells within itself faster than average ah this factor is still in several avenues or areas ah by the consumption of different medications ah medication definitely asthmatic medication has caused the high percentage of reaction to the enzyme breakage or breakdown this is a minor reaction toward the medication taken normally happening with ah asthmatic or allergy ah source or quality, quantities so we find that the levels that you have seen in this Liver is ah what would be considered normal for its constitution and intake knowing that the Liver has to take all forms of medication and break it down and the function of the Liver is this precisely that it takes all medications into the body and ah redistributes it through the body and brakes it down. You are finding a breaking down process of the medication which causes a slightly high level in the ah two categories mentioned or three other categories are found to be normal. You have a proper flow of energy through the Liver rather spunky ah condition ah liver ah there is no critical levels here to be looked at but ah none the less the blood consistency throughout the bile duct and what would be considered the ah plasma in this area is normal ah to all considering the factors of the body. We see that the Liver in conjunction with the pancreas is functioning rather rapid ah for the producing of certain enzymes there but again being normal in its procurement of food and ah energies in the body especially medications ah we find ah the blood in its consistency to be rather average and very productive ah we also the Liver had been or is or had been affected in certain conditions in the past ah resorting to some dormant stages and conditions but slightly dormant and still dormant ah this is the object of the Liver that we are now looking into and find that these are the factors involved ah we wouldn’t be concerned about smoking, smoking has a one to one and a half affect on the liver again the breaking down through the lung system ah certain gases but again affected by the blood which again must be sent through the Liver ah that is relatively what we find at the present.

DN: Thank you.

JH: Can you tell me why both in pictures and in reading on St. Germaine I keep on being drawn to the city of Colon?

Forces: Because of the relationship with the entity of St. Germaine and the performance in alchemy and being a student under him.

JU: In that city too?

Forces: Nearby yes.

JU: Thank you.

RS: Could I have some guidance for this month?

Forces: It is more of a commitment in this month coming than a regression from commitment ah seek to find these commitments and search after them and ah this would be the perfect style.

FR: Thank you.

LK: My elbow?

Forces: You got to understand that you are susceptible to the weather factor as much as you like cold this is an aspect that comes on over your body like jaunts that, joints that swell back and forth within like a bridge that expands through cold and warmth your very susceptible to the heat element of the earth and very susceptible to its cold element which when the joint does go to a different form as the as strange as it might sound your joints in your body do have this give and take and that is why the water composition around the joints to allow the flow of copperidge, cartilage and movement of rubbery substance to make this possible when this happens it enlarges the rubbery substance around your joints and it swells itself up to abnormal pressure. Water is your best element of bring it back into a system of harmony and ah more or less bandaging it in a bandage during the cold transition months being that of October, November ah starting in September can prevent any ah appearance of this condition in December, January.

LK: Why is it happening now?

Forces: Well you do know that your body gradually grows older and ah in its old age process what you have carried as a linage in your family or family line happens to be old age syndrome ah unfortunately you feel like your only 30 something whatever ah 298 ah doesn’t matter your body cannot stay healthy and young as much as we would like you too stay healthy and young ah the rest of your life because there are other dimensions you must travel to, to learn other experiences I know you can understand this and I know all of you out there in TV land can understand this factor that even though your body sows certain telltale signs of functioning its not the point to freak out ah these are normal functioning systems and we apologize for the inconvenience that you suffer but let it behoove you to know that we haven’t let you go amiss from our cable system.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Do you understand what we’re saying.

LK: Not exactly.

Forces: What we’re saying is your elbow live with it, it is a normal weather condition you have what you would call weather elbow. Vitamin C can help alleviate it with the supplements of Vitamin E and B12.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Anytime.

GL: Why does gold help rheumatoid arthritis?

Forces: Gold attracts a certain element of calcium what would be called negative fields they what LK could do is wear a gold bracelet around his elbow or it would be very expensive of course roughly about 2,000 dollars for about an inch that’s at your todays prices of course we can give him one for nothing ah but ah we are saving our gold for the ah, for the ah, for other things ah gold bracelets are, another thing that could help him is copper if you wear a copper bracelet this will help you convene, convey the energy factor that will not get blocked, remember you’re dealing people with energy factors, your not dealing with physical bodies you’re dealing with energy factors and energy factors is basically 99 percent point 9 ah attitudes and attitudes conduct your energy factor every day in your life you are conducting your energy and its up to you to conduct it one way or the other and this is why you have your Silence for Silence gives you back to ground level zero which puts all the estacian tbes back to normal and sets you back to proper condition. Ah there are some heredity things that are in your bodies that must be worked with and overcome in time these are other factors unfortunately, you have no control over this is your forefathers ah doings so when one male got together with a female he unfortunately slated you to have a bum elbow so we would advise you to see what would be called Andrew Lewis in the year 1742 living in what would be called Palmyra and ah he was responsible for your elbow (Laughter) along with all the other degenerate factors that are happening.

BR: Dream I had I was being shown some bottles of different types of diseases and I couldn’t see the man who was showing me the diseases but there was one he pointed out and he said that one there trying to hold back and its not yet in the earth and it looked like a big bottle of big whole tomatoes and that’s the only one that I remember and it seems like it was just about to be released and they were trying to hold it back?

Forces: Well it could be the condition of certain diseases that would manifest as new diseases in the earth that man has never known before. This happens by attitudes and new chemicals within the earth.

BR: Thank you.

NN: When Jesus asked Peter three times Peter do you love me did that wipe away when he denied him three times?

Forces: Well it did help him through his evolution of that stage remember you must reaffirm a commitment three times before it becomes established.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Were there certain people in Egypt who were able to control the energy of the serpent or did a lot of them and how did they use that?

Forces: They had a control factor to control this yes and they used it for the spirit of the body and soul and mind and also for the aesthetic values and for the communities at large.

BH: Thank you.

JB: Is there anything that can be done with situation between the US and Poland?

Forces: It is very drastic at this moment and every moment gets even more critical in its drive ah we are sending certain things there to help these people but it is quiet drastic as far as their own inner structure, they can get more if they work with the system than working against the system.

JB: Thank you.

JU: Is the schedule as I have it set up that I’m trying to follow is that ok?

Forces: Serves its purpose rather well.

JU: Thank you very much.

HI: On every planet that we will have to go to sojourn will there also be a native being that we’ll have to conquer like there is a Satan on earth?

Forces: Well there are different lessons to be learned if that’s what you mean on each planet, this is true.

HI: Thank you.

DN: Could you give me a maximum dose of the Theophylline to take per day (Blank space).

Forces: This——-(95 to 100mg)

Forces: Taken in the morning and if needed in the evening this would be proper.

DN: Thank you.

Forces: But therefore if you want to take 200 when needed this too will be proper for your system would react only to the breaking down of it but there, you, we have to put it in to perspective ah all in all but we’re considering the allergy versus the ah the medication and every medication no matter what it is has an affect on the body and sometimes these affects are quiet normal so in respect a person who has a glucose problem or a urine kidney problem has a very high level of glucose in his system or ah factors which is normal for the problem or the condition so everything is relative.

DN: Thank you:

DD: The numbers you gave 142 should I refigure it as 144?

Forces: No, no, no, no 142 is the perfect figure 2 is only the earth dimension of decision.

DD: Could you give more on the spiral?

Forces: 2 will be the 2-plane decision, 2 planes.

DD: And how does it affect the is that in a spiral the wires you were talking about?

Forces: Yes it would be in a spiral affect.

DD: Thank you very much.

GL: Could you explain how gold affects rheumatoid arthritis?

Forces: Sounds like we have having the same question. Gold is affecting the chemical agent in the bone and in the blood because arthritis is not just a bone element but it is also a blood element around the bone which affects the muscle ligaments so you have three factors that are involved bone and blood and ligaments these three factors go hand in hand in its own proper perspective ah gold itself is a neutralizer between the bone and the blood that flows around it and the gold acts as a electrical field for the ligaments which is the recipient of the blood through the bone and into the ligaments affects.

GL: Thank you very much.

BR: You spoke in the earlier part of the session that there will be a spiral period coming up what will be happening on the two year incline and the two year decline?

Forces: One would be a tremendous growth of certain aspects another would be another growth of a inner aspect.

BR: Thank you.

IS: So the growth of the inner aspect might mean an awful lot of tribulations?

Forces: Yes um-huh.

IS: When does that 4-year period begin?

Forces: Well it, it starts in 4 days.

IS: And what comes first the—?

Forces: Chickens. (Laughter)

Forces: The two year increase comes first.

IS: So the good years first?

Forces: Well the good years followed by the ah well, good years followed by the worst or the worst followed by the worser.

IS: Is there any preparations that we can —?

Forces: Oh well what we are talking about is there are good years to come and there are the better years there are certain preparations we have gotten ready to install and to make ready and to, to implement but not ready to implement now ah there are its working out just fine again we say to you that in this group do not worry it is not to affect you directly you are liaisons to our message and will bring many messages for a strict purpose so no problems here.

IS: Thank you.

BH: What does slicing bread mean in a dream?

Forces: That you are ready to eat.

BH: Thank you.

BH: In an emergency situation where someone is dying you call on Archangel Raphael is that the best thing to do?

Forces: Yes, yes you could yes.

BH: Thank you.

ES: Was the man in my dream along time ago who showed me the rainbows over the earth and —— and the man that helped me make the bed that I was supposed to lie in was he the same the dark haired man?

Forces: Yes, yes.

ES: Can you tell me who it was?

Forces: Lets say it is a guide.

ES: Thank you.

JB: With all these shortages like the peanuts failing— what’s going on?

Forces: Yes we —–think about that (laughter) we have a little bit more in store too ah just normal things of the pattern that we’re planning. Question.

JU: Is there a change in the colors in the meditation room at this time or Christmas?

Forces: The colors for the year to come will be what would be called burgundy no longer are you subjected under the yellow and green because now you are entering into the year of burgundy.

JU: Representing?

Forces: This represents the blood the thymus center and that which is the pineal center.

JU: Thank you very much.

HI: Whenever it was given in the Old Testament that if this and this was done if a law was broken then a soul would be cut off?

Forces: Yes very good always remember yes go ahead.

HI: from his people. To what degree did it actually mean that he would be cut off from his people in one lifetime or incarnations—?

Forces: Many lifetimes of course it will hamper his evolution for a long time of course. But there are certain things that can be done to repay or retribution and that is always on a spiritual level that retribution is accomplished.

HI: Thank you.

IS: There is no physical retribution the same lifetime?

Forces: No, well yes but it must be done on the spiritual level.

IS: Could you—?

Forces: No can’t explain fully at this moment what type of retributions for what.

IS: Thank you.

DN: The —–March 121 what centers does it involve?

Forces: This is the nervous system basically applied with what would be called ah the first part of the stomach.

DN: And that’s correct that it’s the kind of music that you have to stomp your foot to?

Forces: Yeah the nervous systems is being elevated it’s a very good piece followed by the other second part of the stomach and then you move on through your body system.

IS: You mean to say there is another piece to it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Hasn’t been done yet?

Forces: No. There are 3 pieces to it.

IDS: The same the Psalm is just a piece for that thing?

Forces: Right.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The meditation room upstairs colors?

Forces: More so Blue and, and White for the tiles or what would be considered ah turquoise blue or blue a baby blue would be a good tile condition with burgundy in it.

IS: And ah curtains and carpet?

Forces: The curtains of blue velvet, purple velvet the same.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The carpets?

Forces: Purple, blue, red those would be the best.

IS: So it’s really all colors there?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is Metatron the voice in the Garden of Eden speaking to Adam and Eve?

Forces: Saffium was the searcher for Satan in the Garden and followed by another angel as his helper but the voice in the garden also, yes Metatron um-huh.

IS: Is it Saffion or Seveon?

Forces: (Saphiel) Saffion right.

IS: Saffion?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Not with the V but with the Peh or with the V?

Forces: It’s a V.

IS: Oh so he was the runner around?

Forces: Right.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this moment there are many Laws that can be given but in time about the Garden of Eden will be revealed in other sessions. There are many levels of Garden of Eden’s that happened at that time.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now and we will speak to you again soon.

Forces: You have a question.

IS: Any advice for me and for the entity Tom?

Forces: The Spirit will guide you and the patience will be shown in the Revelations that need to be done.

IS: For the entity Tom?

Forces: Same.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.